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សំខាន់ភីរម្យ ភក្តី
This video make the queen less cruel! 😂
Rahul Saindane
Rahul Saindane 9 hours ago
This movie was more disappointing than I am for my parents.
joe wood
joe wood 9 hours ago
Pedowood fight against jesus. Look what a nice guy satan is, aww. Baby eater rubish.
Lucy Hodges
Lucy Hodges 10 hours ago
Robert: Tom Holland is great Anthony and seb: 0_0
Datevdm 10 hours ago
Mia speaks only one sentence, with 2 words... nothing new. In all the interviews... and Jessica and Tom are the exact opposite, full of energy and talkative
Rihanna Fan
Rihanna Fan 10 hours ago
Oh pls i want see Caliban and Sabrina together!The King and Queen of hell.
KENDALL LA 11 hours ago
yo lincoln got jokes
Connie Hazzard
Connie Hazzard 11 hours ago
My dad told me he helped build the set
Emily Crabtree
Emily Crabtree 11 hours ago
Violet dated both brother which is kinda savage
A lemon
A lemon 12 hours ago
I don’t like the 2017 King Kong as much as the 2005 one
Dijitalevren TV
Dijitalevren TV 12 hours ago
Wawwww süper. Şimdiye kadar izlediğim en süper dizilerden birisi. Ama genelde tanıtımda farklı bir karakter olduklarında soğuya biliyorum izlicem şimdi ama inşallah karakterlerden birinden soğumam. --- Wawwww is super. It's one of the most superb series I've ever watched. Now, but I hope I will not cool from one of the characters.
Kendra Corcuera
Kendra Corcuera 12 hours ago
I was the first who saw frog
Stella Kyriacou
Stella Kyriacou 12 hours ago
Mono 13 hours ago
Imagine Disney remaking all the movies but darker.
Davron Erdonov
Davron Erdonov 13 hours ago
Bu shunaqa kino xech qanaqa fantaziya va qisqasi zur juda juda zur seriallardan biri
Lochlanist 13 hours ago
I've watched a couple of these videos. I'm shocked non of them mention a outwardly obvious line Adelaide uses on the beach with her friend that gives credence to the swop. When she mentions how she reached her prime at the same age that she swoped out with red.
Caitlon Simpson
Caitlon Simpson 13 hours ago
I'm sorry but Joseph Morgan fine as hell ooo 😍😘
HALOO_ 22 13 hours ago
I just got too used to t-bag so I think he is still a criminal 😂😂
Jeezz Ceezz
Jeezz Ceezz 14 hours ago
S Ññ
MaxFranklinVlogs 15 hours ago
1994: Hakuna Matata brbrbrbrbrbrbrbr 2019: I'm just getting into the groove
LeKnight Studios
LeKnight Studios 15 hours ago
That does not look like Annie Potts
Ana 15 hours ago
Molly Weasley? Bloody hell!
LeKnight Studios
LeKnight Studios 15 hours ago
Great Helm
Great Helm 15 hours ago
"I know how The Hulk thinks and feels." Dayum!
Yorgeliz Herrera Guzmán
La pareja mas linda fue la de clarke y lexa las ame a LAS dos
BEST OF SANCHITA 16 hours ago
I love jasmine and aladdin
Kaylee Johnson
Kaylee Johnson 16 hours ago
The evermore got me crying a little it's just so sweet I have memorized it bc I love it so much
Emilie Poirier
Emilie Poirier 17 hours ago
Kristoff’s arc was so mishandled. I prefer the “a little out of sync” approach, but I would have liked it to be more deep than “it’s hard to propose!”
Ratchawan Jindawat
Ratchawan Jindawat 17 hours ago
I don’t really like this video
Emilie Poirier
Emilie Poirier 17 hours ago
I’m glad they removed the memory scene. It feels forced, we have enough “lore through ice” moments. I feel like the flashbacks as kids and the way Elsa treats Anna are enough. But Kristoff’s arc was dumb and didn’t fit with the movie’s tone. Elsa’s revival was fine, but Olaf should have stayed dead. He sucks. I can’t believe he had another dumb song in that movie.
lucrack jajaa
lucrack jajaa 18 hours ago
Y spanish xd ajahjaha porfavor alguien de argentina xd
Thaylanne Gregorio
Thaylanne Gregorio 18 hours ago
Linh Le
Linh Le 18 hours ago
omg I mean, I am so deep in their characters that I feel weird when I see them sitting and talking together looking so happy like that haha
shibby551 19 hours ago
the thing about heaths joker he never really says y he has the scars.. first he says he did it for his wife. then another time it was his father.
Alyce Spencer
Alyce Spencer 19 hours ago
They should have done this
Arielle 20 hours ago
Jennifer and Lana don't seem to vibe. Like, in an obvious way lol. What's the tea..
Alejandra villanueva
Love it
Isabella Ella
Isabella Ella 20 hours ago
Stiles had sex with Malia in a freaking INSANE ASYLUM. JUST STOP
Jackie Marcy
Jackie Marcy 20 hours ago
This movie is not imao
Jackie Marcy
Jackie Marcy 21 hour ago
OK why
Jackie Marcy
Jackie Marcy 21 hour ago
Me so bad
Jackie Marcy
Jackie Marcy 21 hour ago
Yes we want 3
Jackie Marcy
Jackie Marcy 21 hour ago
We love this movie so much I love it
Jackie Marcy
Jackie Marcy 21 hour ago
We love malefsat
Geysa Machado
Geysa Machado 21 hour ago
Negan o fodão 😋😍
Writer Gabby
Writer Gabby 22 hours ago
So the producers went like: lets put everything we are not putting in the final film in the traillers
Torii Canales
Torii Canales 22 hours ago
Cami and klaus reminded me of of the joker and Harleen Quinnzel therapy The part where she thought she was curing him but she was falling in love
Torii Canales
Torii Canales 22 hours ago
Joseph faces when daniel leaned on his shoulder😂
Angela Ye
Angela Ye 22 hours ago
Weird. Everyone is talking about Angelina Jolie. Elle Fanning is beautiful too!
Torii Canales
Torii Canales 22 hours ago
Joseph i think we got way of course here 😂
Torii Canales
Torii Canales 22 hours ago
Joseph so funny 🤣
Torii Canales
Torii Canales 23 hours ago
Seson of fhe merman 😍😭💀
Caleb Jones
Caleb Jones 23 hours ago
In season 5 I just don't want Lucifer to get back and the detective be in a relationship
Ava Levens
Ava Levens 23 hours ago
it was ok i gusse
Gwendoline Loki
I want a frozen about the parents and their childhood
IkkeBaskuh Day ago
How about the Disney-quotes from other movies. At first I thought it was by accident, up until the last quote I heard: ‘Remember who you are’ - Lion King ‘I know who you are’ - Moana ‘Hello Beastie’ - Pirates of the Caribbean I’m pretty sure I must have missed heaps more. But wasn’t paying attention to more quotes.
Ezra Rene
Ezra Rene Day ago
you are my favorit youtuber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!B
Tiffany Viola
Dennis because he is cute and bleh bleh bleh
Nath's Gamers
Torii Canales
The rubber chucky baby 😂
Matias Ramseyer
2019 is the better movie
Ramdan Musthopa06
Hi,i'm love this movie😅
Leela Gilbert-Gokhale
wait a damn minute...lincoln is english? plot twist bruh
Faith Ruaya
Faith Ruaya Day ago
The real reason there are no mothers is because the creator of disneys' mother died
Ella Mason
Ella Mason Day ago
Just watch the film.
Aryaveer Patel
At 2:14, is that Maggie Smith. If not, who is she?
My first ever favourite song was "How far Ill go"! Like.... My FRIST EVER favourite song
Clara _
Clara _ Day ago
Les sous-titres français plus absent que moi en cours
Syneen Alrousan
I love how young Donna loves wearing overalls, jumpsuits and more. It is a very cute style on here and it really fits.
BOT Terminator
I came here to see if wentworth breath heavily while talking😁
Benny G
Benny G Day ago
I think they should make a separate dc universe called “Dc Dark Universe” or something where it’s movies like this about villains
Genevieve Glavin
I definitely like this one more!!!!!!
Genevieve Glavin
the second one is one of my most favorite movies!
Kayleigh S
Kayleigh S Day ago
This is my fave film
Lindsey K
Lindsey K Day ago
Can you imagine that I love that song
Misty Cobb
Misty Cobb Day ago
my favorite part is the hakuna matata scene I watch all of your episodes I love you
Well Eve can’t replace him in Hell, they said it had to be an angel
Camila Hernandez
Amo la película
Uri Gordon
Uri Gordon Day ago
Robert Lloyd
Robert Lloyd Day ago
I love you
Cloudy Playz!
I have a question... Right Beatrice is the mother of Violet and Claus And the baby which name i have forgotten of I saw a scene they were alive but i’m so confused they’re alive why didnt they escape jail and save the kids?! They escaped then went to some house? Idk please explain to me!!
Mila 11
Mila 11 Day ago
I hope that they make a frozen 3
Beanie boo Show
I love the songs
Caleb Walker jones
Why the hell does Michelle Pfeiffer's eyes the crazy like she has a lazy eye I'm talking about the blonde headed Queen her I Village one way that I go to other way what's wrong with her
Mas achil
Mas achil Day ago
Kendala² orag yg berbakat ky iko cs itu cm bhs inggris y aja. Cba bhsa y bgus dan lncar psti udah jd hero kali d marvel .hehe pis
Madhuri Anjas
Harry Potter beauty and the best
Riddhi Dabhi
Riddhi Dabhi Day ago
Please dont tell me that i was the only person who searched this up......
ur sis dia
ur sis dia Day ago
now im crying all i see is michael scofield with linc the sink ahhhh
Nnh _33
Nnh _33 Day ago
The one who next to t-bag literally moood 😭😂😂😂
Alondra Galaxy Plays
*Video still playing* Me: *falls asleep while watching* Also me: what happened!
Mean_ Ice_phoenix
Ian and his beautiful eyes💋
Yunus Enes
Yunus Enes Day ago
Türk yokmu la bi ses verin
Odenibi Oluwatomiwa
Robert is planning a negotiation right now, he's going to dish the others at any chance he gets😁😁😁😁 Wentworth is planning a break out with Dominic and he's including Sarah. Man's unscrewing his way out under that table😁😁😁 Lincoln and Michael are basically Dominic and Wentworth in real life.
carina mc pherson
Varsha Indrasani
BlackSpace Day ago
Would've been crazy if they would've chosen Tara Sutaria.
unnikrishnan Nagarajan
Gods the casting was strong back then
Karel Stone
Karel Stone Day ago
Varsha Indrasani
Joanne Mellor
I saw something that a guy in Waterloo is also in Fernando
Grażyna Leszczyńska
Is Rey and Kylo Ren and Poe and Finn real??