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habib faizi
habib faizi 6 hours ago
R.I.P Teeqo's d13k
MiniTN Rio_G
MiniTN Rio_G 6 hours ago
Us 10 months ago: omg wow we will never do what sway does. Us 10 months later: I can do that with my eyes closed..
Charlie Ayala
Charlie Ayala 6 hours ago
Bro kay if u dont take lexi I will
Arhum Elahi
Arhum Elahi 6 hours ago
Now, why do faze members have Summer in their thumbnails dude!
Braxton Fortnite
Braxton Fortnite 6 hours ago
You guys should add Dodoeu to faze clan he is a good FORTNITE Trickshoter!!
Samuel Alanis
Samuel Alanis 6 hours ago
I think Jarvis alone would have won if he use aimbot
HappyAnnaM 6 hours ago
My weight is fat
Eclipz Neoz
Eclipz Neoz 6 hours ago
MBR_chanal 6 hours ago
apex try to draw brain alex: THat is not brain, That is fucking pickel
TD Griff
TD Griff 6 hours ago
Chicken 🍗
Mazer Five
Mazer Five 6 hours ago
Mazer Five
Mazer Five 6 hours ago
Can I join can I get your Discord or something so we can talk and I could send you some clips
King Maximus
King Maximus 7 hours ago
They should do another one like this 😂
Jonathan Guzman
Jonathan Guzman 7 hours ago
So that's why you don't see Mito around anymore haha
Cracked Xperia
Cracked Xperia 7 hours ago
3:25 hopefully he doesn’t have his aimbot on 😂
Draw With Me
Draw With Me 7 hours ago
Reyhann Talib
Reyhann Talib 7 hours ago
so clickbait
im the real one
im the real one 7 hours ago
search my youtube up im the real one
Tormdoe 7 hours ago
Jarvis do be hitting Kay in the start with that aimbot😂
Edison Delgado
Edison Delgado 7 hours ago
Teeqo and that women would make a great couple they both are very nice people.
The Lemon Juice
The Lemon Juice 7 hours ago
KING MAKA 7 hours ago
charlette is to sexy
Chris H
Chris H 7 hours ago
I can keep my eyes open for over 10 mins i swear on my life
Joshua Aguilar
Joshua Aguilar 7 hours ago
Sommer is not the same🤦‍♂️😪
GamingWithUdyat 7 hours ago
jarvis really has an aim bot 10:03
Laziar 100
Laziar 100 7 hours ago
Laziar 100
Laziar 100 7 hours ago
aidan 7 hours ago
bro i couldnt watch the facetimes
GamingWithUdyat 7 hours ago
jarvis show us your aim bot!!
KGaming 7 hours ago
I get sad watching this mannn
Primal Spongebob
Primal Spongebob 7 hours ago
Honestly can we just go back to enjoying faze instead of complaining how they have/got money. Not like anyone commenting was gonna get that money anyway
Shaggy_303 Gaming
Shaggy_303 Gaming 7 hours ago
bruh lol
vurexza 7 hours ago
not funny
lil homie711
lil homie711 7 hours ago
At least Sommer said bye luv you to Jarvis when they left¯\_(ツ)_/¯
NoName 7 hours ago
RIP Juice
tupac shaqueer
tupac shaqueer 7 hours ago
Terrible bench press by jarvis
Kevin Santiago
Kevin Santiago 7 hours ago
Bruh mans cheated the whole time😭
ItzDawgzL 0911
ItzDawgzL 0911 7 hours ago
The transitions in that intro though 😃
L1ambtw 7 hours ago
you guys should make a league of legends team
Anthony Spicer
Anthony Spicer 7 hours ago
What was that
Slender Death
Slender Death 7 hours ago
16:55 bruh that is sad how do u forget her name dude
draco.23 7 hours ago
I miss faze rain
LJR 075
LJR 075 7 hours ago
That girl that jack is with her name isnt Alexandera it’s Kendra Sunderland 😂😂😂😂
sevdije sefedini
sevdije sefedini 7 hours ago
Jarvis did not hit it
BandzzB 7
BandzzB 7 7 hours ago
They were rude to mito, he is a nice person‼️
Zayed YT
Zayed YT 8 hours ago
Jack Fenner
Jack Fenner 8 hours ago
Black knight not red knight stupid
Addison Long
Addison Long 8 hours ago
The fact that the music matches the gunshots in the second song is beyond belief
Krazy Krew
Krazy Krew 8 hours ago
Lol Jarvis turned on aimbot in real life and hit the trick shot
Christopher Duis
Christopher Duis 8 hours ago
6:03 wtf seriously wtf. These girls are not even hot
Olliegames 8 hours ago
U should invite jev
whalecroissant 8 hours ago
Oscar Jimenez
Oscar Jimenez 8 hours ago
Flame_Docter 8 hours ago
teeqo is the best faze member
Nick&Staci Mickley
Nick&Staci Mickley 8 hours ago
I’m sorry Jarvis
tracey christopher
tracey christopher 8 hours ago
rip jarvis 2001-2020
BackUpBoi XD
BackUpBoi XD 8 hours ago
Fuck faze
eleanor benson
eleanor benson 8 hours ago
calm down
Marlon Castillo
Marlon Castillo 8 hours ago
Gamer Killerbee
Gamer Killerbee 8 hours ago
Faze Kay and faze Jarvis noobs
Adrian Trevino
Adrian Trevino 8 hours ago
Drinking game: shots anytime faze banks says ‘vibe’
FSK Scoutrish
FSK Scoutrish 9 hours ago
why did they not put a helmet on jarvis oh wait cuz his head is to busted
Gaming with Tawhid
Gaming with Tawhid 9 hours ago
Fuck Alex bro Jarvis has a normal head
Carlitos Gomez
Carlitos Gomez 9 hours ago
Jarvis cares more about his Sandles then his neck
AlfredoMarsBar 9 hours ago
Orba aint a real trickshotter though
dhylan plays roblox
ahh yes when rice ask the girl what makes ur a lover and the girl said pasion and sex rice be like OHHHH
Dztboy 9 hours ago
Lol fuck boi out here isnt good. Just got hella lucky
x kyo
x kyo 9 hours ago
im so sorry but this shit is so god damn corny bruh
Pinky Heart
Pinky Heart 9 hours ago
people in the comments start saying cizzor SSSSSIIIIIIMMMMMMPPPPPP
VICTOR PREDA 9 hours ago
Teeqo was chilling on the roof...
Faze Cylo
Faze Cylo 9 hours ago
No wonder there’s so much people in da car
Mr Swag Asian
Mr Swag Asian 9 hours ago
I knew Jarvis would win Want to know he aimboted
Keegan Nash
Keegan Nash 9 hours ago
David fibrin bought a larger one
Alexander Gorman
Alexander Gorman 9 hours ago
C.f.š spaghetti
Raes Levi
Raes Levi 9 hours ago
Reach Flappz
Reach Flappz 9 hours ago
Lexy said Kay, loves you! Bye😂😂😂
Tylerthe Dogdude
Tylerthe Dogdude 9 hours ago
R.i.p cizzorz
# insta:paradise_b0y
They have to get a bigger house
KGaming 9 hours ago
Old times 😭
✪ dont snitch
✪ dont snitch 10 hours ago
Why did faze kay say no
daylin comly
daylin comly 10 hours ago
All adapt does is camp. I think if he didn’t he’d get fucked
Ayan King
Ayan King 10 hours ago
it was so funny wen faze Kay sez thanos bruv
Philip Le
Philip Le 10 hours ago
here for a good time not a long time i love jack
Sairam Pandravada
Sairam Pandravada 10 hours ago
the kids cheated the whole time he is looking at the computer like a 1,000,000 times
Ribhav Kapur
Ribhav Kapur 10 hours ago
I AM NICLAS 10 hours ago
Mongraal is not there
Veri 10 hours ago
Rip faze
Riyan Biker
Riyan Biker 10 hours ago
Savage jarvis
Warmer Monkey68
Warmer Monkey68 10 hours ago
The beast intro ever 2010-2020 💥
Not Me
Not Me 10 hours ago
why jarvis always in the thumbnail
Mmm Hmm
Mmm Hmm 10 hours ago
15:33 when skinny fat guys think they’re strong and healthy
ANnYa GAMinG 10 hours ago
YaaaGirl KC Pacaña
YaaaGirl KC Pacaña 10 hours ago
Where is faze mew?
Elijah Steeves-Evraire
R.I.P Wilson like if u agree
Dragon 10 hours ago
We want faze flea
Yeskj 1
Yeskj 1 10 hours ago
Ok bro Jarvis you are going to foard
JuSt_Nise 10 hours ago
adapts chin did not even go over the bar one of the times
bryan_ cas10
bryan_ cas10 10 hours ago
Dude I was watching the video and when they asked about the nuclear bomb I actually said 1952 and so did temperrr
JustAgent J
JustAgent J 11 hours ago
Guys who saw this in quarantine In there recommend LOL