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Michael Goodman
Michael Goodman 7 hours ago
Grocery stores during covid 19.
Pancake 7 hours ago
Haha I’m gonna sit here for an 1 and a half 😙✌🏻
aleksandr malahov
aleksandr malahov 9 hours ago
Aleksandr Malakhov
Aleksandr Malakhov 9 hours ago
One Unity
One Unity 9 hours ago
God did create the different species of living things, its just the case Darwin discovered the process of how it was done.
cmacdhon 9 hours ago
People think sharks a mindless, vicious killers, because people are dumb-asses who's knowledge of the world comes from whatever they last saw on TV.
Jessica Cecil
Jessica Cecil 10 hours ago
Fyi she adopted him and is now his loving mother
jobu88 10 hours ago
One day these "friendly" sharks will tear him up and eat him because that's what sharks do. Just like the idiot who thought the grizzly bears in Alaska accepted him as a friend. The authorities found his and his girlfriend's remains inside a large grizzly that killed and ate them.
WavestBird 24
WavestBird 24 11 hours ago
Don't mess with Israel! ruvid.net/video/video-b-42Cb8q-P8.html
WavestBird 24
WavestBird 24 11 hours ago
What Darwin never knew? Jesus Christ, that's who! And now Mr. Darwin has been in Hell since April 19, 1882. That's a LONG TIME! That's 138 years to be exact! Still less than Nero though. Nero died on June 9, 68 .D. I know you Atheists HATE B.C. and A.D. So then B.C.E.- is Before Christian Era and C.E.- stands for Christian Era! Keep running from God he will be right behind you! So Nero has been in Hell for 1,952 plus eternity in the Lake of Fire is a very LONG TIME!
Amaury Arce
Amaury Arce 11 hours ago
Wow.....how this can predict eclipses, and all it said this machine can do as far as cosmology when by then all ancient cosmology was based on a flat EARTH with a "dome"....even thought pythagorean people were thinking on a globe...but the globe cosmology wasn't really developed by then...🤔🤔🤔... Now im confused 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ but still an amazing discovery of the past, and some people believe ancient cultures were less advanced, probably less materialistic, but if this is true they were far from dumb.
T J 12 hours ago
I have actually been on a tour there in 2017.
Dave7mm Hunter
Dave7mm Hunter 12 hours ago
Have they ever tries that with a Great White or Tiger Shark ?
Vinod Kumar
Vinod Kumar 13 hours ago
trappz _io
trappz _io 13 hours ago
6:50 “arse dagger” 😂😂🤣
Hans Kloss
Hans Kloss 13 hours ago
Well it seems you do not even need soviet union or? Or possibly somebody else is helping. Who might that be? Could FBI investigate all these "activists"? While at it - investigate the actual goals of German Chancellor too - she seems to be proper commie.
Jabba Hut
Jabba Hut 13 hours ago
Why dont aliens pet Humans?
Awesome Tales
Awesome Tales 13 hours ago
Oh so you mean mysterious ly all this formed? One day droplets hit one day debris hit n one day suddenly we formed... It all God.. the work of God
The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian 10 hours ago
What part did you not understand about big rocks gravitational pull on smaller rocks? That’s how the Earth was formed. It’s called gravity dumbass. Learn some physics. What part about meteors hitting the earth for hundreds of millions of years with ice crystals in them? That’s how the oceans was formed It’s called calculations dumbass. Learn some math.
Awesome Tales
Awesome Tales 13 hours ago
According to his theory moon is leaving us every day
The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian 10 hours ago
That’s actually true. Try to learn about orbits, it’s called science dumbass.
Awesome Tales
Awesome Tales 14 hours ago
4 mins into watching him I feel like saying..Ok guy it's plain n simple. God made every thing with his words
The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian 10 hours ago
1 min after reading your comment, I feel like saying. This guy is a dumbass. This is the best representation of what science has come up with about how the earth was formed. The sciences of Physics, Astrophysicists, Cosmology, Geology, Biology and Mathematics shows this. You fairy tale book has talking serpents and donkeys, zombies, man living in the stomach of a giant fish, man using magical powers to part a lake, a ghost impregnating a woman and many other fantasy stories that have never been scientifically verified as true.
Dwayne The Cuck Johnson
It doesn't matter whether you're a christian or an atheist, you gotta admit this shit is insanely disturbing
Dwayne The Cuck Johnson
Here, ladies and gentlemen, the reason why God has abandoned us.
Emmanuel Ferrante
Emmanuel Ferrante 14 hours ago
$25,000 for a drink of solid metal shaped like a projectile, and $25,000 for a hammer! Please save US President Trump!
Lick My Musket Balls Yankee
You'd think they'd have the city shut off the water in that area or something. I know they got it done with the tarp but it still feels like waste of water to keep it running.
Proof for East Azn Messiah on this channel
the euro PEON loves to lie and talk shit. they need jesus christ and his light of truth. no wonder the euro PEON can do no science, they lack truth. XD
Proof for East Azn Messiah on this channel
the euroPEON do well to lie and worship their lying monkey god. no problems. the god of japan will ensure the light of truth of the rising sun shine bright. amen amen
Blain Cooper
Blain Cooper 15 hours ago
Jump in found out lol
Yesenia Perez
Yesenia Perez 16 hours ago
damn. that music at the end got me shook
Lord Edward
Lord Edward 16 hours ago
Look, this is interesting stuff but my goodness, can we take a little care with all the assumptions? You haven't even deciphered the language yet and you are telling detailed stories of how ceremonies were conducted, what everything was for and how things worked. Pure conjecture such as this should be clearly stated to be just that; conjecture not an historic account. Right now you have found a lot of "stuff". Everything else is being wildly assumed. You cannot know anything about anything until you decipher the writings.
Happily Secular
Happily Secular 17 hours ago
Here’s why creatards are called creatards: 1. Instead of asking for proof, they blindly deny evolution without question. 2. 95% of them don’t know what evolution is, yet still pretend that they’re qualified to criticize it. 3. Whenever they’re corrected on an argument that is laughably wrong, they choose to embarrass themselves further by repeating the debunked argument over and over. They have no education and no dignity.
WavestBird 24
WavestBird 24 11 hours ago
I'm a Creationist. I'm waiting for the Rapture! Revelation 13 is COMING TO PASS. darebioscience.com/microchips-biotech/ ruvid.net/video/video-43XzI6__abE-.html you can see my comment down below this video.
Dark Live
Dark Live 17 hours ago
0:01 little kid: (he get punched) AAAAAAAAAAA
Dark Live
Dark Live 17 hours ago
1:27 (in news) dog trying to talk with human
Dark Live
Dark Live 17 hours ago
1:04 its like "Bleeeeeeee" 1:09 is "Aaaaaaaaaa"
BendyThe ExplorerKing9996
Are you crazy? You could lose a limb! And you need limbs for important stuff!
William Mays
William Mays 19 hours ago
We're not all so different.
Aubiee on iPad YouTube
Tell me why Italy wasn’t here the eruption b c
Shailendra Jha
Shailendra Jha 20 hours ago
This should be a movie or should be at cinema halls.
Funky 20 hours ago
no it's not dogs, it's dangerous to do that, it's that's their nose is very sensitive
rasharn17 20 hours ago
That’s a lie
Localko 20 hours ago
Why didnt the camera crew help?
It's Ohaya!
It's Ohaya! 21 hour ago
0:54 I call straight bullshit. Left/Right is exclusively economic.
Big Boiz
Big Boiz 23 hours ago
Wow 3 years ago... Felt like yesterday
Loony Linn
Loony Linn 23 hours ago
this anger stems from the time of Moses’ plan to bring the Jews to Canaan. land of milk and honey at the expense of cananites and palestines.
emanno plays games
emanno plays games 23 hours ago
I took a cruise with Norwegian gem and when I tell you that was one of the scariest things I’ve ever experienced. The waves were rocking the boat so bad I really thought I was gonna die. That shit cray cray.
Mickaeleraphael.com Leão
I like the hornets
Ks제이드 Day ago
목에 걸려 있는 걸 보면서도 그걸 없애줄주도 모르고 촬영만 해되는 당신들은 악마 그 자체 입니다
Ks제이드 Day ago
당신들을 영장물 핟대죄로 고발합니드
DontDoItSean DontDoIt
ye they are like dogs, exept they can live under water, need water and not air, are a pex predators, hunt their pray. way up to 1 ton, are meters long and so on. but ye they are like dogs
*AZiB* Day ago
How he know all the future? Is he a god?
SeaWold Abien Jay 12
Sharks end look just you i no do went all ❤❤❤👍😁😊
goyod6 Day ago
The little boy and his parents met ann(James sister). The little boy was soo happy and comfortable with Ann that he would call her Annie. The parents asked ann if she believed their son was her brother? She said yes because only her brother called her annie.
Usha Agrawal usha Agrawal
Fantastic video . Prachi
I understand why RUvid would try to burry this video into a pile of useless trash that gets millions of views. They don't want us to be informed. I tell this as I ain't a proud American citizen but I feel bad for the state of their society right now because it is pulling others down with them. The US can't fall.
dark side
dark side Day ago
Make humans immortal ❤
Im Totally Ok
hornet:(kills one bee) the hive:so you have chosen death
Angger Pribadi
Idk, i always found that shark is unbelievably cute
mikaela J
mikaela J Day ago
These Waters need some Holy Water
Ichiraku ramen
a part of me believes there galaxy is so big there must be other life forms somewhere out there...but another part of me believes that earth might be one of a kind. the conditions on earth to create life was so perfect it was like a fluke. who knows maybe we ARE the only ones here?
Fire frost tiger 1
Hate the sounds of those dang wings
Myrtice Moore
Yes always a Judas
Pegasus Day ago
Sharks do not love to be petted - They're not like dogs. You noobs, indeed. Sharks have all the senses we have (smell, taste, touch, eyesight, and hearing). They can also sense electricity and vibrations in the water. Some sharks, like the nurse shark, have sensory projections near the nostrils and mouth called nasal barbels. These barbels are whisker-like feelers used to taste and feel. And that's what these noobs are doing. They are messing with the shark's primary sense. Just watch the shark's eyesight.
J C Day ago
The "Now I've seen everything" category.
Gary Armes
Gary Armes Day ago
1:49 MonkaS
PeggyAnn Love
Thumbs down on this video, no doubly Ellison race was determined by the 1 drop rule, meaning he looked he white.
Karen Rhodes
Karen Rhodes Day ago
People just argue for the point of arguing. Do any of you listen to yourselves? The point isn't who started slavery, it is that slavery in all aspects is just plain WRONG. And the thought that it is still happening today to millions of people is horrendous. Arguing amongst yourselves over stupid details is not going to solve anything.
Kepler 186f
Kepler 186f Day ago
This was so cool!
mario cardabollo
Humans with sharks. As stupid as it can get.
Utah Get Me 2
good luck keeping the electrical generator online during war! little bit of shrapnel and the entire system is useless....
Nevaeh M
Nevaeh M Day ago
Jens Barendsz
so we not gonna talk about 6:28?
J Strife
J Strife Day ago
But what about Great Whites? Do Great White sharks love to be petted too? I'd love to know if Great White sharks love to be petted too. Someone make a vid of themselves petting a Great White Shark without the need of a cage, just a full frontal petting. I wish to see the results.
Ducu 8
Ducu 8 Day ago
Isn t that just like planting a tree on a grave tho?🤔
SourSoap Day ago
What the hell happened to the kid?
Terror Day ago
I also tried petting a shark.. now i have to type this with my nose..
Sukhbir Dhillon
Family Egozy
Family Egozy Day ago
8:17 - "weather update: it's raining rocks from outer space"
Chris PER
Chris PER Day ago
And your point is? The fact is that this atrocious social system in these United States was advanced, supported, codified, and implemented by whites. Let's not take the focus off that. While the notion of slavery was not a new one, white America, North and South took it to another level building an economy dependent on slave labor and by extension, bread generations of laborers. This man is an exception and not the rule.
Mary Smith
Mary Smith Day ago
The world will end just like formed a ball of fiar
The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian 10 hours ago
You talking about in serval billion years when the Sun rage quits and goes supernova ending the earth in a explosion of plasma and fire?
Stray Tarnish
80 over 10 years the seals have dozens each day.
diana wong
diana wong Day ago
Not very detail...
Hydro Psycho
Hydro Psycho Day ago
I feel like Thea hitting Earth is just god raging on a game of fortnite
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda Day ago
So freaking cute
Jesse Plazola
28:40 woah, he referenced China's belt and road in 1984. This is insane.
Dario Milesevic
Nek' se zna ko je Gazda u prirodi !!!
Glass Water
Glass Water Day ago
If you judge animals only because of mass movies... Well, you don't stupid. . . . . . But you're close.
Kevin altitude
I know how they did it...yous been looking all this time, i did it like taking an iq test... They used moulds....☝😆
greencase Day ago
Meanwhile kids in America.....
Sam joy
Sam joy Day ago
You are very lucky 💜❤💖
Sarah schrader
Ok what I’ve heard is from other people they are still alive but they are not now we don’t know that for sure but they probably dead but don’t you think that if they were still alive we would of seen one or heard one by now they are big animals
*Hérétic Day ago
Not like dogs, more like cats. A cat could turn on you in a second for no reason. I've got no proof but, it's more safe to think that way.
lisa venners
lisa venners Day ago
What about mount vesuvius and Pompeii
Steve Garcia
Steve Garcia 2 days ago
Cooooorooooonaaaaa Virrrrruuuuuuass! Shi** has gotten serious ya'll.
Jesus 2 days ago
Athiest: Wheres the proof of god Me: theirs no proof of the big bang either its all circulated into a theory of how it could of been made, yet theirs no proof of it at all. yet athiest still clatter on the existence of god, their are some that are still uneducated enough to realise their pinpointing themselves. its all hilarious actually. one can be so impudent against things but are too uneducated to realise thier contradicting themselves. im not saying this is false im simply saying its a theory.
The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian 10 hours ago
You’re about as uneducated in science, space and math and most ignorant religious fools. You still have no proof of your sky daddy.
Sharlize 18 hours ago
Andrei Lambo
Andrei Lambo 2 days ago
Car wash time
Evolutionists are deeply brainwashed as ball-earthers as well. Therefore, following questions related to their ball-earth apply to evolutionists as well. Do you know what a POLE on earth is? 🙄🙄🙄 Which theory of science applies to the magnetic poles in your ball-earth? Which theory of science applies to the geographic poles in your ball-earth? 2300 years have passed. No ball-earther has ever found any POLE in the ball-earth. In addition, NASA has squandered our money (62 years x 20 billions per year = 1,240 billion dollars). Did your friends in space find any evidence of any POLE in the earth, using POLE finding instrument? Did Eratosthenes find evidence of any POLE in the earth, using POLE finding instrument? Can you ZOOM on any POLE in the earth? Please show the evidence for GEOGRAPHIC pole in earth using a POLE FINDING instrument. Please show the evidence for MAGNETIC pole in earth using a COMPASS. READ SLOWLY! SHOW EVIDENCE FOR ANY GEOGRAPHIC OR MAGNETIC POLE IN THE EARTH USING YOUR POLE FINDING INSTRUMENT. PS If you FAIL, little worms 🐛🐛🐛, you know you are not living on a rotating ball-earth. HURRY! 💨💨💨 😂😂😂
Dr Karl Pagan
Dr Karl Pagan 10 hours ago
WTF is wrong with you? Seek urgent medial assistance.
Bernard Soper
Bernard Soper 2 days ago
Oh yeah pet the shark even though you're going to be missing your hand it's still worth it 😂 😂
Andrew Staples
Andrew Staples 2 days ago
The book of genesis is the beginning of earth
sedat tepehan
sedat tepehan 2 days ago
Kevin Norwood
Kevin Norwood 2 days ago
3:46 Insert "Run!" meme.