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Roxy Harley
Roxy Harley 18 seconds ago
That wrinkled shirt though 😂
Jay Sylmar Madrilejos
Jay Sylmar Madrilejos 23 minutes ago
Can you please buy coraline for me
Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows 28 minutes ago
Do the history of Annabelle Higgins
luv2bevl 33 minutes ago
Sad I hadn't known videos I'd watched/ & liked were rip-offs!!!🤬 Well I'm subscribing here & making sure I unsubscribe there!
Seraphimu 43 minutes ago
I Wonder if he is One of the Ghost childrens body
Demonic Caterpiller
Demonic Caterpiller 45 minutes ago
His song fuckin slaps ngl
Natasha Busono
That outfit looks lovely on you btw :) Just wanted to let you know
BrandonL Rushman
I remember watching this film as a kid over and over! Even as a teenager I saw this film a lot!!!!!!! And I’m barley finding out her name is Clear not Claire!!!! 😂 🤷🏼‍♂️
The Iconic JFR
You did mention in this video that there were only 3 creatures outside of The Beldam that had buttons for eyes, but didn’t mention the other Wybie?
John Gotte
John Gotte 2 hours ago
yeah.......anywho, check out my revelations about IT! on Planet Weird under the 2hour42 minute video comments....might make you wonder which horror movie is really somewhat going on, i think Penneywise could say IT..
Gwyneth Pangilinan
Gwyneth Pangilinan 2 hours ago
Why is wiby and other father is the only pepol how Help coraline
Rows of Roses
Rows of Roses 2 hours ago
there's a figure that passes through the window at one point of the movie in the other world. I think it's after coraline's mom leaves for groceries and coraline goes to the other world.
Rows of Roses
Rows of Roses 3 hours ago
theres a figure that passes in the window of the other world at one point in the movie
landshark121786 3 hours ago
Do Wendy from final destination 3
luv2bevl 3 hours ago
I loved the movies, & the loop. Though I usually hate a circle here of movies. I have to say they played a good game to it. I honestly liked the tie in to the 1st Movie, not only bringing a survivor of it, but also that each new Death was spared due to the circumstances of the previous Death in the 1st Movie! That was the BEST PART! The worst part was the kid being blown up @ the end. Sure a survivor saved him because he was about to be hit, but would he be on the list IF they had already been dead? I mean they would never gave been there, thus the kid wouldn't have been hit because he wouldn't be in that spot. Obviously 2 conclusions 1. A new list started based off their survival. 2. He would have been killed in another spot the same day? They really weren't clear on WHY?
Some_Dude 4 hours ago
Whos the character on your tie. Sorry just a bit curious
Nils Ek
Nils Ek 4 hours ago
14:31 got eem
AshElite 4 hours ago
Pennywise: I’m Pennywise the Dancing Clown! Captions: *I’m Pennywise the Dancing Cloud*
Grace Moores
Grace Moores 4 hours ago
I’m loving your pennywise tie were did you get it from
Kaylie Gaugert
Kaylie Gaugert 5 hours ago
I don't understand how people think the movie Coraline is scary i love the movie Coraline it helps me sleep Coraline is my comfort movie <3
John -
John - 5 hours ago
18:24 Pure Oxygen is highly flammable. Now of course, whether the mixture would be enough and the air pressurized enough that a spark in the crevice of a plug in the wall that had previously been covered would have ignited the oxygen still seems unlikely, but yes, oxygen is flammable.
Kayla Perkins
Kayla Perkins 5 hours ago
I love these films I'm really glad you put the history of each kid It really helps to in the story more
ÅłłįęMøøñ 5 hours ago
I think they deleted it- Lol
Fishy Fish
Fishy Fish 6 hours ago
Here is my theory: The Beldam, is describes as a spider like creature in this film. Many people who have watched the film at least twice, have noticed small details about The Beldam that they didn't notice in their first time watching the film. Throughout the film, we see The Beldam slowly 'evolve' into a more spider like creature every time Coraline climbs through the door. The other mother's dress has a large bump, that looks like the abdomen of a spider. The other mother begins to get taller, and more scrawny, with her face slowly deforming. After not consuming a child's soul for many years, her 'magic' begins to wear off, and show her true form; a spider like creature. After Coraline's visit to the other world, where Wybie pulls her out of the room that holds the past victims, and he shoves her through the doorway, is when her parents go 'missing'. If you look at the scene where her parent's are in the snow globe, it's cold, and most likely snowing. (they are in a snow globe). And when you look at her parent's return, they are wearing the same clothing as they were in the globe, and they have snow on them, despite the time of the movie not being winter. When Coraline mentions the snow, her parent's seem completely unaware of it, and say something is up with Coraline. This proves that her parent's were unaware of their abducting, and don't notice anything off with Coraline, or the two themselves. Going back to the scene where the cat captures the mouse, after telling Coraline about the different ways between the two worlds, the cat mentions that the other mother hates him, and he also says 'Not like any mother I've ever known'. Theoretically speaking, he is pointing out the fact that the other mother is like a spider, while she hates cats. He also briefly mentions that he has been coming into the other world for a while, and for my theory, states that he was there during the abduction of Wybie's grandma's, sister. So he knows that the world is not safe for Coraline, nor is it a good place for anyone. Later in the film, while the cat and Coraline are walking through the empty part of the other world, he tells her about the other mother, only made up what would impress Coraline. The other mother having the dolls and mice to spy on Coraline, was smart, and knew what exactly would entertain Coraline in her nightly stays. On the other hand, the other mother was not as smart as she thought. In the beginning of the film, Coraline is introduced to us as an adventurous young girl, who particularly loves nature. We soon learn more about Coraline's attraction to the old well. Not having any spy created by the other mother at the time of Coraline's discovery of the old well, The Beldam wasn't aware of Coraline's curiosity surrounding the Well. This gave Coraline an advantage in the 'war' between the two. She knew of a place that could be used as a sort of weapon against the other mother, while The Beldam was not aware of the place, regarding that the mother had never been into the real world, and wasn't aware of the advantage it gave Coraline. Coraline ended up using the well to her own advantage, and managed to 'defeat' The Beldam.
Sydney P
Sydney P 6 hours ago
There aren’t any resources in the description
Jeanine 6 hours ago
this entire time i thought her name was Claire
LeeJrPH 6 hours ago
Am i just the only one who saw a Video on yt about "trolling on zoom as Belle Delphine"? and got confused who she is then searched on yt her name then got here? or just me?
Justin Smet
Justin Smet 6 hours ago
Jeez so you have to watch the jigsaw movies from newest to oldest to get the timeline. Neat.
Maria Pascual
Maria Pascual 6 hours ago
0:00 intro 0:44 birth of Coraline death of family 2:09 idk what else
kayla l channel
kayla l channel 6 hours ago
Stan is so so so so cute I like him
Tina Brooks
Tina Brooks 6 hours ago
Jeremy Aguilar
Jeremy Aguilar 6 hours ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 bro I was waiting for the apirl fools joke
Paige Larson
Paige Larson 7 hours ago
Okay that shining carpet tie is everythingggg
Adrianne Andre Ramos
Gamefreak: Pokemon that kills kids Araki : minor antagonists that kills dogs Hotel : Trivago
Jeterbugs 7 hours ago
But did he stutter? I-
PrincessCelestia19 8 hours ago
Showed this movie to my friend. She said it was horrific.
Isabella Morse
Isabella Morse 8 hours ago
Is this real or just in movie??
Joanie 8 hours ago
I was petting my cat during the video and she bit me to let me know she was done with being pet, and my heart jumped because I had my mind on the Beldam
Chelsea 8 hours ago
I like the theory of the beldam only being the hand. In the beginning of the movie they only show the hand making the doll. At first I thought that might be because the beldam didn't know what to look like yet because she didn't know of Coraline's mom look like but what if that's also because that's the only thing that she was was the hand? Because after the beldam is supposedly dead, the hand still goes after her.