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Sand Fox
Sand Fox 27 minutes ago
Tray will break every single record Curry owns !
Braeden Harris
Braeden Harris 35 minutes ago
I wish I was that rich
Bradley White
Bradley White 41 minute ago
Andre Iguodala
USA Baller
USA Baller 58 minutes ago
Trae Young is the man. Being compared to Stephen Curry in college! I mean future Hall of Famer!!!
Sand Fox
Sand Fox 27 minutes ago
He will break every single record Curry owns !
illusion Hour ago
Me You
Me You Hour ago
He was trynna give him a reach around😅
Thomas Combs
Thomas Combs Hour ago
I think bird was talking about the other isaiah thomas
kayden Payne
kayden Payne Hour ago
I love the vids lately
Persian Gulf Baghdad
steve kerr's ritual free throw was a strange one when he put his right forefinger and middlefinger to his mouth and put a small bit of saliva to the ball
Samuel Smith
Samuel Smith Hour ago
Omg plz stopsaying first or second
Kyle Malekebu
Kyle Malekebu Hour ago
D L Hour ago
You petty
Jace Binion
Jace Binion 2 hours ago
Trae deserves it all
Ari Miller
Ari Miller 2 hours ago
I think the lakers could trade Kuzma and the 2020 1st rd pick for rose
Fernando Guzman
Fernando Guzman 2 hours ago
Rip Kobe
j vg
j vg 2 hours ago
Early squad united
j vg
j vg 2 hours ago
First everything
j vg
j vg 2 hours ago
Alexander Wang
Alexander Wang 2 hours ago
i agree with MJ on this one. Although yes curry is an INSANE player, he hasn’t finished his full tenure so i don’t think if he retired today he should be inducted into the hall of fame. Give it a year or two, and i think you can make a solid argument for why he should though.
Laode Rasta
Laode Rasta 2 hours ago
This vidio has 666 likes??
Ogonna Alozie
Ogonna Alozie 2 hours ago
This thing just Gave away TRAE’S PHONE NUMBER
Ze - Mane
Ze - Mane 2 hours ago
1:56 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
johnthegreek1980 2 hours ago
Some people can’t handle wealth.
Reese E
Reese E 2 hours ago
Alan O’Riordan
Alan O’Riordan 3 hours ago
Fway H.2
Fway H.2 3 hours ago
good work
Nick 3 hours ago
I hope jerry stackhouse squat made the list 😂 pause
Jacob Whiteman
Jacob Whiteman 3 hours ago
Trae is to good
Splunqi 3 hours ago
Number 9
Maze Gray
Maze Gray 3 hours ago
Ibrahim Ubaidullah
Ibrahim Ubaidullah 3 hours ago
Aaron Gordan: 360 windmill reverse cradle under the legs behind the back dunk. Dwyane Wade: 9?
Yt Harjotk999
Yt Harjotk999 3 hours ago
Omg 6th
biskuit_laut 3 hours ago
evie swinney
evie swinney 3 hours ago
Not_Sweaty 3 hours ago
Nooberdt13 3 hours ago
Trey is lit
Joey the legend
Joey the legend 3 hours ago
trae is da goat
// NÆM
// NÆM 3 hours ago
What space jam stars think of stephen curry
ImZelk 3 hours ago
keep up the vids
Gavin Verno ( Student )
Aye trae is more rich than prime Allen iversin
Kevin Perlet
Kevin Perlet 3 hours ago
Emery Kolas
Emery Kolas 3 hours ago
The Rowe Show
The Rowe Show 3 hours ago
Seif Salcepuedes
Seif Salcepuedes 3 hours ago
Everyone keeps saying first. So I'l just say Second.
Kevin Gutierrez
Kevin Gutierrez 3 hours ago
Ben Watson
Ben Watson 3 hours ago
hello lawrence
hello lawrence 3 hours ago
Pokehero-YT 3 hours ago
M Q 3 hours ago
Yo first omg 🤩 🤣
BigMacDude 3 hours ago
uR sO cOoL oMg
InMyDuffy 2.0
InMyDuffy 2.0 3 hours ago
Aint nobody give a damn
YT Saucy Josh13
YT Saucy Josh13 3 hours ago
Lucky you
Dizi-Aqua 3 hours ago
Yrs Luke
Yrs Luke 2 hours ago
Dizi-Aqua your first 😄
Dizi-Aqua 3 hours ago
999. Thangg
999. Thangg 3 hours ago
Sir Beagle
Sir Beagle 4 hours ago
This man really turning into Game of Zones Kyrie
Bailey Schmidt
Bailey Schmidt 4 hours ago
"Trevor Areza and the Denver Nuggets"(shows clip of him with the Portland Trailblazers)... LOL
Joe 4 hours ago
6:21 “Geeannis” lmao
Samuel Jeremy
Samuel Jeremy 4 hours ago
3:56 dude he looks like george floyd
CRAXXY. SAM 5 hours ago
Bobby Sandee
Bobby Sandee 5 hours ago
Rudy to the mavericks
Wolviez Gaming
Wolviez Gaming 5 hours ago
With a piece of paper and throws it in a bin 2016: KOBE 2017: KOBE 2018: KOBE 2019: KOBE 2020: KO😭😭be😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Wolviez Gaming
Wolviez Gaming 5 hours ago
R.I.P Kobe
Nacho Hernandez
Nacho Hernandez 5 hours ago
Lebron Arguably the greatest? Dude really?
ToxicGamer24 6 hours ago
What if LeBron James was a Boxer???!!!
Tutancito 6 hours ago
What about Draymond green he wears 23
Railey Recio
Railey Recio 6 hours ago
Why TF did Allen look like a young Clyde drexler
TheNorth Serb
TheNorth Serb 6 hours ago
6:18 Steven Curry 😂
Derek DiBattista
Derek DiBattista 6 hours ago
Look at curry man
Kuzoto Shijo
Kuzoto Shijo 6 hours ago
This guy talks faster than vanilla ice raps!
sofo 04#
sofo 04# 6 hours ago
Harden scores more but he takes 80% of the rockets attacks
dosportres archie caga
Mj is a cow 😂🤣
eufemiano noble
eufemiano noble 7 hours ago
Flop is a signature move..perfected by....?a bluff art
Dwaine Masters
Dwaine Masters 7 hours ago
Kevin Durant, Alex Caruso, manu Ginobili. The list goes on and on. Question you hv to ask is why their goin bald.
Josh Wabnitz
Josh Wabnitz 7 hours ago
You need to get some info.
Pabst man
Pabst man 8 hours ago
pugg 9 hours ago
Waiting for flight to react
Chef Air Jordan Ramsey
Sam Cassell and penny hardaway shared co rookie of the year to!!
Jay Guru
Jay Guru 10 hours ago
More like piru
noel baris
noel baris 10 hours ago
I pause the video so his mouth can take a rest
N cM
N cM 10 hours ago
Iverson and the MVP's
Test Fortester
Test Fortester 10 hours ago
RIP Kobe Bryant
CJ GAMEON 11 hours ago
$900 a week at Starbucks?!?!?!?!?!? @Starbucks "Y'ALL HIRING??????????"
MarvelFree Free
MarvelFree Free 11 hours ago
0:43 Ray got the full Karl Malone on
Game Experiencer
Game Experiencer 11 hours ago
Charles Barkey????
KUYAYE GAMING 12 hours ago
2003 nba finals ok hahaha
L L 12 hours ago
I love Mike but he is desilusional about Steph
yo mommas friend ashton
it’s pronounce “debroin”
Mary Mba
Mary Mba 13 hours ago
Yoa, Dr. J, etc. 🤨 they should have been here instead of Draymond.
Andrei Aquino
Andrei Aquino 13 hours ago
For now yes, but time will tell.,
YT KROMIX 13 hours ago
Shoutout to his mom adopted him
Caio Rk Núñez
Caio Rk Núñez 13 hours ago
Everybody knows the sign mean "on fire"
Terminator 96
Terminator 96 14 hours ago
Bro Manu?
Daniel Celestine
Daniel Celestine 14 hours ago
Obiamalu Chibuzor
Obiamalu Chibuzor 15 hours ago
I was just about to lose my house and this helped me, *e z h i g h p a y .c o m*
N. Pippen
N. Pippen 15 hours ago
Why u hating so hard MJ??...Steph is a HOF🤔🤔🤔🤔🏀
Lord Pharez
Lord Pharez 15 hours ago
Jackie Moon missed the cut
ツPingzz 15 hours ago
Everybody Know About Demar Derozan
S Lynn
S Lynn 15 hours ago
That wasn’t really Shaq’s Hairline. He put something in it.
Intelligence Only
Intelligence Only 15 hours ago
NazJaydenF 16 hours ago
NinjaPlayzYT 16 hours ago
Like lebron=u like lebron Or Comment giannis
FlyItsJunior 1
FlyItsJunior 1 16 hours ago
Magic is 60 u cant expect him to have a six pack at that age
Royalx clan
Royalx clan 17 hours ago
I miss Kobe and Gigi 😢😢