I am Mamta Sachdeva "A Desi Traveler" Ex-Cabin Manager & SEP trainer in an International Airline with Almost 14+ Years of Experience. Having traveled the world I Love to share my travel experiences & Life Journey with my followers to help them staying positive and motivated towards their GOALS
I started this channel to educate people about Air Travel, Cabin Crew Job & Reality of Flight attendants work & Lifestyle.
Traveling the World is My LIFE & Hotels are my Home, I would LOVE to take you everywhere I go, So Fasten Your Seatbelts and Let's Take off to Explore the World with Mamta Sachdeva
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Jayeeta Jayeeta
Jayeeta Jayeeta 8 minutes ago
mam kya main WB BSC nursing degree course complete karke indian cabin crew pe apply kar sakti hun??🙏🙏🙏
Ritu Singh Khinchi
Ritu Singh Khinchi 18 minutes ago
Aapki makeup kit me kya h mam plz make a vedio😁😁..and get well soon mam...and aap dobara job pr lage😘😘😘
shivani saroha siddhu
shivani saroha siddhu 29 minutes ago
I salute u😍😍😍😍😍😊😊
Sindu Rajan
Sindu Rajan 45 minutes ago
We love you mam❤❤❤ waiting for your speedy recovery.our prayers are with you and take care.
SSS kids activity and foodie
u r daring lady be carefully
Dulari Maurya
Dulari Maurya Hour ago
Mam which course have to do you Air hostess after twealth
Funny Princy
Funny Princy Hour ago
Get well soon
Maim international flight me Kitna lagguge allowed hai bataye
Doublee Hour ago
Hi Mamta, watched your video first time, No doubt, your smile so good. You'll soon be ok and there will be no health issue in near future because you are a positive person. Rather we should make you happy whereas contrary to it, you are consoling us that you are better. So do not miss any opportunity to make others happy, those who try to bring smile on someone's face are angels. My pet quote is " Sprinkle the scent of happiness and you'll get a few drops on yourself." With best regards, Inder ( Nick name : Doublee ) Vegetarian, Non alcoholic, Non smoker
Queenie Aquino
Mamta dear..so good to see you smiling again. You need to stay in the sun as much as you can coz it will help you keep warm as that is needed for RA patients. Try to avoid air condition as much as possible. I used to live in Ajman and work in Jebel Ali and yes I would drive to work daily not to forget wear warm clothes in the office. My colleagues were helpful and yes I know the pain. You try to be active and fight the illness. Though there is no cure but meds are a must. And activity too. Look after yourself and love you❤❤❤❤
Anchal Sharma
Anchal Sharma Hour ago
I love this type of videos
Nazam Ayan
Nazam Ayan Hour ago
Yes I agree
Chandini Moses
Hi Ahaan, you are toooooo cute I like the way you talk , I am fond of your innocence .
Amita Sharma
Amita Sharma Hour ago
You are helping thousand of people Mamta mam...may God bless you 🙏 and give you a long and beautiful life... thank you so much ❤️😘
Anchal Sharma
Anchal Sharma 2 hours ago
God bless you mam
santosh jaiswar
santosh jaiswar 2 hours ago
Mam pls guide me I'm not getting ica approval
Naina Shetty
Naina Shetty 2 hours ago
Don't worry dear...tum jaldi teek hojayogi...we will pray for you.Have faith in God.
santosh jaiswar
santosh jaiswar 2 hours ago
Hi mam I'm not getting ica approval can you please guide me how do I get ica approval
Ansuiya Bishnoi
Ansuiya Bishnoi 2 hours ago
Love you so much di
Syeda azra
Syeda azra 2 hours ago
mera bhai tou apka bara Fan hai
zabed hossain
zabed hossain 2 hours ago
Ak video banao crafty panda ka where is they live
saurabh prakash
saurabh prakash 2 hours ago
Ek request hai apsey... Ek detail video banaye about how to fly with pets, kya rules hai kya kya documents required hai details mey... Mai ek animals lover hu aur chahata hu sab animals lover ko pata chaley sahi sey. aap sey aacha ye video koi nahi bana sakta about how to fly with pets. 🙏
Jasvir Kaur
Jasvir Kaur 2 hours ago
Dii me bhi abu dhabi rahi hu 6 months kaash pta hota aap yahi ho toh me apse pka milne aati bcz you are my favorite 😊❤⚘
Alkesh Bhatnagar
Alkesh Bhatnagar 2 hours ago
Good idea
Jasvir Kaur
Jasvir Kaur 2 hours ago
Nice plants😊
Jasvir Kaur
Jasvir Kaur 2 hours ago
Nice plants😊
Alkesh Bhatnagar
Alkesh Bhatnagar 2 hours ago
You are a very sweet and down to earth lady. God bless. Your guidance helped me a lot.
Kazi Parvez
Kazi Parvez 2 hours ago
मेम में सेम पोजिशन में हु ,आप की वीडियो बहुत बहुत पोसिटिव हे बहुत शुक्रिया
Sumitra Das
Sumitra Das 3 hours ago
It’s a part of life... use calcium and try to eat home made medicine... I m also using same
Sumitra Das
Sumitra Das 3 hours ago
Best take Ayurveda
Sumitra Das
Sumitra Das 3 hours ago
Don’t take too much Medicine
Sushama Singh
Sushama Singh 3 hours ago
Same apke jaise mujhe bhi problem tha or mai ayurveda se hi thik hui mai aisi ho gyi thi ki bed se utar nhi sakti thi bina kisi sahaare ke
iqbal831able 3 hours ago
Feel better, U R a very nice and strong person, God Bless You ,,, Your Admirer Iqbal USA
Naren Anoriya
Naren Anoriya 3 hours ago
Hamare liye to indian toilets hi zyada best hai kya flight me indian toilet nhi hote ???
Erwalsingh Jaidka
Erwalsingh Jaidka 3 hours ago
GoPro vaLi video bhi daLni thi
Jyoti Rajput
Jyoti Rajput 4 hours ago
Mam y marua h iski chatni banti h
bhardwaj bhardwaj
bhardwaj bhardwaj 4 hours ago
Get well soon
Dilruba Begum
Dilruba Begum 5 hours ago
Helpful video
Muntaha Muneeb
Muntaha Muneeb 5 hours ago
Get well soon 🙂
Phlipe Wilona
Phlipe Wilona 5 hours ago
tinyurl.com/quicksexxnxx උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමගqqoo❤💋
Sanjay Jain
Sanjay Jain 5 hours ago
Sbki jindgi me up down aata reheta he hme inse kus n kus sikhkr apni life ko better bnana he
Sarosh Malik
Sarosh Malik 5 hours ago
Hello Ma'am, is there any age requirement for Airport Managers can a cabin crew be a airport manager ???? Please reply
Reshma Raman
Reshma Raman 5 hours ago
Mam is pickle allowed in flight plzz tell me mam in domestic flight
Angad Mathane
Angad Mathane 6 hours ago
Mam अपना ख्याल rakhana
बहुत अच्छा 👏👏
S.B. Mathur
S.B. Mathur 7 hours ago
Very nice.
Imran Hussain
Imran Hussain 7 hours ago
You are such a brave woman... Take care of yourself
Imran Hussain
Imran Hussain 7 hours ago
Be strong Sister...
Mem aapki life story ne me life badal di mujhe bhi aap jese hi BNna h aap mere liye example ho love you diii 😘😘😔😭😭😭
Pikko Pikki
Pikko Pikki 7 hours ago
I m gullu sachdeva
Ib INDIA 7 hours ago
Araam karo apni sihat ka khayal rakho Automatic theek ho jayegi
Ap Quran ki translation padho ya suno 100% kam hoga In Saa Allah
Pikko Pikki
Pikko Pikki 8 hours ago
I m gullu sachdeva
Tenzin Choeyang
Tenzin Choeyang 8 hours ago
Hi, how do get travel insurance and do we need travel insurance one for covid 19 and other for travel insurance... Please let me know?
Asha Kaintura
Asha Kaintura 9 hours ago
The best lady on u tube. Love u😘
ChinadollTwo 9 hours ago
Keep smiling and vlogging don’t give up hope! Can you give me tips on how to grow curry leaves indoors/window. Where can I get the seeds?Thanks. God Bless and Take care Mamta🙏🏻💖💛💙🧡💜
alam ddbbrr
alam ddbbrr 9 hours ago
Benefit of warm ginger water,tips of w.loss
Azra Akhtar
Azra Akhtar 9 hours ago
Hi Mamta how are you sis
Shej Singh
Shej Singh 9 hours ago
Veeri nas video mamta ji
Hemant Kumar
Hemant Kumar 10 hours ago
From past 5-6 year's my mother is suffering from this disease i can understand the problem you were facing right now.... it's very painful..
gr garry
gr garry 11 hours ago
Mamta in 2006 doctor told me I can get food pipe cancer because of acid reflux but i m cure myself just with diet and never took any medicine
asif nevrekar
asif nevrekar 11 hours ago
Hi Mamta di. Please help my brother. Now my brother in Dubai now he jobless. If you have any friends cercle have any job please contact my brother. 88051 86183
Gurpreet Kaur
Gurpreet Kaur 11 hours ago
Wow very happy to see you smiling, keep it up and your balcony garden is beautiful.Nice view from your balcony.
Kamal 12 hours ago
ruvid.net/video/video-xZwF_SOlRms.html watch this too...or jab haarne lago to pastor ke paas ja ke prayer karwana Jesus took stripes for your sickness on his back and you are healed...watch these videos of the doc
Kamal 12 hours ago
How are you feeling?... you look good Watch this video from a doctor in maharashtra ruvid.net/video/video-kFvkr931ojo.html
Shahzad Latif
Shahzad Latif 12 hours ago
Shahzad Latif
Shahzad Latif 12 hours ago
Buss.app.ziada.tenss.n a. HOA.karain.
Shahzad Latif
Shahzad Latif 12 hours ago
Mamt.g. A pp.anjeer.khaya.kerain.ye.khushk.phhul.hy
Mem me aapse bhut kuch seekhta hun motivate ho aap mere liye bhut hi tilented ho aap riyaly or nature to aapka bhut psand h mujhe aap hmesa meri feb ho bhas live me ek bar aapse milna hai diidii me uttrakhand deharadun se hun always love you didiii😍😍😘😘
bi8216 shA
bi8216 shA 13 hours ago
Im going thru the same problem. ... I fight it out every single day from 2yrs...pls pray for me too frns😢🙏
arjun mehra
arjun mehra 13 hours ago
nice video
arjun mehra
arjun mehra 13 hours ago
how are you
arjun mehra
arjun mehra 13 hours ago
Sahir Imran
Sahir Imran 13 hours ago
Mamta ap baat bahut krti ho
Arpita Karmakar
Arpita Karmakar 13 hours ago
Love you so much Ma'am♥️
srimathi sham
srimathi sham 14 hours ago
shahnaz begum
shahnaz begum 14 hours ago
Hello Mashallaha u will get better soon please try Acupuncture therapy its v good
srimathi sham
srimathi sham 14 hours ago
Do yoga
Judy Dikshit
Judy Dikshit 14 hours ago
Cheer up I love your videos. You are a wonderful person. I wish you all the best in life. God bless you and your family. Stay positive dont let negativity dampen your spirit. Keep smiling youre a beautiful person at heart
srimathi sham
srimathi sham 14 hours ago
Please try Naturopathy,ayurveda,Homeopathy you may feel better.
Swapna Londhe
Swapna Londhe 14 hours ago
Hi mam muje bhi that ye bt mene bhi ayurveda se hi thik hoo gayi Ami Germany hoon india me karaya tha
Shahzad Latif
Shahzad Latif 14 hours ago
Mamat.g.mushkil.hallat Main.hi.pata.chlta.hy.kon.apna..hy.