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Griffin Wentz
Griffin Wentz 21 minute ago
3:54 No it’s the amazing spider-stan
Sky3Fall 21 minute ago
Aight now do the second movie
Priscidr 26 minutes ago
I think the whole Anakin turning evil is solely the Jedi counsel’s fault. I mean, he was predestined to be the most powerful Jedi in history, and you left his training to an apprentice. They shot themselves in the foot!
Allen Song
Allen Song 27 minutes ago
I watched Shazam on the plane, it helped me sleep.
Dyath 31 minute ago
Robbie Williams: YOU CANT RECAST ME! Disney: No Will smith: BUT WE CAN REWIND YOU!
Qugie 38 minutes ago
4:06 LMAO!
Marij Ali
Marij Ali 38 minutes ago
Who like this movie more then me ?
Marij Ali
Marij Ali 40 minutes ago
Wish we can see tokyo drift 2
Owen hopkins
Owen hopkins 44 minutes ago
When pocahontas is the worst Disney princess movie
Droid Zhohart
Droid Zhohart 48 minutes ago
Do an Honest Trailer for Joker 2019
paulevans1954 50 minutes ago
100 sins for using the word 'iconic'. Oh sorry, wrong site...
Ben Day
Ben Day 53 minutes ago
Wow. That "she's my mother/she's my wife" reference is a deep cut
Jack Vieira
Jack Vieira 54 minutes ago
3:10 They’ll never get this character right Disney: laughs in money
Aman Smith-martin
Aman Smith-martin 57 minutes ago
"Harry Strickland sells propane and propane accessories!" 😂😂😂
Timothy Morrison
🦄🦄🦄🦄do Santa 🎅Claus 🎅 🎅🎅🎅conquers the Martians. Who knew that hot 🔥 Martian kids needed 🎅🎅, or that Martians looked like Ukranian Jews?
Sarah Pé
Sarah Pé Hour ago
We need seasons two and three 🙏🏻
Crank Lab Explosion - lab central
Are we really not gonna talk about the guy at 3:26?
River Of Blacklights
The only thing that they forgot to include in *_BOTH_* these films was the "SH" to go along with the "IT" in the title. Any hardcore fan of the novel knows *_BOTH_* these films are nothing but dumbed down PC *_GARBAGE_* for modern snowflakes....
Ava Hour ago
There's a lot of vegan bodybuilders.
bobtheduck Hour ago
Do Riverdale. Please.
Une Nown
Une Nown Hour ago
The 1st movie is like sunshine compared to the sequels. They just keep on getting worse and worse... But Bumblebee was a breath of fresh air atleast
Atharva Shirsat
Poulla Dulay
Poulla Dulay Hour ago
Stefon ❤❤❤
Just Stardust
Just Stardust Hour ago
I wish my life had a Japanese intro. ;-)
SirCamera Hour ago
People and their runtime gripes. Yeah, you'll binge watch 8 hours of your favorite show online, but focusing your attention on one story for 3 hours is too demanding?
Jason Fischer
Jason Fischer Hour ago
Well, we sure know now that Luke doesn't hand down Excalibur to the next generation. He throws it over his shoulder and drinks some green milk.
luke 2 hours ago
She’s a psychopath. Not a sociopath
Bodhi Perry
Bodhi Perry 2 hours ago
What about 3
Jason Granger
Jason Granger 2 hours ago
Please say: “only weirdos sleep without a fan.”
Ali Sardar
Ali Sardar 2 hours ago
Current state of DCEU 😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Garbage I just wish DCEU gets better
Bretex Wayde
Bretex Wayde 2 hours ago
The Phantom Menace is Jar Jar Binks
Paygie T.
Paygie T. 2 hours ago
Please do Joker(2019) with Joaquin Phoenix ❤🤡
Do Gods of Egypt please
vernus red
vernus red 2 hours ago
It would be cool if you make honest channels
terrah 2 hours ago
I legit have 1% battery left when he said that at the end this crazy
ofir beck
ofir beck 2 hours ago
VR troopers lolll
EJ Scion
EJ Scion 2 hours ago
Narrator... You didn't sing.... You rap 🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥😎😎😎
EJ Scion
EJ Scion 3 hours ago
For the last two movies... *sigh* they didn't forget the stares, the very looooooonngggg stares
EJ Scion
EJ Scion 3 hours ago
Oh fudge even on the 3rd movie it's all about the loooonggg stares but in three ways this time 🤣🤣🤣
EJ Scion
EJ Scion 3 hours ago
It's all about the stares, the long loooonggg starrreesss🤣🤣🤣
EricLikeFries! 3 hours ago
Say: Urynquinaiopy
rAnDoM wave
rAnDoM wave 3 hours ago
Please say " Blundering Blunder Stuttering Splutter Tangerine Goo"
De Void
De Void 3 hours ago
''Open mouth school of acting'' hahahaha
EJ Scion
EJ Scion 3 hours ago
Basically, Twilight is all about stares. Long, loooong stares 🤣🤣🤣
ryx1993 3 hours ago
Or you know Bill Hader makes Bill Hader unfunny
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight 3 hours ago
Man of steel you know and feared 🤣🤣🤣
Deepanshu Mittal
Deepanshu Mittal 3 hours ago
At 22:56 you're wrong 😂 that actually happened.. daughter of Logan
Bodhi Perry
Bodhi Perry 3 hours ago
Elvis Presley 00
Elvis Presley 00 3 hours ago
This was not a bad movie he did this movie because of the height of the Cold War
Yo Adrian Entertainment
im batman
PLEASEDOAMADEUS And say "The rest's just the same, isn't it?".
iChibU tO ZENbU
iChibU tO ZENbU 4 hours ago
Why there is no Chappie honest trailer ? Please do it even though its way past the movie....
Javy Pals
Javy Pals 4 hours ago
That Stefon reference thou 👏
Alan Amadiz
Alan Amadiz 4 hours ago
Say "I wear short sleeve shirts, under long sleeve shirts under short sleeve shirts"
sanil gosavi
sanil gosavi 4 hours ago
Please say “SEND NUDEZZZ”
Miguel Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez 5 hours ago
This could been Episode 1-3. Honestly, ppl would be way more forgiving and the leap from there to now would be even greater
Adrian joseph
Adrian joseph 5 hours ago
Please say "Hahaha, please."
Matthew Steiner
Matthew Steiner 5 hours ago
Make an Honest Trailer for The Blue Shell Incident
The Mamadou
The Mamadou 5 hours ago
Wtf they praise new ones but hate on Revenge ?! F*** you guys
Matthew Steiner
Matthew Steiner 5 hours ago
Please say, “I’m Hua Mulan. I will bring honor to us all.”
Sophie Auld
Sophie Auld 5 hours ago
*IT chapter two : Kinda darker than you where expecting*
kieran lowery
kieran lowery 6 hours ago
please say: "im going to say the n word"
Jonathan Perry
Jonathan Perry 6 hours ago
I don't know how they made Battleship without giving Rihanna a black eye. That would have been a great joke
Ellie 6 hours ago
Please do the breakfast club!!
vernus red
vernus red 6 hours ago
And that's better than episode 7
Jesse Pinkman
Jesse Pinkman 6 hours ago
Worst girlfriend ever 😂😂
Tobias264 6 hours ago
Make that 2 reasons
Super star Jonah
Super star Jonah 7 hours ago
Say: waka waka motha sucka
Jenny Choi
Jenny Choi 7 hours ago
The only thing worth watching in part 2 is the fight scene it was tremendous even though it was just a vision.
Hana 7 hours ago
Do FROZEN II !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Token Handicap
Token Handicap 7 hours ago
3:53 That evil woman shot a german shepherd. I hope Japanese Spider-Man taught her a lesson.
Gabriella Pallister
Ahhhh I missed this voice
akshay sharma
akshay sharma 7 hours ago
Still thinks Snyder cut is a pipedream? Grow up
Leon 7 hours ago
Dude. I cackled so loud and it's 1:37 am. All because they called Stephen King, Dean Koontz instead. 😂
وحق دينك احبك
Do the notebook
abhishek chandel
abhishek chandel 7 hours ago
Do once upon a time in Hollywood
Guybrush Threepwood
Insane in the Chastain?
munenoriification 7 hours ago
Please do an honest Trailer for the goonies
Miguel Angel Rodriguez
Heheheheh, “ *Ilsa me, Mario* “ Get it? Cuz her character is named Ilsa in the movie
Keithustus 7 hours ago
That was one awful video game. ... oh, right.
Keithustus 8 hours ago
You know, I actually liked this one. Whereas Trek 2009 and Beyond were simply action movies with Star Trek wrappers, this was an attempt to retell perhaps the best Trek story in a different way. If not for the super blood, I would have been quite happy with it, at least in comparison with the others.
Czigot 8 hours ago
Stephen King really did write himself into his novels.
TheSjoerd 8 hours ago
Why would anyone want to watch this??
Double What
Double What 8 hours ago
Say "Quit eating my cookies, put them down now!"
Double What
Double What 8 hours ago
No quit eating my cookies jokes
Common Tater
Common Tater 9 hours ago
Please say: "Darth Vader never said 'Luke, I am your father'."
cgrscott 9 hours ago
This movie had a lot of heart.
Alison Oliver
Alison Oliver 9 hours ago
Superman returns is bad very bad. Still superman is my favourite so this review is very good.
phani rithvij
phani rithvij 9 hours ago
Please say "your pp small"
Alison Oliver
Alison Oliver 9 hours ago
Alison Oliver
Alison Oliver 9 hours ago
Superman is better than Batman. He is my favourite superhero. Superman 2 is better than 1 though. I LOVE AND I MEAN LOVE SUPERMAN. Superman 2 is my favourite superhero movie and a lot better than batman. Not to say batman is bad just I LOVE supes better.
hannah rose
hannah rose 9 hours ago
Bdub 9 hours ago
1:13 listen close 😳
Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez 9 hours ago
Diego Herrera
Diego Herrera 9 hours ago
ADDButterfly 9 hours ago
I laughed so hard at this. But I still loved the movies.
Angel Martinez
Angel Martinez 9 hours ago
Do Justice League Unlimited
Angel Martinez
Angel Martinez 10 hours ago
Do Justice League Unlimited
jkb jerome
jkb jerome 10 hours ago
Where is olympus has fallen?
Micaela Royo
Micaela Royo 10 hours ago
H E L L Y E A H I T S S T E F O N!!!!!!!