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Luca Rosano
Luca Rosano
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Aidan O'sullivan
Aidan O'sullivan 11 minutes ago
Luca, at best this is wishful thinking.
Dk Lee
Dk Lee 27 minutes ago
Send for to ESPN and I will try to get 10k likes in a vid
Fill Gaps
Fill Gaps 27 minutes ago
Damn injuries! 7 of top 8 need to be healthy for any chance at ECF. Our schedule gets tougher so, hard to load manage. We don’t have go to maybe take turns NP maybe too, Serge maybe on P&R with KLow?! PSKILLS is a star even 1st time Allstar but not Superstar. ECF is as high as I could expect if they get 2 seed. Lower seed could be any result.
Deepak Udhay
Deepak Udhay 44 minutes ago
i feel like we hav 4 options in normgod kyle fvv and pascal that we can give the ball to depending on whos hot and the raps hav one person go off every game so i think well be fine
Paolo Facciolo
Paolo Facciolo 2 minutes ago
I agree with you. Most teams have that go to guy but the Raptors have lots of guys who can shoot a game-tying or winning basket and a 3 if you leave them open. I believe that's why they are so successful this season. VV, Powel, Siakem, and Lowry have proven they can take big shots with the game on the line. I love this team when it's close in the 4th quarter and step it up especially on defense to win the game. Too many teams don't tighten up on defence at end of games because of the hard work it takes but Raptors are buying in to it even the bench guys. You want to win, play hard at both ends when it counts.
Boogeyman Jackson
Boogeyman Jackson 50 minutes ago
During the clutch moments in the regular season should be siakam but during the playoffs it should be kyle Lowry or fred depending on who's hot and who is not
courtham 53 minutes ago
Project Danforth is in full swing!!! To be honest though, the only way I see him coming to Toronto is if the Raptors beat the Bucks again in the Playoffs this year.
Jason Burke
Jason Burke Hour ago
We don’t need him..we good.
John Revelation
Good video, good job
Bugsy Boy
Bugsy Boy Hour ago
Although staying healthy is very important the closer and superstar- usually one and the same, is the missing ingredient for a legitimate shot at another chip. We may get to the ECF and with some luck maybe the finals but without the aforementioned superstar I think we are at best a final 4 team.
ZionGuy Hour ago
Low key I got that GUT FEELING too. It just makes sense for Giannis AND the Raptors..
Sherwin D'Souza
Bonafide superstar is so subjective
FreeMind Canada
Vanvleet for certain, Powell has potential, Davis is the future!
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix Hour ago
It was going end eventually
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix Hour ago
If The Raptors makes the finals again this year I'm saying this now no one can talk shot about the raptors for the rest of time of
Kirtan Patel
Kirtan Patel Hour ago
Tbh I find vanvleet more clutch than kawhii
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix Hour ago
Yo first of all some of these nba teams can't even sell out games and the raptors are selling out every one of their games so
Jay Thompson
Jay Thompson Hour ago
3 questions I have ... How much money will Masai get from MLSE? How big should the statues of Nick Nurse and Kyle Lowry be? When is Normgod coming back?
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix Hour ago
The Toronto been good for like the pass 5-6 years while other teams haven't even had a winning season in that time.
grif0100 grif0100
Didn’t get noti but saw your insta story
HopelessMunz Hour ago
1. Beat .500 + teams 2. Better rebounding 3. Health Just started watching....
DOTDOT NED 2 hours ago
I'd love to go fred vanvleet 👏👏👍🏼
Bergen Wehrle
Bergen Wehrle 2 hours ago
Vortex Luigi Rosalina 55
1. Yes I hope they can stay healthy 2. You’re right we don’t know who will be the franchise player 3. They can make the finals, Toronto has beat some elite teams (expect for Clippers)
Vortex Luigi Rosalina 55
J Legèr oh yeah heat and bucks
J Legèr
J Legèr Hour ago
Clippers, Bucks and Heat.
Michael c
Michael c 2 hours ago
I really miss Norman Powell 😭
The Last Mamba
The Last Mamba 2 hours ago
I see a second round exit for the raps Rotations tighten and players strengths and weaknesses are magnified at half court. Nurse should make it a priority to give siakam the ball in the final minutes to make him comfortable with the idea come playoff time even though it costs a game or two.
Eduard John Montecillo
Giannis is so emotional every time he talks about bucks drafting him.i think he will be loyal to this team. with raptors just doesnt make sense. joining the warriors ,i think will be a good choice if he wants to chase rings.
gainnis to warriors nigga lol
Raps in 6
SirTickleBear 2 hours ago
Hyped for the playoffs Hope we can perform as amazing as we potentially can
Luca Rosano
Luca Rosano 2 hours ago
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Xander Cornwell
Xander Cornwell 2 hours ago
Y’all raps fans are like New York, you think your gonna get every star just because of your market but you only won because kawhi scored while the rest played defense, imagine averaging 35 and the team will team up on the bucks best player. A relationship with a GM isn’t gonna make someone leave a good team
Al Bundy
Al Bundy 3 hours ago
You guys are embarrassing yourselves!!!! Thirsty for Giannis!! He's too Loyal to leave Milwaukee, besides there the best FUCKING team ALREADY!!! Check please!
Troy Weronski
Troy Weronski 3 hours ago
A Canadian invented basketball so...........
Mauricio Alvarez
Mauricio Alvarez 3 hours ago
Is that...is that your real voice?
Emerson Happy
Emerson Happy 3 hours ago
can someone PLEASE explain to me why these media people put Embiid on almost the same level as Giannis?
HowsDaMonsoon 3 hours ago
I don't think it'll happen because the NBA is a business and I guarantee there are strings being pulled behind the scenes that would prevent the Raptors, a Canadian team, from getting another massive superstar so soon after Kawhi because they want the hype to stay in America. Not that I don't want it to happen, I just don't think the league would let it happen.
Mr. Cake
Mr. Cake 3 hours ago
I do not like USA sorry 😐 and raptors better then golden state warriors I am Canadian I like Poutine also I am sorry for USA because there doo doo just like normal fries and and I am crying. raptors are better then most teams in the NBA also I like root beer and my classmate started daceing in class
Centze 4 hours ago
Nick Nurse is the GREATEST thing that ever happened to my Raps
Christopher Vescio
Christopher Vescio 4 hours ago
Would u be willing to bet lol
G3 Tyrant
G3 Tyrant 4 hours ago
I still think it wont happen but I will be happy if it did
NNS Studios
NNS Studios 4 hours ago
Also Nick Nurse isnt under rated. Both NBA.com and ESPN this week released articles saying he is coach of the year front runner.
NNS Studios
NNS Studios 4 hours ago
Lowry would have to take a big pay cut in 2021 for this to be a thing. Not Giannis coming, but Lowry also being there. Raptors as they are right now would look very different in 2021. probably no more gasol and ibaka, if vanleet is resigned, he will be making alot more. their cap room will be interesting.
everton campbell
everton campbell 4 hours ago
Don't forget he's Nigerian and there is a big west African influence in Toronto as well.
Jérémy Larouche
Jérémy Larouche 2 hours ago
I though he greek?
Mahi Hossain
Mahi Hossain 4 hours ago
Your my new favourite person in the world
everton campbell
everton campbell 5 hours ago
I needed this🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿💯💯💯
Shamsul Chowdhury
Shamsul Chowdhury 5 hours ago
He is also very good friends with Kyle Lowry. During the all star draft Giannis said that he promised Lowry that he wouldn’t pick him last which means that him and Lowry must hang out outside the NBA
M G 5 hours ago
What do you expect out of amerikkka. Look at the crook they voted in and continue to support. #boycottamerica
Marlon 5 hours ago
I swear the loudest Raptors fans are white people who went to a couple games and can afford a shirt and hat that have the least basketball knowledge. Listen Giannis puts up numbers but can't carry a team in crunch time. Raptors exposed him and he was exposed in the 4th of the All-star game. Stop with the need for giannis learn about basketball and the players and styles that have been successful. Raptors don't have a star yet they're better this year than last year, why? Answer that and youll see that giannis is DeMar DeRozan 2.0 great in the regular season and stats but fizzles in primetime. RAPTORS DON'T NEED GIANNIS!
yumyum tumtum
yumyum tumtum 5 hours ago
will the raptors even have the cap space for giannis? all our current guys will be looking for fatter contracts when they’re all improving so much
Tom K
Tom K 5 hours ago
No kidding! It is amazing to me when I look at the NBA home pages of SI and ESPN, and the Raptors are always absent. Even when they had won 14 in a row, one could scroll down to the bottom of those pages and not see a single story on the team. Ridiculous. Thanks for calling this out.
Clive Pinnock
Clive Pinnock 6 hours ago
If this actually happens, other teams will be playing basketball while the Raptors will be doing art.
Victor Fer
Victor Fer 6 hours ago
I hope you are absolutely right. I back you. Hit like if you back Giannis joining the Raptors.
kidtmac56 6 hours ago
You are wrong😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 no one wants to play in Canada and I’m from Canada
Mr. Clark
Mr. Clark 6 hours ago
I have been saying this for years and if you put this team they would be top 3 team and why people are surprised I’m not.
Brad Belanger
Brad Belanger 6 hours ago
Sorry that's a dislike but if he joins in 2021 I'll be back for a like and sub
Takashi 6 hours ago
Raptors not getting him, it's wishful thinking.
Tzs Lung Nip
Tzs Lung Nip 7 hours ago
The disrespect will never end for the Craptors.
Rocky 2016
Rocky 2016 7 hours ago
Raptors for life
Drew Rycerz
Drew Rycerz 7 hours ago
Dude if the Raps get him...they'll be a Dynasty for years.
Adam Hobden
Adam Hobden 7 hours ago
The clip from Damon Jones..... does he not realize seakam scored just as many points as Leonard did in the playoffs last year??? How the fuck are these people on tv talking about sports 🤦🏻‍♂️😂
John B
John B 7 hours ago
Dont forget Basketball is a canadian sport eh.. and Ante on the raptors would be a game changer. Team full of underdogs and now the superstars wanna come play? Yes please
RKWDBMX 7 hours ago
lol Damon Jones is either blind, mentally challenged or both.
Robin Mohabir
Robin Mohabir 8 hours ago
Skip isn’t a Toronto hater, he’s a kawhi hater
Matt Scott
Matt Scott 8 hours ago
It even happens in the NHL somewhat. The refs always seem to suck when its American team vs Canadian. especially Boston. The refs and league love the Bruins
Fat Llama
Fat Llama 8 hours ago
My family has been a raps fan since day 1 and I’ve seen SO MUCH OF THIS I hate it
Peter Aung Thin
Peter Aung Thin 8 hours ago
I think he will remain in Milwaukee
No he won’t
Charlie 8 hours ago
Stephen A smith is an idiot. He proved that with his comments on the Cowboy/McGregor fight. He knows very little about sports, but does so well because he talks shit about everyone and everything. The best thing he's ever done is sit in a chair with a dumb look on his face while he's used as cannon fodder for Kevin Hart.
pigspigs76 8 hours ago
Audio needs more normalizing .. way to much jumping up and down
Raven Crow
Raven Crow 8 hours ago
Giannis knows he can still get better with the raptors way of developing players
Michael Young
Michael Young 9 hours ago
You’re on something 🤔
Michael Young
Michael Young 9 hours ago
That is a bad prediction
Utopic Mania
Utopic Mania 9 hours ago
0:16 I'm sure that has to be fake. That graphic can't be real tbh...
Chalassey Nellington
I really want him to go the Raptors but let’s be real, if the Bucks keep having winning seasons he has a chance to win a ring so there is no point in leaving. Mike Budenholzer is also a great coach.
Life of the Commission
Even if Bucks win this year, I don't see him leaving like kawhi did Toronto
Jubin John Jacob
Jubin John Jacob 9 hours ago
tbh I am not feeling too confident about him coming but I guess there is a chance
NechemYAH 9 hours ago
We need to stop promoting Giannis as Greek. He's Nigerian!!!!! Both his parents are Nigerian born. African players will dominate this raptors team. #dontGetitTwisted #GiantsOfAfrica #HebrewByNature
NechemYAH 9 hours ago
Just because he was born in Greece, doesn't mean that he is Greek. His last name is the biggest clue as to what his true culture and heritage are. There is absolutely no Greek in his blood. So, stop calling the man Greek.
Ben Menard
Ben Menard 9 hours ago
Lowry:*passes ball to Giannis Luca: Giannis is a Raptor. You're an idiot
Demar Declozan
Demar Declozan 9 hours ago
I always joked saying that even if the raptors ever won a title they would not get credit for it and it would be about the other team losing it. Getting upset about the American media is a waist of time. They just can’t ever admit Canada could be better. It’s like how Canadians can’t believe that any other country could be better in international hockey.
seth clement
seth clement 9 hours ago
i don’t think he’s gonna move until he brings a chip to Milwaukee. But once he does that, then why would he need to leave cause he’s already be on a winning team
Will the thrill
Will the thrill 10 hours ago
You should check the Colin cowherd “back to extinction” clip once we lost Kawai. Boy does he look dumb
Kenten Dorger
Kenten Dorger 10 hours ago
He’s saying a buck.
Danny Ip
Danny Ip 10 hours ago
Yo, I agree with this guy 100%!!! Let's make this video go viral!!!
Will1982 10 hours ago
Don’t you dare get my hopes up.
Star Lord
Star Lord 10 hours ago
Bullshit,the utah jazz get more disrespect than any other team in the NBA hands down.
Alex Neang the class 2023!!
Nah bro it’s not gonna happen
Ismael  Hernandez
Ismael Hernandez 11 hours ago
Man I hope he does come to Toronto about time we get a superstar to come he on his own will
G_Rock 11 hours ago
The Jays get the same disrespect and always have, even when they won the series twice.
TheBlazersfan22 11 hours ago
if Milwaukee doesn't win the NBA this year. I can see it happening. but I don't know much on basketball. But your video has some good pointers on why he should. but if Giannis does join the raps. it would make a really good game of zones episode. XD
Tim V
Tim V 11 hours ago
Great video, keep the content coming! 2 additional points that you should start thinking about when talking about superstar free agents: #1 branding and beyond basketball opportunity. We had kawhi for one season and he is now treated like a Demi god. Toronto and Canada are a huge market compared to other teams. It’s not like he is getting that much exposure being on the bucks. Toronto is the 4th largest city, drake will hype your brand up and you basically will get a whole country. #2 being “the guy” on your team. Right now Lowry is the leader/franchise player even if siakam is better. If Giannis joins Toronto it will be perfect timing, Lowry will be finishing up his career and can pass the torch to Giannis. If he goes to Miami he will have to compete with jimmy butler. Siakam is more laid back and will be able to be a star and not have to be “the guy”, in Miami jimmy needs to be the guy!
Torontosgoldenboy 12 hours ago
I love raptors just as much. But your a little to biased. Making your statement way to farfetched. There are plenty of teams with wining cultures. Who consistently win for the last 2 decades. Nick nurse is not underrated at all he just came off allstar just to name 2
The Pixel Outfit
The Pixel Outfit 13 hours ago
I think the odds are better if he wins the chip this year with the Bucks -nothing more to prove with the Bucks so it gives him an easier out of his past comments about winning In Milwaukee. I just don’t see dynasty potential in Milwaukee compared to Toronto or MiAmi.
Se Z
Se Z 13 hours ago
I am a raptors fan and I believe it definitely won’t happen
Leo Lo
Leo Lo 13 hours ago
I hope you are right brother. Our raps will be unstoppable if it happens. But would this be viewed as a weak move similar to kd joining golden state from okc?
Timmy Shagpile
Timmy Shagpile 15 hours ago
We got an NBA title. Everyone else can go fuck themself.
Solo59 16 hours ago
Keep it up!!! I'm REALLY cringing over Stephan A's comments... He wants to talk about "blasphemous?????" When he said he never wants to see a NBA Chip in TDot again, it's COMPLETELY forgot what the word "blasphemous" even f'ing means!!!!! C'mon Stephan A, a person as smart as you should be able to see the benefits of the winning ways of the Raptors....
IfUcantBeatEm Lose
IfUcantBeatEm Lose 17 hours ago
But if the Raptors roll over Millwaukie he will stay because he doesn't want to be Durant.
Bubs Arcade Fighters
I hope your right brother! But I'd be very surprised if this happens... I heard hes most likely staying with Bucks or going to LA.
Andrew Ursu
Andrew Ursu 18 hours ago
Hmm while it seems crazy I can understand the logic from the American media. The NBA is a star-driven league in which let's face it the Raptors have very few stars. However, I feel like the media overhypes these superstars and fails to recognize that strong team play and chemistry can also lead to lots of wins. These media analysts have gotten used to the same teams winning every year and the same way of winning via one or two superstars that they can't accept it when a different team doing it a different method actually has success. Instead of admitting their wrong they'd rather double down on their comments and hope the raptors fail in order to justify it. Stephen A Smith hopes the raptors lose not out of American patriotism but so that he doesn't look like a fucking donkey with his head stuck up his ass.
Gavin Alcock
Gavin Alcock 18 hours ago
Accurate I think next video add their stats on there too most slept on team in the NBA I just really don’t like Stephan A smith he watches anybody but the raptors and really hating canada how invented the game of basketball I mean come on
A SE 19 hours ago
If he’s like all the other NBA free agents, he’s going to sign in a big market or a warm city. LA, New York or Miami come to mind. Hope I’m wrong