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Kitchen Nightmares
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Ender 3 hours ago
Ladies and gentlemen we got em
Deventh 3 hours ago
Why is 1 person cooking for 300 while 20 are just watching him? This is absolute horse shit, Ramsay and you know it.
Ahzar 3 hours ago
Richard looks like he's gave up on life in general 😂
O Neydi Gız
O Neydi Gız 3 hours ago
tasfia nawshin
tasfia nawshin 3 hours ago
This guys actually complain?!!
Seretonin Dealer
Seretonin Dealer 3 hours ago
I amcarbonandotherbits.
Contrary to popular belief Gordon Ramsay does indeed have taste buds.
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Tanie Baker
Tanie Baker 3 hours ago
Aww sweet young lady trying to help her family. Could be out doing wrong. She will be blessed!!! ❤️
Conrad Vega
Conrad Vega 3 hours ago
You couldn't pay me to eat in san Francisco
Alvin aleh
Alvin aleh 3 hours ago
Funny thing is he made,the same size burger on GMA
silksoul 3 hours ago
He is such a drama actor
Simon Ginks
Simon Ginks 3 hours ago
0:01 “It’s a grilled lettuce. Can’t go wrong.”
UrAvgGamer 3 hours ago
What is that thumbnail?!?!
Fabrizio Roveda
Fabrizio Roveda 3 hours ago
"It's rotten you fucking idiots" Had me dying
Ricardo Aquino
Ricardo Aquino 3 hours ago
99% Ramsay don’t like the food , papá John is different style then p hot . My mom makes the best mole and none of my aunt makes the same, still that’s the best for them. Is about test an perception. What is god for some people is not for others.
Slyr 12
Slyr 12 3 hours ago
Accusing Gordon Ramsay to plant that mouse there is very rude. He even can't give a damn on the food you serve what more by accusing him by planting it there
Sky Howler
Sky Howler 3 hours ago
That girls brows look like a halloween happy meal.
azriel marduk
azriel marduk 3 hours ago
I do not see any cook using the stove.
OnlyHolyy 3 hours ago
This family is like a Philly crack addict family living in the sewers trying to run a crack house business but someone either smokes it all or makes it wrong, leading into WW3 in the lab just like this Italic family
Zach W
Zach W 3 hours ago
Jumping Jake
Jumping Jake 3 hours ago
BENZDIK 3.0 3 hours ago
Chef C
Chef C 3 hours ago
Hungry Howies 101
Bryam Vasquez
Bryam Vasquez 3 hours ago
1:10 when my girl wanna suck it but she's hesitant
Tha_Monsta88 3 hours ago
Wheres nino in this.
Charlote Agari
Charlote Agari 3 hours ago
*Lobster laying upside down* He’s sleeping
Wii U
Wii U 3 hours ago
He seems like he enjoys trying to fit it in his mouth
Pewdiepie 3
Pewdiepie 3 3 hours ago
That is not an australian meat pie
Chris Russell
Chris Russell 3 hours ago
needed more waitress... i could listen to the accent all day...
iLectus 3 hours ago
Im danish and i cant believe how much they are disrespecting denmark by maling a danish resteraunt and they srent even danish
Danilo Petković
Danilo Petković 3 hours ago
Everybody who says "I am not deluded" is probably deluded
CHRIST IN ME 3 hours ago
Gordon sips restaurant water, Gordon: dry, bland.
musicvixen24 3 hours ago
What a waste of freaking food!
Eric Schimmer
Eric Schimmer 3 hours ago
And thousands die of hunger every hour.
cenovio Pereira
cenovio Pereira 4 hours ago
The raw burgers are the chefs fault actually, not the owners bad ideas
ItzMemphis Playz
ItzMemphis Playz 4 hours ago
Her face looks like a barber doll being dumped on the road but still making that face expression
Switchslash 4 hours ago
Mgamer0910 Gaming
Mgamer0910 Gaming 4 hours ago
At 45:22 look in The background some chef is drinking directly from a carafe
#OUTLANDISH 4 hours ago
Kabob the builder
Mette Jakobsen
Mette Jakobsen 4 hours ago
They even spelt The name Flemming wrong. The food is not Danish. Embarresing.
TechnoWizard 413
TechnoWizard 413 4 hours ago
My grandma is 101 year old. (I'm not even joking)
Will Bentley
Will Bentley 4 hours ago
That first waiter killed me "oh ur serious"
Rezim Doc
Rezim Doc 4 hours ago
make it 11 years
cowboymemebop 4 hours ago
Grace should be a muppet
Dario Aron
Dario Aron 4 hours ago
josh real
josh real 4 hours ago
I knew the comments would be gold lol heemmmm hemmm new ringtone lol
Badguy Birdie
Badguy Birdie 4 hours ago
Alternate titles included: "Restaurant owner with severe depression on verge of suicide as he is ridiculed by his employees and by renowned celebrity chef" 3:25
Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin 4 hours ago
I kinda like greasy pizza tho
Ty Marshall
Ty Marshall 4 hours ago
they should Listen to Chef Gordon Ramsay because A. he's trying to Help you and B. He knows a lot more than they do
Sunshine Sunashi
Sunshine Sunashi 4 hours ago
3:09 her proud look awwnnn!!
Zac Mahoney
Zac Mahoney 4 hours ago
So we gonna ignore that guys haircut at 2:51?
Dan The Man
Dan The Man 4 hours ago
Ramsey talked street thuggery 1st
Brendan Schuler
Brendan Schuler 4 hours ago
Worker: We guarantee you are not about to succumb to those chitlins! Gordon: *succumbs to those chitlins* Owner: You weren’t supposed to do that
I m melting
CHRIST IN ME 4 hours ago
Why was I hearing; 2:40 Mitch: I need one fish and chips special. Chefs: yes b*tch.
Tabby Kitty
Tabby Kitty 4 hours ago
Son tells truth. Parents won't accept this and, because they are parents an d think they are always right, even when they are wrong and chase customers out. The mom does like certain customers better and treat them nice and are mean to other customers. They should get sued for discrimination by the customers they treat mean perhaps. Son probably does watch TV when no customers around, but does serves customers when they come in, Son gets the restaurant on slow days Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs so not to many customers on those days I think I is ok for son to watch TV when no customers are around. Actually, I know many small business restaurant and stores that have TVs in the stores. And tV entertain the customers too when they wait for food or service
Hermione Lestrange
Hermione Lestrange 4 hours ago
I was hungry before watching this, I don’t think I still am.
Bill Coxon
Bill Coxon 4 hours ago
11:00 is me beating it every night
Σταυρος Κουλαρας
"If you serve that in Greece, you get thrown overboard." As a Greek, that was funny af and so true. If a Greek mother who knows how to cook eats that, don't expect to escape without missing at least a limb
D K 4 hours ago
Gordon Ramsay single handed turned off restaurants. I eat home now and only go out for drinks
Jess D
Jess D 4 hours ago
While I don't doubt that the sushi pizza was disgusting, sushi grade fish has to be frozen at extremely low temperatures in order to kill parasites. FDA recommends it and NYC laws require establishments to do so before serving it to customers. Also Miso soup is supposed tobe salty....
Francois du Randt
Francois du Randt 4 hours ago
Karen.... is that you?
CHRIST IN ME 4 hours ago
Gordon: this tastes like 54 years old. Nino: we've been selling that for 54 years.
Naël Dls
Naël Dls 4 hours ago
"Jesus. I'd rather get fucking divorced"
Aaqibplayz 4 hours ago
In Mexico you get shit if you cook like that what the
Liam Behan
Liam Behan 4 hours ago
She should be sacked
CrusaderZirαs 4 hours ago
You were right. That is an insult to pizza and Japanese food.
alex jomain
alex jomain 4 hours ago
He called him a Chipmunk 😂
Liam Behan
Liam Behan 4 hours ago
What's the big joke?
samftd 4 hours ago
The chef must be laughing inside lol
sanmathiin 4 hours ago
He's scottish btw!
Antwon Perry
Antwon Perry 4 hours ago
FAKE the mouse was a paid actor
Noet Games
Noet Games 4 hours ago
It was a Nein
Saroche Ali Jiskani
Gordon: its disgusting Owner: whats wrong with it? Gordon: its disgusting Owner: what you didn’t like about it? Gordon: its disgusting Owner: can you say something else? Gordon: its disgusting
Bear! 4 hours ago
*Execute Order 86*
Auros x
Auros x 4 hours ago
I can tell how much Gordon Ramsay wanted to kill himself for this
KriKriHD 4 hours ago
1:24 Excuse me what?
Joshua Dep
Joshua Dep 4 hours ago
On behalf of Australia I would like to apologize, our pies are the best, nothing like a Ms. macs after a long day
LebowskiPlays 4 hours ago
Is this a repost?
MinhTri Crocydile
MinhTri Crocydile 4 hours ago
Shit just got a gordon ramsay ad before this
ramos1258 4 hours ago
Gordon. Ask the chef where the dish originated from. Chef. Oh for fuks sake. lol
Lordgie Capili Lordgie Capili
I like the part when Gordon liked the food
1960's Clint Eastwood
This is a very common ordeal for Italian families. I know...
Chris Russell
Chris Russell 4 hours ago
was alan an aussie once? i detected bit of a twang there, but cant quite place it...
POOP POP 4 hours ago
Oh shit I got a Gordon ad on his own vid
Meme plug69
Meme plug69 4 hours ago
This is what are food looks like at are school
xXcringe -alert
xXcringe -alert 4 hours ago
I love how almost everyone in the comments are kicking off about the coats and not the food XD
ESC Nerd
ESC Nerd 4 hours ago
0:56 I have never seen him more angry than this.
S Camacho
S Camacho 4 hours ago
Narcissist owner, get away from him.
Expressionless 4 hours ago
1:05 No offence but it looks like maggots donut.
Aless S
Aless S 4 hours ago
Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa
"You wouldn't find gum under my tables." "Hehehehe" *Nobody's going to find your body either...*
mike gold
mike gold 4 hours ago
World war 8 Italian Kitchen 🔫🔫🚀🚀🔥🔥🔥🔥💢💢💢💨💨
Tarik Ozturk
Tarik Ozturk 5 hours ago
FIVE STAR GAMING 5 hours ago
That is not soup it looks like vomit
Cat Blue
Cat Blue 5 hours ago
When Karen is the manager
Aiman Anuar 69
Aiman Anuar 69 5 hours ago
Chef Mike the best employee lol😂😂😂😂
Fezz Allen
Fezz Allen 5 hours ago
to the head chef , get ur fucking right mind turned on pls .. u said it was a homemade .. a homemade should prepare from fresh ingredients .. not a frozen .. if u freeze them too long , the taste is gone ! especially if u put them together with other meats ( pork , chicken , fish , etc ) it will make the taste more worst .. and absolutely taste like canned dog food !