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Subrat Biswas
Subrat Biswas Hour ago
2:20 they smashed a beautiful Tree..🥺
DeeWayMemer Hour ago
Love from India🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
DeeWayMemer Hour ago
Berlin my favorite
Deniz Kaya
Deniz Kaya 5 hours ago
9 like very nice 👍❤️👍
blacktreetv Hour ago
Thanks for coming
Dr. Rabuffetti
Dr. Rabuffetti 6 hours ago
I see Jerry still has his Nike contract 😂🙄
Mike Force
Mike Force 9 hours ago
Don’t give rides to Communists!
Lee M
Lee M 10 hours ago
Stop lying, it was Vanilla Ice
jacob himiona
jacob himiona 11 hours ago
Harry o is the father of deathrow don't know where vanilla ice got his story that he find deathrow
ミスターY 13 hours ago
Max Hyde
Max Hyde 16 hours ago
Every Mackie solo interview is amazing. He's smart and he's not afraid to say what he thinks.
Dawee Dabest
Dawee Dabest 18 hours ago
Bro he should’ve asked Obama his last name then he had the chance, the conspiracy’s would end.
Married To The KGB
Married To The KGB 18 hours ago
It's about the only American car i'd dream to have. Stunning, stunning car
Marco Pineda
Marco Pineda 19 hours ago
“There’s allot of crazy things that have happened in this house” Jerry, you knew and still didn’t know….
Nicklaus Christofono
A lot goes into making a SHITTY MOVIE!
oohwee oohwee
So where is Kenner now?
Did someone say family?
UndergroundInkz J
M O - A
M O - A Day ago
Fantastic gentleman ! Love his sense of humour
Tuchpi Day ago
"if you take a bite of the apple, you take the whole apple" unintended seinfeld joke
Tray Of 100
Tray Of 100 Day ago
Burset be looking better than some of these females
Cristian Pinchetti
Uzo Aduba my baby 😭😭💖💖💖
Malinda Lewis
That's what happens when you think you white 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bruh... the air pollution😵
Desi Tech News
family movie
Xotic Enigma
Xotic Enigma Day ago
He made the President very uncomfortable from the moment that he arrived. I really do not think that the President enjoyed one moment of this.
Red Rambo
Red Rambo Day ago
Can anybody explain what she says at the end about Harry-o being in a wheelchair due to something or other? I couldn't work out what she said was the cause of his injuries?
Deniz Kaya
Deniz Kaya Day ago
8like süper my friend wunderful 👍
Bang Bang 100% Francis
Gabrielle union ❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘🥰💥💥💥💥💥
Lucas Zamarripa
RIP Paul walker we miss you🥺😢
Dallas WorldStarNews
Wow sub Bak Streaming About Yee - TreeDogg Mr. ATM on open.spotify.com/album/2n0PoQSjYLeflj6euXrFJx?si=Mf6cu2HrQGOk-IhgXbIEQA&
Curtis HarryTv83
I didn't watch it yet, but I'm imagining Obama just going:hell naw, what's this dude doing here, get this shit off my very expensive desk.
Covid Fact checker
at least Obama can drive unlike joe Biden
Cookie Boy
Cookie Boy 3 hours ago
The funny thing is Biden did drive a truck a few months back
Soul Sessions Radio
Take their power away by not being the stereotype they assume you to be? That's pretty much orientening yourself to their liking? Still a form of racism...
Андрей Тушов
Jesus I thought it’s Putin.
Sean Connelly
Sean Connelly 2 days ago
Obama is a closet gay
Geraniaceae 44
Geraniaceae 44 2 days ago
This would have never worked with trump.
Nitish Sharma
Nitish Sharma 2 days ago
That coffee shop was the safety place in the whole world.
The Anime Otaku
The Anime Otaku 2 days ago
I got a orbital Cannon in GTA online 24/7 plus a flying motorbike horse that shoots homing missiles I bet you don't have that
Anthony Dixon
Anthony Dixon 2 days ago
baxatak Baxatak
baxatak Baxatak 2 days ago
Barack was always in it for himself and his own image. All he wanted was fame. He didn’t give a shit about being President at all by his second term, and outright quit on us to go fulfill his sad little “rock star” fantasy.
Javed khan
Javed khan 2 days ago
landing on the moon nice joke assholes
DoomSlayer 2 days ago
I still believe I went to sleep and woke up in another dimension.
spongeblurb 2 days ago
presented by acura: jerry driving and promoting corvette….
Ashflame 2 days ago
You compare him to Trump and its like...... HOLY FUCKING SHIT.... HOW DID WE END UP HERE!
LarryUNCUT 2 days ago
He's a clown
jack Johnson
jack Johnson 2 days ago
Whether you like him or not, Obama was smooth.
EXport Gaming
EXport Gaming 2 days ago
Damn, i didnt know it would go this far, i thought the car dropping scene were just greenscreen.
Tru N LiViN
Tru N LiViN 2 days ago
Nope pac was outta his league and he looks like Kobe he needs to do a Kobe movie
Felicia Williams
Felicia Williams 2 days ago
But u did it....so that must be u
D Mars
D Mars 2 days ago
Not my president! He said America is NOT a nation of Christians! Who cares what he does.
A-A Ron's House
A-A Ron's House 2 days ago
Fuck obama
Luca's Car Reviews
“Your a comedian with the president going nowhere” LMAO!! 😂😂😂
Jeff Galletta
Jeff Galletta 2 days ago
Well…what did you expect? After all, he is an actor who makes a living out of saying other peoples words.
Random Videos
Random Videos 2 days ago
Why don't people understand this
Toney Am
Toney Am 2 days ago
Obama has to be the coolest man in the world.
Mamadou Dangho
Mamadou Dangho 2 days ago
This Man is great
Alan Watts
Alan Watts 2 days ago
Obama wanted $10,000 in hotdogs delivered to the white house. The whit house doesn't take food from outside sources.
Technoblade Fan
Technoblade Fan 2 hours ago
@Alan Watts so, when trump does it it’s completely fine, and when Obama orders hotdogs you think it’s children? Seriously. Chances are over the span of 8 years and the hosting of tons and tons of dinners, you’d need 10 thousand hotdogs for chefs to cook.
Alan Watts
Alan Watts 3 hours ago
@Cookie Boy That's different. He actually went out with employees from the white house to get it. This was a shipment. And I can assure you it wasn't hotdogs
Alan Watts
Alan Watts 3 hours ago
@Technoblade FanYou're right. It was children
Cookie Boy
Cookie Boy 3 hours ago
Trump ordered McDonald’s so um…
Technoblade Fan
Technoblade Fan 2 days ago
No, he didn’t. Lol.
Darth golden freddy Animations and reviews
I think it’s awesome to see one of my favorite bands be mixed with my favorite comic of all time!
Ilfat Ahmetzyanov
Самый дибильный фильм
Leyla Prismriver
Leyla Prismriver 3 days ago
Bro what did I just watch - this is amazing!
Malayalam Daily365
So what abt the pollution they made.?
Trump. exe
Trump. exe 3 days ago
6:50 my guy obamas jaw line looking sharp AF
R 3 days ago
I filled out a survey recently and got asked my race. The options given were the normal for or five options such as, "Black, Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, American Indian , and other." I'm so fed up with the stupidity of the subject because I don't think it really matters anymore. It's an issue if someone wants to make it an issue. But it doesn't have to be this oppressive curtain hanging between people dividing them and cutting off the conversation. So, as I filled out the survey, I stopped and almost closed it down. Then I thought about it and checked, "Other". Below "Other" there was a line to explain the answer. I wrote, "Adamite". Since we all came from Adam, this statement was true. As far as I'm concerned, it removed racism off the table. Screw those who want to wag their fingers in the face of those of us who don't care what side of the tracks you were raised. You put on your pants one leg at a time just like I do. We both get hungry and experience poverty from time to time. We have a choice. I've made mine. It's your turn.
Constance Fowler
Constance Fowler 3 days ago
Obama can SOÓOOOO get it!!! 🍾💞🍾
Cef Cat
Cef Cat 3 days ago
Thanks for letting us come along for the ride Mr. President and Mr. Seinfeld.
Danielle Marie
Danielle Marie 3 days ago
You have to be kidding me....this is how dangerous it is to make these kind of movies?????
J Kent
J Kent 4 days ago
Everyone: Barack Obama: 6:22
Ruslan Zinovyev
Ruslan Zinovyev 4 days ago
Great, now the car just dropped in value
Gerald Gekara
Gerald Gekara 4 days ago
Darrell is really the most powerful guy in the world
Anak Gabut
Anak Gabut 4 days ago
does this have to be a one time take?
Всё равно отстой. Первая часть лучше.
It's Ok To Be White
What a pair of bookends
Greener Pastures
Greener Pastures 4 days ago
Totally agreed with the caption. Obama was more a comedian than a president
Love 2 Fight
Love 2 Fight 4 days ago
Hearing Obama talk about nachos just made me crazy nachos and cheese. Thanks Obama.
Mildly Inconvenient
"Harry, don't shoot him. He's a very funny guy, we all like him"
rockshots79 4 days ago
the longer you stay in power...........🙃 privilege is toxic 😂 words to ponder 🤔
Yash Kaushik
Yash Kaushik 4 days ago
All people are talking about cars and scenes no on is thinking of the black smoke that pollutes the environment so much And even the film makers also don't think about it and why would they make films make money forget about tress and environment. Bloody Craps