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Shamila Alawathugoda
I was expecting a design like this, congratulations!!
Zen Zen
Zen Zen 10 hours ago
Make sure you have the same anger for those who sold blacks into slavery in Africa. Ive read books written from former slaves. They'll tell you about being tricked from other blacks in Africa to get on the ships.
Eowyn Wesley Sombilla
Well, I'm glad that the volcano eruptions didn't erupt when I was born. I was born at 2011
Myron Manuirirangi
Myron Manuirirangi 11 hours ago
Amazing!!! Thank you very much for doing this. What is the name of audio track?
sebastian banguis
sebastian banguis 12 hours ago
A. How do you get to the survival kit if you're on top of it? B. If help doesn't reach you in time, you could suffocate C. Of anything hangs off of the bed, you're screwed D. If you're on the top floor, the floor could collapse beneath you and you'd be in a freefall E. This seems very uncomfortable F. If the earthquake passes, how do you get out? G. Heck if the earthquake doesn't even hit at all and it's a false alarm how do you get out? Didn't think of THAT did ya now?
SiniztaUK 12 hours ago
Dude's a Jonah! Keep well clear
Oscar Hero
Oscar Hero 13 hours ago
All ball-earthers agree on the following points: 1) Our FLAT-earth is a lot BIGGER than their imaginary ball-earth. 2) Their little ball earth is scientific without any scientific evidence and scientific formula! 3) The BIGGEST evidence of ball-earth is: A little ball made by them called GLOBE! 🤣🤣🤣
Surfside 15 hours ago
Leave the poor animals alone!!!😐
David duFresne
David duFresne 18 hours ago
Who's watching in 600,000,000 AD? It sucks that an ancient world war caused humans to turn their backs on improving the species and there are only a few of us left now and within a few thousand years at most the last of us will die. We could have been the species to conquer the galaxy but a combination of religion, humanism and arrogance left us with dysgenics where our ancestors were far more intelligent than we are. At least we can watch this great film to see how things once were.
rorschachh 18 hours ago
can it be programmed to make sex with you?
HARPO ! 19 hours ago
Man, look how many times the climate changed without any humans.
Kratos God of war
Kratos God of war 19 hours ago
This is the meaning of champion
Gonca Boliç
Gonca Boliç 20 hours ago
I hope this donest happen;(
LongLong_ TV
LongLong_ TV 20 hours ago
Watching the full vid december 2019
Geoffrey Gachuki
Geoffrey Gachuki 21 hour ago
This just shows one thing: We are not the ones in control. Nature does what nature wants to do.
Sebastien Plaisir
Sebastien Plaisir 21 hour ago
”If we get close we would be incinerated and suffocating in seconds.” 4:05 Cameraman: hold my beer
Gazza 29
Gazza 29 21 hour ago
Very interesting documentary about the infamous battleship. My great uncle was taken off HMS Hood, with an appendercitus, just as the ship was about to sail to intercept the Bismarck.
shivam parmar
shivam parmar 22 hours ago
NASA : We will find life on Mars Me : Why ??? NASA : Because we will make earth, an test site of Nukes used against humans. Here we means (humans)
Zayan Ali
Zayan Ali Day ago
KOLi ViBES Day ago
I gotta give you props for the balls you have! You literally took the same exact video and narrated it WORD FOR WORD from another channel!! Same EXACT EVERYTHING! WOW! You didn't even try to put your own "spin on it" (for lack of better words). You copied this vid verbatim from someone else's channel! It's sad!
Shanty Xu
Shanty Xu Day ago
Jean-Ian Simard
Good thing the operators have seat belts. That way they won't fall out of their chair when they fall asleep.
Oscar Hero
Oscar Hero Day ago
All evolutionists agree that evolution is science without any scientific evidence (science, method, evidence). 🙄🙄🙄
Oscar Hero
Oscar Hero Day ago
Some people are RH+ and some are RH-. WHat is their connection with RHESUS m - o - n - k - e - y?
thetank971 Day ago
I too would be delighted if I was located directly under that thing when it hits. Who the fuck wants to survive after the world launching all its missiles. Then again I'd probably like to survive if for whatever reason I end up in hell for eternity.
K Day ago
Women siding with men, hasn't changed in all those thousands of years. Some wemon can't stand other wemon. So they are mean to them/wemon. Still happens today.
It's always a great day ! Until it isn't & someone gets an arm or leg chomped off.
fortune nese
fortune nese Day ago
i love reading the words of jesus christ everyday he is my lord and savior amen a wealth of unlimited treasures in the holy bible, gods word i say amen jesus christ saves and protects from evilution retarddation and degeneraation and the evotards wail and get triggered
fortune nese
fortune nese Day ago
www.bitchute.com/video/TibCn3ZXXsk/ OMG nasa has just been EXPOSED LOL "I would go back to the moon in a nanosecond but we destroyed the technology and its a painful process to build it up again" Astro-Not Don Pettit
John Smith
John Smith Day ago
Evolution = FACTS!!!!!!!!!
fortune nese
fortune nese Day ago
What did the Air force general say to his pretty secretary ? I want to put my ballistic missile in your silo ! 😂😂😂
Bobbi Jo Epps
It would be better if we could hear them laughing...
Coming to a city near you ! 😀😂
Daniela Vasquez Villaseñor
big head ahh boyy
the the
the the Day ago
there is black slavery hapining today in libbiya and Saudi Arabia. no one is speeking about it
Nicanne9649 Day ago
The best airshow in UAE watch this ruvid.net/video/video-SNcU7EA8VQs.html don't forget to subscribe thanks
jaden summer
jaden summer Day ago
Impressive. But some carriers (airlines) do not accept these bags on their planes. So to speak.
Caylee Hill
Caylee Hill Day ago
I’ll pray for y’all
James Beam
James Beam Day ago
Charles Darwin was the architect of modern racism and misogyny. "At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilised races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace, the savage races throughout the world. At the same time the anthropomorphous apes will no doubt be exterminated. The break between man and his nearest allies will then be wider, for it will intervene between man in a more civilised state, as we may hope, even than the Caucasian, and some ape as low as a baboon, instead of as now between the negro or the gorilla....The chief distinction in the intellectual powers of the two sexes is shown by man’s attaining to a higher eminence, in whatever he takes up, than can woman-whether requiring deep thought, reason, or imagination, or merely the use of the senses and hands.... The average of mental power in man must be above that of woman.... Man has ultimately become superior to woman”(1) --Charles Darwin, The Descent of Man He regarded "The Negro"(Darwin's words) as higher primates and believed women did even possess the same uses of their five senses than men. (1) en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_Descent_of_Man_(Darwin)/Chapter_VI
James Beam
James Beam Day ago
DARWIN'S "BEAR CREATURE" EMBARRASSMENT: Darwin wrote in the first edition of The Origin of Species that North American black bears had been seen “swimming for hours with widely opened mouth, thus catching, like a whale, insects in the water, even in so extreme a case is this, if the supply of insects were constant, and if better adapted competitors did not already exist in the country, I can’t see no difficulty in a race of bears being rendered, by natural selection, more and more aquatic in their structure and habits, with larger and larger mouths, till a creature was produced as monstrous as a whale.”(1) The man responsible for modern biology believed a bear could, through his mythical natural selection process, become a creature as big as a whale. He removed it from editions after the first because he was ridiculed by his peers. If he hadn't been "idea shamed", modern textbooks would contain a rendering of a bear monster. Even after his humiliation he doubled down saying, “As it offended persons, I struck it out of the second edition; but I still maintain that there is no especial difficulty in a bears mouth being enlarged to any degree useful to its changing habits,...until it is literally as big as the whole rest of the body.” (1) darwin-online.org.uk/content/frameset?pageseq=1&itemID=F373&viewtype=text
James Beam
James Beam Day ago
TREE OF LIFE LIE; Darwin pictured the history of life as a tree, with the universal common ancestor as its root and every living thing that has ever existed as its branches. He called this the “great Tree of Life”. Around 530 million years ago, the beginning of the Cambrian period, thousands of highly complex, fully developed animals appeared abruptly on the earth. It occurred on the earth in the middle Cambrian in a span of 6-8 million years. Compared with the 4 billion year old history since the earth was formed, the event is equivalent one minute in a 24 hour day. It happened in the blink of an eye, not the slow and gradual hundreds of millions of years Darwin's theory predicted. The biological structure of a Cambrian trilobite was as complex and sophisticated as a modern crab. It's organs included a brain, gut, heart and compound eyes. each organ was constructed from specific types of cells. Each cell type was made from dozens of specialized protein molecules, and each protein was assembled from a 4 letter chemical code in a section of DNA called a gene. This was counter intuitive to Darwin’s “bottom up” scenario of how life started, but he acknowledged it anyway saying: "There is another and allied difficulty, which is much graver. I allude to the manner in which numbers of species of the same group, suddenly appear in the lowest known fossiliferous rocks (The Cambrian strata).(1) Zoologist Richard Dawkins on the Cambrian animals: “it is as though they were just planted there, without any evolutionary history.” Darwin believed progressive ancestors would be found in the pre-Cambrian strata saying it must have been “A world swarming with living creatures." (1) The only living creatures paleontologist have found in it, are exquisitely preserved (this refutes Darwinist claim that soft bodied fossils haven’t been preserved) strange single celled organisms that appear around 3.5 billion years ago and went extinct right before the Cambrian. Another guess was they would be found someplace deep beneath the oceans. In the 20th century new technologies led to empirical conclusions. The oil company’s started to drill offshores. They brought up what are called drill cores and inside the cores they found fossils from the Jurassic. That meant the oldest rocks on the sea floor only date back to the Jurassic period. They’re hundreds of millions of years younger than the rocks below the Cambrian strata. The Cambrian rock strata was moved above sea level by tectonic plates colliding together. The Cambrian event happened at six different places--Wales, Canada, Siberia, South Australia , Greenland and China--around the world at the same time. This fact destroys Darwin's proposition that life started with one progenitor, one time at one location on the earth. The empirical fossil record looks nothing like Darwin’s tree of life with a single common ancestor as its root, directed by his mythical natural selection due to variations, causing living things to grow more complex and branching out with diversity over hundreds of million years. It looks like a lawn or field with thousands of highly complex living things appearing at the beginning, with no intermediates falling between and linking any two, maintaining stasis then going extinct. The sooner wingnut Darwinist accept the fact that the Cambrian event debilitates Darwin's idea, the sooner scientist can move on from civil war era thinking and develop an intelligent theory based on empirical factual evidence. (1) darwin-online.org.uk/content/frameset?pageseq=1&itemID=F373&viewtype=text
Kerry Freeman
What I'd like to see is this sort of thing, as a kinetic strike.
GaryWalker Day ago
Whales evolved over the past 55 million years from land animals. This is shown through the fossil record that start with Pakicetus that was identified as the precursor to the whale lineage by the presence of an S shaped bone in the skull of Pakicetus that is unique to whales as well as an unusual double tendon arrangement on the limbs of Pakicetus and is still found in the flippers of modern whales. Neither of these features are found in any other animals. It is also noted that by comparing the genomes of many species, the closest living relative of whales is the hippo, another aquatic mammal.
GaryWalker Day ago
Genomes contain non functioning genes called pseudogenes. Mammals, including humans have the gene to produce egg yolk due to the fact that we evolved from egg laying ancestors some 100 million years ago.
GaryWalker Day ago
Birds are descended from and are a living branch of dinosaurs. We have found many dinosaur fossils with the imprints of feathers preserved, even dinos that were too heavy to ever fly. Even the velociraptor of "Jurassic Park" fame has been shown to have the anchor points on the bone of its fore limbs of feathers indistinguishable from the same bumps found in eagles or geese. This case is further reinforced by the fact that chickens still have the DNA for a long bony tail like a dinosaur.
GaryWalker Day ago
Characteristics of animals and plants are strictly divided by phylogeny. Only birds have gullets, feathers and beaks, features that have all been identified in dinosaurs. Only mammals have lactation glands and hair. Only reptiles and snakes of land animals are cold blooded.
GaryWalker Day ago
Positive claims require positive evidence. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and claims asserted without evidence may be dismissed without evidence.
Kata Cheese
Kata Cheese Day ago
We are not from apes! lol. that is sooooo not true.
MG1 Day ago
By presenting this video you fail to be wise wanderer. This is a USA science fiction. as science it it crap. just like crap it has a few good bits in it. you are welcome to feast on it. I prefer the real version of nature. Full information in my 1975 Bremen Summerhouse notes or by official permission / request of Madam chancellor Angela Merkel I will instruct their release. Ferydoon Shirazi. MG1
Human Civilisation
awesome thanks i've been wondering how to launch my nuclear missile my name is the best part you dont which country i am
John Mandrake
Don’t ever be arrogant, remember we all came from just a clot
John Mandrake
Baby: This isn’t even my final form
andrew lloyd
andrew lloyd Day ago
Delhi dawn = twat
bash Day ago
good bye people
E'man 13
E'man 13 Day ago
These babies MUST not be aborted. When God forms a child, He has a plan for it no matter how small and young.
E'man 13
E'man 13 Day ago
God is AMAZING! Hiw cod all of this come from evolution? The design! Praise Jesus Christ our Lord!
Akilimali Mirindi
It's really sad.
dave berry
dave berry Day ago
They are "INCORRECT" The City of Atlantis has been identified and you would have to be a blind idiot not to see it if you just look. . .Look at the west coastal area of Africa, in whats called Mauritania, the Akchar Desert. . . You will see a valley which used to contain water with an obviously man made circular set of rings that was impossible to have just formed. . . That was Atlantis.
ceemo88 Day ago
Has to do with astrology.. the three kings in Orion’s Belt that follow the star Sirius, to the west.. newsflash.. Christianity is all secret pagan worship, adapted from the Romans.
Vronel Blocker
Nothing new under the sun, the AI they created back then is being done today, and like always it will fail. At most AI at it's peak when all hell breaks loose will last about 7 years the final empire will only last about 7 years. Here's why, for one without free will there is no life only death. AI has no free will... i don't care what possesses it be it Satan itself or some demonic entity, there is no life in an AI just like a virus in a host, a parasite at best. The down fall of the Ancients was, the making of the computer making a device to do all the thinking for them lol, and the result .... the entire empire fell and was destroyed. Iron and clay doesn't mix very well. Also today's AI/computer they succeeded in creating can beat video games at lightening speed, it is basically beating itself at it's own game, an AI warring with another AI , it achieves nothing but death to its very own destruction and end. It will eventually identify itself as the enemy and ultimately destroy itself.
Leon Koch
Leon Koch 2 days ago
Only black truffle...???
box 379
box 379 2 days ago
secrets are all what aleister crowley been doing all his life :) "the father of masons"
box 379
box 379 Day ago
@Will Derby dhobi gaya tail leney will derby gaya paisa leney aur ban gaya mesons ka tatta hang n swing baby hang n swing ;)
Will Derby
Will Derby Day ago
@box 379 I like the scene in Jewel in Crown were the Sgt asks the obnoxious Dhobie Wallah do you understand English and the reply was "Yes I understand very well Sahib" The Sgt then tells him " Then understand fuck off" Wise words for one like you with your torrent of gish gashing bullshit. I will not be replying to anymore of your gish gash as I can only converse with sane lucid intelligent individuals
Will Derby
Will Derby Day ago
@box 379 One Chicken Korma and an extra portion of Gish Gash to go Jildi Jildi
box 379
box 379 Day ago
@Will Derby keep pleasing urself :) enjoy
Will Derby
Will Derby Day ago
@box 379 Aleister Crowley was not a Freemason and he could wear whatever he wanted using your logic if he wore a Turban he would be Ali Baba and a Guru Were I live we don't use $ and your rants are not worth a Rupee
Oscar Hero
Oscar Hero 2 days ago
Why is yt preventing me from posting on RHESUS m - o - n - k - e - y?
Oscar Hero
Oscar Hero 2 days ago
Why did all primates cross the road? They didn't want to associate with evolutionists. 🤣🤣🤣
larzuga1 2 days ago
Music lame! Throws off the funny vibe.
Carol Driehorst
Carol Driehorst 2 days ago
Blessings to him and his Family .
Carolyn Steele
Carolyn Steele 2 days ago
Scientists are giving a REALLY,REALLY rough estimate
David Watson
David Watson 2 days ago
Bible says God created the heavens for( OUR WONDERMENT. )
Алибек Сабит
Кабзда нам
Robert Birchard
Robert Birchard 2 days ago
I can feel the stress of the secret service. Even though it was planned months in advance and coordinate with advisors. There were probably Secret Service CAT snipers everywhere lol
Eunice Kim
Eunice Kim 2 days ago
this is so fake
D 2 days ago
he doesn't look too good.
matthew farnsworth
Guess what Read more Got eem
finnleygdog YT
finnleygdog YT 2 days ago
I love him trying to explain how our Earth “FORMED”! 🤣🤣🤣
Tiss fant
Tiss fant 20 hours ago
Shut the fuck up, boomer
Summer Da Bunno
Summer Da Bunno 2 days ago
ok boomer
Waldir rocha
Waldir rocha 2 days ago
J Batson
J Batson 2 days ago
The cockier you get before a fight the harder you will fall unless you're me..
Oscar Hero
Oscar Hero 2 days ago
All ball-earthers agree on the following points: 1) Our FLAT-earth is a lot BIGGER than their imaginary ball-earth. 2) Their little ball earth is scientific, however there is NO scientific evidence and NO scientific formula! 3) The BIGGEST evidence of ball-earth is: A little ball made by them called GLOBE! guffaws 🤣🤣🤣
Oscar Hero
Oscar Hero Day ago
@GaryWalker Your o r a n g daddy was a good loser! 🤣🤣🤣
GaryWalker Day ago
@Oscar Hero 1. My father was a good man. 2. Humans and orangutans are cousins, we share a common ancestor some 20 million years ago. 3. I would rather be the son of an orangutan than a lying bullshiting mental midget flat Earth creatard like you.
Oscar Hero
Oscar Hero Day ago
Your o r a n g daddy was a loser! 🤣🤣🤣
GaryWalker Day ago
@Oscar Hero Loser
Oscar Hero
Oscar Hero 2 days ago
@GaryWalker Your daddy was a orang-utan! 🤣🤣🤣
indian man
indian man 2 days ago
When will the next mass extinction occur?
LMT T 2 days ago
These are real dragons
Cosmic Girl
Cosmic Girl 2 days ago
I love my baby
john pagan
john pagan 2 days ago
The black dog was in the kitchen and say i want hot dogs XD
Chris Allen
Chris Allen 2 days ago
I got into an argument with a 30 year old woman because I said that we are 75% our mothers child. She said its equal but I said after the initial transfer of DNA our fathers literally give nothing else that facilitates creation. I said there's more to creation than just providing a jump start. The egg literally attaches itself to the female and grows from the fluids and nutrients the mother shares with her children. Not to mention all of the other sources of fluids the children still need from the placenta and the milk from their breast. The male literally provides none of these essentials besides territory but honestly in retrospect no woman actually needs a man for anything. If they were to just group up and pool their money together, they could raise a squadron of kids without the presence of a man outside of sex and we all know women could bag a man easily
Mar.K 2 days ago
They didn't show the last ice age. Where are the mammoths and sabertooths?
Jani Basha
Jani Basha 2 days ago
It's amazing video
Ganjarelli 2 days ago
I have loved theorizing for years about this, and have watched many videos with many different viewpoints, but I truly believe the theory of the Richart Structure (also known as the eye of Mauritania) is the best candidate considering all the known information - though even this location does not match up completely with ALL of the given details! Still, it's pretty hard to not give it credence once you Google Earth it for yourself, though. Definitely worth checking into if you're not familiar with the theory.
mister b
mister b 2 days ago
mister b
mister b 2 days ago
My 5th grade class is learning about this kind of problem!!!
Zerg Burger
Zerg Burger 3 days ago
that was metal asf
John Smith
John Smith 3 days ago
ebolution = fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GaryWalker 2 days ago
No shit head, that would be your bible.
Jack Burton R-1
Jack Burton R-1 3 days ago
GaryWalker 2 days ago
James Tour is just another over educated creatard moron. He is a liar and a fool.
Jean Germain
Jean Germain 3 days ago
Don't my people know the Bible says, If a brother waxed poor he could sell himself to another brother who is rich.But you don't treat him harshly as the strangers, and then he can work for six years, in the seventh year, you let him go free.Do you know the Idea why he owned them so he could save them from the whites!
Eros Education
Eros Education 3 days ago
is this real/
lovelyxskinny 3 days ago
Lmao i dont know why but this would make me laugh so much if i saw this in person 😂😂
Aurimary Rojas
Aurimary Rojas 3 days ago
Is 501 years ago
Manybuckets 3 days ago
What about protection from hackers? Cyberwarfare is a big factor nowadays and it would catastrophic for someone to actually manage to hack into one of these.
Observer 101514120505
Sharks are the wolves of the sea.
You Take The Moon
I love this comment section. It didnt talk about pro-life/pro-choice. Also congrats to all the people expecting!
Michael McCoy
Michael McCoy 3 days ago
Black Enslavement started in Black Africa...
Zaph Hood
Zaph Hood 3 days ago
Such destruction.