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Phenomenal Physics
Phenomenal Physics 11 hours ago
Wow and I tripped even in my dream last night
Vegas Voss
Vegas Voss 19 hours ago
Those girls looked happy 4 her. I love u so much Simone
Leo Marchi
Leo Marchi 23 hours ago
Beneficiada pela cor da pele.
Madwrestler 145
I lost 20 lbs a week. Wrestled 145
And windy
And windy Day ago
Wtf hahahah 😁😁😁😭😭
When you’ve meet both Elizebeth and Maya and got to hang out with them !!!
DodgeDude 908
2:46 that crescendo is what makes this the best version of our national anthem in my opinion, not to mention the raw emotion in the stadium of the people after the nation witnessed the worst attack on our home soil in history. And like the anthem goes: “that our flag was still there”
ivan terrible
She is the future of the USWNT. That tiny pale machine is the future.
Máy cầm tay Duy Thanh
Xem 5 lần vẫn chưa biết mặt mũi ra sao 😄👍
john doe
john doe 2 days ago
6:07 j’den only got 1 point in this sequence but it absolutely shows his brilliance and great technique on the mat.
Julian Pichardo
Julian Pichardo 2 days ago
What once took acts of terror to do now happens at every Antifa rally. It took two planes to even tatter the flag and now antifa does it every other day
john doe
john doe 2 days ago
Cox has gotten in noticeably better shape since this. He has added a significant amount of muscle.
Lionheart Mind Explosion
It’s like she’s figuring how to fly, what incredible ability:)
Tommy Havens
Tommy Havens 2 days ago
God I wish I could’ve met him and watch him fight. :(
Чинтогтох Бадмаадорж
Amazing ability best Felix
Nahum Eikenberry
Nahum Eikenberry 3 days ago
Easy win. She's very smart
Ja'Mari 3 days ago
The person that said 'SET' sounded annoyed as hell😂.
John Rogan
John Rogan 3 days ago
Dick reminds me of the head maintenance man in the "bob newhart show"...seems like a cool guy!
John Rogan
John Rogan 3 days ago
Forerunner of the ff was the scissors kick jump...not the western roll!
Trendy Maths
Trendy Maths 3 days ago
Maybe Mckayla Maroney? I think definitely.
Itz_ Poh
Itz_ Poh 3 days ago
Lo hace muy bien!! :o
Page One
Page One 4 days ago
With all these female sprinters having babies hopefully their children can continue the great rivalry in the next 20 years from now!
Meg 4 days ago
I met him while sitting next to him on a plane. He is the most humble, kind human I ever met. What an honor for USA that he represents us in his athleticism and great spirit!
dtrain3434 4 days ago
I've always thought the unsung heroes of the high jump were the people who thought of new and better landing areas. In the olden times, people jumped into sand and had to use the straight up scissor method or face injuries. Then piles of wood shavings allowed the side-saddle western roll. If the big rubber landing pad hadn't been developed, Fosbury's method would not have been possible, no one wants to land back first on wood chips or sand. With a safe place to come down, Fosbury was free to innovate.
Miguel Costa
Miguel Costa 4 days ago
0:19 😁
Olivia Ballard
Olivia Ballard 5 days ago
I can’t even do a cartwheel
24 average
24 average 5 days ago
i just dont understand why theres a water jump in this race. makes 0 sense
tracy 5 days ago
Imagine being the judges in the back trying to focus on the girl on bars
k a l e s a l a d
Ya two MAC swimmers (well at the time...)
Gracie Jiu jitsu
Gracie Jiu jitsu 5 days ago
ChaCha 5 days ago
I mean she has a LOT of strength and skill and can do gymnastics, but I'm sorry, she has NO grace whatsoever during this routine. She's very unbalanced, has heavy, rough landings and no gracefullness to her movements at all. It's like watching a weightlifter doing gymnastics. This is a far cry from her famous floor routine.
nina priona
nina priona 6 days ago
Idk why but i feel that she is not enjoying that much the gymnastics than she used to in the past :/
Pascale 6 days ago
soooooo robotic 😞
Ana Raquel Perurena
I know nothing of gymnastics so bear with me. During that spin at the biggining did she almost fall, or was that part of the routine?
Daniel Vidal Martins
Did u get it? She's the queen!! !!!!!! 2020 is hers ♥️
George Akwei
George Akwei 6 days ago
My lovely ex girl friend although miss her
Josh V
Josh V 6 days ago
Adapt the Kurt Angle persona and be an even bigger star. Stay humble champ.
Josh V
Josh V 6 days ago
The best to do it, still bias toward gardner and angle tho
Mari anne
Mari anne 6 days ago
#9 Brenda Martinez was pushing shoving and caused a trip and fall. She deserved to fall and should have been DQed for contact. Cant stand runners like her. Spoil Sport.
A Flop
A Flop Day ago
Facts. I got second hand embarrassment
Mery Mallma
Mery Mallma 6 days ago
Yo nisiquiera podria pararme ahi
Armando Benavidez
didn't know she was a 91er
Andrew Vare
Andrew Vare 7 days ago
Bonifide asshole, Dee is
Tasty Recipes & Monica ASMR
Great video👍
Czarina Czar
Czarina Czar 7 days ago
She looks like she could be Kobe Bryant's kid. Those eyes and the nose. ❤️ And she's a super Athlete as well.. 😁
Stephen Michalski
I wish this had gone for 23 hrs 11 min.......I find her and all these young ladies in gymnastics fascinating.....their personalities.....what drives/makes them so courageous ......their all so crazy impressive as human beings.....let alone their athleticism ....hope there's more of her and others doing this type of video
TS2606 7 days ago
The 697 people that thumbed down this needs to take a good hard look at themselves
Дмитрий Беликов
Это мужик или баба?
Hadejahtou Faye
Hadejahtou Faye 8 days ago
Looks like a dude
Erika Daubner
Erika Daubner 8 days ago
I don’t like her skills.Ok she Is strong she Is good jumping but doesn’t have the feminine grace....
LaDonna Coleman
LaDonna Coleman 8 days ago
She is good at gymnastics...period!
Nick_13 _ Nick
Nick_13 _ Nick 8 days ago
So if I make team tennessee can I try out for team USA 😐😶😑
Emery Waddleton
Emery Waddleton 8 days ago
Good luck
4strings4me 8 days ago
Carl Lewis the GOAT
Genesis A. D
Genesis A. D 9 days ago
Wow!! I didn't even know this was a thing. I'm amazed.
Patti Smith
Patti Smith 9 days ago
I’m surprised when she hugged her coaches She looks much taller on the beam
Moth’s Mummy
Moth’s Mummy 9 days ago
Why does she have hips/pelvis shaped like a man’s? And why do they all need to wear clothes that are far too small around the crotch/bottom area?
Michael Clark
Michael Clark 9 days ago
Simone is so powerful and yet, so graceful i love to watch her and she is cute as a button you go girl
vivi Yohanan
vivi Yohanan 9 days ago
Sara González
Sara González 9 days ago
Disciplina dedicación hermosa niña
Lauren Miller
Lauren Miller 9 days ago
i tripped on my leg today
magicsinglez 9 days ago
She has a strong back and an ample behind. . . Even if you were 6 feet tall, she would be the man of the house. But only you two would know, she’d probably be very girly.
OutOfTheirSkulls 9 days ago
Shawn is a person of quality.
Aline Santos
Aline Santos 9 days ago
Boethiah Covin
Boethiah Covin 9 days ago
Chris chan
ElsaX Anna
ElsaX Anna 9 days ago
Bra, I can't even stand up after riding on a merry go round
Bonnie Hall
Bonnie Hall 9 days ago
Dean -o
Dean -o 9 days ago
She's amazing♥️
Gia D
Gia D 9 days ago
3:03 Even when she's falling she's graceful
debahendrix 9 days ago
When you smile simone i just smile back
Tablet Android
Tablet Android 10 days ago
Black is beautiful.
Xx_kikiplayz_xX 10 days ago
Woman - perfect Guy - MONEY 🤩🤩🤩
Joyce Williams
Joyce Williams 10 days ago
Yep you need the good Lord to help you beat Tori and Tianna.
Не мужик и не баба, а оно😆😆😆
westin Heger yv . g
Funny because this ref has been my ref in matches multiple times and he is horrible , he DQ me because I pushed the kid because he was talking shit then threw me out of the whole tournament . This ref is ass
sam 10 days ago
Вот это Лошадь, Миниатюрные девушки смотрятся намного лучше, поэтому у Янки нет первых мест.
Matthew Pejovic
Matthew Pejovic 10 days ago
Fuck yeah Jesse! Last time I seen him wrestle was in high school. What a beast
Amanda Mccaleb
Amanda Mccaleb 10 days ago
We love you Simone i am going to be just like Simone Biles
Awgusta TUT
Awgusta TUT 10 days ago
kendayann 10 days ago
The laugh of Félix at the end of this Race was simply magical
bammaz 10 days ago
Incredible athlete. Probably the best ever. But she aint the perfect gymnast. She needs a few dance lessons from the Russians. She’s a very powerful cheerleader.
princess sop
princess sop 10 days ago
that leotard is beautiful and it suits her so well omg
David Garcia
David Garcia 10 days ago
Incredible, with a mediocre time
realsjs 11 days ago
Thid woman is incredible it makes me so proud of being a gymnast at heart
ASMR Mira 11 days ago
2020г 'это было круто!!! 💋
Laura Cordova
Laura Cordova 11 days ago
Daryll Hurst
Daryll Hurst 11 days ago
I don't know why i searched it tonight but damn....this is my favorite moment in American sports.
Irving Taborn
Irving Taborn 11 days ago
But that twist is awesome that is powerful truly God gift
Irving Taborn
Irving Taborn 11 days ago
I love her I love her and I love her because she does things to make you just look and like woah
Irving Taborn
Irving Taborn 11 days ago
Powerful statements of truth and bravery and physical fitness and strength great qualities in her field needed to win continuously
Soldierjman08 11 days ago
C Williams
C Williams 11 days ago
She's definitely the "Queen" of gymnastics! "NO ONE" can do it better!!
TreyParkersBitch 11 days ago
Tim Daggett has a crush on him
Svetlana Ufimtseva
Svetlana Ufimtseva 11 days ago
Это что, считается красиво? Люди вы совсем потеряли чувство красоты. Косолапая скакушка. Акробатика, несомненно крута. Она просто накаченный отбойный молоток.
RICHIE JR 11 days ago
Prins Ricky
Prins Ricky 11 days ago
Weird looking chick tho!
Ibikari1 11 days ago
Such a smooth runner
Tanto Baffman
Tanto Baffman 11 days ago
This shit goes so fuckin hard I remember the last time I heard this it was sophomore year fuckin love this edit.