The official RUvid page of the NBA on TNT
ABock4 20 hours ago
I love CWB! Most entertaining man on television!
BcD L 21 hour ago
Where is Chuck, shaq and Kenny? Why have they not spoken out?
Jose Cotolopez
Jose Cotolopez 21 hour ago
Lebron James does not become involved with Riots when is related to NBA championship celebrations or other conflict. He should do the same Now, Celebrities like Jamie Foxx and Oprah don't need help
Timothy Folsom
Timothy Folsom 22 hours ago
There's something wrong about a white man riding a black man
AndrewLifts 22 hours ago
Soo many memories 👍
K 22 hours ago
Swin Cash is so sexy.
Richie Hunt
Richie Hunt 22 hours ago
In HS he had an interesting style because he would utilize old school, back to the defender type moves mixed with modern shake -n-bake and crossover moves. He actually could dunk with ease in high school. When he got to college he didn't quite have the explosiveness he used to have, but was still very quick with a tremendous basketball IQ and he all but abandoned the old school back to defender stuff for stuff that was well ahead of its day. Not a great shooter, but a great clutch shooter. He was a real life Bugs Bunny as a basketball player and he made all of the defenders look like a bunch of Elmer Fudd's and Yosemite Sam's and after scoring a basket or giving a great assist, he'd jog down the court with a smile on his face as to say 'Ain't I a stinker?' I don't know if he was the most electrifying college player ever, but he was the most fun. In particular because he exuded a likeable personality and it made it easier to derive joy from watching him leaving those Elmer Fudd's and Yosemite Sam's in his dust.
JenJay 016
JenJay 016 23 hours ago
Thank you for talking about this!
Kyla Cook
Kyla Cook Day ago
Lol the kid rejected Kenny he just wanted chuck
Lan And
Lan And Day ago
Trump 2020
Eugene Ax
Eugene Ax 21 hour ago
Not voting for him.
Asian person on YouTube
This man wears old looking jeans when green shoes. What an alpha
Bo Rood
Bo Rood Day ago
Swim Cash? That's her name? I'd swim into that cash, she's fine.
Tray Tray
Tray Tray Day ago
7 day's of protests and the protesters, cops, and military personnel are not falling dead from coronavirus??? I thought it was the zombie apocalypse??? Life is a movie and the world is a stage!
Andrew Evans
Andrew Evans Day ago
Someones mental
Da Masse
Da Masse Day ago
Romamb Day ago
There's something seriously wrong with that country. Just isn't an issue here. I hope you solve things one day.
No Dice
No Dice Day ago
Kenny thinks he knows everything.
Brian Day ago
Not what I’m subscribed for. Basketball is supposed to be a distraction from what’s going on in the real world. This is way too political for someone just trying to find an escape from reality for a very short while.
Radoslav Takev Jr.
My name is Radoslav and I am a proud ethnic Bulgarian and I will not change my name to an English one because you can pronounce it better
salty banana
salty banana 22 hours ago
bobby whats up
Romamb Day ago
Excellent input 🤦‍♂️
kash s
kash s Day ago
Why not get the most unknown voices to speak about the most important topic? Earnie and TNT been slipping hard
Paegan1983 Day ago
I've watched Shaq play since LSU. It never ceases to amaze me how massive he is.
Elleowen ARDO
Ernie gets it so much that monthly my brain tries to convince me that he is black.
Romamb Day ago
Because only black people understand?
Udderate Madness
Andy guo
Andy guo Day ago
Everyone vote Ernie for president
Udderate Madness
epic video
David Yen Jr
David Yen Jr Day ago
Ernie Johnson is the man and much respect to Lloyd Pierce, Swim Cash, David Griffin and Alvin Gentry.
Coogi Mane
Coogi Mane Day ago
Ernie "Dramatic Paused" Johnson
Coogi Mane
Coogi Mane Day ago
'You're kind of seeing a tipping point right now in terms of these social issues. It's become at the forefront now, as opposed to just being a local issue. It's something that's carried over and spilled into mainstream. ... You don't just see African-Americans out there protesting. It's not something that you just see in the United States of America. It's become a global thing. ''They're really questioning the justice system and questioning the process of the legal system, and those who have authority and whether or not they're abusing authority, and what's the threshold to use deadly force and so forth. But that's what our nation is founded on. We have the ability to question these things in a peaceful fashion, and that's what makes us a great country, is we have the ability to voice up. We have the platform to speak up, and we have the platform to affect change.'' - KOBE BRYANT #GeorgeFloyd #ICantBreathe #ICannotBreathe #Racism #Bigotry #UnitedStatesOfAmerikKka #JimCrowEra #FuckThePolice #BlackLivesMatter #TakeAKnee #IStandWithYou #RaiseTheDegree #PoliceBrutality #StillIRise #Revolution #NBA #KobeBryant #ThankYouKobe #MambaMentality #Lakers #LosAngelesLakers #Basketball #Activist #AntiRacism #AntiHate #AntiBigotry #BLM #TheyDontCareAboutUs #Protest #Riots
Kyla Cook
Kyla Cook Day ago
I think it's nice that they can have their silly moments but when it comes down to being serious they straighten up real quick.
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Day ago
More race baiting to divide the people...make no mistake all media is in on it.
Desktop User2
a roundtable discussion about race, an automatic unsubscribe
renngretsch Day ago
TNT and 'calm things down' don't go together. The BS on TNT for the last 4 years has helped smash building and hurt people IMO.
FM Games Hub
FM Games Hub Day ago
Great programme Stay safe
Grim Grey
Grim Grey Day ago
Thank you for using your voice! You guys never disappoint!
Cam_Packman Day ago
Romamb Day ago
Here ya fanny 🥇
Owl Owl
Owl Owl Day ago
It's sad but bigs doesn't want to post up any more, even if I'm not a big fan of low post players I'm really starting to miss them
Ty Tolbert
Ty Tolbert Day ago
Lisa judgement is tainted,her kobe was buddy buddy
sydandtaytum Day ago
Carlton Vincent
Charles Barkley you just getting older.
Kareem is number 1.
vegan x
vegan x Day ago
Mr T
Mr T Day ago
Shaq need some icey hot now....
Kyla Cook
Kyla Cook Day ago
Poor Chuck he got coldness and fake snow while Shaq and Ernie got speakers and nice little kits
Kana Beats
Kana Beats Day ago
I'm ready for ernie and the gang to be back, safely of course
Robert Estrada
I love shaq fame never bigger than his heart.hes is an amazing human his smile can someone's day
Frenzy - TLOPO
27% is really good of you imagine that being a high schooler
BMWg84 Day ago
Can we stop making race such a high priority. Just stop talking about it.
nuclear {9}
nuclear {9} Day ago
crayzmoe Day ago
Look at shaq's mammoth size shoes
Trust The Process
Steph Harden KD LeBron AD. What’s so hard about this
Vernon Seymore
Amazing love for the game, astonishing with dignity and a true gentleman at All time...the elegance grace
porscheoscar Day ago
I was a waiter when Shaq came in with his father for breakfast. This was the summer before his rookie year in 1992. Shaq was wearing Teva sandals. He was a shy kid with no money. He had to ask his father Phil for $10 when I brought the check. Phil didnt say a word he just nodded his head and reached for his wallet. Not the first time a college basketball player had no money in his wallet I said to myself. I thought back to watching Shaq go coast to coast and dunking in the NCCA. Even the nerds in the dorm were running around screaming when he did that. No one had ever seen a game of thrones giant run down a basketball court like this. When Shaqfu ordered his breakfast he did in precise Shaq portions "let me get 9 pieces of toast, 6 orange juice, 5 eggs, 8 waters". I started laughing because people never know what they want and here he is telling me precisely the order. He got up to leave and hit his head on this giant chandelier and that thing swung like a giant boat anchor from side to side. I asked him to autograph one my blank restaurant checks and he signed it with his college number #33. I got home and turned on the TV to watch Yo MTV raps with Dr. Dre and Ed Lover and the guest DJ was Shaqfu. This was probably the most stress free summer he ever had...just waiting to become a future Ring doorbell pitch man.
Dan The Man
Dan The Man Day ago
That moment When KG makes Randy moss look like a child when side by side
Paramjot Sandhu
Charles nailed it
Steven Rupp
Steven Rupp Day ago
Jordans are the best shoes ever
Cerus Day ago
Please nobody teach shaq how to box, he’ll break the machine
Aldo Rios
Aldo Rios Day ago
4:24 dicen Diego Maradona
Chuck Taylor
Chuck Taylor Day ago
Just shoes.
Que maricas tan gigantes jaja
Mk Day ago
So he is Nigerian.... why do they keep saying he is Greek?
francoo_ garciaa
Como se nota que nunca vieron fútbol sudamericano
Nick Prohoroff
And people thought only women get stirred with the gift of a magnificent pair of feet coverings.
Actor Kris Mavericko
While in my heart I feel that OF COURSE it'll be heartwarming for all of us to see CB and MJ back as friends, my brain speaks a little differently. Charles is in broadcasting, and he doesn't hold anything back. He speaks the truth, sometimes without even thinking. And WE ALL KNOW that MJ never forgives easily, IF AT ALL he forgives people. So how sure are we that once they're back together as friends, a situation may not arise that would make Charles have to speak an uncomfortable truth about MJ or his work as an owner that would create another rift between the two? If you ask my HONEST opinion, I have a very strong feeling MJ is not keen on having Charles back as a friend, simply because of the latter's outspoken, no-filter nature of honest commentary. Do you guys remember the time - several years ago - when both CB and MJ were on Oprah? Look at MJ's face every time Charles opened his mouth: he looked like he was a little uncomfortable not knowing what truth is going to come out of Charles' mouth that might cause any damage to MJ and/or his image.
Broken Native [-O-]
7:08 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ben Harvey
Ben Harvey Day ago
Can see shaq choking chuck 😂
Ghosty Day ago
Little Did They Know We Won The Chip
Flip Arrachi
Flip Arrachi Day ago
Only Ernie can pull of being a white and Black in a lifetime!!
BOOM BRO Day ago
Thank you so much Ernie 🙏🏽❤️😎
Explozion Day ago
im 14 and got a stronger punch then they guy in the gray suit that hit 211 im 14 and can hit 439
charles laughing is a delight to watch
otakurocklee 2 days ago
Playoff basketball is a completely different thing.
gags00 2 days ago
Shaq: starts Shaqtin a fool Kenny: AWE NO MAN NOT HIM??!
Chawki Belhadi
Chawki Belhadi 2 days ago
Cop outs, the three of them.
Brandon Massie
Brandon Massie 2 days ago
J F 2 days ago
Charles is the GOAT of entertainment!
tigerarmyrule 2 days ago
0.46.class photo line up of Hakeem's former students.
Bdubz_Det 2 days ago
Soooooo basically he knew going in but wanted the challenge anyway.
joethahobo 2 days ago
May is over. This has been lost to the world I guess
erliza montefalcon
I am crazy about Chuck! 😍 Good job on your rendition of My way. 😊
Rikers El
Rikers El 2 days ago
Yeah, I have him top 7. I just think he at point forward hurts him more. He took the PG out of the equation so now he has to do more but 3-6 finals doesn't help
Cece 123
Cece 123 2 days ago
the space jam joke i died
MegaBronsky1 2 days ago
The only good soccer player that play well in NBA was Kobe Bryant
Magnas 2 days ago
Greatest Exec for me. - 6 titles with La Traded norm Nixon so Magic could assume the full pg responsibilities. Got B. Scott in return. Was able to take advantage of Cle’s stupidity in giving up the number 1 pick in 82 Which was James Worthy. - Brought us Shaq & Kobe - Turned Memphis into a playoff team.(50 win turn around) Gave Kob’ Pau - Went to GS and helped build their Dynasty. - Now the clippers are for real. And that’s the thing the Lakers need to worry about, Where Jerry goes, winning happens. Kawhii knew that, it’s the big reason why I believe he’s there now
R Jackson
R Jackson 2 days ago
I love dr j but he put l b before k b no fuckn way
ilan simon
ilan simon 2 days ago
Love the space jam😂
elopez1882 2 days ago
Hello police? Chris Paul tryna beat me up! 😂
Aditya G.M.
Aditya G.M. 2 days ago
The funniest show ever
seymourglass26 2 days ago
Shoulda gone from all 5 standard spots. This was a good enough competition to merit the full play.
Ljiljana Stojanovic
Kids in Europe plays everywhere, they only need ball and two stone for goals, so not expensive
Ljiljana Stojanovic
⚽ is not expensive!
DJ M 2 days ago
This dance is tuff
David Borik
David Borik 2 days ago
Bill Russell was truly ahead of his time back then. In his prime he could of easily took all those guys on stage. Giannis i feel is very much like Russell in how he can run the floor and go hard to the basket.
boyscout 72
boyscout 72 2 days ago
Great ambassador of the Game!!!
MeatySmirk 2 days ago
Pat bevs mom looks younger than him lol
Sebastian Zhu
Sebastian Zhu 2 days ago
When this is all done they should do Shaq vs Charles Barkley.
Gabcariso TV
Gabcariso TV 2 days ago
Brotha your the best!!other post old full game😔shout out from philippines
The Anime bro
The Anime bro 2 days ago
2k put ernie's jumpshot in the game
x6King6x 2 days ago
I wish the league let players talk trash, like it brings so much energy in to the game and the fans even get more crazy seeing it.
cd6xc 2 days ago
Said few words, more than enough. Legend.
John Joyce
John Joyce 2 days ago
Don’t mind me I’m just passing through during quarantine
Mike7021 2 days ago
How many times have destroyed this studio i wonder! :D
Renato Kovačič
Renato Kovačič 2 days ago
give doncic an MVP award already he has more triple doubles than NBA combined this year !!!!!! if he not won MVP award than Will be unfair ......