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Valentine Siobhan
but both sides of barbara are bad...
Green pewdiepie Bird
I think they were all in it for different reasons, John was just having fun, Paul wanted to make a legacy, george wanted to make music, and ringo... I don’t know what ringo wanted.
liam pettitt
liam pettitt Hour ago
No OJ!? Needs a separate video
Kelly Stephenson
Manson's career is fine, actually went on to be just as popular.
Cole Roberts
Cole Roberts Hour ago
Bitch is fugly
Jason Du
Jason Du Hour ago
I just wanna go to Captain Disillusion and ask if Dp is fake just to screw with the morons that think DP is edited.
tvk-9cop Hour ago
The only time school buses with seatbelts will ever become a thing is when people actually pay higher taxes for them. I’m struggling to make ends meet so I don’t need something like that.
Pipito Paerata
Wok up bro....
duchovny2 2 hours ago
How old was Hillary Clinton in 1962?
Kaden Tefertiller
Kaden Tefertiller 2 hours ago
I wish he was still alive.
Carlos Fernandez
Carlos Fernandez 2 hours ago
Lessons learned: 1. When you think everything's going to go well that you decide to reduce all safety features, you can be sure a disaster will happen. 2. Either you do it fast or you do it right... words to remember
Blutige Tränen
Blutige Tränen 2 hours ago
Honestly... Tom not being in Blink-182 isn't a huge loss. Matt Skiba is pretty solid. I like his addition and his change to the band.
Mr Fix
Mr Fix 2 hours ago
I’m not surprised mother fuckers (Nate Diaz Tone)
dukadar o'dear
dukadar o'dear 2 hours ago
Jim Thompson the Thai Silk Entrepreneur. Went for a walk in the mountains of Malaysia and never came back.
The Chocolate Pitt
The Chocolate Pitt 2 hours ago
A wooden ship fails logic for the survival of the world. You dont need physical animals to preserve. You dont need physical people to preserve...like the original creators..you only need DNA. You can preserve everything that has DNA on earth...just not in a physical wooden boat.
Trump is your President
What a load of crap. Dont let sceptics steer you from truth!
robert hingston
robert hingston 2 hours ago
where they have implicated these toilets the africans have taken the toilets apart and tried to sell the parts.. a change in attitude is needed as well... Remember when the British ruled Kenya they built some amazing cities there on par with any western city at the time, but as soon as the Kenya got independence they stopped maintaining it and everything fell apart...
Thomas Gerard
Thomas Gerard 2 hours ago
do not touch my joe rogan
Kent Kearney
Kent Kearney 2 hours ago
Is it just me or does RO look like Alice Coopers brother.
Paul Vann
Paul Vann 2 hours ago
If myth busters shot a cannonball thur my house they would be talking to my lawyer not my insurance company
JJB V 2 hours ago
Alan Freed’s career went down when it was shown that he had accepted payola (payments from record companies to play specific records), a practice that was highly controversial at the time.
Coolnicknameguy 2 hours ago
my hamster wasn't blind, she would look at me and different things. She was a lil sweaty. She died in my hands it was so sad, I picked her up, she sniffed me, looked up at me 1 last time like saying good bye, thank you, I love you, buried her face in my hand and stopped breathing about 30 seconds later. She had wet tail, the vet gave us 10 times the dose she should have got, so then she got constipated and died. I was pist, paid $180 to have them save her not kill her. Her name was Princes Fluffy Butt, however I called her fluffy for short.
booognish 2 hours ago
Bundy and Dahmer are the two most fascinating serial killers. Dahmer to the point where you can just almost feel a certain unique kind of sympathy for him. The catastrophic and tragic result of being gay while growing up in a super religious family. Most likely born lacking something in the brain. Add in alcohol. I got these feeling watching him like he wanted to feel badly for what he’s done, but it just didn’t exist... idk. Bundy was just a hyper sexual monster. Urges from a deep dark place, and the “ability”, to navigate through living out that sickness, while presenting to the world as a model citizen.. Highly intelligent and a master manipulator, but an ego too big for reality. Anyway, Fuck John Wayne Gacy.
Kenneth Phipps
Kenneth Phipps 2 hours ago
I met Walter Patton he was a kind and respectful person
roger simpson
roger simpson 2 hours ago
11 kids with 10 women.........no words
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson 2 hours ago
Most interesting doc on walrus' I've seen in a while...
TheXxeminole66 2 hours ago
The anchors are saying " clever " jokes but in reality it's just awkward and annoying
morgan megurine
morgan megurine 2 hours ago
The disaster could have been much worse. Displaced coal from a coal fire stopped the ship from capsizing. Also the wireless broke on april 13th and was fixed the morning of the 14th. The binoculars didn’t matter, it was a cold air mirage that hid the iceberg. They couldn’t have seen the iceberg even with them and lookouts of the time often said they could see better with their naked eyes than with binoculars. Also the rivets weren’t weak, no rivets could have survived those pressures. Literally thousands of pounds per square inch.
LMP3 2 hours ago
Richey Edwards can fuck off. Oh, he did, good.
Devil Mind
Devil Mind 2 hours ago
“It took me 3 hours to shade the upper lip.” 😂😂😂
stpaulimdog 3 hours ago
They could've made this 20 min long with all the members that this happened to. Way bigger names and bands than these guys too.
Dan Hicks
Dan Hicks 3 hours ago
I love Hitchens.
Universall Parrot
Universall Parrot 3 hours ago
My weight training used to wrestle against andré the giant
Rosey I.
Rosey I. 3 hours ago
I loved the this movie but I didn't like seeing Lena Dunham and how her terrible performance brought the whole story to clanking thud. Gypsy (Catherine Share) was pretty. She was the bait Manson used to get new recruits. Would anyone ever follow Lena Dunham anywhere? YUK! But I still loved the movie.
Survival of the fatest outdoors
Golden corral!!!
Crazy Neighbor
Crazy Neighbor 3 hours ago
Rome fuckin sucks even his band mates said it
الحقيقة \ THE TRUTH
Very good 👍
Dee Man
Dee Man 3 hours ago
Thug Life
Louis Frost
Louis Frost 3 hours ago
90% of the stuff Morrissey said is 100% correct. Context matters. Unless you've got a beef and want to demonise someone. Thumbs down
Jopip Sison
Jopip Sison 3 hours ago
I am going to area 51 I'm gonna kill those people kidnapping Aliens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alien they don't mean any harm
Wiztard 3 hours ago
Your description of Star Trek destroys DSC fans.
Praylee Maureen
Praylee Maureen 3 hours ago
Love for him and family
Corbin M
Corbin M 3 hours ago
Jason Richardson getting fired from Born of Osiris was quite a huge one in recent times. That man shreds with melody like no guitarist,but apparently he wasn’t a good fit with the band personality and lifestyle wise. I have no problem with them firing him because of that,but I definitely think they could’ve handled it better.
Mark Peden
Mark Peden 3 hours ago
Wow talk about bad luck.
LAZY wolfie
LAZY wolfie 3 hours ago
bob voice is an asmr i can hear him read a boook for an hour loop
Classic TV Fanpage
Classic TV Fanpage 3 hours ago
Lolllll 😂 those were the good old days, back when we didn't have to worry about all this politically correct nonsense 🤦‍♀️
Tman 3 hours ago
Does funding also come into factor with transit?
John Payne
John Payne 3 hours ago
so the kids can fly out the window if the bus driver hates a kid
Jedi Knight Jairin Aiki
So basically it comes down to NOT taking responsibility for themselves.
Jimmy Droid
Jimmy Droid 3 hours ago
There's a bunch of broads y'all miss on this bro.
Walter Frith
Walter Frith 3 hours ago
Honourable mention.....Dick Shawn (1923-1987).
Vinz Galantz
Vinz Galantz 3 hours ago
Your videos are fake 😤😤
Jimmy Droid
Jimmy Droid 4 hours ago
Hey you guys forgot Honduras C. A.
diana eli
diana eli 4 hours ago
I'm hoping to see Gandhi on this list
Benjamin Orr Electric Angel Rock and Roller
RIP Ric and Benjamin RIP <3
ku sang lama
ku sang lama 4 hours ago
I never hated nikelback. Its one of the best bands in the world.What I really hate is the media who is constantly trying to defame them.
Space_Ace_1 4 hours ago
wow Billy Joel being shitty at rich people, that idiot has no right to talk, never forget how this asshole treated his band
Terry Grossmann
Terry Grossmann 4 hours ago
I have five loaded firearms in a safe. Not once in the past five years has any of my firearms escaped my safe and on its own killed one person. People are losing their morals. The largest cities in the U.S. continue to have the most violent crimes and murders. They also have the biggest drug problems which breeds more violence. They also have higher unemployment and far more gang activity including the crimes that come from gangs. Felons aren’t legally allowed firearms and yet they do. According to FBI statistics most murders and violent crimes are committed by one group which is also a minority group. A lot of these same cities have the most restrictive gun laws. When it comes to crying about police brutality they occur mainly in the same large cities. Amazing how all the largest cities with most of the problems are and historically been under democratic leadership. Yet every election the democrats say they will tackle the crimes and bring in more jobs. Every election the same people who believed in the hogwash the democrats promised the last election, will trip over themselves to vote for the same worthless democrats. Now frankly I believe both political parties are equally corrupt. It’s also funny how these radical liberals, democrats as well as the socialist fail to inform the public that only a small fraction of crimes involving firearms was committed by a licensed firearm owner who passed the FBI background database. Only a small percentage, less than 1% of firearm crimes involved long guns. Such as rifles and shotguns. These same people fail to inform the public that overall crime rates across the U.S. has been on a steady decline for many years. They also fail to inform the public that most murders were caused by the use of fist and feet, as will as the use of a blunt object. The media, at least on the national level, never shows a legally licensed and armed firearm owner used their firearm to thwart a crime. A lot of the time the firearm was never fired. Just the criminal saw a armed person who was prepared to use their firearm ended the crime. Fortunately there are many RUvid videos that prove that fact. I also bet if all firearms were illegal to own that the rich and famous, including the politicians will still be able to carry a firearm of have armed security. In other words the rich, famous, and politicians are saying your life and your loved ones lives aren’t worth protecting. However their lives and their loved ones lives are worth saving. I’m sorry, but I feel my life and the lives of my loved ones are far more important to save than theirs.
Mike Burns
Mike Burns 4 hours ago
Won't be long before Antonio Brown makes this list. LOL
FireGamerGirl 4 hours ago
Me:*Sees into the wild* Warrior cats fandom:GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hudson Essex
Hudson Essex 4 hours ago
Plus Bundy didn’t drive a white car he drove a yellow bug
AH! Why is there poop in your mouth
1:53 = 🤣🤣🤣
eric bastian
eric bastian 4 hours ago
Its good that men of god are exposed. God is not a respector of persons. God even wanted to kill moses n punished him for disobedience. So all men are equal in god's sight. Sometimes money makes them think god is with them all the way
Tim King
Tim King 4 hours ago
I'm unsubscribing because of the commercials !!!! GODDAMN IT !!!!!!!!!!!!@
Tim King
Tim King 3 hours ago
@Jay Wray,as a PADI I'm done, but thanks for your personal permission
Tim King
Tim King 3 hours ago
@Jay Wray , enough is enough. To watch a 45 second program and forced to endorse a 30 second commercials.
Jay Wray
Jay Wray 3 hours ago
Yeah, why should this channel, or any channel, be able to make a career on YT. The nerve of these YTers...SMH
Wayne Jeez
Wayne Jeez 4 hours ago
The kingdom of heaven is hidden. Jesus did not come to establish Christianity or any other religion. Establishing religions is man's doing.
tjlazer 4 hours ago
Dave wasn't on ten. That was Dave krusen. Dave A was on Vs and Vitalogy. best drummer they had.
diazyyy 5 hours ago
Ummm we ain’t got no seat belts in Texas ,the hell?
Rod Belding
Rod Belding 5 hours ago
Acid Bath, underrated band who called it quits when their bassist was killed by a drunk driver.
TexanTube 5 hours ago
Guns aren't the problem.
TGabrielC13 5 hours ago
Sorry to break it to ya but Manson career has never been "over"
sidgdansk 5 hours ago
the apple is Avalon.. there is no mention of an apple in Genesis..
AdrixFan455 5 hours ago
Hereditary it’s my favourite film.
i.STiLL.FUNCTiON 5 hours ago
*You forgot soon to be AB.!* Oh wait too soon.!? Lol
i.STiLL.FUNCTiON 5 hours ago
I like the "Exciting" background music they used for these depressing stories lol
Hermy The Crazy
Hermy The Crazy 5 hours ago
That’s a fucking lie Texas school buses dose not have seatbelts how I know cause I live in texas
Bernie Poncik
Bernie Poncik 5 hours ago
dan hemmerling
dan hemmerling 5 hours ago
These types of bimbos are still out there. Now they look like Ellen n Bieber.
ncc1701chris 5 hours ago
The destruction of the enterprise. My parents and I saw that opening day. When the saucer exploded every one jumped. When kirk said destruct sequence one the audience went oh no. When the scene was over most of the audience was totally In shock, some were crying. First time I swore in front of my parents, i was about 12 at the time. when the bridge exploded I said, OH SHIT!!!!........😧
Hamoodi Fujaravi
Hamoodi Fujaravi 5 hours ago
Wtf? Y did you just post X negative side and nothing from his positive side???
emberock z
emberock z 5 hours ago
Why the fuck would anybody want to meet musicians... just listen to their music... we all know they are idiotic cunts personality wise . It's just the music that's good
Vato Loko
Vato Loko 5 hours ago
Booka T whooped Batista in the locker room. I heard Batista was a bully until Booka whooped him back stage. Batista wasn't liked amoung the wrestlers because of his roid rages.
Ali Ejam
Ali Ejam 5 hours ago
Have some respect for your ancestor. You think you can last a day in their times! Don't make me start with the habits young spoiled kids like you do today.
Ronald Doran
Ronald Doran 5 hours ago
I don't know what anyone else's definition is of "poor" but most of these guys make enough money signing autographs and by making public appearances. We all seen to many celebs file for bankruptcy but still sport all nice clothes, houses, cars, if you are really, definitely, absolutely poor you ain't doing all that. You are wondering how to pay the bills and eat every day. That's poor.
Ronald Doran
Ronald Doran 5 hours ago
But I'd also think that to many times celebs get taken advantage of, the fame, the money, and maybe their state of mind aren't in touch with who or what are a problem.
Sk8 gang
Sk8 gang 5 hours ago
I have buckles
MacaSkys 5 hours ago
Why no one is talking about the moment in Star Trek: Generations where Picards got the devastating news of his family members died in a fire accident? The small moment where he's looking through some old family pictures and telling the story to Troi... That exact moment when he breaks down in tears. Ohhhh maaaannn It still makes me cry.
Lance Allen
Lance Allen 5 hours ago
James Hickman
James Hickman 6 hours ago
Kobe didn’t rape that girl
Sean Kilborn
Sean Kilborn 6 hours ago
All of florida should've been in this
David Buzzin
David Buzzin 6 hours ago
SCP-096 6 hours ago
“They’re like big yellow tanks, minus the weaponry.” Not in my schools case ;(
srfdqm 6 hours ago
SPOILER ALERT - This is all recycled, regurgitated tabloid crap that everyone knows already - definitely not worth the time.
Cali Braxus
Cali Braxus 6 hours ago
What about Bono getting sacked by U2?
McArthur Williams Il
Chris Drew
Chris Drew 6 hours ago
Sm0keyR0bin 6 hours ago
300bpm 6 hours ago
Orwell did the right thing.
Greg Gregory
Greg Gregory 6 hours ago
Trump Cult self proclaimed chosen one for maga hats. Lock him up. IMPEACH TRUMP.
Pepper1188 6 hours ago
Ben Orr WAS the voice imho.
JohnBelz 6 hours ago
He asked if he could write Car's songs with his girlfriend? How disgusting. Get the bitch out!
Candice Perry
Candice Perry 6 hours ago
The cars is my favorite band they wrote their own music