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qamar suleman
qamar suleman 43 minutes ago
My love forever alice eve
Natalie Brooke
I never realised making a movie is so goddamn *awkward* o.O
Gage Cole
Gage Cole Hour ago
Covid 19 videos?
Jenny Calderon
Jenny Calderon 2 hours ago
I taped left nothing happened, tell people to tap left for no reason
Atlantic Clone Trooper Playz
The dialogue: The force brought us together The subtitle: The horse brought together Me: *y e s*
Nakisha Peterson
Nakisha Peterson 2 hours ago
He also has super speed
Pika Tim123
Pika Tim123 2 hours ago
Netflix: Write that down! write that down!
Zeliwashere 2 hours ago
I understand now, they cut off all the story, so they made a film about pretty dresses and cool water effects.
Pasita Aban
Pasita Aban 2 hours ago
V .kik
Aside_TV 3 hours ago
*_I'd rather be shiny_*
John Doe
John Doe 4 hours ago
This movie is still fucking terrible. Got nothing on the original.
Grace Ebo
Grace Ebo 4 hours ago
I wish that Kristoff 's duet with Anna made it into the movie.
Athena Nayre
Athena Nayre 4 hours ago
its more good if elsa didint die
Livvy Bourke
Livvy Bourke 5 hours ago
Professor Duncan and Troy <3
Dylan Nicolas Sandoval Guillen
Soph Isabelle
Soph Isabelle 5 hours ago
Very similar to the Cindy James true crime case
Kyle Smith Aka Maisey
Dylan is the Actual fanboy He’s like the president of gay
Anna T
Anna T 6 hours ago
I think if this film would include deleted scenes it would me more interesting for me, especially ending with Heath Leadger's smile. Ginger cat also would be great to make "Joker" complete. (Sorry for mistakes if i made them, it's not my 1st language)
Jam Capili
Jam Capili 6 hours ago
We also finally have met the daughter of the russian girl (opening scene of Season 1) 😍😍
TheGoldNinja101 6 hours ago
Anna (Sketched version) looked like a happy Gemsona instead of human sometimes. Especially the first sketched part in the video you've mentioned at the end of this video. I watched Steven Universe. Speaking of that show, When Sketched Anna said "Maybe, we shouldn't get married," I felt that same words coming to and from Connie, to Steven. I do like Stevonnie, but when I watch too much entertainment, I felt as if I was reincarnated from which show I love, perhaps deleted scene mix-ups at times. I felt like Connie literally did break up with Steven. I don't know why, it's just part of a string theory.
John Crawford
John Crawford 6 hours ago
While I love this play... watching it on Disney Plus gives me agita..... especially with Angelica's songs.... there's a flower on her dress, there's no flower, there's a flower.... its like every single camera change it's there or not... I can't unsee it....
Belline 6 hours ago
Mark’s face when they were talking about Carrie 🥺
road work ahead, uh yeah I sure hope does
Bekah Villa
Bekah Villa 6 hours ago
Why did they cut out the singing??
Lia França Marques
The secret room is in the Frozen II book
Katie B.
Katie B. 6 hours ago
I mean she kinda did die. Cause isn't she a spirit now?
morgan jones
morgan jones 7 hours ago
I didn't charge for the way season two ended.. But if it lives up to its twist at the end I'll be satisfied.
Nebur B
Nebur B 8 hours ago
I think the future changed because they interacted with their dad not yet to be dad
t3ddyM9 c
t3ddyM9 c 8 hours ago
Rebecca is so funny
Azoarang 8 hours ago
Elliot deserved better
GlitterGirl Sings!
GlitterGirl Sings! 8 hours ago
Carlos finally loosened up in this part lol
x.itslily.x 8 hours ago
anybody notice that Paul looks jealous when he saw Matthew hand on Nina chair at 26:16 through 26:25
GlitterGirl Sings!
GlitterGirl Sings! 8 hours ago
Why didn’t Carlos get any interaction ;-;
Horsie Bloom
Horsie Bloom 8 hours ago
Personas normales:wow que brutal los efectos especiales Yo: el mono nunca existió 😭😭😭💔💔💔 Mi amiga: igual que el amor de al hacia ti
Tina Johnson
Tina Johnson 9 hours ago
That is my favorite movie on Netflix.
snapchat: volvocash
It's like hideo kojima wrote it right?
İrem Sözal
İrem Sözal 9 hours ago
Jammin 9 hours ago
When Reginald said about time you arrive. He was waiting for the original umbrella academy to time travel back
R L 9 hours ago
Seth is my dream guy!
GlitterGirl Sings!
GlitterGirl Sings! 9 hours ago
22:45 The Tom and Carlos scene 🤣 They talk on top of eachother for a few seconds and then someone says YALL ARE SO ANNOYING! 😂😂😂 cracked new up! Feel bad for Danielle, in in the middle of it all!
NickyG TV
NickyG TV 9 hours ago
Who else died of laughter when grant said “LOVE YOU!!”
Pluto The Planet
Pluto The Planet 9 hours ago
8:30 him talking about destroying the characters happiness is mood. Authors are crazy, man. I love it.
GlitterGirl Sings!
GlitterGirl Sings! 9 hours ago
10:27 The interview guy- Carlos. Carlos! Crowd cheers Carlos- (in head- huh what’s going on? In lost in space) XD He looks like he doesn’t want to be there🤣
Agnes Julius
Agnes Julius 9 hours ago
oliver not queen
oliver not queen 10 hours ago
totally random but grant's little giggle at 10:11 is so???? cute????????? *sobs*
Erin S.
Erin S. 10 hours ago
Erin S.
Erin S. 10 hours ago
Erin S.
Erin S. 10 hours ago
Estrella Parra
Estrella Parra 10 hours ago
Of course we missed old Donna, saying Maryl Streep a lot and I cried my eyes at the final scenes too. But I have to add two things: Cher is a wonderful choice to play Donna's mother and I completely respect de decision of Meryl (although I'd die for a sequel of "Devil Wears Prada" for example)
Noodaru 10 hours ago
I want Jasmines whole wardrobe
Nxy The Wolf
Nxy The Wolf 10 hours ago
Its interesting, she's like the angle of death
H.F 10 hours ago
I want hotel Transylvania 4
Quantay Peoples
Quantay Peoples 10 hours ago
The subliminal messages in this show are sinister. Not sure if I fuck with the wicked energy. The show was well executed nonetheless.
Family Guy
Family Guy 11 hours ago
Family Guy
Family Guy 11 hours ago
Y'all miss Sucre♥️
Collins Forscher
Collins Forscher 11 hours ago
That was hamilton Who here is from 2020
Collins Forscher
Collins Forscher 11 hours ago
Quantay Peoples
Quantay Peoples 11 hours ago
they're trying to condition us that eating human flesh is okay. don't let it happen.
Elle Epstein
Elle Epstein 11 hours ago
I already new this before I watched it anyone the bullet comes In contact with pretty much dies also sit down John pls
Katherine Palacios
Katherine Palacios 11 hours ago
Me after seeing the movie be like: Mom can I have a lion? 👁👄👁
Mary Zehr
Mary Zehr 12 hours ago
Luke has the cutest voice and Brett is absolutely adorable!!!! And I adore that moment when Clark told little Amelia that she could run S.H.I.E.LD. (As long as she stays away from Ward!)
Мотов Василий
I'm just glad season 2 is so much better than the fist one, good sign.
Amreenah Rizwan
Amreenah Rizwan 12 hours ago
This is my first time to seeing this
Nholan Therezo
Nholan Therezo 12 hours ago
I love emma watson❤❤❤😍😍
Let Me Share my Story
Ughhh! What did 5 do now! I know things wasn’t going to be the same when they returned . The old 5 got pushed into the portal in 2019 ... They had a war with the commission the commission leader was killed ... And why didn’t Harlem go with the lady and the full conversation that they had wasn’t shown 🤔also is she really dead this time And how did the father knew they was coming and how is he back alive ? So many cliff hangers
Naysha Cruz Diaz
Naysha Cruz Diaz 13 hours ago
Elite Clone kid
Elite Clone kid 13 hours ago
Poor Evan.
Qaher Marufiazar
Qaher Marufiazar 13 hours ago
Love will kill you, otherwise you try first!
Sylo Amavii
Sylo Amavii 13 hours ago
Another is in the beginning when miguel is shining the mans shoe....the man plays a few notes from the opening scene of UP
Funtime Bonnie draws 0-0
Olaf was so savage in the proposal scene
goldenluver33 13 hours ago
I wish Korra laughed out loud more in the series because Janet's laugh is everything
Zoie Kking
Zoie Kking 13 hours ago
Am I the only one that hated Eve?
Guijard Beauvais
Guijard Beauvais 13 hours ago
Those ppl are overtalented
Cortni Turner
Cortni Turner 13 hours ago
Adam reminds me of Jon Snow a little bit.😍😍
%H%I% Idk
%H%I% Idk 14 hours ago
1:50 maid:money~ Naomi:you --ing gold digger
AGAMONI GHOSH 14 hours ago
Ming is 50, let's just digest that.
Lewly 14 hours ago
there’s one thing I don’t understand when they were all 13 their dad only called them by numbers their mom was the one to give them actual names and number 5 was the only one without one because he left soon after but when they showed that one scene of the kids wanting to say goodnight the mom calls Alison by her name and 5 was there why didn’t they give him a name too?
JohnyGaming223 14 hours ago
The point is, frogs are bitches and we dont negotiate with terrorists
GOLDEN GLOWS 14 hours ago
Sophia Mills
Sophia Mills 14 hours ago
Who is the voice of Dracula
Seni Taiwo
Seni Taiwo 15 hours ago
Honestly I noticed her cause she was so prominent
Althelaw 15 hours ago
Five versus five you can always call it five aside
I play Roblox :D
I play Roblox :D 15 hours ago
I love angelina Jolie so much ❤️🖤💚❤️🖤💚❤️🖤💚😭😭😭😭
youtube guru
youtube guru 15 hours ago
Am I the only one confused as to how Grace was a robot in season 1, 2019. but then Human in the 1960s, season 2
ariana moore
ariana moore 11 hours ago
You’re not supposed to know yet, it’s a mystery they haven’t revealed. My guess is the real Grace dies and Hargreaves builds a robot that looks like her out of sentimentality.
Zuri Channel
Zuri Channel 15 hours ago
I love elsa
Paint_by_number 15 hours ago
They should make a Disney princess movie about someone who is a little bit overweight weather they are IRL or not and the girl is insecure so she runs away because she thinks she isn't as pretty as her family and she doesn't deserve them and as she runs away she runs into the prince. The prince comforts her and instead of trying to get 'skinny' she stays the way she is and help people except them for there personality, there good qualities and she marries the prince and sends the message all over the kingdom. I like this idea because it shows that not all princesses are as skinny as they are in animated or as the actors. If your fit then great but if your not don't must yourself down.
LaRae Middleton
LaRae Middleton 15 hours ago
So since we all now know that Grace was a REAL woman...did Hargreeves her actual body or just image to create Mom???
KkKaep Jjjang
KkKaep Jjjang 16 hours ago
I think lila is a member of sparrow academy and hargreeves made different academies in different timelines .
LaRae Middleton
LaRae Middleton 15 hours ago
You know what? Since Lila can mimic a recently used power, maybe she used 5's time blink to bring them all back to life to blink to that new time line becoming a part of the Sparrows!
Hi Zulfy
Hi Zulfy 16 hours ago
I think i'm in love with jonathan groff
MaG Tutorial
MaG Tutorial 17 hours ago
I think in season 3 love will become Joe and joe(stalker) will Beck(dead)
Sophie Dayot
Sophie Dayot 18 hours ago
Thanks for this!!! Flicks and the City never fail to Amaze me,can't wait for S3!!!💕🤗
Flicks And The City
Flicks And The City 17 hours ago
Aw, thanks so much, Sophie! 🤗 Can't wait for S3 either! 😊
wolfie plays games
wolfie plays games 18 hours ago
Milfesten looks so cool and cute with her hair down
wolfie plays games
wolfie plays games 18 hours ago
Maleficent I mean
t j
t j 18 hours ago
9:49 me at a family dinner trying to keep my shit together while seeing dragons because I took LSD (daniel gillies)
Apoorv Singh
Apoorv Singh 19 hours ago
What about ending of season 1 being so similar to DARK season 2 ending . They travelled through time just before Apocalypse could hit in both the shows. How have so many people not watched Dark🤷‍♂️
Ecstasy And Heroin
Ecstasy And Heroin 19 hours ago
life finds a way wasnt deleted
Yeung閒人一個 19 hours ago
how dare disney how dare they try to kill the bootiful ice queen (elsa)
Sarah Whaley
Sarah Whaley 20 hours ago
😱😱😍😍 how do they do it
oikawa Tooru
oikawa Tooru 20 hours ago
I thought... Just hit vanya with a car again to get her memories bacj
meghanadevi tirunagari
Doesn't know until now that Daniel Gillies was there in a bollywood movie.My bad🙄
emma garcia
emma garcia 20 hours ago
Leah pipes is so beautiful ✨ i love her sm