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AbuBakr Akram
AbuBakr Akram 4 hours ago
I feel like if you looked her in the eye and told her she’s not perfect, she’d be okay with it. But the moment you start being less vague and breaking it down, really getting into the nitty-gritty of HOW she’s not perfect, she tunes out. She takes everything you say and autocorrects it to one word: “shit.” Really, she seems to think that ANY actual constructive criticism is the same as saying she’s shit, that what she’s made is garbage. There’s a disconnect, where she doesn’t realize that all that criticism translates not to “shit,” but to “imperfect.”
Yojimbo413 4 hours ago
Yelp lol
DrNoobinator ROBLOX
My mum makes the best tuna bake
Your Dad
Your Dad 4 hours ago
guys, look at the description
Thesaladlives Oncemore
“I hope he likes something....” After being rude af to your own employees and disagreeing on if the food was microwaved or not
TheCogMan 4 hours ago
That made me cringe. “Where as someone people will go on holidays or go out for a meal, I save my pennies and buy a plate.”
Reserved Cringe
Reserved Cringe 4 hours ago
Bitch lasagna
Dyi Mi
Dyi Mi 4 hours ago
Well, i had been a bum, cant get any jobs. Had to take up errands or part time job offers which only pays 2 to 10$ a day and in a worst case scenario employers that only give food for your services. Had been scammed. In my good days got mugged. A lot of misfortunes before i earned a living. Back then people in the neighborhood where i live call me a joke cause they think my life is a joke which i completely agree. So now when people tell me that i’m a joke, i laugh out hard cause its true in contrast to their pupose which is just to degrade you. I got my own business now so its all good.
JawbreakerXD 4 hours ago
"Just like Mama use to make?" Who's mama? Not my mama! -Mays Gilliam, Head of State.
David Allen
David Allen 4 hours ago
A lot of people don’t like that they’re raw.
Pickle Juice
Pickle Juice 4 hours ago
I like how he still respects the waiters, because there are just doing their job
Jacob Johansen
Jacob Johansen 4 hours ago
i like that David guy. he knows that the food he is making is bad due to the food they are buying. he seems like a man that had given up and only focussing on his payroll. but when Gordon came back he thought no let me show him that i can cook and it's the owners fault really great to see!
lucky gringo
lucky gringo 4 hours ago
She definitely has an angry wasp stuck up her twat✋👀👈
FRIDAYZRULE 4 hours ago
"They sent a burger with a TATA in the middle" 😂😂😂
Yuiowoshimataiwotoi ariowagatai
6:38 best voice ever do
Steven Gardner
Steven Gardner 4 hours ago
Gordon Cushman
Gordon Cushman 4 hours ago
Manager wanted the money in his paychecks not in the kitchen
Alina Iwanov
Alina Iwanov 4 hours ago
nobody: that bitch: i Am a MeDiUm RaRe GiRl
Archie Allen
Archie Allen 4 hours ago
6:38 That is exactly what someone who is in denial would say.
AgentIce gaming
AgentIce gaming 4 hours ago
KEY worD you did a great job
Jaianah Wilkerson
Jaianah Wilkerson 4 hours ago
"He hates our pizza." Her: :O Everyone else: *straight face* why are u surprised?
gaming with toms and freimds
I'm an Australian and that pie is not a single bit like a meat pie in australia
beep boop
beep boop 4 hours ago
not related but i really want a gordon ramsay mukbang
No name !
No name ! 4 hours ago
"You stucker little bitch" haha
viodio tutti
viodio tutti 4 hours ago
Another insult to italian food abroad.
Elliott Settle
Elliott Settle 4 hours ago
Fat that American beach big up the UK
nini 4 hours ago
is that watermelon though? sjsjsjsj
Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th 4 hours ago
Chef Ramsey's should have said ,"I'm bald and I farted on the meatballs ". The chef would have repeated it .😂
City is my England
City is my England 4 hours ago
Ravioli Ravioli, give me the formuoli
viodio tutti
viodio tutti 4 hours ago
gravysauce 4 hours ago
of course its thotiana
EMMA NONE OF YOURS 4 hours ago
I thought I was hungry but never fucking mind...I feel like 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 might need to take my protonix!!!!
Mitchell C
Mitchell C 4 hours ago
That pizza was steaming, soggy af.
Loolaa Maamoo
Loolaa Maamoo 4 hours ago
*Garfield wants to know your location*
Nasher1805 4 hours ago
"Gordon ramsay -loves pranks- " Not a single prank in the video Before I get no likes *NINOOOOO*
rebecca xoxo
rebecca xoxo 4 hours ago
2:29 Shit my boobs No i cant
SkyCatJay 4 hours ago
Rip Genevieve :(
Cyril 2.0
Cyril 2.0 4 hours ago
mdr si sa aurai etait en france, philipe etchebest les aurai arraché
Justice Warrior
Justice Warrior 4 hours ago
Poop bag
John Bilkey
John Bilkey 4 hours ago
Jon, where is the lasaga?
denn7s 4 hours ago
gordon: *likes the food* everyone: 😮
Quire 4 hours ago
*It's focking raaaaw!*
kitty mom
kitty mom 4 hours ago
Call Gordon in America we do call a cottage pie and shepherd's pie because we don't eat all that much lamb here.
Presley Gaming
Presley Gaming 4 hours ago
The waiter:*Says food is microwaved* People in the back: *Say sike right now*
OrlithT 4 hours ago
"WE JUST CONTAMINATED THE WHOLE F**KING PLACE!" Anit-vax people: *chuckles* "I'm in danger."
DeezNutz 4 hours ago
Gen: hey Gordon our restuarant needs help Employs/Gordon: gives feedback Gen: there bullying me
Leechanli17 5 hours ago
Rest in peace Genevieve...
Carlos Dungog
Carlos Dungog 5 hours ago
The best ending sound ever
Piper Fortner
Piper Fortner 5 hours ago
Prozac is medicine for depression
Emi Moore
Emi Moore 5 hours ago
6:40 The priest giggles as Saint Gordon saves them from gastrointestinal hell.
Kougeru 5 hours ago
"Genevieve doesn't shut up". Uh, she's telling Gordon the fucking truth. Because he needs to know the truth in order to HELP YOU. Tatiana cares more about looking good than the restaurant succeeding
Olivia Adams
Olivia Adams 5 hours ago
this video is making my box mac and cheese look reallllllyyyyy good right now
Lmao Zedong
Lmao Zedong 5 hours ago
gordon: *gets water* "its dry"
the week
the week 5 hours ago
Damn Amy fine asl tho
Andrew Clinton
Andrew Clinton 5 hours ago
I'm sorry, but they grilled their romaine in the Bon Apetite test kitchen, so it mush be legit.
Nebin Geo Alex
Nebin Geo Alex 5 hours ago
Gordon 0 - Bitch lasagna 1
Duffy Moon
Duffy Moon 5 hours ago
I can cook better than chef Ramsey.
Jerry's Fat Gaming
Jerry's Fat Gaming 5 hours ago
damn how this channel keep getting clips from a show that ended ages ago. the gift that keeps on giving
Sam Rogers
Sam Rogers 5 hours ago
Omq_ It’sCamryn04
"been in here since thanksgiving" " *I T S J U L Y* "
branndon g
branndon g 5 hours ago
And here we see the stupid or crazy Chief in its natural habitat.... I’m gonna poke it with a stick *pokes the Chief with a stick and gets a scream of pain and anger* He’s Angry
Out Of The Blue
Out Of The Blue 5 hours ago
Loving the description 👌
pheonix _
pheonix _ 5 hours ago
robert santiago
robert santiago 5 hours ago
They put a fucking meme in the description, whoever runs this channel deserves a raise
Copy and Paste
Copy and Paste 5 hours ago
Theblueberrymuffin _playz
Me : HMmM tHoSe NaCHOs lOOk GoOd 😛 . . . Gordon : DiSGusTIng Also me : EwW *secrelty craving the nachos *
TheTechnicGuy 5 hours ago
Okay lets just be honest the Mother is an absolute asshole I mean honestly lets look at 1:23 where she just sits and smiles bruh cant stand people like that i mean how do u become such a bad person?
lukus black
lukus black 5 hours ago
The man has a lot of balls. I don't know if I'd be able to take a bite out of some of these. That "lasagna"... I could probably stand the humiliation of most of those, but I'd crawl under a rock of someone dissed my pizza.
c law
c law 5 hours ago
Oh my god what is go in on? xD
Gabby G
Gabby G 5 hours ago
Gordon: "is it microwaved?" Server: "it might be" Owner: "dont answer a question you dont know" Gordon: "it tastes microwaved" Owner: "uh yes it is" * dafuq???*
white vanilla
white vanilla 4 hours ago
That wasn't the owner. After the lady said it is microwaved the owner was like "let me answer his questions" yet she didn't give any kind of answer lmao what a witch
jassi singh
jassi singh 4 hours ago
The person who said yes was a different person but still a valid point
Marcus Huynh
Marcus Huynh 5 hours ago
Atleast she dosent scream or get mad at Gordon
Jose Morales
Jose Morales 5 hours ago
its funny af when gordon takes the priest food. it kinda looks like the priest was confused and disappointed lmao
Zayav 5 hours ago
RyRy Wags
RyRy Wags 5 hours ago
Haven't even started to watch video, but the lassana looks like someone pooped 💩 on the plate!
Caitlyn Wong
Caitlyn Wong 5 hours ago
The editing is genius i swear
D Hang
D Hang 5 hours ago
If u can't have fun at work like Ricky u have a shitty job!
cute mirror
cute mirror 5 hours ago
i felt so much second hand embarrasment.......
BlazeRoD 5 hours ago
This was an odd episode, where a selfless owner was in debt, instead of an arrogant owner.
The Analytical Menace
0:59 TMW you hum the ominous music to your own show because you know the food is going to suck hard. XD
2 GIRLS 1 KARL 5 hours ago
I'm always happy to see that my mom's dishes are better than each and every one of this resturant's
cute mirror
cute mirror 5 hours ago
the dude with the black sweater and mustache(rick) was a mood lol...
DennisP10 5 hours ago
2:20 she's a medium rare girl 😆😂👍
Oui Clowning
Oui Clowning 5 hours ago
Nobody: The description of the video:"ravioli ravioli gimme the formuoli"
cute mirror
cute mirror 5 hours ago
when the father blessed his food i died....lol....
Rao Shahzaib
Rao Shahzaib 5 hours ago
It's gross It's dreadful It's bland It's hideous. It's focking disgusting. Gordon's dictionary!!
DeezNutz 5 hours ago
I can make a better home made pizza on a 10$ budget
Xtra _
Xtra _ 5 hours ago
ItS SwEEt TeA!!
Justin Blakwpe
Justin Blakwpe 5 hours ago
Looks quite nice tbh
Terra Novei
Terra Novei 5 hours ago
The food here is looking mighty tasty at 2:00am
rcmgamer218 5 hours ago
Ordered at 8:00pm, and it’s 10:10pm. Those ladies have some patience.
branndon g
branndon g 5 hours ago
That so called Greece Chief was struggling to even even remember where he is form no native of any country or state has to struggle to remember where they are form they will proudly tell you there form with out a missing a beat
Skye-Lilly Parrish
Skye-Lilly Parrish 5 hours ago
dont kick gordon out!!!
Oliver J
Oliver J 5 hours ago
Read the caption 😂
Hirmu Rölli
Hirmu Rölli 5 hours ago
Wtf gordon that food looks so yum. What do you mean
jamie_the_dunce 5 hours ago
branndon g
branndon g 5 hours ago
SOMEONE ARREST THE CHIEF/OWNER FOR BAD FOOD Edit: not the female owner the stupid arrogant male owner
Andree 5 hours ago
5:48 The part you're here for.
Mai Majid
Mai Majid 5 hours ago
*recognizes disgusting-ass lasagna from 100s of previous videos* *sees title* *surprised pikachu face*