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My Gaming Desktop!
3 months ago
My Custom Mac Pro
10 months ago
End of Year Q&A!
10 months ago
Ish-Hael Leo
Ish-Hael Leo 5 minutes ago
Upon reading the title, my mind instantly went somewhere else. This not new in Dave Lee's channel, though. He keeps throwing those innuendos. Hahaha
ImpactoDelSur Enterprise
The way that laptop opens, I think it's gonna get old pretty soon.
Sanish Borker
Sanish Borker 9 minutes ago
Please do a video on New 2019 Inspiron 15 7000 7591 model
Patricia Callanta
Patricia Callanta 33 minutes ago
Im here looking for a budget gaming laptop but this dude wants us to spend more money on high end laptop.
Cristiano Adiutori
Cristiano Adiutori 44 minutes ago
it's a yes to me
Kamran Ali
Kamran Ali 48 minutes ago
I like dave lee, he's honest and comparing him to that paid guy from unbox therapy, dave lee win...
Vijaykumar Jain
Lenovo p1 has almost matching specs to p53 ( i7, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD ) and costs 40% less. Is it advisable to buy p1 over p53, home use but need a lot of vms ?
Alex Smith
Alex Smith Hour ago
That sounds risky looking for this thing online now to see that the 2018 and 2019 models are named the same.
Raj Gill
Raj Gill Hour ago
What's the game at 12:13?
Karan Bindal
Karan Bindal 2 hours ago
This move can make other companies to improve thermals on flagship lineups especially Dell
bc i can.
bc i can. 2 hours ago
The iPhone 11 isn't 699... Idk whatever country y'all are from but they're 1k dollars for me.
Aiko Fukuhara
Aiko Fukuhara 2 hours ago
Is Dell Inspiron 13 7000 good for gaming? For an example overwatch?
Tay Victor
Tay Victor 2 hours ago
@Dave Lee compare with Lenovo P43s. It's also a 14 inch laptop marketed as a workstation that is thin an light.
Wiwiwi 3 hours ago
The most powerful All in One in the world is the iMac Pro.
BON3Z 3 hours ago
im from a s9 plus user. is s10e a great upgrade? or should i get the op 7 non pro?
Salah Mellah
Salah Mellah 3 hours ago
I think IPhone X is the most amazing iphone that apple have ever made in terms of speed, reliability, battery, design and not to mention the material it was made from. I have used almost all of them since iphone 4.
Maanav Khurana
Maanav Khurana 3 hours ago
Proud of Apple, I am planning to quit Windows because of how BS it is. Apple here I come!
Quix 3 hours ago
I'm shocked that the AMD version loses in Firestrike.
Omni Codex
Omni Codex 3 hours ago
As long as it have download the Shadow app, it can run any game ever. 😉
HAWXLEADER 3 hours ago
You have gotta tell people about the great advantage of LCD screens! Cab drivers, all day navigators, avid chatters and many people who have non changing content on their screens. LCDs have no burin in! It's sad seeing people get a galaxy note for a job that a pocophone or any other LCD phone would have done way better without burning in after a month...
Rusty 3 hours ago
i wanted to wait for 12 but sadly my iphone broke so i had to get a new one, was 6s so it still is a huge upgrade for me
Bacca 3 hours ago
if it folds it can fit in my girl pockets, I'll take 10 of them
Ahmed Khan
Ahmed Khan 4 hours ago
nahh this is great dude, The hole punch is such a good idea. As a samsung user I think this is great. Just make the best product and dont worry about if people think ur copying
Felix Gabriel Montanez
This laptop is extremely popular in our country l. Its like when people review stores, most i see our helios 300 purchases
Mihai Petre
Mihai Petre 4 hours ago
Solider Armatang
Solider Armatang 4 hours ago
Can you make a guide to buying an android phone on Black Friday please? Or at least an updated list with a range of prices.
Ryan Rodriguez
Ryan Rodriguez 5 hours ago
Would this laptop be good for animation programs like Zbrush and Maya???
Mathew 5 hours ago
When you say something as irresponsible as "this keyboard doesn't spring up properly," you're pretty much burying the device into the ground.
obamtl 5 hours ago
Wow, I never thought I’d see the day Dave Lee won’t pan the MBP. Meanwhile, am I the only one that misses the low key travel and stability of the butterfly keyboard? Sure, the reliability issues are big enough to negate any other pluses, but I wish the new keyboard was more stable and had less travel. If you type really long documents, that extra speed from lower travel and greater key stability is a huge plus.
The Racing Line
The Racing Line 6 hours ago
Can you do cheaper laptop reviews, roughly £400-600 or whatever that is in dollars
Brayden 6 hours ago
Anyone know where to find different ssd for these? Would like to see if it is cheaper to buy 256gb version then upgrade to 1tb later on.
aaron 6 hours ago
I guarantee you have had to replace the battery on that piece of crap many times
Peter Andersson
Peter Andersson 6 hours ago
Please dont buy this product they will trick you out of your money... i got a tablet with a broken keyboard and the support dosen't even answer so....
Rashon Lopez
Rashon Lopez 6 hours ago
I have the ps63 modern with the gtx 1650... is that the same as the prestige15?? my laptop literally looks the same
Osman Ünal
Osman Ünal 6 hours ago
What is the effects on battery life with 10th gen cpu?
R3tuxn 7 hours ago
I bought zenbook pro 15 ux580 gex and it is unusable.. extension mode does not work and software is broken and laggy..
Arios_DK95 7 hours ago
how big is it? im not sure if I should get this or the 13 inch one (im going to study mechanical engineering) so im not sure which one to get?
Tutan De
Tutan De 7 hours ago
after android 10 & miui 11 update, I have noticed somewhat has been fixed but still there are some bugs.
FireFrog 7 hours ago
Why the A50 over the A70?
Regis Coque
Regis Coque 7 hours ago
Can confirm about the hinge.... had a previous generation of the Y and the screen just detached after 1.5 year.... i got it fixed, then 1 year later it broke appart once more... now i'm due to buy a new one, lenovo was not on my list anymore... fool me once ;-)
Ajet Rustemi
Ajet Rustemi 7 hours ago
Whats next invisible phone?
Jasper Cox
Jasper Cox 8 hours ago
So i have recently had to start using Windows again for my degree. The fact that you have to install a third party app to properly delete applications is ridiculous.
irshaid tayyeb
irshaid tayyeb 8 hours ago
my wife still uses iPhone 6s and refuses to upgrade to a new iPhone,
Sean Newcomb
Sean Newcomb 8 hours ago
Why do manufacturers continue to make devices that thermal throttle :/
Frank Sz
Frank Sz 8 hours ago
I still can't believe that Dave is standing in his videos. Oh yeah..and the laptop, who cares, too expensive.
Avery Flath
Avery Flath 8 hours ago
Rip off I bought cheap a rca projector for gaming and it’s 480p and 60 FPS plus it’s 2000 lumens and was only 80$, anything 480p should not be above 150$
M T 9 hours ago
I have another requirement, it has to work with Linux. I hate both Windows & MacOS because I'm a computer engineer and both Windows & MacOS are very restrictive for me. Every mouse will work with Linux by default on the basic functions left & right click buttons, and scroll wheel, and middle click. However the other bells and whistles might be able to work with extra configuration. But then there are some that would require a specific driver. there is a community of open source individuals that have made drivers for razer products, unfortunately this one has no support yet.
Mister Memer
Mister Memer 9 hours ago
no 9 hours ago
dave is savage
Born 2 Win
Born 2 Win 9 hours ago
Can we use it for school or nah
Cornelius Dobeneck
Cornelius Dobeneck 9 hours ago
They did not listen to what people wanted they listened to decreasing sales because they fucked up for years and years and people reached the point were they had become fed up with with crApple bullshit and their arrogance. crApple had no other chance but to release a new MacBook that is not complete garbage.
Bilal Piano
Bilal Piano 9 hours ago
Fikzy 9 hours ago
I'm surprised he didn't mention the MSI PS63, basically the 15inch version of this one. The look is really appealing but once in hand it's quite a let down, the chasis has a lot of flex. Mine bent by simply lifting it one handedly...
EyesOfTheLion 11
EyesOfTheLion 11 9 hours ago
What are you still doing with an Iphone 5?
Wali S
Wali S 9 hours ago
Intel xtu no longer works, any help
Leonardo song
Leonardo song 9 hours ago
How come a laptop released in late-2019 has 2 USB2.0 ports....
Kopite TV
Kopite TV 9 hours ago
if phones can have under screen fingerprint scanner cameras then it should be possible, can't wait for apple to 'innovate' this in 2027.
Harshal Pathak
Harshal Pathak 9 hours ago
Could you please review Asus Pro art pro.
Wtf Блогер Айбек
Один комп дай плиз 👍👍
BusinessClassOnly 9 hours ago
yeah HP feels good , looks good but ultimately its shit. Either it will break down after a few months or the never ending whining fans will simply drive you insane.
The Heatwave
The Heatwave 10 hours ago
Can u use intel xtu for amd cpu
Shaun Scott
Shaun Scott 10 hours ago
Remember boys... size doesnt always matter ;)
mohit singh
mohit singh 10 hours ago
Surface pro 7 review plz
tsabszy 10 hours ago
such a great business model. push out crappy hardware for years pretending you just don't care about the complaints of the users. then improve on some of those issues very late while you kept getting rich af, pretending like you are so great that you finally do something about those issues that had been around for half a decade and user satisfaction will skyrocket :D
Naqqash Dilshad
Naqqash Dilshad 10 hours ago
i want to ask 1 question,,,, how you create such cool intro logos ?
Steve Martin
Steve Martin 10 hours ago
This is a very minor improvement, even if it worked perfectly. Stupid phones are still stupid phones and can't do any more or less than phones from 4 years ago could do. I don't care. I want something that's actually cool, like a phone I can use as a paper airplane. (I think xiaomi is working on that.) Nice presentation though. It's not your fault. :)
schablone35 11 hours ago
heres another thing tech youtubers need to stop doing: putting a small green plant in the background of every damn video to make it appear more stylish
Kamil Alsarhan
Kamil Alsarhan 11 hours ago
is it the new generation of the msi PS42 ? if it is its a big mistake from MSI to do because the PS42 has a very good cooling solution
Kurt Bell
Kurt Bell 11 hours ago
Terrible laptop won’t run most games in 2019
Ryan Dury
Ryan Dury 11 hours ago
TL;DR AirPods Pro are the best, but the Sony's are the most best
Manu Mohan
Manu Mohan 11 hours ago
R.I.P consistent updates, I'd rather see if they push out the updates for a year and a half for any model to even sense a possibility of an improved software update cycles.
Seaclay 11 hours ago
I’m 1 second in and I’m not gonna say anything else than, is this Predator model better than the new razer blade Stealth 13?
MikeJ 11 hours ago
Lets get couple things right first. Legal maximum capacity to lithium ion batteries in airplane is under 100Wh. New 16" mbp has 99,3Wh or something very close to 100Wh but not exactly 100Wh like they marketing on their website. Because 100Wh and over is not allowed to commercial airplanes. Secondly apple didn't listen their power users, like all the professional media users. Why? well where the fuck is SD card reader and HDMI port huh? And please don't tell me that it didn't fit into that even bigger chase like last time. Also that keyboard is not an upgrade its downgrade since its the same type of keyboard as their 2015 model had before all that butterfly keyboard crap. Okay okay its key travel is shorter but still the technology behind it is exactly the same as 5 years ago. And the reason why they changed it is only money. Getting lawsuits and having replacement campaign's is not very cheap for anybody.
Aswin Sudhakar
Aswin Sudhakar 11 hours ago
Just buy a razer blade 15 for 1899
vinod kumar
vinod kumar 12 hours ago
Wat theme is this
ZozillaThaGreat 12 hours ago
Was exited until i saw noise and ram .... great review as usual ....
DON044 _
DON044 _ 12 hours ago
I feel like now would be a good time for an update on this video
Sreehari Kr
Sreehari Kr 12 hours ago
I hate that thumbnail... 😅
Sreehari Kr
Sreehari Kr 12 hours ago
Trying to kill his own team mate 😂
1YangYing 12 hours ago
What's with the innuendos?
Satya Prakash Sahu
Satya Prakash Sahu 12 hours ago
Is it good for creative works..
Arnold K
Arnold K 12 hours ago
These specs and price seem amazing! I may seriously consider this lap top
Kunal Chamoli
Kunal Chamoli 12 hours ago
someone else heard Vegeta ?
Bogdan 12 hours ago
"still alive" means nothing, lot's of non waterproof phones can survive such a test, the real deal is whether there is water inside or not
thebadness 12 hours ago
msi keyboards are fucken garbage.
MatF [ForeverNoob]
MatF [ForeverNoob] 13 hours ago
I think the Razer Mamba Wireless 2018 model is one of the best wireless mice and one of the best mice in general... but idk I just like it a lot (Also it's like half the price of the Viper Ultimate)
Dominic Rose
Dominic Rose 13 hours ago
the power position really sucks my computer fell on the first week I got it because my feet got into the cable and projected it on the solid floor. Now obviously I know I have to put the cable carefully behind the computer but they should put a warning sticker or put the plug behind. I managed to fix it with tape except one usb port which got broken because something was plugged when it fell.
Konrad Johnson
Konrad Johnson 13 hours ago
As a 2018 15" MacBook Pro owner I feel so fooled.
amjad akram
amjad akram 13 hours ago
dear friend can I install precision touchpad driver in asus laptop ?please do reply on my mail.I am very curious to change to precision TP driver...thanks a lot... amjakram@gmail.com
treasures nine
treasures nine 13 hours ago
MSI vs. HASEE. HASEE WIN. for some series like morden, same mold, half price. lol
Wasis Haryo Sasoko
Wasis Haryo Sasoko 13 hours ago
If you don't use Apple ecosystem, there is no reason to switch. I will pick samsung any day over apple, just because I don't want to stuck to apple ecosystem.
Arthur 5
Arthur 5 13 hours ago
review the p smart z
Doug Clark
Doug Clark 13 hours ago
As someone that is a professional software developer, web developer, graphic designer, and amateur content (music and, to a lesser extent, video) creator, Apple's current gen MBP's have been a huge "meh." I only upgraded to the 2016 because my 2011 was basically hanging on to dear life, and I've since traded it in for a 2018 with basically base specs (since it was *still* faster than my $4400 MBP only two years earlier). Sure, it's much faster and much more responsive, and I really do like USB-C/TB3, but I've never felt the mobile experience was any better than an 8 year old machine - some things were done better (the touchpad and its weight) and many were done worse (keyboard, Touch Bar). This, however, is finally a MacBook Pro worthy of the Pro moniker. A physical escape key and *arrow keys that make sense*, not to mention a keyboard that gives you actual feedback when you type. The Touch Bar is now less of a "really, Apple, y u do that?" and more of a "oh, okay, this actually works" kind of thing (though it still needs haptic feedback and introduction into their wireless keyboards, IMO). The 1 TB and 2 TB SSD upgrade options are now within reach financially - the choice most people will make - but an 8 TB option for the clinically insane (or those that need to work on 4K footage without an external drive). And, from what I've seen in the benchmarks, the 5kM video cards absolutely *smoke* the Vega chips, even with the lowest powered option. Finally, Apple has made a MBP that's excellent, simply by addressing its user's concerns.
Selvaraaju M
Selvaraaju M 13 hours ago
What's this hackintosh cost??
Domo the Animeyer
Domo the Animeyer 14 hours ago
You can get a model with 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD for $900 on Amazon atm
Андрей Чайка
Какое достижение технологий! Но оценить по достоинству мало кто может раз используют данное изобретение для удовлетворения временных иллюзий.
Nikil Ragav
Nikil Ragav 14 hours ago
Wait your undervolted prestige 14 rendered faster than the stealth? That's not too shabby then...
Meh meth
Meh meth 14 hours ago
I think the camera design is better at ipad though rather than iphone weirdly fit or id say awkward looking
Vina Baska
Vina Baska 14 hours ago
this thing like most other thicc taiwan laptop brands UGLY AF
Encik Demure
Encik Demure 14 hours ago
Iphone SE!!!