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Xeno Story
Xeno Story 7 hours ago
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KingxBlue7 TTV
KingxBlue7 TTV 8 hours ago
WHOA THEY SHOULD DEF ADD THE TWO AT 2:07! That looks soo cool
Golden Omega
Golden Omega 8 hours ago
Who else knows that Jinx is LoL version of Harley Quinn?
mard12086 9 hours ago
gameplay/mechanic-wise dota > lol. heck, most of lol champions are based on dota heroes. but dota can't beat this. the lore and the music makes lol is one hell of a moba.
Shlomi612 13 hours ago
What cause Kerrigan status changed from being a zerg at 1:06 to being found as human at 1:08 ?
donHaize 13 hours ago
It was a X'el Naga artifact from Liberty of the Swarm
Ali Belmamoun
Ali Belmamoun 14 hours ago
Kata : hope on the tree Ahri : jump the tree Leona : what tree
Starrk Primera
Starrk Primera 14 hours ago
Yeah when i played through the first time, and he drops the Loki bomb. Blew my damned mind.
Skip Johnson
Skip Johnson 21 hour ago
nice teeth!
Handsome 21 hour ago
That ekko one hits different
Luffy Dono
Luffy Dono Day ago
Just a make damn movie Riot.
And the blood is still on the floor in Undercity.....
Barry Caminiti
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Barry Caminiti
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Gabriel Iligan
Jim and Sarah is 10000x times better than Edward and Bella..
Edmar Jean
Edmar Jean Day ago
I don't where going the blue thing that know
Edmar Jean
Edmar Jean Day ago
I know how to make it real life
Tiểu bảo Vi
Méo có dịch. Nản vl
niZmo Day ago
This is awesome. I watched the whole thing. Thank you! Now I must go play some SC!
Ishaan Murarka
Everything riot makes is great except the game itself, which is garbage
2 idem
2 idem Day ago
Rasen Rengan
Rasen Rengan Day ago
Saddest and goodest one is Annie's origin
Breno F B
Breno F B Day ago
Riort tinha q montar uma história e um filme em 3d ia dar maior audiência!
fuck World
fuck World 2 days ago
Diana omg u lose vs support xd go afk plz
BossManSays 2 days ago
Riot just make a damn movie already.
Hiks 2 days ago
What means "Enhanced"? I mean what differences are there compared to the original version?
donHaize 13 hours ago
The graphics are massively improved, the original was a lot more pixelated and had older character models. The enhanced version is much more realistic :}
peter iddqd
peter iddqd 2 days ago
Thank you for your time man ❤️
donHaize 2 days ago
You are very welcome :}
Feeluck 2 days ago
i'm still obsessed with the shurima lore. its sooooooo damn good
Unkown Creature
Unkown Creature 2 days ago
Why is Zed fighting Darius.. wth?
Adah Daniela
Adah Daniela 2 days ago
Blizzard should have focused on creating SC 3 instead of rebooting old games. Lazy rich developers.
TheTokuin 2 days ago
every time a game goes red vs blue, I have to assume this is a political bias showing by the creators. So the fact that the speech starts with "we call these incursions, but make no mistake we are at war", that's dangerously mirroring current rhetoric from the U.S. democrats.
ricky powell
ricky powell 2 days ago
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Viviana Pérez Figueroa
I cried.
Dennis DenGod
Dennis DenGod 2 days ago
Dose anyone know the score or music or song 12:11
Brayan Benitez
Brayan Benitez 2 days ago
Porque Zed no uso sombras WTF?
Matěj Karlík
Matěj Karlík 3 days ago
1:33:05 Oh shit, this really is anime.
David Turner
David Turner 3 days ago
Those were fun videos.
Ricky Ortiz
Ricky Ortiz 3 days ago
Give me acc for garena plss I want to play this game plss
David Turner
David Turner 3 days ago
This is the reason the aliens don't want us to be able, to ever leave our solar system.
Red Bel
Red Bel 3 days ago
Can you add the translation, if only in one language, for Google to translate it for me?
weeb nation
weeb nation 3 days ago
i need the song name. RIGHT NOW
Richard Quinto
Richard Quinto 3 days ago
THE GAME IS NOT LIKE THE CINEMATICS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. PS all of the champions and characters you see here are falsly portrayed.
Barry Caminiti
Barry Caminiti 3 days ago
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Richel Rodríguez
La duende verde veedor digital PD
Doom 3 days ago
Robert Körner
Robert Körner 3 days ago
cool cinetamatic movie i ate popcorn while doing it
Alex Hales
Alex Hales 3 days ago
The animation here is awesome
Kid Kriss
Kid Kriss 3 days ago
i'm really surprised that i've seen them all before.. :D
whoDN4 3 days ago
That amumu so sad but its power full
Nicholas Antônio
Nautilus full crit showcase
Dan Kim
Dan Kim 3 days ago
3:29 When your 0/10 darius fights 10/0 zed
Barry Caminiti
Barry Caminiti 4 days ago
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Barry Caminiti
Barry Caminiti 4 days ago
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league legend
league legend 4 days ago
1:25:25 That's Kangas!
BlackWarGrey Linus
Wow never knew Nova kills Tosh if you side with her. I always picked Tosh
Christian DeLorde
I agree about making a movie. Also about making it like a hobbit/lotr style. Multiple videoes coming together to create one full story.
Robert Manlapat
Robert Manlapat 4 days ago
Ahhahahaha this is good Mobile legends dont have these kind of things
Enrique Eraul
Enrique Eraul 4 days ago
tpop64 4 days ago
Did anybody else hear “get your elbow outta my mouth” then tf says “that’s not my elbow” 😳😩
Arturo Arzadon
Arturo Arzadon 4 days ago
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Massey Lemons
Massey Lemons 4 days ago
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Tran Tuan Anh
Tran Tuan Anh 4 days ago
Amon is good guy. He know that the war between 3 factions will never end, unless they have to work with eachother to fight something someone evil bad guy thingy. So he sacrifired himsefl and became ones, the only and true hero here.
John Smith
John Smith 4 days ago
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Marcus Danchision
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JamesZee 4 days ago
1:44:40 someone just woke up and this is like what is happening
JamesZee 4 days ago
1:38:24 sivir had a blade? I’m confused
Steve Lux
Steve Lux 4 days ago
Ohh, pretty, but what terrible space ship design. All those wide open spaces and massive viewing ports - a micro-meteorite hit at speed and the ship's command and control is lost. Compartmentalization, distributed + redundant control and shielding are key to survival in space.
Trọng Phạm
Trọng Phạm 4 days ago
riot giờ làm phim hay như holywood vậy :))
Chris Tran
Chris Tran 5 days ago
Never played Starcraft because I'm not into RTS games, but this was a great movie. Just searched to see who she was and ended up watching the entire video. It was hard to understand parts of it since I never played the game but understood the overall story. What was the ending though...did she return to normal and they lived happily ever after or was that all just something else I missed?
donHaize 5 days ago
@Chris Tran No problem at all, yeah perhaps Starcraft 3 (if they make one) will explain it better :} That's awesome, thank you - i'm glad you found it too! If you do get around to watching them at all, I would be curious to see who your favorite character ends up being!
Chris Tran
Chris Tran 5 days ago
@donHaize Thanks for the explanation. I'd like to think it was a happy ending too. Really good story glad I discovered this video. Thanks for the link, I'll check them out!
donHaize 5 days ago
So this movie does miss out a lot of parts as this is essentially her part of the story in the wider Starcraft universe. At the end she becomes X'el Naga (a godess basically) and defeats Amon. I believe the end is open to interpretation but I would like to take it at face value and as she is a god/godess is able to become Human (at least in form) and rides off in the sunset with old Jim Raynor. If you enjoyed this video, it may be worth checking out the full Starcraft and Starcraft 2 story, it's nothing short of epic in my own humble opinion. It is a big series though, ruvid.net/group/PLd2o9prOuUrDIxM9zSo3WXsXVXdQ2eAd6
ČY4Ň 5 days ago
WOW!!! I saw the youtube button for the quality of this video. I am impressed that i CAN watch this in 2k not 4k cause I am using my phone but it will consume internet and the connection here in the Philippines is super slow.
Fort Fulton
Fort Fulton Day ago
Get Fiver wifi its good I got 50 mbps bro
Mason Piatt
Mason Piatt 5 days ago
I like the part where they say hm
safaNICE 5 days ago
Deveriam investir mais na conexão dos servidores, do que em desenhos desnecesários
Vedran Bošnjak
Vedran Bošnjak 5 days ago
Amumu is my friend ,will make tattoo of him ❤
MADA The Crusher
MADA The Crusher 5 days ago
Where is tryndamere
BlackWarGrey Linus
Kerrigan is basically the best female character ever created
Shade's Insane Chamber
Autismo 5 days ago
lets how some respect to this man for downloading every single lol cinematic jusgt for his subs
ak9wolf king
ak9wolf king 5 days ago
They should
Lloyd Licht
Lloyd Licht 5 days ago
What race is the big dwarf looking guy?
C G42
C G42 5 days ago
I've never really played SC, and I know that it is a WH rip off. I never knew how much of was basically a direct copy though.
C G42
C G42 4 days ago
@Nicholas Christiaan Scheckter More or less.
Nicholas Christiaan Scheckter
It's not like Games Workshop did exactly the same thing...