First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
Cris Carter and Nick Wright team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1.
MultiKushie 5 hours ago
This the gAme Baker gonna bounce back and everybody gonna be on the bandwagon again watch ..
James Jones
James Jones 5 hours ago
Mahomes will run rampant on the Ravens D
The Randy Tomato
The Randy Tomato 5 hours ago
They won't have any support? Cris, this is a fanbase who held a *parade* for the team after they went 0-16 - a year after they went 1-15. C'mon, man.
gibsoneb3 5 hours ago
The truth is these people don’t know any Seahawks player by name except for Wilson
James Coleman
James Coleman 5 hours ago
Carter earting his words right now lol
camron clay
camron clay 5 hours ago
I am not gonna debate who is better but l highly doubt LeBron was faster than a young Jordan. Most people don't realize it was Jordans quickness and agility that made him different.
Joey Weisen
Joey Weisen 6 hours ago
Ravens run the ball. Keep Patrick off the field. They run it dow Kansas City’s throat . Even if they lose they learn from and and match up in the playoffs . Mad respect to both teams!
Gustavo Rangel
Gustavo Rangel 6 hours ago
Bruh its been 12 years since eli did that. He is not the same guy anymore. He had a amazing career and it has to end.
Matt Lombardo
Matt Lombardo 6 hours ago
The mamba all day. Kobe's the best
Manuel Edward Hernandez
Patrick...Not Patty....! I'll bet Mahomes dislikes that Nick name...
John Connor
John Connor 6 hours ago
And AB’s gone
sittingbull1903 6 hours ago
Ravens W! LaMarvelou$
Ken Banks
Ken Banks 6 hours ago
Cris do you get your eye brows done?
ErlangerVeritas 6 hours ago
How does Nick fold towels with a chin like that?
GT lll MGP lll
GT lll MGP lll 6 hours ago
Oh they have some guys injured? Ravens won’t have Jimmy Smith or Tavon Young lol
Ahmad Battles
Ahmad Battles 6 hours ago
Hahaha this aged badly already
Elthenar 6 hours ago
Chris Carter" you don't think someone is going to take your job" Pretty much everyone gets their job taken. Except for those that retire before it happens, I don't care who you are, if a younger cheaper player is outplaying you, you're riding pine.
Steve Bob
Steve Bob 6 hours ago
Dude lost his ability 7 years ago, not over night.
Kade Rose
Kade Rose 6 hours ago
Eli got benched for Geno Smith. He should've been prepared.
Chee Nou Lo
Chee Nou Lo 6 hours ago
Or..R.I.P. to Landry.
Chop Chop
Chop Chop 7 hours ago
Philly needs to be on upset Alert! 🚨 weeeewoooooo! Lol
Peaceistheanswer27 7 hours ago
Cris said "mhm" the same time i did whwb Isaiah said each team has 3 Jordans
Mark Rheins
Mark Rheins 7 hours ago
There are many other recourses that black men have. I appreciate his passion and understand his perspective. I just respectfully disagree
geeany 7 hours ago
Yea he knew it was coming but wasn't prepared for so soon and I think that they should of continue to let him play because the defense can't stop no one. They are not going anywhere and they're always going to play from behind and 'what does that means, "pass" "pass" "pass" and that kid is going to get some "welcome to the NFL licks" and that old tank going to b right back in there before their season end.
Joe 7 hours ago
Lions have too many offensive weapons for the eagles secondary. Hockenson, Jesse James, Kenny Golladay, Marvin Jones jr, Danny amendola. Stafford will have a field day. We already know Schwartz will blitz all night long to try to limit the secondary from having to cover long, so, this game comes down to just limiting mistakes and making the right reads. Eagles will likely stuff the run, so focus on the passing game first and run when they give them the looks
thel vadamee
thel vadamee 7 hours ago
Time of possession meens nothing to KC's offense other than they don't have to hold back.
Sancho Morris
Sancho Morris 7 hours ago
The Raven played the dolphins and the cardinals only two games. They narrowly beat the cardinals now they going to play a explosive offensive. Don’t believe the hype the sport media is lying you. Chiefs will win the just another speed bump on the way to playoffs. I like Lamar Jackson Kc has too many weapon on the field. Andy Reid is a great offensive mind
Steve Taylor
Steve Taylor 7 hours ago
Once again, they need to rename the show: "Everyone Hates Nick"
Steve Taylor
Steve Taylor 7 hours ago
2:08 Ya gotta be kidding me man. The day was bound to come. OF COURSE he had to mentally prepare the day. C'mon man.
EXILE KING 7 hours ago
Daniel Jones will ball out this week. Watch this... Carter is wrong. Eli does not have more ability than Jones.
Stealth Ownz
Stealth Ownz 7 hours ago
Everybody focused on Wentz. The real problem is that the Eagles are one of the oldest rosters. The O line is way way overrated. I haven't seen a #1 O Line. All I seen is pass rushers getting to Wentz before he makes his 1st read. Seumalo is beyond trash. He was historically bad last week. Eagles struggle to gain anything under their 15 script plays. Only when Wentz starts shifting the line himself changing the play before the snap does anything happen offensively for them. I think Doug needs a better game plan to get them going faster. He also needs to get rid of WR screens because he dont have the WRs that can make them work. Not 1 Eagles WR is any good at blocking or cares too. Injuries will continue to plague the Eagles until they get younger. Cant even withstand the first few game how you going to make it thro the season?
Stephen White
Stephen White 7 hours ago
Stealth Ownz wow idk what eagles team your watching but I don’t think we’re watching the same team Wentz was untouched by was and they dominated in the run game. Your overreacting to one bad game on the road against a desperate fast team. Hard to script plays when you lose 3 of your top 5 pass catchers the entire script goes out the window. You should probably calm down and relax we will be fine. I love Carson but he’s not perfect and he doesn’t do everything by himself nobody made him throw those boneheaded ints on Sunday.
M 7 hours ago
Why does no one talk about the browns injuries? Higgins was out Callaway and Nkoku are out the starting safety and linebacker is out. Hard to play when the 5th and 6th string receivers are out there.
Yong Wilson
Yong Wilson 7 hours ago
Come on guy! Make up your mind, simple question who’s better, Dallas/Philly? Oline was supposed to be the best coming in and they are NOT! So excuses again for Carson! We TE is ok but really Dak has a better than average throwing deep, I don’t see that from Carson, ok their line isn’t good, Dak has to deal with that last year and he was able to get them in to playoffs and win one vs Carson (lost). So for me the last 12 games Dak is 10-2, Wentz??? I’ll wait
Matthew Wilson
Matthew Wilson 7 hours ago
You don't HAVE to give him an opportunity to come back from an injury. Other teams haven't...
alwaysopen 7 hours ago
Dallas has some good receivers now and Dak is hitting them. Zeke has to step it up and get back into league leader on the field. Too bad Gallup and Austin are gone but he has two good TE and a dominant O line. The LBs are class of the league and the DBs are shutting down the passing game. Moore and Kitna have done a great job with Dak.
Reggie Mccray
Reggie Mccray 7 hours ago
Who have Lamar Jackson played against 🤔🤔🤔
Mal Jones
Mal Jones 7 hours ago
Who has the Chiefs played 🤔
Ivan Garin
Ivan Garin 7 hours ago
Everyone b*tchslaps Chris. He's the buffoon on the show.
austintexas1193 7 hours ago
I’ll give up yards over TDs all day everyday tho
Juan David Lopez
Juan David Lopez 7 hours ago
Cris Carter is underrated as an analyst
Kenneth Di Leo
Kenneth Di Leo 7 hours ago
I agree with CC all the way! True that!
Fenway James
Fenway James 8 hours ago
All these comments in here are a perfect sample of how bad societies morals are getting. All you who think BB should be in the hall of fame are lost little children. Get your act together.
JBA Advertising
JBA Advertising 8 hours ago
For me is michael jordan
Marcus Graham
Marcus Graham 8 hours ago
All you Jordan nut huggers are ridiculous 😂. Half of you haters never seen Jordan play or Isaiah play. This man knows basketball and is more knowledgeable than anyone in the comments. Y'all do know that he's never in any interview said anything negative about Michael Jordan. Always gave props when called for. Everybody that doesn't say Mike's the greatest or any bball question has to have Jordan as the answer is not just hatin on Jordan.
tjames 8 hours ago
Game of the week
peterfrknpan 8 hours ago
I believe that with all the mature leaders in this KC team. That jalen would be like Rodman with Jordan. He’d behave because he would know he is on a winner
Armando López
Armando López 8 hours ago
Nick Wright should request a trade
Armando López
Armando López 8 hours ago
Did cris just say "play as well as eli" ? Hes been an average qb his whole career. He had two playoff runs that WERE historic. But in this league you MUST UPDATE your resumé. Hes been terrible and a negative part of this offense for 5 years. Cmon CC!!!
Keith Crook
Keith Crook 8 hours ago
I think the Lamar hype after 2 games is absurd..yes, credit where it's due but everyone is acting like he's a better version of Vick now..having said that, he will remind everyone what seems to have been forgotten...the Chiefs pass D is just as awful this year as it was last year...Sorry Chiefs fans, the Lamar love train will continue this week courtesy of that pass D
Joshua Morgan
Joshua Morgan 8 hours ago
Nick is delusional
sincere bryant
sincere bryant 8 hours ago
Teddy will fail and then he will start hill
The Pooa Principle
The Pooa Principle 8 hours ago
"He's not a guy thats just spewing information, because he has nothing better to do." -Cris Carter Ironic because thats what you are doing. :)
William Davis
William Davis 8 hours ago
ey know disrespect too what he said but if u think about it there is know way they will beat the chiefs , im going to tell u now it will be the chiefs ant pats in the super bowl this year, again, baitmore has a great defence but that wont stop the chiefs
CowboyDav 8 hours ago
Who's Nick Wright and what's he smoking? Philly doesn't have better weapons by a long shot...lol
13zinch 9 hours ago
I love and cherish everything that CC said. But everyone has options and opportunities. It’s all about drive and work ethic. What CC doesn’t realize is he (and many of his pears) have that drive and determination to succeed, no matter what they are doing. If it wasn’t football teaching him to be on time, be a gentlemen, etc it would have been the other thing in life that he choose to succeed at. It’s about Character.
kjkgood 9 hours ago
its the play calling bro its not Baker its play calling their are not running the ball nor trying
Brandon Vecera
Brandon Vecera 9 hours ago
Chris always makes a part of the segment about himself. He is a great player. But it gets old
Palm Beach Athletic Complex
As much as I'd like to see him in KC or Buffalo because I HATE New England, Ramsey should be in Green Bay. Their Defensive coordinator is Mike Pettine, the guy who had Revis on the Jets and plays a lot of man.
Gun Monkey
Gun Monkey 9 hours ago
I don’t doubt Ben’s toughness or his desire to play, I just don’t think he’s as formidable as he once was. Now I know he recently had a big year but ever since they lost to Tim Tebow in the playoffs, he and the team have not been the same. Not hating, just speculating.
Jimmy  Durham
Jimmy Durham 9 hours ago
Lmao only reason they talk about Detroit is because it's Philly's opponent ... Nobody checking for the Lions except those in Michigan
Roger Pean
Roger Pean 9 hours ago
He was a loser. Stop making excuses for a sorry human being.
Tone202 9 hours ago
I dont want to her what she has to say.
David Smith
David Smith 9 hours ago
Chris Carter WRONG again. Pats cut Antonio Brown.
Saidakine 9 hours ago
If Baker plays his best game they have a chance. But I think he needs more time.
KCENDER 9 hours ago
Pats fan here: AB will get suspended midway in season because of text messages already sent. Brady will go down because of O-line and Stidham will replace him. That will be the end of Tom and I will lament it, but it will happen. Tom will not recover from it at his age, can't happen. They will come back, but miss the playoffs with competition from Chiefs and Ravens. That's my take. Sorry to say, but think it will turn out this season.
Foolish Demon
Foolish Demon 9 hours ago
Players don't go in expecting not to start, sure, but what do we often hear from players? "Its the NFL you could lose your job tomorrow. Well....
Foolish Demon
Foolish Demon 9 hours ago
Yes let's look back 12 years ago and think about what Eli woke up to. Compare that to the years following and leading the league in INTs three times.
Em Hauk
Em Hauk 9 hours ago
Fragile Wentz is going to be running for his life.
Shariff Allen
Shariff Allen 9 hours ago
If know and understand that none of the starters had played together the entire preseason. With that being said, the eagles pace won't pick up until after the first qtr (4 games) of football. Why does cris carter keep smacking his lips, he didn't speak like that when he was in the league.
4040chocolate 9 hours ago
Man loving this podcast!!! :)
Tom Jones
Tom Jones 9 hours ago
Nick you still need a new barber or go back to shaved
IRON FACE 9 hours ago
When they were in okc it didn't work. I don't see it working now!
STEVEN BOYCE 9 hours ago
anyone notice that the browns were hiking the ball with 1 sec on play clock vs. jets....throws the timing off....need to get plays in way quicker....
Ryan Henry Dean
Ryan Henry Dean 10 hours ago
Jenna casts a spell on Nick at 5:01
KCENDER 10 hours ago
I believe the Ravens are more of a threat to the Pats than the Chiefs at this point because they are unpredictable. That may change.
Eric Canfield
Eric Canfield 10 hours ago
So even if the talent level was near the same, which it isnt, there is a huge advantage for the Rams in coaching. Browns defense will be without some key players. Rams are going to thump the Browns
NASSIR K 10 hours ago
Nick Wright; the most overated sports show host out there.
Seminal 10 hours ago
Go Lamar light it up throw em dimes and run the ball with track marks all over KC #RavensFlock #RavensNation
Clarence Ward III
Clarence Ward III 10 hours ago
Re enjuvenate 😂😂😂
David Connor
David Connor 10 hours ago
I'll be back in these comments after Sunday Night. Just to see who's ready to eat crow. #HereWeGoBrownies
Lejon Brames
Lejon Brames 9 hours ago
David Connor don’t know why everyone’s counting us out man. We have a real shot to win this
Digital King Beats
Digital King Beats 10 hours ago
no one was ready for this? cc u nuts lol
brandon sanders
brandon sanders 10 hours ago
cc made a great comparison abnout having to mentor your replacement, and nick was like nah, I wouldn't like that and its not even comparable. LOL
Belly Flop
Belly Flop 10 hours ago
So your saying hes a sore loser.
MrFootballman52 10 hours ago
Actually this is the 24th season for the Ravens. 1996 was when the Browns came over and officially became the Ravens and started their inaugural season
Rude Dawg
Rude Dawg 10 hours ago
I have never seen this guy before, but you can tell he never really played anything! Why didn't he just shut up when Chris explained it for him, dude just shut up....
ray whorton
ray whorton 10 hours ago
Chris is right. If you prepare to fail, or prepare as if you will lose, you will.
Nikki S
Nikki S 10 hours ago
CC's HOF speech was great. It brought tears to my eyes.
dumolebob 10 hours ago
Irsay, like his father, is a disgusting person.
Stephen Snow
Stephen Snow 10 hours ago
If I was Eli I would be like if this kids better than me why do I need to teach him anything
Blacc R
Blacc R 10 hours ago
Ravens Nation StarVation!!! Bout to ball out and hard!!!
Tony Perez
Tony Perez 10 hours ago
I guess eagle's have running backs only to warm the Bench!!!
Douglas Strehlow Lowry
have a "Rover" on Chiefs defense, it's gonna be a down-pour, weather , slippery ball
coolphil881 11 hours ago
Go ahead Vince carter Eli deserves more than just two weeks most of the season he should’ve done he didn’t even get enough time with the back up receivers lmao
Keith Blevins
Keith Blevins 11 hours ago
I have never seen a player with as complete a set of skills and talents as Lamar Jackson. If he is able to stay healthy I believe he will become the greatest offensive player to ever put on cleats. I saw Gayle Sayers play in his prime. Lamar has his running skills and physical intuition. And he has now shown the passing skills to match. Meanwhile he is playing on a rookie contract which leaves the Ravens tons of cap space to complement his skills with a talented supporting case. I predict Lamar Jackson kneeling for the final few plays on Sunday.
Keith Crook
Keith Crook 8 hours ago
Time will tell..Lamar apparently still thinks it's cute to not protect himself. You could very well be right but everyone said the same thing about Vick back in the day
David Luke
David Luke 11 hours ago
Ravens beat the worst team in the NFL(Dolphins) and another bottom 5 team and we act like Lamar is the second best QB in the league....
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 11 hours ago
These dudes have no credibility Dallas went to ATL and beat them last year I'm done with these chumps cowboys surpass the dolphins record and win the SB GO OWBOYS PERIOD NO MO TALK
William Webster
William Webster 11 hours ago
Before the season started eagle's this eagle's that eagle's are not for real believe that they have to many older players must get younger 🤔
MVP Simmons
MVP Simmons 10 hours ago
They barley lost with there entire offense getting injured lmao we’re fine don’t worry ab us there all minor injuries we will beat lions w ease at home
Eddie Kayne Official
Hey it’s Tom Green!
William Webster
William Webster 11 hours ago
Lions have a good defense wentz maybe he want get hurt i still say he's got grand pa blood😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😜
Victoria Williams
Victoria Williams 11 hours ago
Nawlinz Kid
Nawlinz Kid 11 hours ago
Refs do nothing but take all enjoyment out of sports. 😒