Dixie D'Amelio
Dixie D'Amelio
Dixie D'Amelio
Nazneen  Emma
Nazneen Emma 20 minutes ago
Why one of them is makeup
Suad Sulaimon
Suad Sulaimon 34 minutes ago
Hi I am suad a therapist u think your bad but look on the inside you stick up 4 your self u are a d'amelio and u know that goo d'amelio!!!
Snack Queen♡♪
Snack Queen♡♪ 44 minutes ago
Finally something but not roommates cause that song is tired of me rewatching it over and over again to the fact that my computer was even more tired and broke °-°
Jaihidi Sanchez
Jaihidi Sanchez 59 minutes ago
Maria Lawson
Maria Lawson Hour ago
I love your songs
Maja Kurkiewicz
omg that was a year ago
5th graders when their friend doesn't invite them to a party:
ţømã řįşťīć
I love her lack of energy. Go girl, give us nothing!!!
اوفي Hb
اوفي Hb 2 hours ago
I love youuuuuuu
Marie-Zoé 2 hours ago
beautiful 💜
Diviertete con Danae
Y love you dixie
chvrclipsss 3 hours ago
ily bae
Snaiper Elite 5
Snaiper Elite 5 3 hours ago
Hi dixie I love youu❤️
chvrclipsss 3 hours ago
so pretty <3
Lady Katalina Gray
Lady Katalina Gray 3 hours ago
Y'all remember when y'all hype her saying "you need to make music" or "be a singer" when she post that vid in her TT? Now y'all mad?!
Sydney T.
Sydney T. 4 hours ago
everyone’s hate was making this song seem way worse than it actually is
•Aiko• 5 hours ago
shahad q
shahad q 5 hours ago
I love you once and you are creative I love you once once
Rayan Alfarsi
Rayan Alfarsi 6 hours ago
Umm no one gonna talk about the 57th second
Monke lord
Monke lord 6 hours ago
You stole the song from rdr2
dixie you look very beautful I love you you your music is lovely the rhythm you sing like a goddess I hope one day to meet you 😜😜😁😁😁✌😉😄😍😍😍
; fairy frog
; fairy frog 6 hours ago
Lets just pretend nothing happened...ok?
Josh 7 hours ago
The fuck is this😭😭😭
Just shut up and deal with it!
Wiz what are you doing...
Wiki design !
Wiki design ! 7 hours ago
Why do people dislike this song? Its really really good😊😊😊😊
christiana sk
christiana sk 7 hours ago
park mochi
park mochi 7 hours ago
I like the song but I don't like someone writing the lyrics for her but its ok its still the start♥️♥️
Douglas Karanja
Douglas Karanja 7 hours ago
Me: :0 friend: -_-
JAMIE LEE 8 hours ago
Chips on your shoulder?!😂be grateful of your life no offence but your this vid abit cringey I like others not this:/
TheCamoGuys 888
TheCamoGuys 888 8 hours ago
and they were roommates…
Mariacristina Mango
I'm in 2021
Mariacristina Mango
I love you Dixie🧸
Lian Ying Jun
Lian Ying Jun 9 hours ago
Dixie u can't sing
N 3 0 N
N 3 0 N 10 hours ago
Not sending hate or positivity to this video. I honestly think it’s catchy, but the fact that she sweared a lot AND tried to promote her song by selling merch even after her viewers clearly expressed their opinions that her song was not at all decent is just dumb. She didn’t even wear her merch, so that made it clear she has no passion for music and she’s doing this clearly for money. Don’t get me wrong, I used to be a fan of Dixie and Charli, but this has really lowered my respect for them. I don’t want to waste my time on making people upset about something they put effort into, but I just hate that Dixie is first of all trying to promote her merch even after noticing she has been getting more hate than love for her song, and the fact she didn’t even wear her own merch she was trying to promote. This song is again, catchy in my opinion but don’t get me wrong, it’s still not the song for you unless you like autotone with some disgusting parts. A lot were unnecessary and unneeded, just like this song was. Yes, literally everyone is joking around about this song because it’s a bad song. That’s completely okay, but I wouldn’t waste my time hating on these kind of girls. Please don’t hate me if you’re a fan of this song, because I’m just trying to say not everyone just has to send hate comments to this girl, but we definitely shouldn’t be sending positive comments either, because none of those comments were a lie. This is song is bad, and it doesn’t deserve so much love whatsoever.
Deeeyn Edits
Deeeyn Edits 10 hours ago
She finally found her sound.
Deeeyn Edits
Deeeyn Edits 10 hours ago
Rubi Rose slays 💯
Womanoffenua 11 hours ago
Love it !
FANS KPOP OTAKU 11 hours ago
I love your smile so much Keep it up and don't stop, these words come from the heart ❤
Womanoffenua 11 hours ago
I love it, the talent is here
Chereyll Penoliar
Chereyll Penoliar 12 hours ago
Liza Villano
Liza Villano 13 hours ago
This song has changed my life so much.. Recently I just passed away and at my funeral, this song was played, and it resurrected me to break the speaker.. thank you so much.. I wouldn't be alive to be here now..
Capcut edits
Capcut edits 13 hours ago
Auto tune or not, her voice is beautiful
Lulwah Almarri
Lulwah Almarri 13 hours ago
happy birthday dexie i wish you the best birthday and i hope you reply it will be my dream
Beata 14 hours ago
Its so amazing
Beata 14 hours ago
Is so amazing
Unicornpowernivin _thebest
I love how pro this looks even though she recently started her singing career
Gene Moras
Gene Moras 14 hours ago
You guys, it is 12:15 in the morning and this song comes on the radio/ Hit List Ultra. Not cap. I have never heard a song come on the radio by dixie ever. So proud of her
Everyday is 1989
Everyday is 1989 15 hours ago
This needs more promotion because this is a HUGE improvement!
Everyday is 1989
Everyday is 1989 15 hours ago
Used to be a hater, but you've shown a lot of improvement. The lyrics, the songs aren't bland anymore, the auto tune is used in a clever way. Happy for you<3
Xanthe Walker
Xanthe Walker 17 hours ago
love it dixie!!!!!!!!!!
i love
chicken nugget
chicken nugget 17 hours ago
I love this don’t listen to the hate
Stevens Stevens
Stevens Stevens 18 hours ago
Eden 18 hours ago
Beautiful job
Braelyn Lewis
Braelyn Lewis 18 hours ago
Charlie is good but Dixie is better. and I can't count the times when she has just made my life better. Love u so much Dixie you are the best
Space wolf
Space wolf 18 hours ago
The hair is everything
Ade y Channel :)
Ade y Channel :) 19 hours ago
My safe place <3
Ade y Channel :)
Ade y Channel :) 19 hours ago
Dixie te amo <3
I’m just Poppin da corn
This is so great Dixie well done I’m excited for what’s next
aubri Cleveland
aubri Cleveland 19 hours ago
I Love this song
Kora the Kangaroo
Kora the Kangaroo 19 hours ago
This is so awesome! She’s awesome!
Miraculous_Angelii 19 hours ago
Ngl, shes improving. I actually kinda like this. (This is my opinion so if you disgree then shut up and dont interact with my comment.)
sexy 20 hours ago
This is a bad song
sexy 20 hours ago
Grey Coke
Grey Coke 21 hour ago
Sounds just like every piece of shit pop song that exists. What talent.
Cloe Porter
Cloe Porter 21 hour ago
Shi Hill
Shi Hill 21 hour ago
samantha rodriguez
samantha rodriguez 21 hour ago
i fell in love with noah’s personality in this video
roblox :)
roblox :) 21 hour ago
Dixie can u do a video so you can show Charlie pls... Charlie your amazing I love watch your tiktoks they so fun ik your getting a lot of hate well who cares what other people think your an amazing person and I hold your ok and I love you stay safe Charlie
Shi Hill
Shi Hill 21 hour ago
I always see John on every lie detector video on yt
Cephas Makuzva
Cephas Makuzva 8 hours ago
Los Angeles only has one lie detector guy. Lol
Melina sequeira
Melina sequeira 22 hours ago
suneha rustagi
suneha rustagi 22 hours ago
Is this suppose to be a song? With these lyrics? Yeah… sure 🥴🥴
Kesso's Life
Kesso's Life 22 hours ago
0:48 I literally thought that was Charli until I looked closer ..
Alveira Jamal
Alveira Jamal 22 hours ago
CaN YoU pLeaSe leaVe OuR PuMpKiN aLonE
Laura Russo
Laura Russo 22 hours ago
Vans Tok
Vans Tok 23 hours ago
Okay this is pretty good
Nicole Bardellin
Nicole Bardellin 23 hours ago
Tia Bre'Nae
Tia Bre'Nae 23 hours ago
Guh you did good 🥰
luke ross
luke ross 23 hours ago
Ashlynn Rose
Ashlynn Rose 23 hours ago
this shit lowkey slaps. way to go. I mean its true everybody knows a fuckboy. <3