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NATHEN MARTIN 2 hours ago
Me standing next to Dana Carvey. Kanye West don't like white people.
John Miller
John Miller 2 hours ago
This kinda super sensitive whining and ultra political correctness is exactly why most new shows suck. Thank you lame narrator and RUvid channel for wrecking our fun. Can I give them a negative subscription?
고양이하자 2 hours ago
실제로 있으면 재앙
100 PERCENT 2 hours ago
It’s called the Christian Crusades and that’s when this fake religion was imposed on people throughout the world.
Noah Oceanic
Noah Oceanic 2 hours ago
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Owlclaw 999
Owlclaw 999 2 hours ago
Disasterpeice is a fantastic song...
eliminator of evil
eliminator of evil 3 hours ago
They are all "MAGIC" and Freddie is now "in the lap of the gods", with"fat bottomed girls". LOL R.I.P. Freddie.
I Velvet I
I Velvet I 3 hours ago
alright so i know everyone says that it was liver cancer but like when you put a suicide awareness at the end my brain just overthinks it without my consent and now i'm gonna overthink this for like 3 weeks now lmao
Richard S
Richard S 3 hours ago
Michael Jackson stabbed Paul in the back!
Shinobione 3 hours ago
CNN is fake news anyway
Vladimir Harkonnen
Vladimir Harkonnen 3 hours ago
Take a shot of Romulan ale for every time he mispronounces Ilia.
Adrastos O
Adrastos O 3 hours ago
TNG is the best of the star treks by far! There is just something about it that makes it believable! Voyager was a really good series too, with characters like captain Jane and 7 of 9! Plus traveling to the other side of the galaxy and struggling to get back. Q was a big part of it and the Borg pissing off the wrong species that almost wiped them out was extremely compelling. I enjoyed watching the Borg meet its match! With that said, voyager should be number 3!
TheSmokingBurrito 3 hours ago
"Altered States" um Ripp-offer.....er..lol
LeakzyLeakz 3 hours ago
Reach your limit not beyond it ~ me
Pulsonar 3 hours ago
Some of these guys deserve jail time, their level of financial ignorance amounts to a crime.
Matt Nicholson
Matt Nicholson 3 hours ago
All those poor people. Started balling when he said a mother holding a baby asleep on her😢
LolaCrazy2221 3 hours ago
Neverless we at my high school which was the same type of school used D&D for the same poupouse and it worked! I remember all of this same controversy back when I was a teenager back in the 80's. This shit was in the news a lot back then and it usually consisted of reports about how us metalheads like playing D&D and how it supposedly caused the same problems for us that they thought our heavy metal music caused. Suicides, drug addiction and all that shit. It's good that D&D is still around. There's nothing else I got to say except for the fact both D&D and heavy metal helped me a lot back then through a difficult time in my life. Even though I'm now 50 years old heavy metal music still does! Now I will go back to my regularly scheduled Presidents Day evening on RUvid! Thank you! Smh.
Kang Dga
Kang Dga 3 hours ago
Nepal that's in my country
Maya Labo
Maya Labo 3 hours ago
my freind jacob really like dragons this video for sure he watched it already. he like also d&d and ohmyghost webtoon tehehee.
Deadliest One
Deadliest One 3 hours ago
Donald trump and Epstein!
Aces & eights AZ HV/AC,Sparky and guns
When woods was starting out he was ok . I got his autograph but I was also twice his size . I love to fight Mayweather!
Illz 3 hours ago
Joe should be allowed to turning sidekick whoever made this video in the chest.
Silas Cochran
Silas Cochran 3 hours ago
You got that right Amtrak sucks. It is a f****** nightmare.
phil mortlock
phil mortlock 3 hours ago
Zac Efron was a surprisingly a fantastic actor.
david zero
david zero 3 hours ago
A game is only a game of its treated just like a game.
Ellie Marsh
Ellie Marsh 3 hours ago
Couldn’t the Rolling Stones vs Brian Jones be on this list as Brian did get kicked out of the band for his drug problems don’t get me wrong I like Keith but wasn’t he doing drugs as well
bella boom boom
bella boom boom 3 hours ago
Well she got nominated and won the Oscar
Cat playz
Cat playz 4 hours ago
I call it making bread cause why not
Christian Ali
Christian Ali 4 hours ago
The messed up part of back to the future that EVERYBODY talks about: comparing Biff to Trump. Biff was a bully who did nothing but push people around, and was guilty of harassment on at least one occasion. What dimension to use time travel resume personal gain. Donald Trump might be a capitalist, and somewhat bigoted, but he is certainly not a bully or a rapist. I guess there’s your comparisons. Both Biff Tannen and Donald TrumpI considered evil because of fictional crimes that have no truth to them whatsoever.
Jim Brewer
Jim Brewer 4 hours ago
When I was in air force tech school (intel and crypanalasis)we had a subset of D&D enthusiasts, a lot of them also SCA enthusiasts who frequented medieval reenactments and wouldn't bathe for days at a time. That's what I remember most about them.
Dreddnaught1 4 hours ago
7 foot 4 not 6 foot leven idiot
Jake Butler
Jake Butler 4 hours ago
The thing is there shouldn't be a replacement singer for blink 182 because blink 182 should have ended in the 2000s when they were in there 30's. Matt Skiba is a fantastic songwriter on his own but I don't think he's stupid for saying yes to all that nostalgia tour money blink 182 makes a year.
Faithfully Weird
Faithfully Weird 4 hours ago
I'm a Christian and I play DnD! I love this game! It has helped me talk better, therapeutic when stressed, and also allows a creative outlet. I've had so much fun with this!
China India
China India 4 hours ago
Ma ÀLLAH give cure and guide hum to the correct way
clayton schiller
clayton schiller 4 hours ago
All you losers and goofs aliens built pyramids
Addison Quinby
Addison Quinby 4 hours ago
Oxford is older than the Aztecs
zGODVVs 4 hours ago
4:35 i got scared of this 2 kids jesus christ
John Badalutz
John Badalutz 4 hours ago
Such lack of Biblical knowledge and and lack of faith in a all-powerful God is remarkable
shane r Mcmahon
shane r Mcmahon 4 hours ago
Look you have got to really see me here man he.is.a.cunt.
the kong boiii Vivar Cilenti
Bro thies animals were here before us and we killed them all we are the worst
Jason M
Jason M 5 hours ago
Piccard is turning out to be my least Favorite. DS9 has always been my least fave.
jacktheripped 5 hours ago
Natalie Wood story. The boat they were on actually once belonged to the Wood family. Wagner bought the boat from the family after the two were married. The Splendour was sold here recently for $10,000. Not much at all for a 60' yacht.
General_Cheese6 5 hours ago
Wait is this dexter manning from Smash Bits Animations
AjaMalaysia Var
AjaMalaysia Var 5 hours ago
Ishmaeli=Shia Islam
grizzlytomahawk 5 hours ago
Geoff scares me.
Henry Gill-Pratt
Henry Gill-Pratt 5 hours ago
I’m so angry that he dismissed voyagers seasons as a full ride it’s all in opinions because 100 percent there’s plenty of intersting story’s in voyager it’s just patching it together with each other that makes it gret
Antonios Panayiotou
Great video quality!
Luca Jordan
Luca Jordan 5 hours ago
I think than Great Khali Is more strong
john wheeler
john wheeler 5 hours ago
TNG(best cast)=DS9>(best writing and character development. )TOS>(iconic)ENT>(bad timing)VOY>(should have been the best but network meddled)Discovery>(Unlikeable characters, inconsistencies)Picard(meh so far)
Chris Frey
Chris Frey 5 hours ago
This is the gayest shit
Corby Dinsburger
Corby Dinsburger 5 hours ago
that version of over the rain now when played at a funeral is beyond anything anyone could ever experienced. I tear up just thinking about it
Cygnus Star-Scream
Cygnus Star-Scream 5 hours ago
ANYONE from this time going back to the Crusades would kill people because of the Virulent Flu antibodies we carry. People in the past have no immunity to these lethal viruses and there would be a devastating Pandemic wiping out a huge portion of the population. The same goes to going into the future, anyone going there would be dead within hours for the same reason, We have no resistance to the future viruses and would be dead within hours of going there.
Josh S-TV
Josh S-TV 5 hours ago
I don't care about the small details. I JUST WANT TO KNOW IF ADAM AND EVE EXISTED LITERALLY, PERIOD.
Tobias Valasquez
Tobias Valasquez 5 hours ago
synthol users are not bodybuilders. I feel like this should go without saying.
Nathan Coley
Nathan Coley 5 hours ago
Heaven forbid parents blame themselves for what their kids do 😒
Staci Yeager
Staci Yeager 5 hours ago
Dwight Clark died I didn’t know that We’ll miss you Clark :(
那是次们提哦某色啊 的哦露背他 都
What you toto show talent
Jimmy Ramone
Jimmy Ramone 5 hours ago
It's the Devils work!
TraPGoD 5 hours ago
Click is one of my childhood classics!
Bridgidigital 6 hours ago
You can't mention that the Tamun Shud(?) book from the Somerton Man's case was found without elaborating; that's the most bizarre detail: the book was found in the backseat of random man's car who had no idea why he was in posession of it & reportedly had no connection to the case. What that scenario suggests only deepens the mystery. Good Day from VA!
The indoor Guy
The indoor Guy 6 hours ago
Bob Ross is a cereal killer and his paintings are just places we’re he hides his body
swindlebot 69
swindlebot 69 6 hours ago
When i saw that look in his eyes i thought he was a major meth addict not gonna lie
Broken Lions
Broken Lions 6 hours ago
I thought it said billy joe
D M 6 hours ago
Planet run by women which is a disaster - maybe this explains the remakes of Ghostbusters, Oceans 8, Charlies Angles, but I'm sure all female Load of the flies will break the mockers of these movies ;)
Battlefieldjack 625
You guys know that there shots take multiple try’s right
Arcticnerd 6 hours ago
Of course he hasn't had much success. No one watched Myth Busters for them. They were just the filler.
ObeyPaul Ministries
Sorry, wrong. Gen 1 depicts same story, but different times. First It is a summary, then later It is a detailed account. It goes together perfect. Just read carefully.
Peace Love
Peace Love 6 hours ago
I love bill and teds excellent adventure
batgurrl 6 hours ago
You are out of your mind to put Janeway last. The entire list is ridiculous.
SoothingTouch WellnessCenter
Waitn wait, just wait.. you said a warm period from 950ad through 1250ad = you mean climate change / global warming ? Whoa
Wulv Runninghappi
Wulv Runninghappi 6 hours ago
Jordan was awesome but didn’t win any championships until a team was formed, wow what a concept, and Jordan never beat Larry Bird in playoffs, and couldn’t wait for Bird to retire because of all the losses he endured. Robert Parish just like Dennis Rodman didn’t kiss MJ’s arse because both of them use to kick his😂
Mikall Villa
Mikall Villa 6 hours ago
When Earl died, I wasn’t alive😳
Finan Callum
Finan Callum 6 hours ago
Whats the sorcerers stone?
Peace Love
Peace Love 6 hours ago
So umm mom I was really thirsty and nd nd there was only drugs to drink. I'm sorry mom
William Branco
William Branco 6 hours ago
Garbage music. They need to be in a asylum
Adam Conrod
Adam Conrod 6 hours ago
Well in the Original STAR TREK There was no such alien as the Cardassians but yet before the days of Captain Kirk in STAR TREK Enterprise there was a alien race called the Cardassians so HOW TO YOU EXPLAIN THIS {STAR TREK Mistake} ?
Furios 6 hours ago
my mans got 103 billion. while im struggling to to save 800
Lara v
Lara v 7 hours ago
culero perros
culero perros 7 hours ago
mj sounds like he was taking boxing lessons while ya was bullshiting hahahha
Ruscfaer tenrow
Ruscfaer tenrow 7 hours ago
Her hamster got a better funeral than my brother
Overby's Raiders
Overby's Raiders 7 hours ago
The 80s were rife with fat angry rich white women trying to censor things they didn't like. Tipper Gore single handedly ruined album cover art to this day. I played D&D with my buddies on Sunday afternoons for a few years. It was a great way to use your imagination before the age of quality video games like Skyrim etc.
Trevor Joseph O'Neill
Bob Wilson
Bob Wilson 7 hours ago
lil Wayne and Madonna are hilarious jokes. I'd tell both to go F themselves!
Naomi Nnedi
Naomi Nnedi 7 hours ago
I want to see American Idiot the musical. 🙂
culero perros
culero perros 7 hours ago
im not a player ima playa n i dont like jordan neather
jiah81 7 hours ago
Angeliquelovely 7 hours ago
Republicans!!!!!!! Dam you!
Dennis Young
Dennis Young 7 hours ago
Thought so...
Звоницкий Феликс
Hemingway's late life paranoia had very good reason. Men was forced to commit suicide out of desperation.
Host Mo Berry
Host Mo Berry 7 hours ago
First guy was taken out for speaking up against JFK's murder & standing up to Hoover.
Eric B
Eric B 7 hours ago
Messy? Don't be silly, star trek discovery is basically a bag of live cats put into a wood chipper.
Corby Dinsburger
Corby Dinsburger 7 hours ago
Everything he every said was true. If anyone was offended it's because they are weakminded half witted garbage humans
PalmerWhit 7 hours ago
Thank God he wasn’t cast as Romeo.
Creative 8D
Creative 8D 7 hours ago
Tree tree tree Probably reminds him of tree’s talking in Vietnam 🇻🇳 war in the 60s
Nicholas Rourke
Nicholas Rourke 8 hours ago
I wanna be put in live urn then grown into a pot plant my pals can puff 😂😂😂😂
Matthew Lea
Matthew Lea 8 hours ago
It's funny, they do have Chicotay. Another native American.
Dave The Rave
Dave The Rave 8 hours ago
Eric Clapton Billy Joel
rbagel55 8 hours ago
Life expectancy for humans has not been good throughout history. It only improved during the 1930s when penicillin got invented. Not many people lived past 35 back then, even if.they ate decent.
Brian Deluca
Brian Deluca 8 hours ago
The fact that he would never feed any of the animals at his zoo NOTHING he wouldn’t eat just shows the love he had for them. They would even run over to him to say hi and get pet. Lol ❤️❤️ crazy guy 🤘