Danny Gonzalez
Danny Gonzalez
Danny Gonzalez
RUvid is an American video-sharing platform headquartered in San Bruno, California. Three former PayPal employees-Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim-created the service in February 2005. Google bought the site in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion; RUvid now operates as one of Google's subsidiaries.
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Johnathan Kindall
Johnathan Kindall 16 hours ago
omg mr. kingsley
niy ツ
niy ツ 16 hours ago
ya just got spooked :)
Blizzard_the_seal 16 hours ago
why is no one talking about the fact that the dude’s name is the great zamboni??? a zamboni is a big truck think that puts water on ice rinks to make it smooth LMAO
ELMO People
ELMO People 16 hours ago
Love tanner but this is fucking hilarious Though it is little out of context
j wilson
j wilson 16 hours ago
on the other hand, idk if anyone has recommended this, but Magic for Humans on Netflix is a great show
Heinrich Pretorius
Heinrich Pretorius 16 hours ago
Hi Danny nice to meet you
Wonpoodle 16 hours ago
I Want Sleep
I Want Sleep 16 hours ago
8:53 Me: *jokingly* Probably because he has nothing to live for Max: “I have nothing to live for” Me: 👁👄👁
Dena A
Dena A 16 hours ago
Ben Kingsley!? 😕
Jude Crawford
Jude Crawford 16 hours ago
Star wars: Santa, the last jedi
OOoOOOo GoOonn
OOoOOOo GoOonn 16 hours ago
this is actually Promised Neverland in a nutshell
FreeLugia 16 hours ago
Hi, I am greg and I am ashamed to admit that I love Damon Salvatore. A vampire.
nomveii 16 hours ago
Reabun 0_0
Reabun 0_0 16 hours ago
Damn Danny, let go the fact that he literally exploded his wife 😤
Zara Horton
Zara Horton 16 hours ago
the intro song gives me 2015 youtube intro flashbacks
Adam 16 hours ago
cant wait for the alternate universe where ned flames was a different person and just kept getting called danny and had a crisis
King Butter
King Butter 16 hours ago
I can’t believe I managed to watch this entire video. I’m not a victim, I’m a survivor ✊🏽😢
Thecnoblade's son
Thecnoblade's son 16 hours ago
Kumar crew YT
Kumar crew YT 16 hours ago
Wow I wanna be an assassin
Snowflake 16 hours ago
Its Halloween bois, time to gather here again
Aaron 16 hours ago
*Hey, to you reading*. you are loved in this moment, just as you are, here's how we know: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” *www.soul.fish*
FinGlide 16 hours ago
L-Not I-The T-Same T-Person L- E- S- T- I- N- K- E- R- fits perfectly @Lucía
crimson bug
crimson bug 16 hours ago
Every type of tiktok: CAT
LoafDevision 16 hours ago
If I ever meet candy Ken I swear I'm gonna supper kick his head right off his body
ms jacksom
ms jacksom 16 hours ago
by “twist at the end” i thought he was serious and max was going to disappear like his wife .. 😭
Anthony Romero
Anthony Romero 16 hours ago
You do realize that in the disclaimer of there video is dose say and i quote " DISCLAIMER These videos are produced with thr intentions to entertain and for artistic purpose. The acts you see should not be replicated ".so it's fake and before you make a video saying oh one of his fans commenting on my video im not even subscribed to his channel and watch the videos out of pure boredom. Your just trying to put a video up because you got nothing elses to do and are the least creative so you have to prove a video is fake even tho they already tell there viewers it is and in a video then say follow them on Instagram to see behind the scenes so your now just fishing for views
Landerous - The King of Cringe
Hocus pocus is trash
Motor Oil
Motor Oil 16 hours ago
*of course he has to be a RUvidr*
Natalie T.
Natalie T. 16 hours ago
Spooky Boy and Can’t Believe This No No No Crossover??👀
Tazzie1312 16 hours ago
"Max and his friends are walking the goat"
Nobody !
Nobody ! 16 hours ago
Time to over throw the principal
avery 16 hours ago
is a zamboni (no clue how to spell it) that ice smoother thing?
Julie Singleton
Julie Singleton 16 hours ago
Dan Dan the mermaid man
doot doot man
doot doot man 16 hours ago
This is why you watch Bill and ted insane movies but they win battle of the bands and this makes a great nation all about Bill and ted
Charlie Gietzen
Charlie Gietzen 16 hours ago
is it too late the change i fell about her
Specktrum Jack
Specktrum Jack 16 hours ago
Someone has stopped to think that someone like them have a massive house? It makes you think
Diana Rokossa Kingbo
plot twist: the jaguar is the wife
xd Melody
xd Melody 16 hours ago
when thanos puts the gauntlet on the wrong hand😂
Qalidurut 16 hours ago
Stop talking to yourself Stop talking to yourself Stop talking to yourself
Silver 0wlzz Clan
Silver 0wlzz Clan 16 hours ago
6:12 this is so sad she didn't even go away to make the fake call you can hear their mom in the background, not just from the phone
MaskedWolfDragoness 16 hours ago
Rich people are incels, apparently.
EidechseArts 16 hours ago
What's most disappointing is that I didnt see any of these videos or hear the audio 😂
Vasilisa Frolova
Vasilisa Frolova 17 hours ago
how are there purebred mermaids if......all mermaids are women
Lil Gluestick
Lil Gluestick 17 hours ago
watch mr boogedy next year. you have to.
ken 17 hours ago
danny is so creative wtf
epicness at peak
epicness at peak 17 hours ago
i was expecting that
DizzyUG 2113
DizzyUG 2113 17 hours ago
I 100% expected the wife to come back. I did not expect that she was the jaguar.
Megan O'Connor
Megan O'Connor 17 hours ago
I thought the lady the bullies were stealing for was going to turn out to be his wife- I-
gang gang
gang gang 17 hours ago
Zynn NEXXUZ 17 hours ago
14:52 the way he says little bitch is so funny
Honestly, as a gang leader, id let my cronies beat the shit out of my son if he acted like that
• KindOfaPanda •
He is truly greg-ette
Genesis Rail
Genesis Rail 17 hours ago
Dr Eggman did this movie to pay his bills
hmm 17 hours ago
Vera theBanana
Vera theBanana 17 hours ago
Maybe all the babies on Justin's Instagram were announcements to his wife that he wanted to have sex with her so... they could have a baby.
YesToToast 17 hours ago
Where the Bubsy?
「Soft & Wet」says, rev notice teri
Little pump showed up 10 hours late and just decided to come on a whim, and all the dobre bros are tired at 5:09am and your can’t convince me otherwise
Annoying Sponge
Annoying Sponge 17 hours ago
The wife liked children and zambidu didnt until he liked children
Oof 17 hours ago
16:29 At least he's being honest.
cool minecraft 5 gameplays
😀 (literally go towards the right to the door) 🚪 OMG I CANT GET TO THE DOOR!!!!!
Jeniah Burnett
Jeniah Burnett 17 hours ago
First five minutes and I've realized that Max is the Katara of this movie.....
Empathy Says
Empathy Says 17 hours ago
“Who’s going to bully someone who can turn into a bat? You don’t want this smoke. This puff of smoke... when I turn into a bat.”
Malaya Santella
Malaya Santella 17 hours ago
I am 12. My middle school years(so far) have been ok? I have 0 windows in my class. And my mommy is currently not living on the same continent as I am
Logan Jacobs
Logan Jacobs 17 hours ago
All of the dislikes are from chad’s different accounts
Empathy Says
Empathy Says 17 hours ago
You can tell this guy looks into the mirror making faces and thinking of lines that what he imagines being big, hot bdsm-esq/danger kink...? moments and then builds a 10 second tiktok scene around it... and watching them considering this possibility makes them 10x more uncomfortable to me.
Pichi_Puff :3
Pichi_Puff :3 17 hours ago
Living in Russia is hard... I’m constantly getting kissed by girls I offer chocolate or other candy, and I always have people throwing pandas at my feet. There’s so many people that just keep randomly hugging me while I’m sitting on a motorcycle looking at my phone, and I always see men punching prego woman’s stomachs. But don’t worry because I’m moving to another country in 2 days.
Ava Morrison
Ava Morrison 17 hours ago
I was watching this with subtitles on at 0:29 made me laugh
girl on the edge
girl on the edge 17 hours ago
guys it's not lil tay's fault its bad parenting
Ms. Loving
Ms. Loving 17 hours ago
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TM 17 hours ago
My favorite ice cream is pistachio 🥺
AND PEGGY Schuyler
AND PEGGY Schuyler 17 hours ago
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 17 hours ago
that opening scene which is dumb
Gidget Claws
Gidget Claws 17 hours ago
This is an actual Christmas song I vibe to-
Lilac Daisy
Lilac Daisy 17 hours ago
Craigslist is shaking
Liv Car
Liv Car 17 hours ago
That awkward moment when you get you tail stuck in the couch of your owner, who's also your husband who murdered you but he doesn't know you're married 😳😳
Creative Pozen
Creative Pozen 17 hours ago
7:31 This actually fucking happened. 9:00 This also happened but its made into a lie.
Lance Miller
Lance Miller 17 hours ago
The nutcrackers are multiplying
bluefeather 64
bluefeather 64 17 hours ago
I now pronons you
New Wave x86
New Wave x86 17 hours ago
Forget about the wife, didn't he try to rob a international bank?
GoblinGamez 17 hours ago
probably because this movie came out 3 years before it but Zam Boni kinda gives me 2005 Willy Wonka or because i find a way to relate everything to Willy Wonka idk
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 17 hours ago
12:27 the Great Palpatine