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Kwesi Njoku
Kwesi Njoku 21 hour ago
steven yang
steven yang 21 hour ago
He was like a bigger, better Goran Dragic
Rufus 45
Rufus 45 22 hours ago
1:48 Never heard truer words.
AdrGoesBOOM 808
AdrGoesBOOM 808 22 hours ago
0:09 When You Hit 1m subs
Artur Kopp
Artur Kopp 22 hours ago
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Daniel Barclay
Daniel Barclay 22 hours ago
This kid has the best court awareness since Larry Bird
Minh Vu
Minh Vu 22 hours ago
We all knew Ray Allen's shot was going number one
Pen Wednesday
Pen Wednesday 22 hours ago
Varejao = instant loss
Virna Natasya
Virna Natasya 22 hours ago
I click this video because Justin bieber and kris
Ezekiel Nagaño
Ezekiel Nagaño 22 hours ago
Dirk Nowitzki Improved Version
amarpreet singh
amarpreet singh 22 hours ago
ThePartarar 22 hours ago
The dude is just so explosive...
Cristian Guerrero
Cristian Guerrero 22 hours ago
Steph Curry underated passer
Can Seç
Can Seç 22 hours ago
Yok artık lebrım jeymıs ( TÜRK Kendini göster)
YvngGoat 22 hours ago
He can’t shoot.
Timothy Tadiosa
Timothy Tadiosa 22 hours ago
Never seen kyrie touch the ball
YvngGoat 22 hours ago
“Jay Morant dude”
sirius black7
sirius black7 22 hours ago
Westbrook has that iconic feel about him. Future hall of famer. As a life long rockets fan and a westbrook fan his whole career I really want to see him win a championship in H TOWN
Baltazar Ortiz
Baltazar Ortiz 22 hours ago
He shoots like lillard but handles like kyrie what a player
marjorie h
marjorie h 22 hours ago
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Claudio Ambrosio
Claudio Ambrosio 22 hours ago
Ben Simmons hitting a 3pt and the crowd going crazy because of it , gave me goosebumps 😭 😂 it was just a beautiful moment
eskamaneknek lol
eskamaneknek lol 23 hours ago
Balkman has memories from kobe💜💛🖤🐍
John Wright
John Wright 23 hours ago
Legend. Dude played like an anime character.
Cairo Weaver
Cairo Weaver 23 hours ago
I knew I’d see Kyle Korver.
Ash-Shahid Jumlail
Ash-Shahid Jumlail 23 hours ago
Wow justin bieber is like a kid wanted to play with adults
Veynnn 23 hours ago
What made me a Rocket's fan? It's T-Mac
Cairo Weaver
Cairo Weaver 23 hours ago
He is the greatest.
fruitlogic 23 hours ago
what song is playing at 1:09?
Royal_King_ YT
Royal_King_ YT 23 hours ago
4:55 i see the future of the WNBA
Sara Davis
Sara Davis 23 hours ago
Lou Vivier
Lou Vivier 23 hours ago
As great a singular player Kyrie is, he needs to play better as a team. He could actually contend for a championship once KD is back.
Roger Young
Roger Young 23 hours ago
That free throw dagger from James is underrated. Literally, his worst nightmare would have been to miss and let the game slip away. He'd never be in the MJ conversation again. Most pressurized moment of his career, maybe.
Alexia Is On Fire
Alexia Is On Fire 23 hours ago
James Harden is the only prominent athlete who hasn’t addressed the Floyd murder....odd
Roger Young
Roger Young 23 hours ago
James power play at 0:51
El Nino
El Nino 23 hours ago
That man never jumped.. He was literally flying!!
Jamie Woodward
Jamie Woodward 23 hours ago
Warriors never fail
ZackAttack 23 hours ago
Jokic is like the high school player who only got put in because it was a blowout but then ended up being the best player on the team
MÉNG LIN QI 23 hours ago
SURAI 16 Day ago
He is basically the Kuroko of the NBA
Mustafa Allah
For anybody doubting Zion ..Kill yoself
Esaia Soifua
Esaia Soifua Day ago
Lakers in Fo
CK2K Day ago
So we just gonna act like Shaq didn't just give MJ the work!?
Selvan R
Selvan R Day ago
My fav after Michael Jordan My fav team after BULLS
lord alexei
lord alexei Day ago
He so strong mann
best story so far
MVP 24
MVP 24 Day ago
You are all future stars
Spencer Sage
Spencer Sage Day ago
“you really think you can fly? ya for a little while” 1.15
prajens shr
prajens shr Day ago
6:17 I am still wishing that Jam went in on Draymond.
Mohammed Eltaweel
00:02 Midorima 01:03 Akashi 01:22 Aoimni 02:34 Kuruko 04:23 Midorima again
Hano Kohatsu
Hano Kohatsu Day ago
Doesn’t anyone learn not to try and block Dwight 😤
Raul Salinas
Raul Salinas Day ago
73-9 don't mean a thing without the ring..
fafatek ty
fafatek ty Day ago
He gonna play at least 5 years
Fathi Djanggo
What is 6 19 16?
Alex Dee
Alex Dee Day ago
A young Craig Sager in a serious suit.
Juni Corona
Juni Corona Day ago
Todos sabemos porque fue campeón Toronto le marcaron todo a leonard y warrios jugó sin sus titulares así de simple
Ray Ray
Ray Ray Day ago
Don’t never sleep on T MAC
Eric Erics
Eric Erics Day ago
Came back and cried AGAIN ..LOVE YOU DROSE 💯💯
Marcas Brasil Marketing
Amazing game... Amazing Curry...
DC Bon
DC Bon Day ago
His Fila signature shoes destroyed his ankle. Man, that shoes is as hard and heavy as a rock!
Goat KD7
Goat KD7 Day ago
Best game ever
Xyle Gamez
Xyle Gamez Day ago
Everybody thought it was a real Jeep but then sees the true be like “0_0”
Cristina Alcala
Aaron Gordon is robbed by 2020 title
Elizabeth Day ago
1995 *Western Conference Semis.
Greatest clutch performance in NBA history and it's not even close.
natedog5671 Day ago
1:37 I thought rose played for the celtics I was like Hold Up Wait Minute Something Ain't Right
R kings24
R kings24 Day ago
KD looking at Caruso like gaaahhhdaaaamn boiii 😂😂😂
thegreatkgatsby b
This might be my favorite 7 game nba finals series during my life time
et Kalra
et Kalra Day ago
Tamas Varga
Tamas Varga Day ago
Watched him and loved him since Jugoplastika Pop84... one of my two favorite players ever. The other one is Dražen.
Mac Reed
Mac Reed Day ago
how is graham a rising star at 24
Harper Fearn
Harper Fearn Day ago
people who disliked are warriors fans no cap
Cesar Canete
Cesar Canete Day ago
Love, love, love the Joker man. Nikola Jokic & Kawhi Leonard are my 2 favorite players in the league right now. I honestly can't decide who I like more between the two. Would definitely be a dream of mine for Kawhi & the Joker to play toegther one day.
Tedan Sastrado
The best power forward of all time big fundamental
Brian Zanoni
Brian Zanoni Day ago
I feel like Irving is the CP3 that went wrong. His dribbling skills, shooting, slippery around the basket. But at the same time, Kyrie doesn't do defense, doesn't have an AVG 9.5 assist per game, and has barely any effort every season. Literally the opposite of CP3, but with the same skill set (besides defense).
N Li
N Li Day ago
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N Li Day ago
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Mr Costa
Mr Costa Day ago
CORZINE was the man
George Roger
George Roger Day ago
Why am I watching this in 2020?
Turn around1045
"overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated"
MarvNoGood Day ago
the constant two legged jumping looks so weird
Dominick Pritchard
Hall of Famer snub.. Should be in easily
Zachary Mendez Graves
Yo all those top teams better watch out in the future
Jimmy John
Jimmy John Day ago
karmen ho
karmen ho Day ago
wrestbrook sucks
Zânē Mâtsūtà
This man be catching an alley-oop with one hand and windmill dunking with the same hand
1 1
1 1 Day ago
anyone who says hes the worst ever is a clown, theres obviously a reason he was in the league for ten years.
AS 10
AS 10 Day ago
you can see steph is hurt i dont care what you say
Selim Genc
Selim Genc Day ago
The Best Fake Plays in Basketball : ruvid.net/video/video-tS1bvGNtEe4.html
Selim Genc
Selim Genc Day ago
The Best Fake Plays in Basketball : ruvid.net/video/video-tS1bvGNtEe4.html
Zânē Mâtsūtà
9:26 so we all gon' ignore Paul George doing Vince Carter's 50-pt Reverse 360 Windmill?
Daniel Kneeshaw
Way to do Terrance Davis dirty. Kid is an undrafted rookie and is doing amazing things.
Tekoei Day ago
Yao ming be like blocking my every shot in 2k
The Explorer
The Explorer Day ago
I liked how LeBron rolled the ball off the backboard so J.R could get it. If he blocked it so hard it could've went out of bounds.
Daryle Edmond Dakis
3:24 I would have shot the ball as well anyway instead of passing to Pachulia.
Lakinnsiana Martínez
the Lakers aré gong to win 2