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JT Auger
JT Auger 3 hours ago
Pffft...I'm only sorry that the guy wasn't able to get rid of newsom altogether.
pitt 495
pitt 495 3 hours ago
guess biden will be signing in a new federal holiday in remembrance of CHAMP the good thing champ wasn't a crack head
Vincent Harris
Vincent Harris 3 hours ago
Worst camera work EVER!!
shes obviously responsible for this whole pandemic
David Brooks
David Brooks 3 hours ago
He is not a politician he is a criminal
David Brooks
David Brooks 3 hours ago
Racism at its finest .
Armando De La Cruz
Armando De La Cruz 3 hours ago
This reminds me of Game of Thrones when King Joffrey gets attacked by the flea bottom people of Kings Landing..lmao
Gell 3 hours ago
I care for the environment and yes Africa is the worst at caring for the earth so I agree but I wouldn't go starting a racist rant I mean idc
Devo Barro
Devo Barro 3 hours ago
That lady thinks compassion for the homeless is letting her “neighbors” live in squalor and drug addiction. And there are so many who think the same way she does here in LA.
Special edition
Special edition 3 hours ago
The car looks like pontiac G6 . I hope the authorities find this driver.
Rocky Mai
Rocky Mai 3 hours ago
Let someone kick you on the crotch, then see how calm you are !!!! Can’t blame the cop for his reaction.
Tyler D.
Tyler D. 3 hours ago
this man was such a gentle soul that he probably didn't have it in him to fight back and hurt the seventeen year old kid that was attacking him and probably just took the attack and was going to tough it out, like the tough as nails dude he was, RIP Jose, you are a legend bro. this saddens me deeply for Jose's family and friends.
Exposing Liars
Exposing Liars 3 hours ago
Dave Thibodeau
Dave Thibodeau 3 hours ago
What a waste of resources for a single motorcycle. There must be 30 police units outside that parking garage.
Johnny Rodz
Johnny Rodz 3 hours ago
Stepdad's nephew had it coming,was told to change his ways n didn't want too,this is the concequenses on you play dumb games you win dumb prizes!
Craig elliott
Craig elliott 3 hours ago
shoot em.... that will slow em down.
wwolfdogs 3 hours ago
SkyMap7 needs to find a different idiot to narrate car chases.
bruce edwards
bruce edwards 3 hours ago
Water 3 hours ago
Why don't Jeff bezos build a warehouse to store the homeless?
Andy Diaz
Andy Diaz 3 hours ago
He could have died..
Laura Pug
Laura Pug 3 hours ago
She should sue !!!
Bertha Yudico
Bertha Yudico 3 hours ago
They need to keep this SO B locked up n give him cat litter to eat him n pearl deserve to rout n get the same abuse they gave to that prious little boy n they should be in the out side not getting P C who prodected Gabriel
tapantera 3 hours ago
Gavin Newsom aka Greg Stillson
gamersaber95 3 hours ago
Richard Greenwood (sick rick)
Mikerob IV
Mikerob IV 3 hours ago
A crazy world .... we are plunging into what past civilizations have done time and time again. When do we learn to work together , have a intrest in world that is meant for all. To work together like a global hive to achieve a cross matrix environment with one goal ... sustaining life in a symbiosis state. To share is to be free and enrich our lives whole !!! At times you have entities which see the landscape and environment as something to dominate one another. I ask myself with others what happens to this world. After two world wars and countless cold wars, we are headed for unchartered territory. In this war of World War Three could mean the Recycle of Life. I hope in the next cycle we learn better than in past ...... it is the key we have been searching for. History always repeats
Brock Meier
Brock Meier 3 hours ago
Cops were like (dont break the windows, I know a guy.)
SatanHazzJaundice 4 hours ago
What was their names?
metalhead9142 4 hours ago
Arresting another innocent black man, oppressed by white privilege. I thought Newsom was progressive...this won't be tolerated!!!
TIME'S MURDERED 4 hours ago
fret master
fret master 4 hours ago
Neighbors should have finished that crook off before the cops came No one would have said a word
ken lompart
ken lompart 4 hours ago
Father: I locked my daughter in my car, does anyone know how to break in to it? Guard: Take your pick.
R. Salinas
R. Salinas 4 hours ago
He was attacked by a bum. One of the homeless that Democrats love so much.
Sam 4 hours ago
Give him a 🏅
CIR GOLD 4 hours ago
LOL around 56 minutes into it you can see him climb out the top floor window and into a tree ( second tree ) the cops are just below LOL !!
Tara H
Tara H 4 hours ago
Good the hypocrite got a taste of the mess he’s made in California
sebastian niittyvuopio
m m
m m 4 hours ago
and people wonder why the guards leave people when they killing each other
Silas Zradicka
Silas Zradicka 4 hours ago
they could have not let him go home
autie bell
autie bell 4 hours ago
The Citizens of California should get together and not only pay for this man's bail but pay for his lawyer out of appreciation.
Alburt Eynstyne
Alburt Eynstyne 4 hours ago
Maybe she'll let someone dig a tunnel. Hahaha.
No Madd
No Madd 4 hours ago
Promote small businesses ahahaha.
Brian Cleveland
Brian Cleveland 4 hours ago
he should have ran them all over
Treh Jeter
Treh Jeter 4 hours ago
Blurry??sucks I am an adult I can take guts and blood!w.t.f?
Dignan “Lenny” Zero
Biggest danger for his girls: Him.
naz salabarria
naz salabarria 4 hours ago
People are homeless because they love drugs . Shelters remain empty cause the drug test
This Guy
This Guy 4 hours ago
*_You didn't even show it?!?!_* *You're telling me you didn't catch it on Camera? Pfffft....*
Venomouse70 4 hours ago
One day these people will not be able to walk down the street.
BULLDOG CITY 4 hours ago
I’ll be terrified being around so many colored people and am Mexican
RL Hunt
RL Hunt 4 hours ago
About Time!
ZHBraden13 4 hours ago
I love how the mom threw all the blame on "Daaad". Its always the husbands fault.
Jeremiah Cherry
Jeremiah Cherry 4 hours ago
Dont play on the effing road. People have places to be, you are blocking them from where they need to go. Zero pity felt for those idiots in the streets.
Tim Carr
Tim Carr 4 hours ago
The new generation of America, kids having kids. And Joey taking care of the border.
308looker 5 hours ago
one less
I H 5 hours ago
Typical “it’s not my fault” mentality. Sad
Inigo Montoya
Inigo Montoya 5 hours ago
Only one thing about this makes sense. The cops have no balls..
Jewel Curry
Jewel Curry 5 hours ago
Medical marijuana should be free
Eddie Zielinski
Eddie Zielinski 5 hours ago
A shame the man wasn't armed
Paul 5 hours ago
What kind sport bike is that? I want to buy that one!!!
Jurassic Room
Jurassic Room 5 hours ago
460 perverts dislike this video.
Carlos Santos
Carlos Santos 5 hours ago
Avuso de autorida
Allen lee
Allen lee 5 hours ago
Wait ! If that was me an elderly Asian getting attacked, he wouldn't have been booked!
Steven Horner
Steven Horner 5 hours ago
Or like y’know, stop.
Daniel Murphy
Daniel Murphy 5 hours ago
Sometimes you just gotta roll the dice, idk why he isn't doing 150 and trying to gap the pigs
CoolCalm AndCollected
Idiot. Lock him up a forget where you put the key
Scottie B
Scottie B 5 hours ago
58:05 There's no more danger to anyone out on the street? I suppose you can say that ... yeah, at least no danger from Evel Knucklehead.
W x B
W x B 5 hours ago
Interviewer: "How do you pronounce the name?" Elon: "It's just Dave" *Confused faces*
Michael Mcglynn
Michael Mcglynn 5 hours ago
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 5 hours ago
“They’re not homeless by choice. They’re homeless because the City won’t GIVE them houses.” 🤦🏽‍♂️ Un-freaking-believable!
A Dog
A Dog 5 hours ago
Lol. Buy that man a house!
Eric Castillo
Eric Castillo 5 hours ago
Prosecute him as an adult! Set an example for the rest of them!
NewSimpleAdam 5 hours ago
They are homeless by their own choice, stop kidding yourself.