Mariananime Humaru Chan
Que triste realidad, desgraciadamente esta cancion habla fuerte y directamente hacia la sociedad... F
London Barlass
and I state my point ass cures everything 1:35
London Barlass
level 10 crook VS level 100 mob boss 0:45
ƵiRro Day ago
Is this an MMO?
Justin Li
Justin Li Day ago
Did anyone noted the Blue Withe Red stuff
Musical Being
We live in a society... *A tribe society.*
el gato pelotudo
Que vrg acabo de ver :v
JL 783
JL 783 2 days ago
Is love music
Animation Channel
1:00 that's not how i remember david and goliath
Kim-Jong Nam
Kim-Jong Nam 3 days ago
I wish real elections were like that, watching politicians eat each other sounds and is much more entertaining.
Attackthen 4 days ago
This has to be my favorite song now
sethrekar 4 days ago
Im Bi Btw. HeCk
Im Bi Btw. HeCk 4 days ago
1:38 he coming for that Bootie
Жорно Жовано
2:34 армия жириновских сидит в зале
Jan Rychlý
Jan Rychlý 4 days ago
Idk why, but some instrument there sounds little bit like from Castle of Glass for me.
Snooper Guy
Snooper Guy 6 days ago
0:49 I don’t care what anyone says this looks like a jojo scene
renan lourenço
renan lourenço 6 days ago
*are the animals
renan lourenço
renan lourenço 6 days ago
we of society are just like us
sethrekar 4 days ago
Cynder Stahli
Cynder Stahli 6 days ago
Agent Smith is having internal conflicts in the beginning
GGC 6 days ago
0:48 Dio Walking
homan bein
homan bein 6 days ago
That how society work
Diego Alzate
Diego Alzate 7 days ago
El señor al comerse al otro se vuelve más gordo
devin whalley
devin whalley 7 days ago
the dog of hope
the dog of hope 7 days ago
this must be an animation meme
Jimothy j
Jimothy j 7 days ago
Capitalism: exists. This song: I'm gonna have to stop ya right there
Mar Luna
Mar Luna 8 days ago
I'm still waiting more songs, you guys 💔
esther aponte
esther aponte 8 days ago
This shows how the illuminati Controls everything cause and effect
vice Sofía
vice Sofía 8 days ago
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos 8 days ago
They sound like Imagine Dragons
Игорь Сатанов
Ну так то есть такое людей пичкают херней всякой дают им С понтом дают им возможность выбирать правителя но на самом деле выбирают не они))) ну или во всяком случае из 100 кусков говна выбирают то говно что меньше воняет))) но тем не менее все равно из этих 100 кусков все марионетки кого не выбери все будет одинаково))) и давно уже где-то 4 тысячи лет людьми управляют из тени))) да епт даже теми кто из тени управляет людьми им тоже управляют))) концы хрен когда найдешь)))
Daniel Linton
Daniel Linton 10 days ago
Dang. I didn't read the title. Your boy just saw super smash politicians and clicked.
Andly Kwan
Andly Kwan 10 days ago
Sounds like imagine drags Mazing
Backwood Menace Music
If only debates really went like this
Tesla Model 69
Tesla Model 69 10 days ago
2:00 *rodriguez from fortnite*
Hashim Dixon
Hashim Dixon 11 days ago
Double King: My time has come.
The Hunter
The Hunter 12 days ago
Как 1984. В конце об ничем памяти не остается
SrPK_ UnTalWeon
SrPK_ UnTalWeon 13 days ago
No one: Guy with a crown: * Exist * . Guy without crown: So you've chosen death
A google Account
A google Account 13 days ago
politicians devouring themselves .
Youssef haidala
Youssef haidala 13 days ago
we need a solution for this world
Sebas LSCP
Sebas LSCP 13 days ago
2:42 leader: hum.. let me remove this hood to see better*proceeds to remove the hood* 2:45 the rest: maybe it will be better *proceeds to remove the hoods* 2:48 a moment of reflection 2:51 - 2:53 the rest: is too bright *proceeds to to put the hoods back* maybe that is the reason he's the leader and can have the crown
Kelo 13 days ago
Autobotzapof000 14 days ago
Legit thought this was an ad for a sec because I was washing dishes while just listening.
Kelo 14 days ago
0:58 poor guy
Anonymous stb
Anonymous stb 14 days ago
Im ♠
Hoàng Có G
Hoàng Có G 14 days ago
Alright, let's get to the point! How do i join Illuminati, where do i have to sign?
Đức PhạmaAKOH. H
3:46 tha guy : almost lost my cool there
LeafSalt 14 days ago
thats alot of bill cyphers
namnap 102
namnap 102 15 days ago
The people fight to be kings so they could be free
ELLIOTT KING 15 days ago
What if the cop guy was also Illuminati
myszon 16 days ago
I live in Europe. From wich country i can get they first album? I found one album but in USA.
Animations Plus Geometry Dash APGD
Illuminati was just a meme
Lord Demon
Lord Demon 17 days ago
Goroooooi que brisa, como eu vim parar aq mlk
PRO sciutto
PRO sciutto 17 days ago
When you throw a snowball To an iron golem 0:53
Phantom.G STUDIO
Phantom.G STUDIO 17 days ago
This is how our society rise and fall.
Paul Francisco
Paul Francisco 17 days ago
Illuminaty Confirmed
Authentiq 17 days ago
lmao rredar
The Doodle Noodle Guy
Cop bad?
xgfhiliex 18 days ago
nobel trophy
ELLIOTT KING 18 days ago
Bill ciphers kids
Nothing. 19 days ago
Literly brutal but ok.
Yan Sysoev
Yan Sysoev 19 days ago
Looks like these triangle people are trying to change something, but they realise, that this is endless cycle, and at the end they change themselves
Indi Hugh
Indi Hugh 20 days ago
Also politician fight was rad until it became vore
Indi Hugh
Indi Hugh 20 days ago
ngl, just a touch edgy but good song
Is no one talking about how the illuminati delete the illuminati screen at the end and the video end? This could create a new theories
Black Pentagon
Black Pentagon 16 days ago
woah i see it now....
Hoàng Trần
Hoàng Trần 21 day ago
What me see and hear in this video : they fight get the crow bum ba la bem bam die
God Aksel
God Aksel 22 days ago
Neize619 22 days ago
guy with a crown: *exists* another guy with a crown: so... you chosed death
Pancho P
Pancho P 4 days ago
This sounds like double king
Doctor Dead Shot
Doctor Dead Shot 16 days ago
"chosen" also why is literally every single youtube comment this meme plz stop
NoahGee072 22 days ago
3:33 dammit ted wrong button
Gavin Boehke
Gavin Boehke 22 days ago
This is... 🤔
simon maina
simon maina 23 days ago
w t f
Bruh names '-'
Bruh names '-' 23 days ago
*this tumb make me remeber DONALD TRUMP TRANSFORMER*
GasMeltdown 24 days ago
i am once again asking for your financial support
Reapers Cure
Reapers Cure 24 days ago
The race to power is an infinite battle, one where the crown goes to those who manage to make it to the top.
Radical 24 days ago
Pick your head up, King.
Qayyum Risab
Qayyum Risab 24 days ago
To much illuminati to handle in one video
Mememations YT
Mememations YT 25 days ago
You either die a hero or live long enough to see your self become the villian
king gacha
king gacha 25 days ago
2:43 oh shit, that bill cipher and he brother
Jérémie Batman
Jérémie Batman 25 days ago
1:37 When big booty open your eyes ...
NutShells 25 days ago
What if one of the illuminati members puched the off button?
Geezt Jeez
Geezt Jeez 26 days ago
Me: **do something** The illuminati: sksksksksksksksksksk
*Mike Stephano*
*Mike Stephano* 27 days ago
1:37 Moral of the story, porn sets you free.. as long as you control it...
Moe Lester
Moe Lester 27 days ago
The part where the illuminate takes out that pyramid and it turns into something reminds me of assassins creed. Ight. Ima go back to playing it.
Vinnie243 28 days ago
"I close my eyes to see"
EDWARD 29 days ago
God, this song is so strong and powerful! So bad that these guys left their RUvid :""''(
Projeto_ Pedrukz
2:41 me an the bois
elena espinoza
elena espinoza Month ago
Remember the illuminati is always there
Death• Shadow
Death• Shadow Month ago
This is bad
Jacinta Donald
Jacinta Donald 21 day ago
no one cares. If you dont like it then just press the dislike button and leave, being rude isnt going to get this song any better.
Giraffe Month ago
This song sucks. The video is shitty. Just wanted to leave this here.
Jacinta Donald
Jacinta Donald 21 day ago
@Giraffe nobody cares. If you don't like it then just press the dislike button and leave. You can hate this song but just be nice next time.
Ol' Whippersnapper
Fred fred
Fred fred Month ago
0.59 is hk police
Jacinta Donald
Jacinta Donald 21 day ago
Douglas Micael
Douglas Micael Month ago
Foda !!!
* fuck you
* fuck you 25 days ago
THE ECHO Month ago
Глеб Никифоров
lyrics please
Jacinta Donald
Jacinta Donald 21 day ago
@Глеб Никифоров ))): (ecaf das a ton)
Глеб Никифоров
@Jacinta Donald ehT tahw
Jacinta Donald
Jacinta Donald 21 day ago
esaelp sciryl
Wave Productions
Illuminati confirmed.
DJ DAVIE D Month ago
This sounds like imagine dragons
Jacinta Donald
Jacinta Donald 21 day ago
Ahmet Pala
Ahmet Pala Month ago
Me after watched thia video: Imm... It tells something deep.Nevermind lets watch another video.
Awasome Month ago
What the Fu...
V5SR Month ago
Girl’s sleepover: OMG Shane cheated on Marissa!! Men’s sleepover:
V5SR 21 day ago
Jacinta Donald yea
Jacinta Donald
Jacinta Donald 21 day ago
men's sleepover is the illuminati in this music video. girl's sleepover is everything else in this music video, i guess?
Wolin 51
Wolin 51 22 days ago
Yeah some serious problems
john southerland
Me:5×5 Brain: *fat presidents fighting*
you Month ago
0:51 Oh? You're approaching me?
Pitzin Boy
Pitzin Boy Month ago
Chile be like: Paco promedio con mentholatum y problemas de ira
Robert Nich
Robert Nich Month ago
It's about how capital is King, and in order to gain kingship you need to have a dog eat dog mentality. Ever hear the term capital is King? IRONIC how the Illuminati pyramid flashed green ( like the u.s dollar) at the beginning. The rich devour those below them stomaching their efforts.
Apollo Mars
Apollo Mars Month ago
1:36 look at that booty
Nugget Milk
Nugget Milk Month ago
Thick thighs save lives