Luca Rosano
Luca Rosano
Luca Rosano
Hey my name is Luca Rosano. I'm a sports media personality who's been featured on TSN, ESPN and I debated Stephen A. Smith. Stick around for some great content.
Sam Rosen
Sam Rosen 3 hours ago
Raptors talk starts at 7:30 - thank me later
Z Well
Z Well 4 hours ago
Get "t.o sports talk" on next
Ron Johnson
Ron Johnson 5 hours ago
LMAO! “Is Rutherford a millennial? He’s asked to do more with less” that really hit home 😂😂
Adrien Leis
Adrien Leis 6 hours ago
Did Steve just get out of the shower 😂 So cool to see you getting these big name guys on the show! Keep it up!
Silver TigerHD
Silver TigerHD 8 hours ago
I was wondering when you gonna invite Steve Dangle THEY JUST LOST TO A 42-YEAR OLD ZAMBONI DRIVER, WHO WORKS FOR THE TEAM!!!!
Adamo Marinelli
Adamo Marinelli 8 hours ago
Nice to see these two collab
Nate D
Nate D 8 hours ago
This is Gold! Two of my favorite Toronto sports guys. You two could literally be the next Tim and Sid!
Matt Brown
Matt Brown 9 hours ago
Gotta realize though, players dictate we’re they want to play for the most part! If cp3 wants to play in mke! Almost sure it happens. Especially if Giannis wants it
Monkey D. Luffy
Monkey D. Luffy 9 hours ago
Noooo wayyy!!!!
Robert De Maria
Robert De Maria 9 hours ago
Way better than Tim & Sid 😉
Hatty 7 hours ago
This is very true.
Keeshan Dave
Keeshan Dave 9 hours ago
I know Steve Dangle was comin!
Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali 9 hours ago
Steve has suffered enough U damn leafs, get yo shit together
Ranch drake'alTHOR
Ranch drake'alTHOR 10 hours ago
Two of my favourite Toronto sports reactors together is a dream come true!!!
Cringe Boi
Cringe Boi 10 hours ago
The videos are bangers lately luca, keep up the great work 🇨🇦💪
shawn v
shawn v 10 hours ago
My dream show. Dangle is the man, as are you good sir Luca!
HamzaGSW 10 hours ago
David Olajide
David Olajide 11 hours ago
Alex. TO THE WEST? In my you sorry voice
A M 12 hours ago
This guy is just repeating what he hears on T.V. No original thoughts, lol
A M 12 hours ago
Knicks= LOSERS!!
Warren Viegas
Warren Viegas 16 hours ago
When did this air? 2018?
Luca Rosano
Luca Rosano 15 hours ago
elc 17 hours ago
Love to see Tim so personable & making the interview process so comfortable for an up & comer! Great job Luca!
Bella Luv
Bella Luv 17 hours ago
Tim good job man.
Good_to_be_gold 18 hours ago
Sure I would like Freddy to stay. However.. he earned his max and deserve to get his.
EhCanadianGuy27 COD
EhCanadianGuy27 COD 18 hours ago
Video starts at 2:00 Please like if you'd like to see more comments like this.
Doug H
Doug H 19 hours ago
2 Million a year makes absolutely no difference to Fred's life. If he is happy playing in Toronto he will stay.
Raymond Henry
Raymond Henry 19 hours ago
The Raptors organization should convince Kyle Lowry and Pascal Siakam to take a pay cut to keep Fred VanVleet. If I can recall, Dwayne Wade agreed to a pay cut to bring LeBron James and Chris Bosh to the Miami Heat.
Lee Bloomfield
Lee Bloomfield 20 hours ago
No freaking way!!!!!!!!!!
Lorenzo Dyer
Lorenzo Dyer 20 hours ago
Freddie ain’t going no where! I think you wants to stay In T.O. But they better hurry up and snatch him up. Not only is he with more than 20 Million. Toronto is a Special place! Kawhi learned the hard way and I hope Freddie doesn’t remake the same mistake
Peter Aung Thin
Peter Aung Thin 21 hour ago
Why does everyone think thatgoing to the Knicks is so bad? Its one of the biggest endorsement markets, it s a huge basketball fan base that knows the game, and you get to go there as the cornerstone of a rebuild.
Ricardo Sines
Ricardo Sines 22 hours ago
Sad to see him go but raps cant win when you have 2 under 6ft players in your best 5, and as your best perimeter offensive player, business wise i’ll move lowry on the sentimental side i’ll move him to the bench, even if it means being mediocre
:ScRaMbLeS: Day ago
It comes down to a question asked to pascal last year who is his guy and he answered freddy!!!! Bench mob can not b broken keep em all
Mr Bro
Mr Bro Day ago
Nurse said Fred loves it in Toronto
Romane Ingram
He is going to Miami
Romane Ingram
Freak wants to win now
John Rivers
John Rivers Day ago
VanVleet will sign with the Pistons!!! VanVleet will reunite with his old coach Dwane Casey. We need a PG. VanVleet fits the Pistons perfect with Blake, Christian Wood, D. 🌹 and Kennard.
Chichi Dog
Chichi Dog Day ago
Keep that piece of racist shit out of the NBA!
Wowtepentepz Wow
If he goes to the knicks the most meaningful game he will ever play is to make sure they get that first overall pick every year...
Lorenz Day
Lorenz Day Day ago
I need 99 coins to determine FVV Future Heads: Goes Tails: Stays
Friday Saturday
Buddon is Woodbridge for button
xoxsusan Day ago
it’ll all depend on where freddy’s heart is at. does he want to go to a losing team with a bad organization just for the bag, or does he want to stay on a winning team with an amazing franchise, front office, culture, chemistry and city for a little less $$. i know what my answer would be if i was in his position🤷🏻‍♀️
Wampa Playz
Wampa Playz Day ago
Love your vids bro
Jerome Campbell
Im pretty sure Vanfleet wants to contend, I dont think he'd want to play for the knicks
Kristian Burton
I totally agree but maybe the Knicks (with alot of cap space) can convince fred that they can get another big addition to play along side FVV. It'll depend on how well they sell the future of their franchise. I think that 22 should be our limit. If the kicks start throwing 25mil and beyond and fred wants it matched then we should cut our losses. We still got TD, Matt thomas and Norm for our backcourt and Lowry has still got 2 seasons in him.
David Kosmayer
I think Fred is going to stay around 20m a year. Not a penny more.
Captain SaveAbro
If fred does walk...who do we replace him with? Or we just gonna let someone like Matt thomas make a step up?
The Lazy Siblings Channel
TD2 probably
xoxsusan Day ago
if fred does happen to walk, which i hope he doesn’t, i’ll honestly love to see a player like matt thomas or td2 take a big step because they definitely have the potential to
Thea Celestino
Can't he do a 1+1? Or a 2+1?
Shaker Aljouuda
He better not leave I literally just bought his Jersey in June
kenny bob
kenny bob Day ago
The NBA ratings are tanking.
vintagepimpage 604
Let him go if it's more than 20 mill a year , unless it's a one year deal
vintagepimpage 604
Over 2 mins before the video starts ... ouch
David Jauregui
Week 2 record 14-2 My NFL week 3 picks TNF Sept 24 Jaguars Sunday Sept 27 Falcons Rams Browns Titans 49ers Bengals Chargers Cardinals Steelers Colts Buccaneers Patriots Seahawks Saints MNF Sept 28 Ravens
Bugsy Boy
Bugsy Boy Day ago
I hate to tell you this but most athletes regardless of which sport they play don't give a flying crap what city they play in. They want max $$$$$ so I wouldn't be surprised if FVV ends up with the NY Shits with a 23/25 mil contract.
Jessicca Gunaseelan
I Think Vanvleet is going to stay with the Raptors :D
Abdul wahid
Abdul wahid Day ago
I'd let fred walk because he sucks and we need to get rid of him
Sebastian T
Sebastian T Day ago
Luca Rosano
Luca Rosano 15 hours ago
maybe soon
Hashim Iqbal
Hashim Iqbal Day ago
If Fred is all about securing his financial future, I get jt. But, can't a person's financial future be secure with $20 million dollars as well? It's not like one salary option by another team is a millionaire salary while the salary option offered by Raptors is 6 figures only. Raptors are also paying him A TON of 💰, double his previous salary contract.
Giannis won't be coming to Toronto...so Plan B for Masai is to bring Joel Embid to Toronto. Then Ujiri will sign Momtrezl Harrell...and Evan Fournier...Raptors starting Line-up will be C- Joel Embid, Pf- Serge Ibakal, Sf Pascal Siakam, PG-Jrue Holiday and SG Fred Van Vleet...What a Line-up for Toronto :-)
Sonic The Hedgehog Gaming Fan
I don't know man! Either Fred stays with the Raps. If Fred goes to The Knicks, Fred's career will go upside down.
Person 2018
Person 2018 Day ago
Vanvleet will retire as one of the best undrafted players ever
Rodney Martin
Fred is grateful for what the Raptors have done for he and his family. It's Over! In years to come the Raptors will rise again. Maybe!! Ijuri will leave! Trade Siakim! Nick Nurse was the only main stay. When he became the NBA coach of the year it was OVER. But they will dismantle the Franchise at this time. Newyork Knicks with Tom Thibidoe will assume the position. You have been phenomenal as a podcast Host. They did it to the Pistons. I wish Fred Vanvleet the best. But he should stay a year and RETIRE in Toronto Ontario Canada.
Chris P Bacon
I stilldont think he goes to the knicks
BennyGeserit Day ago
Dolan just upped his offer to 26 mil because of this video...:)
Luca Rosano
Luca Rosano 15 hours ago
Fill Gaps
Fill Gaps Day ago
Sign trade Ricky R with Suns
HukGuay Day ago
hope he goes i like him but he is way undersized
No way he goes to a losing franchise.
Jasson Poirier
Hes basically said himself hes going for the money, so unless the Raptors come damn close Fred's a knick. You cant blame him if he does hes been a great Raptor and given his all here. Fred might want to consider the suns theyre going to be a good team and he would make them alot better . I won't be mad but I certainly will be sad if he leaves
Liam Bonnell
Liam Bonnell Day ago
I would be sad if he left but I mean the poor knicks fans deserve anything they can get, this draft must be so heartbreaking lol
Silver TigerHD
Definitely gonna resign VanVleet, Lowry is most likely to leave soon. We'll need someone like VanVleet to start at PG.
Jardz Day ago
Fred needs to take the bag at all cost!
Chris Huber
Chris Huber Day ago
Hes worth 18.5 at least and he should get that.
Alex Olds
Alex Olds Day ago
Yes, go to the Knicks! They need another good player besides Mitchell Robinson for their rebuild.
72defender Day ago
Big up Luca from Malvern! Keep doing what you do...Proud to support you bro!
Gabriel Wilfredo Mattheau Sunwarrior
Proud to have subscribed to this channel. A lot of potential talent and believe this is gonna be something big for you. Always persevere Luca!
Maximillian Arturo
Lol..the knicks,well if he goes 2 knicks,good luck 2 him..will just save money and go after Oladipo..Thank you.
Jules tha master
Honestly it all depends what he wants tho in terms of money tho cuz players are all bout the money tho szeen and if Toronno gives him the right amount he'll stay tho plus his hearts in the dot so yeah but however if say he wants to leave due to the money then go right ahead but tbh since he wasn't that consistent he may have to go but somehow since we always like to believe in him to be even better than he could stay tho but again it all comes down to money 💰 since we wanna keep him so yeah otherwise to the Knicks even though they're trash but at the end of the day it's up to him tho so yeah.
Michael c
Michael c Day ago
Why does money matter when you bout to make at least 18 mil a year
Al mac
Al mac Day ago
@Gen-Direct no way would I give up 4m a year unless I was an absolute superstar who can make that up in endorsements. The Raptors will need to at least get within 2m a year.
Mark Tubera
Mark Tubera Day ago
@Gen-Direct yup. If it's 2mil or under difference he'll stay but if this +4mil/yr more.. he's gone. I wouldn't blame him. Hard to turn down that extra money.
Gen-Direct Day ago
18 over 4 years: 72 mil 22 over 4 years: 88 mill 16 million is a lot of cash to give up
Mark Tubera
Mark Tubera Day ago
If it's the Knicks or Suns, it will matter since knicks will be great for his brand. And suns.. weather is much nicer.
Sub-Zero Thomas
Players should sign with the Raptors because they want to be part of a great culture and city. There's value in this organization that should be considered part of their payment. We should let VanVleet walk if he doesn't like whatever offer is put out.
Guy Buddy Friend
special guest Sid Seixeiro. If Fred goes to the Knicks. it will be a sign and trade for Julius Randle with only 1 year on his contract.
Guy Buddy Friend
@melian9999 I didn't say Fred was definitely going to the Knicks. I said if Fred goes it will be a sign and trade because the Knicks are looking to get Randle off the books and the Raptors are in need of a center for a year. So it works out for both teams. If they do sign Fred for 22mil, Randle will be making 20 mil next season so moneywise it works as well give or take a few fillers pieces.
melian9999 Day ago
@Guy Buddy Friend true but its not that common. I think FVV has more value than Randle. I think he stays, they took a chance on him, a couple less million or more money and playing for that shitshow, starting over at the bottom. This off season scares me as a Raptors fsn tho.
Guy Buddy Friend
@melian9999 sign and trade, they did it with Jimmy Butler, Kevin Durant. It's not something new
melian9999 Day ago
He's a free agent, no trades going on
Vortex Luigi Rosalina 55
Fred needs to stay in Toronto!
Marxnita 4 hours ago
I know he really wants to go to nicks lol
R Danzinger
R Danzinger Day ago
I think Fred's better off staying with Raptors. RAPTORS develop talent, and he'll get to make playoff runs. But if he go to knicks for a couple million extra - I think his career heading downhill
Mr AllenIverson
I agree HEAVILY!! He better not go to the knicks! If he wants to leave like thats ok with me now. Just atleast let me see you thrive somewhere fred! Don't go to the knicks!!
Jessicca Gunaseelan
I agree too!