Alex Warren
Alex Warren
Alex Warren
RUvidr and Foot Model... i’m also scared of seaweed
Jayden Simonson
Jayden Simonson 11 hours ago
Fk's World
Fk's World 11 hours ago
When i saw the tumb nail i said TANA?
Noah Wilson
Noah Wilson 11 hours ago
I’ve watched that part of paper jumping into the garage door 10 times and I still am dying laughing
Carlos Escoto
Carlos Escoto 11 hours ago
Random question Alex but what happen to your freind Garrett with the long hair he was FUNNY asf
Natalynn Davis
Natalynn Davis 11 hours ago
Alex marry her right now or else I will come to the hype house and beat you with my dads malet.
KING MASON 11 hours ago
I’m sorry but I’m voting for Logan Paul maybe next time
jenna connor
jenna connor 12 hours ago
How come kouvr hasn’t been posting
moen king
moen king 12 hours ago
Me and my friends fucking around on the golf cart in the woods 😂🤣 2:22
Emmi Higgins
Emmi Higgins 12 hours ago
I have a rocket ship😂😂
Sebastian Rei Cariaga
where is mr. thick neck
Charlee _Marly
Charlee _Marly 12 hours ago
Am I right please correct me if not but in the first part of this video was Patrick wearing Georgia productions merch from last year I think (sorry if I spelt something wrong).?
Jaynha Whittaker
Jaynha Whittaker 12 hours ago
Amene Khalili
Amene Khalili 12 hours ago
You should try doing prank
Galia Lori
Galia Lori 12 hours ago
I was in a golf car a few months ago and we crashed I almost broke my collarbone so be careful everyone drive safely and take care
Debbie Nelson
Debbie Nelson 12 hours ago
Svffgdfnffgg dgffffffffuuuuuuucccccckkkkkk
David Cruz
David Cruz 12 hours ago
Hi cat you say hi
Fox.X13 12 hours ago
hi I'm Alex, and this is my Fiancee/WIFE Kouvr 😉
Seedat 12 hours ago
2:48 *Back to square I, building a fortress* 😂😂😂
Mayleigh Hardy
Mayleigh Hardy 12 hours ago
No he did not throw the pit vipers that no
Laila gotcha life
Laila gotcha life 12 hours ago
Jeremiah Aguiar
Jeremiah Aguiar 12 hours ago
Sienna is soo cute....
Zepp Lee
Zepp Lee 12 hours ago
Why does Calvin always have a mask on please awnser
Gaming With Lilah
Gaming With Lilah 12 hours ago
Alex:by the way I like your shirt Kouver:you like my tiggle bitties
InternalFlame07 12 hours ago
Calvin and Mia would be so cute
Nainoa CHASE
Nainoa CHASE 12 hours ago
married her
Aniyah Mallory
Aniyah Mallory 13 hours ago
mumu mama
mumu mama 13 hours ago
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sativa bennetrobertss
Those guys are fuckin funny 😂
ANGIE HUISINGA 13 hours ago
calvin we LOVE YOUUU
1k subscribers for Charli please
Winners are not the people who never fail but they they are the ones who never give up!! Believe in yourself One day you will achieve your goal This is not written by me Btw I make positive vidZ
Dianne Molinar
Dianne Molinar 13 hours ago
Paper loke thick
lol i live in moxxe washington its on his hat
J bagyo j
J bagyo j 13 hours ago
i was in LA
Violeta Vibez
Violeta Vibez 13 hours ago
Alex:Everyone is having fun with their golf cart right now, so were going to have fun without them. Papper and Calvin:*haves fun* Alex:OMG THIS IS SO FUN*him filming*
Elif Guler
Elif Guler 13 hours ago
Agrerixc 13 hours ago
Coke spilled inside a Tesla, wonder where I’ve seen that before
Ash Marie
Ash Marie 13 hours ago
Alex Talks: Kouvr Mimicks: ITS FUCKING REHEARSED !!!
emily moreno
emily moreno 13 hours ago
When ever I'm sad I get on my phone and watch Alex and he always cheers me up
Xavier McFerson
Xavier McFerson 13 hours ago
The begining of the video though
Daniela Ruiz
Daniela Ruiz 13 hours ago
Get married just for kouvr
Sanai Roberts
Sanai Roberts 13 hours ago
At 1.25 wht are patty’s clothes called they look cool
Sanai Roberts
Sanai Roberts 13 hours ago
Misell Osoria
Misell Osoria 13 hours ago
You cant even have a nice home without destroying it,SMH! still Love you guys tho.
Vicious 13 hours ago
Alex deserves that streamy more then anyone.please vote for him
Sadie's Life
Sadie's Life 13 hours ago
Claim here before 1 million! ⬇️
Hannah Caridi
Hannah Caridi 14 hours ago
We need more videos with chase ❤️
CHOSEN ONE 14 hours ago
Why does he wear a mask in his own home
Jordynn Trinidad
Jordynn Trinidad 14 hours ago
Love you all so much
Karrissa Angel
Karrissa Angel 14 hours ago
Ennyl Amariz Adelaide Cano
Annoying thomas for 24 hours
Melyna Calderón
Melyna Calderón 14 hours ago
Your funny
Halloween Horror
Halloween Horror 14 hours ago
how r u supposed to vote
Marissa Lynn
Marissa Lynn 14 hours ago
Hey have to be high all the time 😂
Karrissa Angel
Karrissa Angel 14 hours ago
•DINO PUPPET• 14 hours ago
0:10 Hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Omfg
Priscilla Ashley Banda
Get married
Amran Abdi
Amran Abdi 14 hours ago
Hhhhhh love you
Emilia Horcher
Emilia Horcher 14 hours ago
Why is Calvin wearing a mask the entire video?
Kaylee Salvatore
Kaylee Salvatore 14 hours ago
Lol me and my friend us being the idiot 13 year olds we are flipped the golf cart but we actually got stuck under it and had to literally scream for help and had to go to the hospital we had to ride in a ambulance BE SAFE KIDS because it sucks
Maria Prado
Maria Prado 14 hours ago
ᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ່࡚ࠢ࠘ ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ࠘ᡁࠣ࠘᠊᠊ࠢ࠘𐡏 I liked my own comment about اago
Hannah Caridi
Hannah Caridi 14 hours ago
Chases reaction 🙌🏽❤️😂
sara hernandez
sara hernandez 15 hours ago
omg Thomas pulled down patty from the box and I was like who is that and I was like wtf it Thomas im so used to not seeing him do stuff in the vlogs
John Smith
John Smith 15 hours ago
Make them longer
Akemi withanage
Akemi withanage 15 hours ago
everyone go watch GOLDEN by harry styles pls
Nevaeh Vazquez
Nevaeh Vazquez 15 hours ago
Can sumone find the vid with tana in his freind room I cant find it
Cooper Bowles
Cooper Bowles 15 hours ago
Tha house needs to invest in locks in some places and remove the in others
Kelly Himiona
Kelly Himiona 15 hours ago
I love how ondreaz coverd Tony
Tamsin Eden
Tamsin Eden 15 hours ago
Louvre mouthing every word Alex says
Kaydence Vlogs
Kaydence Vlogs 15 hours ago
Am I the only one who think Calvins mad cute❤️🤍🔒😍🥰😘😗😙😚
Jayden 15 hours ago
1:50 did u see the water come out of dudes nose
tiffany depaolo
tiffany depaolo 15 hours ago
Wtf was this
Hannah Caridi
Hannah Caridi 15 hours ago
“I WILL THROW UP ON BOTH OF YOU” I’ve said that before to friends 😂❤️
leah oconnell
leah oconnell 15 hours ago
Marry hey
Madalyn Peterson
Madalyn Peterson 15 hours ago
can we just talk about how in the beggening Patrick jumps from off the couch...oh and calvin you were totally good
Michi Briceño
Michi Briceño 15 hours ago
Unpopular opinion: Patrick is so cute
Makayla Ervine
Makayla Ervine 15 hours ago
Mary Cooper Mary Culver Mary Culver Mary Culver Mary Culver Mary Culver Mary cover Mary cover she is about Mary Kover Mary cover change the back Mary kovar
Madalyn Peterson
Madalyn Peterson 15 hours ago
alex you premiered this video on the day of my birthday...heheheheheh.....yay