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2 months ago
Thamar Gonzalez
Thamar Gonzalez 3 hours ago
Keresia Morris
Keresia Morris 3 hours ago
such a cuties omg love them girls beautiful family
Jeanine Segura
Jeanine Segura 3 hours ago
The kids now how to exercise better then me
Derek Serrato
Derek Serrato 3 hours ago
The face that Ell made when she found out it was Austin 🤣🤣
Rosa Contreras
Rosa Contreras 3 hours ago
Alyssa Diaz
Alyssa Diaz 3 hours ago
anyone else agree that they should release the intro song on music platforms? like this comment for them to notice! thanks :)
A M 3 hours ago
H J 3 hours ago
I wish I had a house like that... I’m jelly! Comment if you are the same!
Jojo Ubieta
Jojo Ubieta 3 hours ago
Jaiden Midkiff
Jaiden Midkiff 3 hours ago
Is the new baby going to be in the game
Horsey Dreams
Horsey Dreams 3 hours ago
Nobody: Lala: gives Austin the mean look Austin: dont you give me the mean look Me: ha haha
Cece 3 hours ago
I love you'll so much
Andrea Orozco
Andrea Orozco 3 hours ago
Jenna White
Jenna White 3 hours ago
is there intro a real song because i need it in my life
marbella 3 hours ago
how is your entire family so gorgeous !!! ❤️❤️🤚
Crystal Arlene
Crystal Arlene 3 hours ago
Yall should put elle in allstar cheer!!! I cheered since i was 6 and stopped cause of college but considering trying out again. I made so many memories and honestly cheer was the best part of my life so far
Taylor Stanley
Taylor Stanley 3 hours ago
Ella is literally such an amazing older sister the way she helps lele get her water🥺😍
Bryan 3 hours ago
Fucking Austin in the drive through just made me laugh my lungs hurt 😂 even Catherine’s laugh makes me laugh more!! 😂 I love this couple
leiloni pina
leiloni pina 3 hours ago
love you guys and your baby is going to be beautiful when he is born
Xavier Soto
Xavier Soto 3 hours ago
Like= 2 loves for Elle,Austin and Catherine 😍😘❤️
Casandra Alvarez Hernandez
Elle and Alia are so cute💗
Miya Perry
Miya Perry 3 hours ago
What is there intro song called? Does anyone know ?? I love it so much !!!
Jacey Monaghan
Jacey Monaghan 3 hours ago
What happend to The baby’s dog she got for her bday?
Maria Fernandes
Maria Fernandes 3 hours ago
What's the music of the intro? I'm in love woth that 🥰
Norah Army
Norah Army 3 hours ago
the endn thooo awww
louisa ekueta
louisa ekueta 3 hours ago
Can’t wait till the intro song comes out 😍😫
Cloud Valencia
Cloud Valencia 3 hours ago
I am a big Fan of Ace Family I luv your video ace family
Ashley Santos Perez
Alaia, it's like if you want me to put my hand in the group, you have to give me something in exchange, or else there's no agreement..😍😍😍😍😍👑💮💮💕❤❤❤
Kristie Scafidi
Kristie Scafidi 3 hours ago
6:06 I love their relationship so much <3 you can see his girls adore him and vice versa
Shallyn Field
Shallyn Field 3 hours ago
Omg I freaking love your girls. They are so beautiful. You both are doing a great job with them. Omg they brought me to tears. I watch you all with my daughter. I just want to love on them. Y’all are my favorite family. Thee only one I have subscribed too. 🥰🥰🥰🥰 can’t wait till baby Ace 3 comes ❤️❤️
Kk Schelski
Kk Schelski 3 hours ago
Lol Elle can touch her toes and she is 3 and I’m 13 and I can’t even touch my own toes 🤦🏼‍♀️😂💀
Jeanine Segura
Jeanine Segura 3 hours ago
I really hate those hater that be unlike there Vid what did the do to you gosh 😒
taniamatias60 3 hours ago
Lai lai about to turn away Austin: you want a fruit snack ? Lailai turns back around : um yesss 😂❤️
Breanna Jenkins
Breanna Jenkins 3 hours ago
awww the girls outfit 😍😍 also catherine and austins were so cute!! the way austin hypes catherine up is very beautiful I love their relationship 🌻 and I love the ace family in general ❗️🦋
Chloe Vlogs
Chloe Vlogs 3 hours ago
It’s so cute how the girls work out too 😍 good dad and daughters bonding ❤️.
Sanchita Barrett
Sanchita Barrett 3 hours ago
Alaia is so sweet.. She looks n tries to do
K i a r a
K i a r a 3 hours ago
That shirt Austin omg!!!!😍😍 It brought back so many lil baby elle memories😭💖
Kassandra Serrato
Kassandra Serrato 3 hours ago
We all need someone who's gonna be supportive and a great dad like Austin!!😍
Horsey Dreams
Horsey Dreams 3 hours ago
Austin: talking about alaia’s technique so she doesn’t hurt her back Me: hahah she is just too cute and doesn’t care lol 😂
duhmari 3 hours ago
this video is so cute and genuine!! it gives me the same vibes as the vids on my channel :).. love it!!
Aiy Yha
Aiy Yha 3 hours ago
The girls is such a mood and super cute on crop tops 😍 Alaia's rolls 😍 They're so adorable and big girls now 😍
King Boi
King Boi 3 hours ago
that shit looks terrible she need some more practice but Austin to funny bro
Kaymarie Capellan
Kaymarie Capellan 3 hours ago
lai lais like i dont want to workout i want to eat lol 😂 my 1 yr old is the same 🥰😍
Taylor Stone
Taylor Stone 3 hours ago
i bot some morch
Stileiya 3 hours ago
01:35 Umm, Gymnastics is technically apart of fitness. Austin must have not gotten the memo.....
afic10 3 hours ago
Who are these people and why are they famous? I only came for Mr. Kate’s video.
Paulahelene 3 hours ago
Dang Elle is more toned than me!!! Lol. Love the Ace Fam!!!!
Always Aisha
Always Aisha 3 hours ago
I know the lyrics of the introoooo yaaas
Jada_And_ Mommy_Show
My birthday is in eight days if I got Shoutout from you guys
TheCandyxoxo1 3 hours ago
okay but like Alaia is super strong lmao!! you go girly!
Rhaniya Torrence
Rhaniya Torrence 3 hours ago
I was surprise that Lai Lai lifting those 5 lb
Isabella Sisneros
Isabella Sisneros 3 hours ago
I am that person in school lol 😂🤣🙃
Kenzie Kohler
Kenzie Kohler 3 hours ago
"laï laï you got four wheel drive?" AHHA that was great
trinity farrington
trinity farrington 3 hours ago
Regina Aguirre Vazquez
Omg!💖 Elle and Alaïa are so adorable😊
Matt B
Matt B 3 hours ago
Am I only one heres whos a guy? hahahahaha
Stephanie Mcardle
Stephanie Mcardle 3 hours ago
Hi love you
Sharbani Mahato
Sharbani Mahato 3 hours ago
We want Catherine's skin care routine
Just London!
Just London! 3 hours ago
Austin is a good dad !
mearon abate
mearon abate 3 hours ago
I love u guys so much you guys are amazing!!
Jenna White
Jenna White 3 hours ago
Also Catherine is so gorgeous!!
Katelyn Edge
Katelyn Edge 3 hours ago
2:11 omgg la la's faceee!! aww theyre so adorable together!!
Kymara Steede
Kymara Steede 3 hours ago
I love u 😍❤
Abby Velez
Abby Velez 3 hours ago
Austin is such a great father!
Gera H
Gera H 3 hours ago
I love when he calls Catherine mama🥺🥺🥺🦋🦋
manal and waleed manal
Love it love you sooooooooo much bey
Aleya Bernatchy
Aleya Bernatchy 3 hours ago
Immediately came back to this video after the Tiger King series.
Joshua bowers
Joshua bowers 3 hours ago
The drawer moved
Kediel Lam
Kediel Lam 3 hours ago
Sean Hildebrand
Sean Hildebrand 3 hours ago
Ily guys so much 💯❤️❤️❤️❤️
Amiira khan
Amiira khan 3 hours ago
Austin is very good person ❤ Catherin is also good ilove them❤
Jaylenne Quinones
Jaylenne Quinones 3 hours ago
In the thumbnail i can see elle in the bottom right corner 😂
jody-ann Webb
jody-ann Webb 3 hours ago
Click on the like if you love the ace family can you give me a lot of likes because everyone that likes the ace family I love to
jody-ann Webb
jody-ann Webb 3 hours ago
Veronica Sanchez
Veronica Sanchez 3 hours ago
Who's ready to know the new family member in the Ace family's baby boy NAME 👍🏼👣👶🏼👣👣👍🏼🥰🤱🏽🤱🏽🤱🏽🤰🏽🤰🏽🤰🏽💖 👇🏼
bailey s
bailey s 3 hours ago
their like “our son WILL appreciate this”
Estella Arantes
Estella Arantes 3 hours ago
No one:... La-la:*gives Austin a dirty look*. Austin:don’t u give me a mean muge!
It’s Money
It’s Money 3 hours ago
You guys better put elle in volleyball
Nayeli Mendez
Nayeli Mendez 3 hours ago
Alaïa is me getting bribed with food 😂😂 “you want some fruit snacks “
Jennifer Martinez
Jennifer Martinez 3 hours ago
such a good family ilygsm
K and J show Kand J show
That intro thro
Devora Alarcon
Devora Alarcon 3 hours ago
Alaïa is such a daddy’s girl😩
jody-ann Webb
jody-ann Webb 3 hours ago
Austin I feel very proud of you forgetting your beautiful family and don't forget about the boy he will be beautiful too and I feel like you look kind of like Catherine since both of the girls look like you Austin
Yuliza Almonte
Yuliza Almonte 3 hours ago
Hii I love yoy
Enrique Ramirez
Enrique Ramirez 3 hours ago
Edwina Yee
Edwina Yee 3 hours ago
Fiji 🇫🇯 water x
Herlinda Tovar
Herlinda Tovar 3 hours ago
I’m in love with ur new song intro
Alissa Ceniceros
Alissa Ceniceros 3 hours ago
I love you guys so much I subscribed and turned on the post notification can I get a shout out
Debora Hernandez
Debora Hernandez 3 hours ago
Heyyyy Aceee family love you guys 🥺🥺😋😋😋💖💖💖
Sofia Santiago
Sofia Santiago 3 hours ago
Omg you are the best family in ward
Akimsey Crawford
Akimsey Crawford 3 hours ago
Jenna White
Jenna White 3 hours ago
Elle and Alaia are sooo cute!! And Alaia is sooo strong!!!
Slime queen Asmr
Slime queen Asmr 3 hours ago
For some reason it won’t let me on ACE Play
Crystal Foxbrennen
Crystal Foxbrennen 3 hours ago
That’s my birthday he is going to be a cancer he his going to be born on my Birthday 🤩
AlvinDuck Coke
AlvinDuck Coke 3 hours ago
Catherine is pregnant Austin are hiding the babies causing Catherine with stress is bad for the baby, no hate
Mimosehyppolite 2
Mimosehyppolite 2 3 hours ago
That game to hard
Rubi Stella Pequeno
I’m a July baby and so excited to see how he will look like 😊😊
Jenna Stama
Jenna Stama 3 hours ago
Ofc he will oMg lay lay is strong
Jaileen Gomez
Jaileen Gomez 3 hours ago
Alaïa’s so strong 💪❤️
Rosalia Santana
Rosalia Santana 3 hours ago
Lmao 😂 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 and god bless you and your beautiful family stay safe . And yes I love 💕 her she’s so fun, we needed a good laugh thank your for that. God bless