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At the helm of Alterian Inc. is Tony Gardner. Gardner established the foundation for Alterian, Inc. in 1984 with the cult film classic, “The Return of the Living Dead.” The driving force behind Alterian, Gardner’s expertise ranges from practical makeup effects to sophisticated, computer-controlled animatronic characters.
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Dwyane Washington
getting p**** so easy even a caveman can do it
Evelien 2 days ago
Fake or not fake,this was hilarious
Chicanapunx LA
Chicanapunx LA 4 days ago
I thought I was the only one looking up a decade old commercial at a random part of the day. This!.....my friends is truly living
0:20 chucky
Kade Easter
Kade Easter 5 days ago
Yesika Narvaez
Yesika Narvaez 5 days ago
Relaciones de pareja, polaridad
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Patte 6 days ago
The movie was shot in Toronto. One of the foam dress forms that was used to make Edna's dresses is now in my sewing room.
Gabriel Donizete
Gabriel Donizete 8 days ago
Algum brasileiro aqui?!
aj_hew985 9 days ago
I've never watched Hairspray before so this had no context for me whatsoever until I read the description 😂
You know Me!
You know Me! 9 days ago
Watching it after 4 years feels like yesterday
BAXYO Channel
BAXYO Channel 11 days ago
Gegara tiktok aing kesini
Sinan Demir
Sinan Demir 12 days ago
2:31 fake
Myra 12 days ago
To be honest i almost thought the guy cut his actual arm off with the acting.
Mark Perez
Mark Perez 12 days ago
Classic fight
J A F 14 days ago
I miss these commercials
Rizky Prasetyo
Rizky Prasetyo 15 days ago
Pratik Kubal
Pratik Kubal 15 days ago
It's messy
Radical Rainbow
Radical Rainbow 16 days ago
A f*cking awful performance by Travolta Divine was 100% better
Feloni 17 days ago
Top 10 people who could defeat Thanos in seconds.
Moises Ribera
Moises Ribera 17 days ago
I will always remember this beautiful movie and its one world for us music.
Saekhul Amirin
Saekhul Amirin 17 days ago
Sacide Yılmaz
Sacide Yılmaz 18 days ago
Tehe aisjs
Just ask the mouse
Just ask the mouse 18 days ago
I mean this is cool, but why did you built a whole silicone woman so that a man can play her instead of casting a woman with similar proportions? 🤔
Leigh West
Leigh West 18 days ago
I especially loved the dance scene with Travolta and Walken. You could see they were just having so much fun with each other.
tech2017 19 days ago
Still less scary than the CATS movie.
Luz Rodriguez
Luz Rodriguez 19 days ago
I love hairspray
AnticostiLibre 19 days ago
So racist in the proper sense
Noe Berengena
Noe Berengena 20 days ago
Why is Travolta so fixated on dressing up as a grotesquely unattractive blob in drag? (Not getting real movie roles anymore?)
Jon Miranda
Jon Miranda 20 days ago
Who knew that in a horror movie that the blonde would be the voice of reason?
Mr Peco
Mr Peco 21 day ago
this was 20 years ago crazy
The_Easily_Offended_Vegan O
Fun fact: 1:00 Tony is the same man that is a puppeteer for the child’s play movies. So he controls Chucky
Nogah Bannett
Nogah Bannett 21 day ago
Shows how fluid gender can be :)
Mayson Badders
Mayson Badders 22 days ago
Not a single drag queen on set or in production. -_-
Robert Sandy Beach
Robert Sandy Beach 22 days ago
Sorry, watch the original film, then see Harvey do it...this Edna is bland and so pedestrian..d minus from me.
rhiley scarbrough
rhiley scarbrough 22 days ago
be much easier to get an actual fat person/drag queen. wonder how divine would feel abt scientology.
Jarred Knox
Jarred Knox 23 days ago
If people didn’t know Travolta was gay after this then they’ll never know.
Juandalg 23 days ago
But the skill the dude has is not fake
de Venour
de Venour 23 days ago
Omg fatism
Phillipa Soo Cinnamon roll
I would pay an embarrassing amount to wear the full suit
BMX kuringa
BMX kuringa 23 days ago
Quem é brasileiro dar um gostei
Gabriel Charvat
Gabriel Charvat 23 days ago
I want a video like this, but the making of the Audrey II puppet form the Little Shop of Horrors movie
Polaski 23 days ago
Maksuel Santos
Maksuel Santos 23 days ago
Video mais fake que este nao existe, rsrs claramente armado !
Nathan Eli
Nathan Eli 23 days ago
And to think he danced the fuck out of that suit. Seriously am a dancer and my friends ALWAYS talk about how sweaty I get. I can't even imagine how hot was inside of it in full dress and dancing a full number. No one can deny John Travolta is AMAZING ♥️ 🙏🙌 the team that did this is PHENOMENAL
Granny Willow
Granny Willow 23 days ago
Hated this version. It turned the focus off of Tracy and her life, into Edna and her hangups. It basically was just a vehicle for John Travolta's need to portray a woman. The real story was over shadowed.
Henrique Jambu
Henrique Jambu 23 days ago
**miz cracker’s voice** SHE’S A WOMAAAAAAN
JBL NYC 23 days ago
So ridiculous, and such a waste of time and money! There are literally HUNDREDS of obese people that could have been cast in this role, and he isn't even that good!
Некит Кадыков
Eva Sadler
Eva Sadler 24 days ago
Still amazes me that he was Danny from grease
Francisco Burgos
Francisco Burgos 24 days ago
They should have done this with teenage mutant ninja turtles instead of that monstruosity they did in 2014...
Barbra Seville
Barbra Seville 24 days ago
We aren't gonna talk about John's day to day wig ? (Or Beard?)
Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas 24 days ago
Wow everyone that is a part of making everything are Amazing people, they work hard to make sure everything works.
Gabrielle Lont
Gabrielle Lont 24 days ago
John Travolta KILLED it
bubleous 25 days ago
he must've been so warm under all that asjkdn poor john
Isabella C
Isabella C 25 days ago
5:34 no pun intended?
Emma Kostka
Emma Kostka 25 days ago
I know it’s fancy John Travolta hype, but there are REAL LIFE plus size people that could easily play this role.
courtneymck 22 days ago
Well its tradition for a man to play the character, a plus sized man might not work as well
Mikey D
Mikey D 25 days ago
One of my favourite movies!
Brother Andy
Brother Andy 25 days ago
Betelgeuse Redstone
They did great job, but I have a question. Why they casted John Travolta took Edna Turnblad? Cause I'm curious about that.
Branay Smith
Branay Smith 7 days ago
Well in the 1988 original the role of Edna was casted by a male. Not sure why the character Edna is a male drag... I guess they carried on the tradition and because John has musical experience of course, no one would've been able to sell this role but him!
Jay Rock
Jay Rock 26 days ago
How many women have greasy hair, unibrow, bad teeth, cold sores and a rashy face???
Ms. Tal
Ms. Tal 26 days ago
I always thought it was Abby Lee Miller, I didn’t know it it was John Travolta
Cindy F. Rella
Cindy F. Rella 26 days ago
The people behind this is just incredible like the moment you see Travolta, bam. Edna. And you forget that it's Travolta in there too! It's just Edna and it's all beautiful and amazing and for a younger me who watched this years ago, I was so amazed because I knew it was Travolta but then it was just Edna on screen and I just - I love these people.
K W 26 days ago
remember when i was wee i always thought edna was a woman and want til i was about 11 i realised oh no it’s a man 😂💗
B Elliot
B Elliot 26 days ago
Wow! 5 hours! I couldn’t imagine that
Mika Barel
Mika Barel 26 days ago
Is it bad that when I was younger I thought that he was a girl
Rhoda Leader
Rhoda Leader 27 days ago
It just goes to show that John Travolta is a fantastic actor no matter what role he plays. Totally believable as Edna, being able to sing and dance while taking you along for her journey of self discovery is phenomenal 🌟
Sylvia-Novella Underwood
The reason why males always play Tracy’s mom is cuz in the original 1988 film, the drag star, Divine played Edna They also made it set in 1960s Baltimore, Maryland cuz Divine was from Baltimore
TaiMarie Moore
TaiMarie Moore 27 days ago
really. i didn’t know that.
DonkeyBalls4Gaming 27 days ago
This was hilarious for Travolta to do
Rayi Jamona
Rayi Jamona 28 days ago
I was today years old when i found out that edna was played by a man. Let alone JOHN FFING TRAVOLTA
ladisneyprincesse 28 days ago
Travolta looked so lovely!
David Rojas
David Rojas 28 days ago
Amazing job
Rory Gentry
Rory Gentry 28 days ago
Caveman: NOT COOL
Eros Sandrl
Eros Sandrl 28 days ago
When i was a child i really thought that he was a woman 😂
Poppy Rigby
Poppy Rigby 28 days ago
My boy carried this movie
Doron Bond
Doron Bond 29 days ago
🤣😆🤣😆 I remember seeing this when it first aired ..hilarious til this day!...I’m going to use this in an upcoming team meeting ..thanks for posting this
Greta Carter
Greta Carter 29 days ago
“Hot tamale” I love it John !!
Health Is Wealth
Natalia Jacinto
Natalia Jacinto Month ago
I’ve always had a fascination of bts when it came to movies, theatre, tv or music videos and how all of the prosthesis, makeup and costumes are made and applied on the actor. It’s just so interesting to watch.
Mouhcine El Maroufi
Shireen Sutherland
I’m just wondering how weird it was for Wilbur to kiss Edna knowing that Edna was played by a man 😂
Pecky Pigeon
Pecky Pigeon Month ago
Is it just me or is this the most enjoyable part, and such literature. They speak to my dark soul...
h h
h h Month ago
חקי חיון , אינך שווה זיון.
0:24 *ALF:* Go go go! Good ol' Alf. Some things never change.
Detectando Aventura kk
DIIXTEEL Month ago
I love this! We'll make it! Also, i want to Be youtube friends :o
DIIXTEEL Month ago
I support you! Keep working hard! Oh, and happy put A pillow on Your Fridge day! xd
Kathy Nye
Kathy Nye Month ago
Frazix X
Frazix X Month ago
Whaatt It’s fake
isaac rodriguez
isaac rodriguez Month ago
buenas tomas de camaras, pueden hacerlo mas fake porfa. casi me convencen
Justin Toito
Justin Toito Month ago
this is so fake its hard to watch
Henrigue Mello
Henrigue Mello Month ago
Jogar 😍😍😍
tryallgames Month ago
Hacking Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-rdKNwFEKLLo.html Argentinas de comodoro Rivadavia
Avp Sonic
Avp Sonic Month ago
This is great and all but I have one question not that Appronint just one simple question WHY AIN’T GREMLINS ARE IN THIS 😡!!!!
Vani Rita Atlas Revo Kal
Trick types Come Done Japanese Older brother Dallas Cowboys Fever Iri anna Rruvid.net/video/video--J6lALo1KM0o.htmlnald
디즈니SEA Month ago
the audience might not know who he really is. this whole thing would not be fake
deniz hagi
deniz hagi Month ago
10 Times Lionel Messi Showed Who Is The Boss - HD___tii.ai/gIlcWWF3
Vijesh Family
Vijesh Family Month ago
I bet it's not an old man