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4 months ago
TGDSHARK 29 minutes ago
*Elon Musk* wants to know your location.
Mazaio TV
Mazaio TV 31 minute ago
If I got the insta 360 I would try to attach it to a drone... SAFELY THO
Isaac Rusz
Isaac Rusz 32 minutes ago
I would film cool action shots for my film degree at college as well as get some nice footage of my 2nd cousin’s wedding
Edel Tomines
Edel Tomines 35 minutes ago
I would love to capture the new normal status here in the Philippines 😉 Thanks Insta360 and Corridor Digital!
Giovanni Maule
Giovanni Maule 35 minutes ago
Amazing footage
Hunters Elite
Hunters Elite 36 minutes ago
Kids tv show thunderbirds
Paul Norris
Paul Norris 36 minutes ago
Wren bro that looked so good
Andrew Garcia
Andrew Garcia 38 minutes ago
If I were to win the Insta360 ONE R + Ariel Edition, I would make awesome videos like this one and put them in my vlogs. This video has inspired me to keep my videographer dreams alive and having a drone camera like this would make my videos even more epic!!!
Mademe Dothis
Mademe Dothis 40 minutes ago
That's not God Mode. God Mode is invincibility. That's noclip mode. Wrong Doom cheat code. It makes me cringe a bit every time he says it, and he says it a LOT.
TAME IMPALA 40 minutes ago
Gael Guerrero
Gael Guerrero 41 minute ago
You guys should make the most realistic pewdiepie intro
M. Duncan
M. Duncan 41 minute ago
Digital fur technology
Bacon Baekhyun
Bacon Baekhyun 41 minute ago
Wren looks like a rejected design of a ken doll in the thumdnail
Will Wrench
Will Wrench 43 minutes ago
Put this on a cheap drone and get some incredible shots
Oops I thought this was a Bob Ross video from the thumbnail
Mr Tie FPV How to and Review
When someone beats you to the most amazing video ideal ever congratulations man this video was also!!!
CelticShadow 45 minutes ago
That edit at the end eas so trippy. So fucking cool!
Jeff 45 minutes ago
why couldn't you just catch the drone using your hands instead of risking scratches by landing it onto something
Penguinguy 47 minutes ago
I think the biggest problem with Rogue One Leia is the fact that the corners of her eyes don't smile along with her mouth when she says "hope". The deepfake does show that the lips needed to stretch more, but it doesn't change the eyes and I think that that's something that would've made it work. Furthermore, in regards to the deepfake; CosworthsMerryMen correctly states: "Her lips didn't connect for the "p" sound in hope." As to whether actors retain ownership of their likeness? I think that they should retain ownership of their likeness as people, preventing you from putting Tom Cruise in a video. However, I think that the likeness of characters is fair game, which would allow you to put the character of Ethan Hunt in a video. Of course, Ethan Hunt and Tom Cruise are basically identical, as Tom Cruise portrayed Ethan Hunt. However, recreating Ethan Hunt should not be legally considered recreating Tom Cruise, as you aren't attempting to recreate Tom Cruise, you are attempting to recreate a character that he happened to portray. Creating something near identical to Tom Cruise is not an intentional objective, but a by-product of recreating a character he portrayed.
Umair Arz
Umair Arz 47 minutes ago
Wren say the "mine" word & there no push up. Are game of life still on?
adrianchell 49 minutes ago
What Wren needs is a clear acrylic hemisphere that goes over the entire camera body and screw/fastens to the mount, so the plastic hits the ground before the lens.
McOoz FPVish
McOoz FPVish 50 minutes ago
man there should be some kind of 360 lens protection...
Douglas Morrison
Douglas Morrison 54 minutes ago
Why not just buy a dog bed as something soft to land on?
Alejandro Torres
Alejandro Torres 55 minutes ago
Wren, in order to avoid future scratching of the lenses. You should create a 3d model that has a spring loaded leg ( outside the field of view of the camera). you can program the leg to eject, covering the bottom lense . The ejection could be activated by a proximity sensor or by a switch in your remote. The circuit could be powered by the camera battery, I don't know if the extra weight will affect your ability to fly the drone. But it's better to protect those lenses.
Soodhou 56 minutes ago
That! For sure will be used in the next year for filming movie a way WE never seen
Daniel Chavez
Daniel Chavez 58 minutes ago
God mode in video games means invincibility
Paradox Xvectus
Paradox Xvectus 58 minutes ago
bruh wren cut ur hair
Sailes Tiwari
Sailes Tiwari Hour ago
you placed kollywood wrong on the map
Purohit Rahul
Purohit Rahul Hour ago
Cool, yeah!
Jaiden Comitogianni
I made a FPS game with unity engine and it requires 15+ you probably wouldn’t wanna play it 😬
Wrainen Hour ago
Mad respect for Cmike here; my partner has to use a wheelchair more and more often to get places and its so hard to get around when you realise how many spaces cant accomodate the wheels. Someone makes an accessible place no longer accessible? Snickerdoodles.
sachin negi
sachin negi Hour ago
I like those drone shots with the audio. It feels like some beautiful song video. Looking forward for some awesome videos from Wren. Liked and shared it.
Byron Thomas
Byron Thomas Hour ago
Nobody: Nobody ever: Absolutely noone in any galaxy ever: Me: Did you know that we are closer to the size of the observable universe than we are to the smallest physical theoretical thing, the string, in size. With us being closer to the universe at over 10,000,000,000,000x closer to the observable universes size at around 43.5 billion lightyears across, you have to take into account the universes ever increasing expansion (which is faster than light) during its estimated 13.6 billion year life. With the string being at 10*-33 centimeters, thats a millionth of a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a centimeter. If an atom were the size of the solar system, the string would be the the size of a small tree. While we would be well over 12,000,000 times the size of the Andromeda galaxy considering that there are 7x10*27 atoms, thats another way of saying seven billion billion billion atoms are in your body. So think about it, do you feel small now?
David Battison
Some deployable landing legs will be really ideal.
uncommonbeet 672
You guys and hacksmith should do something
Jay Patel
Jay Patel Hour ago
0:52 cap on 0:53 cap off... Are you really want to make reacting to your own cgi in next days. ...
Yumna A
Yumna A Hour ago
Do from ready player one
BreakerzMC Hour ago
where did you guys go camping at?
James Rampant
James Rampant Hour ago
I'd love to watch this footage in vr! Does anyone know if Wren has a separate channel for stuff like this?
Mallow Hour ago
Starship Troopers! ruvid.net/video/video-fgq0ecMHfzc.html ruvid.net/video/video--lDHoPPQIu8.html
Maulana Winata
I want this sooo much, I don't have any income yet though :(
Joep G
Joep G Hour ago
If I win the insta360 ONE R + Ariel Edition I will probably use it to film some epic shots in the fields and forest. Maybe even use them on a bike to create a new perspective
Gregory_Feck Hour ago
@Corridor Crew You need to make a large soft landing pad.
Palash Soni
Palash Soni Hour ago
did anyone hear the music from drone's rotors or i am just high.........................
Maulana Winata
360 camera is actually flat... because the world is.
Joep G
Joep G Hour ago
That.... was.... epic
Om Sakharkar
Om Sakharkar Hour ago
the shots were incredible man!! awesome!!!
brndnhghs Hour ago
jank compression
Short Classics
I think I’m a little late to the comment section...
Spaghetti_Ho Hour ago
I cannot express how much I love the style of video 360 drone shots
Palash Soni
Palash Soni Hour ago
He just made a video about drones and also a trippy video.....at the same time
Mithun Gopinath
I feel like I've been hypnoticed... 😵
vikram ludhar
vikram ludhar Hour ago
Check kgf chapter 1 its amazing
JOliver TV
JOliver TV Hour ago
I sense a Minecraft Video!
Zacharias Kilpatrick
Damn, that is some amazing drone footage!
bret4o9 Hour ago
RUvid compression was actually so bad I couldn't see the scratches in the final shot
Mashal Sabarad
If i had that camera,I would film cool shots just like wren
naveen kumar
naveen kumar Hour ago
That camera is worth it
Dr Rew
Dr Rew Hour ago
The landings seemed like a large problem. So just how you were using a couch and drone case to land to not mess up the lenses you could get a just large piece of foam to take off from and to land on. Bubble wrap may also work, just some thoughts. Also nice shots but the fast-moving ground in some of the shots still looks really weird and gives me some motion sickness.
villafanmart Hour ago
that song was on point, good choice :)
naveen kumar
naveen kumar Hour ago
City Hunter "street fighter" fight scene plz.
Sixten Hjalmarsson
What is that first video called?
Marcel Z.
Marcel Z. Hour ago
This looks insane! Great music also. And did you actually ride the onewheel and fly the drone at the same time in that last shot? You are crazy Wren! :D
General Draeckos
wow....wren have that bob ross hair going on
Chatchaval Assawamartbunlue
The last clip was epic
Sam Oates
Sam Oates Hour ago
Anyone else feel a little seasick watching, great footage just pretty crazy! Love it!
ZephyrDavid Hour ago
Noclip not god mode, just sayin'.
ygalion Hour ago
I would improve Wrens god idea, thats so freaking awesome
bobzor Hour ago
FYI that's noclip mode
DamnNake Hour ago
Scratch on lens? No problem! Because that is what it makes lens into Wrens!
Robbie Wilson
Robbie Wilson Hour ago
Aye please do anime reactions 🙏🙏
Johannes Wiltner
I'd use it for actioncam stuff, skiing, kayaking, mountainbiking, etc. but with the extra versatility of the 360° fov you could get some great shots.
Benjamin Blümchen
Please react to garf as Tiger from DC Titans
Sergio Martemucci
I would film myself in a Swoop contest...that'd be awesome!
Mandeep Singh
Mandeep Singh Hour ago
13:10 oh man those circles gave me head spins XD
Nolan Decreton
I would use it to do some vlogging of me dancing I’m a ballet dancer and a 360 camera would be awesome I wouldn’t need someone filming me and this on a drone is also so cool and I love timelapses so I would definitelymake some to I would also put it on my dog who follows me longboarding I could get some cool shots I think he basically would be my camera man
Marcel Büttner
The 155 dislikes are from people with motion sickness... 😂😂
Bonkers Boi
Bonkers Boi Hour ago
I don't Usually comment on this stuff but I truly loved this video and the amazing shots with the drone
Prateesh Pappu
ruvid.net/video/video-R7MxwXNLBdg.html Please react to this song in your next video its kinda mind blowing
Esh In Vlogs
Esh In Vlogs Hour ago
Once i climbed this high when i was in grade 6, i climbed bcz my friend's soccer ball got kicked to the roof of our school. I frightened out my wits
Peepsil GamePlayer
Carmichael? Hmmm... TALES FROM THE BOTTLE?!
ImBadAtCOD Hour ago
I unsubscribed because your videos have become more annoying lately, I used to enjoy the more scientific ones where I actually learned something interesting, but not anymore.. I would rather watch other videos for entertainment, not yours..
Harvey Heywood
corridor videos are like "lets do this super cool thing with this super cool camera.... but can we not break it?"
daddy_is_back _boy
Can u do free guy
Cringy Stingy
Cringy Stingy Hour ago
whats the sound effect at 0:07?
obmotum 2 hours ago
I would use it to make awesome 360 Videos of my little 2yo girl. Edit: typo
Posted Broadcast
Posted Broadcast 2 hours ago
Who else went back to see if you really heard Wren say F#@ken?
HJGAMER29 2 hours ago
I know if you have legs they will show up in the cameras view but why not design landing gear that can go down and up so you can just trigger when landing? You’ve made a nerf gun shoot on a drone, I’m sure you can do this. If you do please make a follow up video on it. Would be cool to see the making of.
Bunny Bro
Bunny Bro 2 hours ago
Wren's like that one uncle you had when you were 6 who you could actually relate to cuz he was so childish
The White Guar
The White Guar 2 hours ago
I'd really like to see you guys talk about Schindler's List. It may be too gruesome for your channel, but some of the death scenes are incredibly convincing and I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out how they were done.
The White Guar
The White Guar 2 hours ago
Also the scene with the little girl in the red coat. It isn't necessarily complicated, I don't think, but the visual itself is brilliant.
Musa Semih ŞAHİN
Musa Semih ŞAHİN 2 hours ago
Hi there
all3n1k 2 hours ago
uhhh isnt godmode invincibility and overall manipulation of environment not tethered to the rules of the reality in which you are in?
Mayan Hawk
Mayan Hawk 2 hours ago
I wonder if he knows about the Stan FPV Cine-Bird?
Adam Kearley
Adam Kearley 2 hours ago
Please do Ghostbusters 1 and 2!! Specifically the finale of GB1 and the Scoleri bros in GB2 but there's more than enough other ground-breaking VFX in there to explore too!!!
Søren Gram Riisgaard
The move at 16:43 looks like the coolest teleportation effect!
Sreyas Reddy Sunkara
It was nice
Nick Mahedy
Nick Mahedy 2 hours ago
I can’t remember if they already did it, but war of the worlds! Especially the cracking earth part!
ThunderJockey 2 hours ago
I promise you will get a laugh out of the Horse Chase Scene In Robin Hood (2018)
Mamta Sharma
Mamta Sharma 2 hours ago
That is what you call oddly satisfying
Hui L
Hui L 2 hours ago
feel like im getting a hang over after watching this.