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D. w
D. w 8 minutes ago
Every American citizen should buy a firearm today for you may be your family's only protection as the crime rate explodes... Watch "Gun controls racist history" by Colion Noir... ruvid.net/video/video-m-l7TO01-Sg.html Any politician who does not fully support your constitutional right to keep and bear arms is a racist.
Infinite Sky
Infinite Sky 9 minutes ago
OMG, that was horrific
Diamond Lil
Diamond Lil 9 minutes ago
😥😥😥😥God Bless you
Skylar Haynes
Skylar Haynes 9 minutes ago
How would she get stuck on. Debris if her life vast wasn’t on
Skylar Haynes
Skylar Haynes 10 minutes ago
What if she was swimming and her foot got stuck and tried to get back on the boat but it drifted off so she went to the shore and hurt somewhere
BloodySoup74 10 minutes ago
My favorite fighter of all time in the UFC... The IceMan!!
Joseph Cruickshank
Joseph Cruickshank 11 minutes ago
Should have had Mike Myers standing on the other side of him......
William Baker
William Baker 11 minutes ago
🙄 will the families of all the kids killed in various democrat controlled cities recently be getting an interview ?
David Quinn
David Quinn 12 minutes ago
How cowardly
Scott Lennon
Scott Lennon 12 minutes ago
Looks like he knew the area well the way he drove directly to the apt, ditched the car keys, then calmly walked across the alley to his or his friend’s apt, changed his clothes, or hid in his friend’s apt.
Happy 13 minutes ago
This harrasment won't stop until after Election,....DemRats Politics, nothing else....
Andrea Goodman
Andrea Goodman 13 minutes ago
What happened to This woman this isn’t No damn accident someone has to know something 🤦🏽‍♀️😢💔
Brenda Visconti
Brenda Visconti 14 minutes ago
What?? Do you people live on another planter?? There are thousands coming down with covid 19..why wait till you infect your parents or grandparents an see virus up cleaning an personal!? Wake up!✌️
Joy Bird
Joy Bird 18 minutes ago
This is what arsehole “heroes “ behave like . ⚫️♠️🦨
Rojum55 22 minutes ago
Listen, anyone swings at me, I will fucking hit back. Being a gentleman isn't worth it in this day and age anymore. She deserved to get rocked, she lucky they all didnt just drop her instead.
moosefactory133 28 minutes ago
Oh my goodness! He does not mess around.
darkjedi351 29 minutes ago
It’s not a law, It’s a mandate. It’s legally unenforceable.
BIG-C-LOS 0534
BIG-C-LOS 0534 31 minute ago
With this president nothing is talking seriously. You can do what ever u want
darkjedi351 30 minutes ago
I blame the governors and mayors not the president
Kevin 31 minute ago
I'm buying so many Goya products!
Unblind Mymind
Unblind Mymind 34 minutes ago
Shrek built girls are not to be fucked with.
Philip d armour
Philip d armour 34 minutes ago
Goya is trash never again will i purchase it
ThatGuy 36 minutes ago
She wanted his number afterwards because she likes a Real Men.
David Parmenter
David Parmenter 37 minutes ago
Shame on the jerks who gave this a thumbs down. SMDH.
NIGHTHAMMERHERO Lp2 39 minutes ago
I'm glad it got tossed back, I'm tired of these punks thinking they can get away with this shit!!!!!!
Drunk lion
Drunk lion 40 minutes ago
I would never wish death on someone but those guys need to suffer so much that there pain is unimaginable
C S 40 minutes ago
yer fine people then they cant afford there rent fuk u genius
shield400 40 minutes ago
Instant Karma! LOVE IT!
aistobe 40 minutes ago
Goya can expect to be getting LOTS my business.
Magnolia Trees in the Meadow
“I had no political agenda” you literally said “democratic pigs”
XBOXRULES 41 minute ago
The ultimate "fuck you, idiot" moment.
Maryjane Berry
Maryjane Berry 41 minute ago
Can't wait to purchase some Goya products.
Joseph Torres
Joseph Torres 43 minutes ago
I am Conservative, Christian, Trumped Up and Hispanic. And It is the aisle is will frequent, in response. The majority of Hispanics are practicing Catholics & Evangelicals, not to mention - highly Conservative. The Left Wing of American can not Boycott a Product, they themselves, have never used or rarely use in their Kitchen. That Demonstrated their ignorance on the issue of Boycotting. And my Entire family voted for Trump in 2016 and will again in 2020. My God, Think of ALL those in Law Enforcement - Their family members & friends are now poised to vote Trump & all things Conservative. You have no idea the Landside Victory that is about to come crashing down on the Woke Left.
Liverpool 11
Liverpool 11 44 minutes ago
That brave protestor deserves a medal.
It's me K In SD
It's me K In SD 45 minutes ago
Give this a 👎RIDICULOUS insanity!!
Pro Freedom 1000:1
Pro Freedom 1000:1 47 minutes ago
Meanwhile 22,000,000 babies have been killed, 252,861 have died from the seasonal flu, 160,000 mothers died giving birth, 4,200,000 died of cancer so far this year, 700,000 have died in a car accident this year, 2,500,000 dead from smoking cigarettes, 1,200,000 dead from drinking alcohol, 556,137 dead from suicide, 508,709 dead from malaria. www.worldometers.info
Pro Freedom 1000:1
Pro Freedom 1000:1 47 minutes ago
Rules and Guidelines are not law. Governor's can not write law or make up laws, only legislators can. Even if legislators tried to write this into law, those "laws" are NULL AND VOID, as they go against the Bill of Rights and Constitution. Nice try though. "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety, and will lose both."
Bronze Whaler
Bronze Whaler 48 minutes ago
Phillip Blanks - United States Marine, selfless individual, a hero on multiple fronts.
James Ramaglino
James Ramaglino 48 minutes ago
Phillip Banks Child & D’Artagnan Alexander Heros. Phillip & D’Atagnan are heros. Phillip caught the child through no by his mother from burning building D’Artabnan ran out 3 story burning apartment building found the child a girl on the floor and carried her outside. These 2 gentleman are heroes at a time when we have all this recess rhetoric, these 2 African-American man wrist their lives to say to wait children. They did not care about the color, they just did the right thing. They did not expect any rewards. However I believe there 2 me are real life heroes and I started a GoFundMe page to raise $20, 000 dollars for them. However, I need to get a hold of these 2 individuals to set up an account to direct deposit the money. If anyone knows how I can contact these individuals let me know on the GoFundMe page. NO SCAMMERS ALLOWED I will check with a local news source to verify these individuals.
James Ramaglino
James Ramaglino 41 minute ago
Sorry for the Typos Corrected on other post. I an a terrible typist
Genius1107 49 minutes ago
Yeah I’ll go swim in my pool where there’s no mask police
Misty Buttercup
Misty Buttercup 49 minutes ago
Dave Hardgrave
Dave Hardgrave 49 minutes ago
Lol ..I've been in that jail...it smells bad
Pro Freedom 1000:1
Pro Freedom 1000:1 49 minutes ago
California Code 51 Section B: leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displaySection.xhtml?lawCode=CIV&sectionNum=51 Its against CA State Law. No business can require you as an employee OR customer to wear a mask. Only a medical doctor after being deemed fit to wear a mask restricting your breathing can advise you to wear a mask. For Employees: CAL OSHA Section 5144 Respiratory Conditions in a place of Business. www.dir.ca.gov/title8/5144.html Oxygen deficient atmosphere means an atmosphere with an oxygen content below 19.5% by volume. Tests have already shown that wearing a mask dropped it to 18% below the required Cal OSHA that companies agree to follow. If you want to wear a mask, that's your choice. Don't make it my choice.
Joey Hernandez
Joey Hernandez 50 minutes ago
bob dobleena
bob dobleena 50 minutes ago
When all the good rap names are taken...
Pro Freedom 1000:1
Pro Freedom 1000:1 51 minute ago
Science says healthy people should not wear a mask: - Masks reduce intake of oxygen, leading to carbon dioxide toxicity - Germs are trapped near your mouth and nose, increasing risk of infection - Wearing a mask causes you to touch your face more frequently - There is no scientific evidence that supports healthy people wearing masks - Masks obscure your facial features and impede normal social interaction - Masks make it hard for hearing-impaired people to understand you - Masks symbolize suppression of speech MASKS DO NOT PREVENT SPREAD OF VIRUS: 1. New England Journal of Medicine "We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection." 2. CAL-OSHA Regulations: "Cloth face coverings do not protect against Covid19" 3. CA Department of Health: "Face coverings may INCREASE RISK if users reduce their use of strong defenses. There is LIMITED EVIDENCE to suggest that use of cloth face coverings by the public during a pandemic could help reduce disease transmission." 4. FDA "Even a properly fitted N95 mask does NOT prevent illness or death." 5. CDC "There is no scientific evidence for healthy people wearing masks." Search RUvid "CDC MASK DECEPTION -- The HEALTHY AMERICAN, PEGGY HALL" 6. Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock: "There is no scientific evidence that masks are effective. If you are not sick, you SHOULD NOT wear a face mask." 7. Columbia University: Psychological Harms of Face Masks: "Many young children burst into tears or recoil when someone wearing a mask approaches. By putting on masks, we take away information that makes it especially difficult for children to recognize others and read emotional signals, which is unsettling and disconcerting." 8. US Surgeon General Jerome Adams: "Masks are not effective in preventing the general public from catching Coronavirus." 9. Dr Anthony Fauci: "People should not be walking around wearing masks. Masks do not provide the protection people think they do." 10. W.H.O. Dr Mike Ryan: "There is no specific evidence to suggest that the wearing of masks by the mass population has any potential benefit. In fact, there's some evidence to suggest the opposite in the misuse of wearing a mask properly or fitting it properly." 11. US Department of Labor --- OSHA: "Oxygen deficient is any atmosphere that contains less than 19.5%. This happens when the oxygen is displaced by inert gas such as CARBON DIOXIDE and is the LEADING CAUSE OF FATALITIES." For additional Studies, data and link to each key findings visit: www.thehealthyamerican.org
Pro Freedom 1000:1
Pro Freedom 1000:1 15 minutes ago
@Fnu Lnu 👍
Fnu Lnu
Fnu Lnu 20 minutes ago
Genius1107 49 minutes ago
Preach it!
StarFilled prod
StarFilled prod 51 minute ago
Liquid Bacon
Liquid Bacon 52 minutes ago
Biggest conspiracy in history.
Fnu Lnu
Fnu Lnu 21 minute ago
$1.4 billion in stimulus funds to the Pope Church
Rob Bourne
Rob Bourne 52 minutes ago
I'm Puerto Rican and I will never buy ever again Goya foods I wish they will stop using Latinos Puerto Rican cuisines to become rich all my Latinos brothers boycott Goya and this is coming from a Puerto Rican I stand with my Mexicans latinos brothers
Misty Buttercup
Misty Buttercup 52 minutes ago
WHAT DRAMA! This reporter wearing A HHUGE DAMN MASK AND TRY TO “report!” PLEASE CUT THE DRAMA! You are not near anyone within 6 feet! UGG 🙄
Halcyon 53 minutes ago
😂😂😂 the biggest nothing burger ever
Peterson’s Place
Peterson’s Place 54 minutes ago
That attorney do be flexin with those AirPods tho ngl
Arizona Guerrilla
Arizona Guerrilla 54 minutes ago
That wasn't God it was the divil
Popeye21 57 minutes ago
WTH the kid would be gone if it rocked cars. Fake
Popeye21 56 minutes ago
There trying to make it lore than it was to sue them
Arion Reyman
Arion Reyman 57 minutes ago
Aren't the beaches supposed to be closed according to Gov Newsom?
Arion Reyman
Arion Reyman 41 minute ago
Oh okay. Thanks.
Misty Buttercup
Misty Buttercup 51 minute ago
It was only closed for 3 days - it had been open since beginning of JUNE!
Misty Buttercup
Misty Buttercup 52 minutes ago
It reopened after JULY 4!
It's me K In SD
It's me K In SD 54 minutes ago
NervuS VaguS
NervuS VaguS 57 minutes ago
Toqaev Wins Kazakh Elections Amid Clashes and Detentions ruvid.net/video/video-Cs32ja643X0.html
Jesse5068 58 minutes ago
The United Farm workers is a joke. Imagine what would happen to farm workers if you allow unchecked illegal immigration? oh wait. Cheap labor prices. Their message completely undercuts their long term goals.
Alonzo Johnson
Alonzo Johnson 59 minutes ago
eyes wide open
eyes wide open 59 minutes ago
Beautiful , if she can give it , she should know how to take it
It's me K In SD
It's me K In SD 59 minutes ago
Obviously your mask is dirty and will make you sick..pls take it off and breathe deeply...you are screwing up kids mentally with this nonsense..
Michael Rojas
Michael Rojas Hour ago
California is a wasteland
Ade Adeleke
Ade Adeleke Hour ago
Greg Frisk jr
Greg Frisk jr Hour ago
That sucks
Cool Kat
Cool Kat Hour ago
how many fuckn updates does one need. you cant find her after 24 hours she’s dead okay move the fuckn on
FIGNAS83 Hour ago
Equal rights and lefts.
bluebloodbc Hour ago
I'm a Democratic Socialist Progressive and I love Roger Stone, he's like a gay supervillain and every 'good' society needs a gay supervillain, just for continuity. P.S. - ''He lied to congress'', BAH, HA, HA, HA, HA........🖕😂🖕
69jarinek Hour ago
Why BBC is banned word? Competing stations? These two girls love this. 1:51
Glorybee Rosado
My God I hope they find her... I’m praying for her and her family 🙏🏼
Anni Shilcock
Anni Shilcock Hour ago
With guys as dumb as you no wonder America has lost the respect of the world, thousands of lives to Covid, millions are unemployed, the economy has tanked, democracy and the constituion is a thing of the past and 'Your' president doesn't even like you.
Genius1107 47 minutes ago
Speak for yourself Trump 2020👍🏽
Celina Reilley
self defense. period
Mr H&K 91
Mr H&K 91 Hour ago
Good for them🤣🤣🤣
Steve Kalmar
Steve Kalmar Hour ago
Typical idiots from Perris!
Wendy Wilson
Wendy Wilson Hour ago
Jose Blanco
Jose Blanco Hour ago
Buy whatever you want, I’ll keep buying Goya. By the way AOC will teach you how to make adobo!!!
Logan Cressler
Fucking defacing war monuments? What a tremendous twat. I dont care about the signs, but dont deface the memory of killed soldiers. And for what? There was literally no symbolism behind it. Just a fucking liberal dickhead wanting to denigrate the memory of someones son, father, friend. Its not even creative, He added 9 stars. Whats that symbolize? Nothing. Its just graffiti by someone trying to get some fucking fame. Fucking disgusting. What a piece of shit.
Shaw BeaA
Shaw BeaA Hour ago
Are you people crazy you don't Smack a woman in the face she was just smacking him in the back of the head a very light smack I don't care if he was black I don't give a s*** that's wrong and what you should have done was back smacked her but not even that hard the same energy she gave you should have gave back yeah we know what you idiots are going to say you can't tell somebody how to react well that guy probably beats his wife good night
Mr. Benjamin
Mr. Benjamin Hour ago
I'm truly sorry for your lose and I will pray for your families heart to heal during such a hard time.
MonsterBluff Hour ago
I’m Hispanic, most of my family likes trump and GOYA ALL DAY
Genius1107 46 minutes ago
Same here I’m proud Chicano
mutt naughton
mutt naughton Hour ago
She won't do that again
zac sanders
zac sanders Hour ago
How come BLM isn’t covering this?
wrx3123 Hour ago
I bought for my first time multiple Goya products and will continue to do so...... BTW THAT CLIP OS TRUMP WAS EDITED JUST LISTED TO FULL CLIP. MEDIA IS BIAS
Tania Dolphy
Tania Dolphy Hour ago
Go you - Go Goya!
Dumb twat attacked him he defended his self.
Robert Bemister
The flags at memorials pisses me off , not cool
i.m. CXS
i.m. CXS Hour ago
I blame your parents. They should be locked up
Vickie Sutherland
Sometimes when you cannot find a drowned person, always check the seaweed. Quite often when people get into tall seaweed and they run out of air they begin struggling and accidentally roll themselves up in long seaweed. Don't know about that lake
John Mortellaro
What??? Pwity pwity bad she was a beauty
Kay Styles
Kay Styles Hour ago
Why the FUCK he mention gang related IT WASNT AND WHEN THEY ANNOUNCED THE ARREST THEY SAID HE POSTED HIS ADDRESS always wanna link a gang
Richard Yoachum
Okay here it is the army is trying not to embarrass your daughter your daughter was under investigation you keep pushing the truth will come out
Ken Faye
Ken Faye Hour ago
Everyone that was involved in Vanessa’s disappearance, I hope they get everything that they deserved. Absolutely heartbreaking.
Carlos Rodriguez
She took a swing at cop,in return she got bitch slap 😜😜😜
Anthony Walker
No need to hit a woman! My mom taught me that.
marjie moody
marjie moody Hour ago
This is stupid as hell. The news reporters wearing a mask outside in the fresh air and sunshine.
Richard Yoachum
Let's try that again
Richard Yoachum
You always trying not to embarrass your daughter
cathy hagerman
That's one thing you never want to hear is Mothers cry.
SCLaP SCLaP Hour ago
Disturbing?? Actually quite satisfying
K King
K King Hour ago
Pop smoke 💨 got smoked by a cap
Wake up Dead
Wake up Dead Hour ago
they ain't going to find her aliens abducted her..
JL G Hour ago
Putting a face mask on is as useless as putting an ass gasket on a toilet seat