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Diane Chaanine
Diane Chaanine 3 hours ago
He should show more appropriate pictures for kids who agrees
bigjohnconnect 3 hours ago
I had some good memories sleeping in Saturday morning knowing I don't have to go to school, waking up and turning on the tv to watch my favorite cartoons
largol33t1 3 hours ago
Oh, wow, Rupert Grint broke down laughing while trying to do a scene where Ron is supposed to be angry and jealous?! Well, I can understand why he found that hilarious. I probably would have cracked up too seeing Harry and Hermione snogging like there's no tomorrow!
Kevin Longan
Kevin Longan 3 hours ago
Eddie shoots blanks; good singer but not such a great person.
Eric Jae
Eric Jae 3 hours ago
He made the Simpsons a little more enjoyable
Zach 3 hours ago
You need to do more research on Larry Walker. He has very worthy numbers and played a long time outside of Coors in Montreal and St. Louis
Kyle Schalitz
Kyle Schalitz 3 hours ago
Nothing is wrong with anything that is brought up looks like a great future to me, far better than the one we r heading towards
Alex 3 hours ago
We need him back in Europe now
Alex 3 hours ago
True king
Trish Hart
Trish Hart 3 hours ago
"God sends angels to force him to check her out." lol
Jim M
Jim M 3 hours ago
No mention of Mike Mussina being undeserving of the hall of fame when he is the most average pitcher of all time. Come on
vc lucky
vc lucky 3 hours ago
RobinSueWho 3 hours ago
None of that was racist.
David B.
David B. 3 hours ago
I use Nicktoons as a substitute for my kids on Saturday mornings. 🤷🏾‍♂️
VineZero 3 hours ago
All his stuff reminds me of that Friday song, just a bunch of auto tune junk
DiamondBack Enterprises
Bruh. Larry Walker had a better avg outside of Coors field than inside of Coors field.
h y p o c r i t e a s s
chris was the reason why my standards of men is unfathomable, the reason why up to now i’m still single
slickbronx 3 hours ago
They need to remake that movie!
Carolyn Brown
Carolyn Brown 4 hours ago
I only knew who one of them was. Tiny Tim.
Carlos Allegretti
Carlos Allegretti 4 hours ago
It sucks how back then in less than a year we lost Chris Farley and Phil Hartman. Mike Myers is great but damn those voice tapes of farley voicing shrek are pure gold, Chris would've knocked it out the park as Shrek.
TTV RawFish
TTV RawFish 4 hours ago
I cried for the ending for chapter 2
Tony Mondola
Tony Mondola 4 hours ago
Let's be honest... how much useful information did we REALLY learn from those replacement shows...
She Is Brit
She Is Brit 4 hours ago
Crazy to think that its been almost 10 years since her passing.
Andrew Caravas
Andrew Caravas 4 hours ago
Horrible video none of those players are any good
Edward Anthony
Edward Anthony 4 hours ago
Don't forget: Oswald didn't kill him..
Daniel Jackett
Daniel Jackett 4 hours ago
No mention of the ABSOLUTE WORST ever choice for the Hall of Fame Ken "Hawk" Harrelson as the 2020 Ford Frick Award for broadcasters
bitter sweet
bitter sweet 4 hours ago
ONLY IN DREAMS is a song that's very dear to me.
MissyB 75
MissyB 75 4 hours ago
Don’t get this guy’s popularity, a few hit songs, went after a married woman and just a boring, moody git🤷🏼‍♀️
Bylo Band
Bylo Band 4 hours ago
Wait, excuse me? "Lee Smith 'arguably' has the stats worthy of inclusion?!"
Tim Purcell
Tim Purcell 4 hours ago
I saw larry Walker go 4 for 5 in st.louis when he was still with colorado, 3 Homer's a single and 7 r.b.i. so he could hit outside colorado,
Gloria Hanes
Gloria Hanes 4 hours ago
Say what you will Queen Victoria is (still) one of the greatest Monarchs England has ever known. She and Albert created the Exposition of the Industrial Age which brought us into the 20th Century. Long live Queen Victoria in the minds of many!
Goku Son
Goku Son 4 hours ago
Your jealous
Zee_ UltimateBanana
i’m still waiting for my hogwarts letter...
Goku Son
Goku Son 4 hours ago
Your fake gru not dude perfect beause they are awsome.
Lucid Dream
Lucid Dream 4 hours ago
This video portrayed more falsehoods than the miniseries. Its sad that people can possibly be ok with what the government done to these peoples.
Poop But
Poop But 4 hours ago
Who’s watching this after accidentally swallowing mouthwash
King Leo
King Leo 4 hours ago
While ruining childhood & nostalgia, good ole govt....
Andy Tonner
Andy Tonner 4 hours ago
"If your not cheating your not trying"
Rex Hargrove
Rex Hargrove 4 hours ago
biden is not going to get any votes at this corner. or any other place.
Rex Hargrove
Rex Hargrove 4 hours ago
he needs to hang it up and drink more water.
Rex Hargrove
Rex Hargrove 4 hours ago
the singer.
PatrolClip 4 hours ago
We thank you for this video and give credit to a real hardworking entertaiment figure....We´ll remember Phil
NecroKilliac Z
NecroKilliac Z 4 hours ago
I love all the comments of Time Travel expertise.. forgetting the fact we humans have never traveled to the past so everything on time travel is just theory.. nothing speculated about time travel is concrete.
Andy Tonner
Andy Tonner 4 hours ago
Not Bud in that picture.
Klumsy Ninja
Klumsy Ninja 4 hours ago
I never really cared for his music but I lost respect when news came out that Joey Badass was writing songs for him. And the Sunflower joint was written by Sway Lee
andy 4 hours ago
This video opens with Joe Biden pitching himself as a POTUS wannabe,,, NOT if my vote can help it!!!! but good video
Ayoung Chang
Ayoung Chang 5 hours ago
Super speed is the most dangerous in my opinion because IF you were evil or something you could just run around with a knife in your hand and basically kill everyone. Lol Always wanted super speed. (Has anyone read the gone series? It has some examples of superpowers)
monstermax22 5 hours ago
As for the Rolling Stone ‘journalist’ who was so critical of Ged’s voice - what on earth was he talking about? What a pretentious fool. Don’t try to be clever when you’re not.....
GodofWarChuka 5 hours ago
I grew up watching the 3 Stooges. That was comedy! RIP to them Legends!
Vincent Martinez
Vincent Martinez 5 hours ago
I still have 💙 for Nickleback... There's a lot of Hater's with a lot of Musicians...🌪️🌪️🌪️🌪️😈
Larry Holcomb Jr
Larry Holcomb Jr 5 hours ago
Remember when music was music?
jason m.
jason m. 5 hours ago
Nancy Grace was such a twat. I've never seen an anchor take something from zero to bitch as fast as her. With EVERYBODY.
Javi Plays Games
Javi Plays Games 5 hours ago
The thumb nail I'd kinda scary
Ron White
Ron White 5 hours ago
If love to meet Danny DaVito. I do remember him in so many movies growing up. Like Johnny Dangerously (ironically I live right up the street from where Michael Douglas a.k.a. Michael Keaton is from) he seems like I’m person, he’d be a kind and good hearted person. BYE, he’s an AWESOME ACTOR!!!!
Dez 5 hours ago
The lion is my sleep paralysis demon
Dez 5 hours ago
This movie is my least favorite and I have to do it as a radio play :/
jason m.
jason m. 5 hours ago
Nobody was shocked when all this come out.
Brandon Epps
Brandon Epps 5 hours ago
sports, druggs an women go hand in hand. 2020 an sports players styll broke. queen lames is 3-54 in the finals.
Ethan Lapating
Ethan Lapating 5 hours ago
fabio40 5 hours ago
Born in Brantford, Ontario. The same city as Wayne Gretzky.
ANOTHER secret Canadian?
Ethan Lapating
Ethan Lapating 5 hours ago
ok hey its not ok its cool!!!!!!!!!!!
Ethan Lapating
Ethan Lapating 5 hours ago
its not feke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Genaro Gomez
Genaro Gomez 5 hours ago
No way! Youre a big part of the problem freak!
Alexandre Morin
Alexandre Morin 5 hours ago
timothy mcveigh answered to fbi in 1995 .... violence esclade
Owen Hutchison
Owen Hutchison 5 hours ago
I'm from Phil Hartman's hometown. Brantford Ontario 🇨🇦. Unfortunately there isn't much here named after him.
If Goldy Hawn and whatserface are playing silly games like, Lets Bob For Dudes Apple Bags, and YOU win INTO that, you already knozz wheres real homeruns are. Shit, I bet Kirt Russell gotta a few chickenhead actions in on it too. F it.
AlexisOn TheBeat
AlexisOn TheBeat 5 hours ago
Poor lady
gary coontz
gary coontz 5 hours ago
You are telling people false history, brother and sisters don't fall for fake news God is real
Rodney Quick
Rodney Quick 3 hours ago
@gary coontz Your life will only be what you make it regardless what you believe....
gary coontz
gary coontz 3 hours ago
@Rodney Quick brother I don't no what's happened in your life to make you fill that way about God our father pray ask Jesus to come in your life that you beleave in him surrnd your life to him , you don't have anything to lose , except your soul , I no I don't want to go to he'll and burn for eternity please ask God to come in your life don't be that way you don't want to end up in he'll brother and I don't want you to and God does not want you to go to he'll rather I am praying for you my brother
Rodney Quick
Rodney Quick 4 hours ago
@gary coontz Have you got evidence of a god as one doesn't exist... You can pray al you want it doesn't work either...
gary coontz
gary coontz 4 hours ago
@Rodney Quick I will be praying for your lost soul , give your life to God , before it's to late Jesus is coming and soon brother are YOU READY I AM , I WILL SEE YOU IN HEAVEN OOO MAYBE NOT YOU DONT BELEAVE, I FEEL SO SORRY FOR YOU PRAYING FOR YOU
Rodney Quick
Rodney Quick 4 hours ago
Have you got evidence for god is real because that is fake ....
TJ SMILEY 5 hours ago
Bahh.... another basher video, ALL ROCK BANDS ARE LIKE THAT...idiot...lol!
Graham Hillier
Graham Hillier 5 hours ago
not making any more B grade movies I hope.
Ron B.
Ron B. 5 hours ago
Marilyn- I can't breath join the movement.
Thom Pabol
Thom Pabol 5 hours ago
I never wanted to be an actor but I always wanted to do camera work or even direct. but if I could go back to the 1980s I would have tried out for the Groundings a hoped for a chance (or its parents Second City). Too old now. Maybe it was for the best. Phil Hartman was one of my favorite character comedian as was Chris Farley. But Hartman and Rubin on the original Pee Wee Herman Show was brilliant.
Ron B.
Ron B. 5 hours ago
It's also rumored that Joe Dimaggio and she were dating again. Joe is the one who bailed her out of Payne Whitney. They had recently spent time together at his home in Florida.
Torva 5 hours ago
What garbage did I just watch?
Jaumenyc 5 hours ago
d0nKsTaH 5 hours ago
I've heard several different theories about Ivar The Boneless.... Some indicate that he was merely impotent and the nickname represented his inability to father a child. Another source suggested it over an incident where he refused to attack and the term boneless (spineless) meant something similar to being a coward. Wikipedia suggests even more ideas on his nickname and death. One story that I do recall that stands out was his death.... and his nickname came about posthumously because his captor(s) beat him so bad there wasn't a hard bone left in his body. Literally crushed by about a dozen rocks over and over in a brutal beating to death. Either way... the show doesn't seem to venture into either of this directions.
Jimmy the Voice
Jimmy the Voice 5 hours ago
Great video. I disliked it only cause u can’t draw likes from Bowie’s Death 💀. Ty for understanding
timmy841212 5 hours ago
😭😭😭 Elvira trying to save Phil...
atarijawa462 5 hours ago
Gee I wonder why people who retired or bands that broke up a long time ago haven't released more albums.
Kwenz Landah
Kwenz Landah 5 hours ago
Everybody knows Paul Stanley has missing genitals.
Marie D
Marie D 5 hours ago
Luz Figueroa
Luz Figueroa 5 hours ago
Rock Stars ✨ are just overgrown kids. Boy I’m jealous
BunzeeBear 5 hours ago
What! No complaints about the Dragons? Aren't they suppose to have jet engines? Have not read the book so they all looked OK. That is the leeway given towards artistic interpretations.
dknowles60 5 hours ago
we know who is not tell ing the turth. the fbi
richard thayer
richard thayer 6 hours ago
Rick Raider
Rick Raider 6 hours ago
No sound! Is RUvid doing this shit on purpose?
NIX 5 Cents
NIX 5 Cents 6 hours ago
News Radio was the best
Ezekiel33Music 6 hours ago
"You might remember Phil from such educational films as '2 minus 3 equals negative fun!' and 'Firecrackers: the silent killer'
Sparklez 6 hours ago
Not a K Pop fan, but isn't this also happens in the Music Industry of America? Slavery, Prostitution and all that. I dunno about plastic surgery tho.
Jack Kelly
Jack Kelly 6 hours ago
Ferrel Malute
Ferrel Malute 6 hours ago
Am i the only one who never think faramir is a jerk
1 wordhere 1wordthere
Didn't the Waco killing of the children happened on the same date that Timothy McVeigh supposably blew up daycare center.. When did Philadelphia drop that percussion bomb out of the helicopter just got to thinking about that it doesn't matter government would never lie or is it but never tell the truth
P Chantel
P Chantel 6 hours ago
😢😢😢 rip
Hood Baby
Hood Baby 6 hours ago
He went out with a bang
Adam Brandford
Adam Brandford 6 hours ago
You have to eat it but it's a get your own that is the dream
Jamaican Nation
Jamaican Nation 6 hours ago
I was hoping a more calm and low voice, slow yet meaningful music on this DISAPPOINTED