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Wither Wolf
Wither Wolf 59 minutes ago
Man you got better with animations
Thomi ;
Thomi ; Hour ago
f*ck yea
ברק נקש
ברק נקש Hour ago
I think you might like Dragon' Dogma
Tito4Life Hour ago
Did you even sleep when you were making this?
Random Polygon
the god of war is perfect on normal, but on the higher difficulties the game get really unbalanced. and no i don't say that because it gets harder. normal enemies deal more damage than bosses. everything but the special attacks become almost useless, and some of the bosses attacks become one shots which are never fun. the closes game i have seen to having a perfect combat is devil may cry 5.
Emilian Dumitrașcu
And then we have the best game ever... MUCK! Wait Dani is already here .
EnderShel Hour ago
Yeah, I have to agree with the clarity one. I like it when I just know where the bosses weak spot is I don't like when the game tells me where it is there's a reason I love Luigi's mansion 3 the bosses are really fun in that game.
Shadow Cube
Shadow Cube Hour ago
1 thing I like about fortnite is back then, people didn't know how to do certain stuff (building, aiming, etc). But for the past 3 years, is where the evolution comes in play. You see people would just use stair to go up having a lot of danger for you (unless it wasn't that high or were heading to a cliff/mountain) but now people use defenses around their builds, not only does evolution take part here but also controls (using multiple buttons at once). And the very last ingredient (the one where you know what the fuck is going on) people back then wouldn't know wtf was going on and would either panic or just do something random (like shooting in the air or the opposite direction of the player) now people look all around themselves to see if there is any danger and to understand what is going on. In other games (example: CoD: Modern warfare I would get hit from somewhere
Raiden Hour ago
Games should use every button on the controller and playing it should be like playing a piano Sounds like Devil May Cry 5
Pixeleer Hour ago
obviously minecraft
JJDJ7 Hour ago
Dove Murray
Dove Murray Hour ago
Hollow Knight fits this list well!!
Ookami Hour ago
2:56 me when CircleToons drops a video
Pengxiang Wang
Still not as hard as S-ranking jsab mortal combat with no dashing
。。 Hour ago
i want god of war except cutesy and rainbow filled
Yokina Hour ago
I was part of the live audience, things got a little wild
Just play fighting games. Literally everything you said. Get over the wall of: "I want to do my favorite/cool moves whenever I want and not when the situation dictates." And fighting games have the best combat.
Heinz Mann
Heinz Mann Hour ago
This is definetely your best Video ever! Tysm for this masterpiece
Ookami Hour ago
You’re so amazing and I love your vids you need to be preserved 💚
Shredder91 Hour ago
Mr Meme
Mr Meme Hour ago
1:47 escanor be like
ProtoBomber Hour ago
Tis 3 blocks tall
getting shot! someone's gonna pay for that!
07:19 Assasins Creed: So anyways here's a skill that lets you automatically loot dead enemies. Lol he actually mentioned it.
DarkRobin Myths
Fully animated CircleToons time?... Heck yeah!
Mr Guy
Mr Guy Hour ago
In my opinion castle crashes is the greatest all rounder game. Music, combat, design is all amazing.
Ozzie M
Ozzie M Hour ago
finally someone mentioned Ultra Kill!
Peter Jacob
Peter Jacob Hour ago
This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. 1 John 4:9 My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. John 15:12 Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful. Colossians 3:15
Alejandro Mena
To be honest, although my idea and perspective on a video game's quality may not be as sophistacated, I do find many details in the video very relatble. A game must have a sense of diversity and accomplishment simultaneously. That it will allow you a variety of movesets, tools, buffs, and etc, yet still give you both space to expirement and a path to follow in case one feels lost. And even yet, games should indeed be challenging and give that player considerbly difficicult obstacles to overcome. We all know the reason we escape to this virtual reality is to avoid the hardships and the harsh reality that is life, yet both worlds share similar emotions and principles that not only gives one the inspiration and material to grow, but to also show them to appreciate and value that experience. In the end, the journey to the end may seem exciting or underwhelming, yet it doesnt deny the fact that the destination is *just* as important as the journey. That's , what I believe, what truly makes a great game. The ultimate feeling of satisfaction.
2:54 I need a shower
Matt Ward Productions
fair. Turn based combat is very different than real time and it's always important to remember this. XCOM 2 is one of the best games ever made, but the combat cannot be compared to an fps except that it can be fucking bullshit what the fuck how did you miss the sectoid at POINT BLANK RANGE AND WHY ARE YOU NOW SNIPING ME WITH YOUR SHOTGUN BECAUSE THE SECTOID CONTROLLED YOU FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
Dawid Pasieka
Dawid Pasieka Hour ago
As for the vid - creating the perfect game requires SO much work. And SO much money. Have you heard about CDPRed crunches? They were sitting a buttload of hours creating the W3, and when you think about it - its mechanics arent really.. innovative or complex. They WANTED to explore it, but yeah.. It's a ducking business man, a company CEO wants to get largest amount of income (moniez moniez) possible with smallest effort put into that, like cost/income ratio or smth. What I mean is that you need a really dedicated team for that.. But it will take time. It's ducking complex topic man, you can say same thing for narrative - we already have the tech to consider every player choice, but companies don't implement it. Why? Simplification, I think. Feel free to disagree, I actually would love to discuss that with someone, even with different view Sorry for bad eng lol PS: Love you man
Sasha Czech
Sasha Czech Hour ago
WOAH video good much laughter unga bunga
Shazam Guy
Shazam Guy Hour ago
"Games that require you to hit the counter button a million times are fucking stupid" Bold words from a man who just recommended Sekiro
LFN Gaming
LFN Gaming Hour ago
WHY everyone talking Bout KARLSON karlson you don’t know What karlson is?... KArLsOn Is JuST tHe 16Th WiShLisTESTEd oN StEaM Dani.
Ammazer 122
Ammazer 122 Hour ago
Hearts of Iron 4 has the best combat in any video game.
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee Hour ago
Syed Ali
Syed Ali Hour ago
The audience was not having it.
Raimaster 79
Raimaster 79 Hour ago
Only in circle toon's world are the people 3 blocks tall lol
BrainerHD Hour ago
This video made my day so much better! xD
Dawid Pasieka
Dawid Pasieka Hour ago
There are many programmers that have no graphics. Graphics that cannot program. Those, who can - but have no design skills.. You have designed perfectcombatTM part + your animation/video/etcetc skills = just create a team and do something!!! I would love to see a game with your sense of humor & jokes implemented. And ofc, at least one npc with TheVoiceTM
Just Another Human
So, Dead Cells.
gargoyle Hour ago
ok 🤘😎
GAME NERD Hour ago
Mmm god
Oatmealboi Hour ago
Personally the game with the best combat system I’ve ever played would be ghost of tsushima
HatGuy Hour ago
woah, its animated
11:11 probably just a mistake but monster Hunter was there and Titan fall 2 wasn’t again probably mistake. I have a f£*# gun don’t F£*# try me!
That1Dude Hour ago
All hail Borguflung
8-bitato Hour ago
I like card games with an actual world to move in like wizard 101 (I like the idea but the pay to play is insane for a free title) and hexaria [on roblox] (it is quite lacking in content though since it is just a small title from a small dev team)
Rhyme Hour ago
world record would be jumping off the table and landing on his head
MartialistKS Hour ago
Monster Hunter
MooshPaw Hour ago
"your toaster to-" What toaster?
Why is Adam dani and OwO all here
C Hour ago
fallout 4
xSkibot Hour ago
I'd love to play a video game with circletoons' art.
Coto. Hour ago
This is actually pretty interesting
castle crasher 6
God of war! Me an Xbox player R.I.P
Casper Tak
Casper Tak Hour ago
So. Horizon zero Dawn?
Jon Paul d Baptist
Callllll of duty is goood
Ky1i3 Hour ago
"What was the secret treasure?" "Honestly? It was kind of lame, t'was like 30 gold and a ebon..." "A NEW HAND TOUCHES THE BEACON!!" "Oh god damn it"
Colin szenes
Colin szenes Hour ago
Dark souls good, assassins creed bad!
The Art1cReaper
I agree with everything that was said, and ima take this into account when I’m making my game. Thanks for the tips
Personificat25 _
Great video!!!
Aadam Anwar
Aadam Anwar Hour ago
Yakuza combat is fun as fuck.
Tianfall|2 matches all of these for the perfect game,
RAT Toe Hour ago
5:34 for honor
753.network Hour ago
I recommend trying out Chivalry 2 for a good example of how melee combat can feel more satisfying in first-person rather than third-person.
Roku Roku
Roku Roku Hour ago
God I love your video they make me laugh 😅.
Hot Potato
Hot Potato Hour ago
biological boi
Seeing the characters move so fluidy feels so unnatural from this guy.
SpaghettiX Hour ago
Oh no, not the corn-soup....
Jonathan Hour ago
Nice video essay, ese
ShadowBoxr Hour ago
Ive been getting into game deving and this seems super useful tysm <3
biological boi
Everyone gangsta until circletoons makes another youtube aimator level animation.
Joshua Arredondo
Would it matter if I had a checkmark change my mind
Leo Lamb
Leo Lamb Hour ago
Dude i think last of us 1 and 2 should have been in the vid
The Ap-Sap
The Ap-Sap Hour ago
This is why I love Half Life.
Stacey Clarke
Stacey Clarke Hour ago
Finally someone understands god of war is DA BOMB