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H Gamerboy815
H Gamerboy815 9 hours ago
0:11 Who?
Nikkiv_2020YT Fortnite and other stuff
When will you do bristol
The Wizard
The Wizard Day ago
Kyle Larson: "You wanted the best, you...wait, you can't hear me?"
Caution Corner
10:51 Love it😂
Igor Menezes .'.
Igor Menezes .'. 2 days ago
i dont liked... fake damages.
holeecrabstuff 2 days ago
This man's based as fuck lol
Sasha Easy Profit
Thanks for the information, maybe I can help you with something too? 💯 *_A huge win on my channel_* 💸
Carlos Farrando
Carlos Farrando 2 days ago
Ja that is my favorite moments!!!!!
Sweet N Sour
Sweet N Sour 2 days ago
Whenever I watch NASCAR it just reminds me of the movie Cars lmao
Sweet N Sour
Sweet N Sour 2 days ago
Umm...you mean worst? Lol.
santana 2 days ago
catch me swerving in a nascar
DelaCruzing 2 days ago
Sometimes I wonder if the brakes are even a thing in arca. Can pigs fly? Exactly no
Takuma Sensei
Takuma Sensei 3 days ago
06:05 LOOL
Advance_Auto18 3 days ago
2:49 spell systematically 😂
Roman 3 days ago
*nascarfan4888JJ* your in one of my videos
Roman 3 days ago
*nascarfan4888JJ* your in one of my videos
Roman 3 days ago
*nascarfan4888JJ* your in one of my videos
Roman 3 days ago
*nascarfan4888JJ* your in one of my videos
Roman 3 days ago
*nascarfan4888JJ* your in one of my videos
Dawson Beidler
Dawson Beidler 3 days ago
Anybody else say collecting joey logano when Jeff Gordon wrecked clint Bowyer
Roman 3 days ago
*nascarfan4888JJ* you remember me
Roman 3 days ago
*nascarfan4888JJ* you remember me
Roman 3 days ago
*nascarfan4888JJ* you remember me
Roman 3 days ago
*nascarfan4888JJ* you remember me
Roman 3 days ago
*nascarfan4888JJ* you remember me
Blue Jay
Blue Jay 3 days ago
If I turn off annotations, I DON:T WANT LINKS BLOCKING THE VIDEO (i.e. a video of Jr. grabbing the upper steering shaft with the upper steering shaft BLOCKED BY A STUPID LINK)
Jacob Collantes
Jacob Collantes 3 days ago
Ah yes good ol’ Silver Spoon arrogance
Hetty 3 days ago
loved it
tremendation 3 days ago
idk if i should laugh at them getting pissed or the sound they have everytime they have to censure the word 🤣🤣🤣
JJ Skippy
JJ Skippy 3 days ago
I want them to use the QUACK again when they censor.
Blaide 3 days ago
loved it
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you are cool Drga
Warhawk Plane95
Warhawk Plane95 3 days ago
1:19 I feel bad for Kasey Kahne because he got penalized for speeding on pit road when he was trying to avoid a crash
Larry Sipe
Larry Sipe 3 days ago
nice! first comment
Tristan Ellis Vlogs
I vote NASCAR goes to Long Beach or Saint Petersburg
高田憲司 4 days ago
0:58 Poor dude
SmokeFan2014 4 days ago
2011 was the year of first time winners
gabrielarthur22 jn
Pilot drift of Nascar
Caprichu SpaX x
Caprichu SpaX x 4 days ago
teleporter. Impossible. How.
Video Game Stuff
Video Game Stuff 4 days ago
Matthew Rowley
Matthew Rowley 5 days ago
You see the problem was, that the mustang he was driving tried to find the crowd but got stopped by the wall. But on serious note, hes lucky to have survived. Hope he has a speedy recovery.
Todd Webb
Todd Webb 5 days ago
Needs less mile and a half cookie cutters and more of literally anything else
TaurusReborn 5 days ago
I didn’t see Buescher’s flip in 2016 on here, that was a wild ride
doesen't help that there on hossier tires
Swed Gufma
Swed Gufma 5 days ago
10:37 the camera reminds me of Newman's crash.
Bomj Ludin
Bomj Ludin 5 days ago
When "kachaaw" gets into reality.
MarcisAwesome04 Gaming
GREAT video greetings from Scotland UK 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧
Santy Barrios
Santy Barrios 5 days ago
Dinoco's all mine
Benjamin Krawetzki
Every time Jamie McMurray had a fire, McDonald's got fined for burnt burgers.
Efim Sutyagin
Efim Sutyagin 6 days ago
If this crash top list of the week doesn't take a lot of time from your life - do it. Nice idea and good realization, at least we all hear your voice )) Speaking of editing, don't worry the skill comes to you with experience. More you do - more skill you have. If you need help with it i will be happy to help. However, as i wrote before - you created an excellent channel about my favourite race! Keep it on!
nascarfan4888JJ 6 days ago
Appreciate it bud!
Kurt Benning
Kurt Benning 7 days ago
Did they travel through time like the back to the future movie's??
Peters6221 7 days ago
You should throw in some "Honorable Mentions" just to be able to include more of the important ones that happen, since the all-wrecks videos are too risky for the copyright
NASCAR fangirl
NASCAR fangirl 7 days ago
I like the new series, keep up the good work ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
ivan morales
ivan morales 7 days ago
Keep the grind man🙃
Nikkiv_2020YT Fortnite and other stuff
The 51 and 53 are different manufacturers
2nd amendment supporting Republican
Yup rick ware racing has different manufacturers
NascarBowler 4
NascarBowler 4 7 days ago
I was literally going to do this same series, but I got too lazy and didn't do it. When I heard you were going to do it I was like HECK YEAH
Jackson Rhodes
Jackson Rhodes 7 days ago
Andy 7 days ago
Nice work man. I like the idea of this series. Hope to see it return.
initial D FR legends liveries
When you accidently hit kyle busch you: *oh shi-*
NoahPlayz 8 days ago
I feel like rollcages should be in all cars. Most people would probably agree. I don’t wanna be in a car with just a air bag and a seat and seatbelt. I wouldn’t even care if the car looked bad. By the way NASCAR stands for National Association for STOCK CAR Auto Racing a roll cage isn’t stock (not hating just well ya know it’s better to be safe than dead)
Joe Seepy
Joe Seepy 8 days ago
Sam I Am
Sam I Am 8 days ago
The crash at 8:42 has to be the worst one I have ever seen
John Oksys
John Oksys 8 days ago
Thanks for the flashback
Sebastião Lima MS
Socorro muito lento. Demoram demais para atender os pilotos.
Scott Schell
Scott Schell 8 days ago
My wife and I was at the Texas truck race in 2017 when Timothy flipped that was crazy.
Rifat Ichsan
Rifat Ichsan 8 days ago
0:58 lol the other fire man just fell off 😂😂😂
Kyle W.
Kyle W. 8 days ago
Every volunteer firefighters/wackers/woo woos worst night mare 0:57
Lukas west
Lukas west 9 days ago
When you see a time stamp that’s not 0:57
Matt Thrasher
Matt Thrasher 9 days ago
This should be "Kyle Busch wrecking good drivers".
TheSmilingNoob 9 days ago
Do NASCAR intentional crashes
Carlos Farrando
Carlos Farrando 9 days ago
Wow everyone the flips is so crazy XD
Franklin Becker
Franklin Becker 9 days ago
Kyle Busch is the Brad Marchand of NASCAR
nascarfanatic2425 10 days ago
Surprised you didn't include Jeff Gordon's 2012 Budweiser Shootout flip. That was a slow one.
@Random Reviews Was slower than some of the flips on here.
Random Reviews
Random Reviews 7 days ago
nascarfanatic2425 it wasn't that slow imo.
J W 10 days ago
0:38 "Oops."
Land0nFand0n 10 days ago
9:23 "THEY'RE STILL GETTING UPSIDE DOWN, people cars driving under cars"
Jose Vicente
Jose Vicente 10 days ago
The car was awful, but the design was amazing. I love it.
I still remember the Kyle Busch flip I was watching the race on NASCAR race buddy and I kind of saw the wreck and I found from the radio broadcast it was Kyle Busch on his roof.
DNG 10 days ago
Everyone in the video: I guess I’ll flip... not yet, nnnot yet... ... now
NitroGaming 10 days ago
Correct me if I’m wrong, but Skinner’s Crash isn’t technically a flip, as he never completely flipped over,
nascarfan4888JJ 10 days ago
I could seeing it go either way, but I decided to include it anyways. Either way, it’s more content to enjoy is the way I see it, even if it’s not technically a flip.
Miscraft 10 days ago
I think it depends on who you ask. I personally think a flip is when the roof is pointing toward the ground, meaning past 90 degrees. But even then, with that crash it was more a lay on the side rather than a flip, atleast to me.
RandomKDMfanboi 10 days ago
Bakershaker78 Gameplays
I’m driving, in Australia
Video Game Stuff
Video Game Stuff 10 days ago
Can you do more of the All crashes from the _____ series? Good vid btw
Video Game Stuff
Video Game Stuff 9 days ago
High Flyin oh
Video Game Stuff
Video Game Stuff 9 days ago
nascarfan4888JJ ok cool. No problem
High Flyin
High Flyin 10 days ago
Video Game Stuff I was working on making a video of every crash from each series for the 2020 series until Covid-19 screwed it up and I didn’t have the motivation to keep making it.
nascarfan4888JJ 10 days ago
For sure man, I’m aiming at doing one every week or every other week at the latest, thanks!
Jekersky 10 days ago
Everyone like and subscribe
imryanbtw 10 days ago
ViperFangs1 10 days ago
7:38 am I the only one surprised he said the f word
Loch Williams
Loch Williams 10 days ago
To think that no one died from any of these crashes in this video is insane
Vaporeon LPD
Vaporeon LPD 11 days ago
Hot Wheels Beat that!
Linnea Ramme
Linnea Ramme 11 days ago
2004:Jimmie Johnson 2005:Greg Biffle 2006:Kasey Kahne 2007:Jimmie Johnson 2008:Carl Edwards 2009:Jimmie Johnson 2010:Denny Hamlin 2011:Tony Stewart 2012:Brad Keselowski 2013:Matt Kenseth 2014:Brad Keselowski 2015:Joey Logano 2016:Jimmie Johnson 2017:Martin Truex Jr 2018:Kyle Busch 2019:Martin Truex Jr
Leonardo Lara
Leonardo Lara 11 days ago
Men jeff burton just killed those two walls He did escaped uninjured?
DanTheBoss RRF
DanTheBoss RRF 11 days ago
How no Newman and McDowell Watkins Glen 2014???
Leonardo Lara
Leonardo Lara 11 days ago
Nice save by the #87 truck 13:02
Doc_Lighting 11 days ago
Cindric is the next Keslowski
0:57 いや、1人大ゴケしとるやん
Lobsterrr 11 days ago
Anyone notice the guy fall at 0:56 😂😂
Littlewrangler3 12 days ago
1ST caution, 34+5=39
Benjamin Krawetzki
Benjamin Krawetzki 12 days ago
crew chief: lets pit, slow down me: how about no? me: *misses pit stall and hits tire changer* crew chief: alright you dumbasses cmon
Nikkiv_2020YT Fortnite and other stuff
I meant to reply to pedro j delgado
Nikkiv_2020YT Fortnite and other stuff
And for inspection he put the xfinity engine back
Aa aa
Aa aa 12 days ago
that sound like some made-up WWF thing because that was full of Bologna
G and J Productions
“OH NO”! -DW
Car Lover Photography
why is no one talking about the fireman falling and spilling his extinguisher
Tomiabalos 12 days ago
6:53 its a koenisegg regera?
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