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2 days ago
we found it...
8 days ago
i found him...
9 days ago
Meet the boys...
10 days ago
12 days ago
2 months ago
3 months ago
3 months ago
Henchmen = AIMBOT
3 months ago
3 months ago
Chapter 2.exe
8 months ago
11 months ago
i cheated...
Year ago
1 gun
Year ago
Ayden Palacios
Ayden Palacios 19 minutes ago
You suck
Stan_thebest Fortnite user name add me
Crazy king my friend
Vader Bomb524
Vader Bomb524 23 minutes ago
Dark grape
Dark grape 24 minutes ago
who saw the last second of the video. yanki with no brim
spectical morris
spectical morris 26 minutes ago
*says the charge shotgun is bad* *repeatedly dies to the "worst shotgun"*
Tiko 27 minutes ago
Team fish bwos
Drift Gamer
Drift Gamer 27 minutes ago
The fishy clan
Moira Platt
Moira Platt 29 minutes ago
Gabriel Smith
Gabriel Smith 32 minutes ago
It’s Fahed
It’s Fahed 33 minutes ago
I bet you use this profile picture
Ghxst_Ki11er 34 minutes ago
we have ksi in our team look ta his profile pic
Francisco António Parreira
3:05 Noah predicted the lightsaber was coming to Fortnite
Macari Chandler
Macari Chandler 34 minutes ago
6:52 that was a straigh Lazer from midas
Emanuel Perez Quiroz
Emanuel Perez Quiroz 34 minutes ago
Ahg no skin are trash 🗑No one likes him
UrMom 34 minutes ago
I lub Joe
TJ Trapz
TJ Trapz 36 minutes ago
It is *MIIIDAS* guys.
BKGammes 36 minutes ago
add him saku_
Cole Sherman
Cole Sherman 38 minutes ago
the step bro meee had me on my ass 🤣
Cole Sherman
Cole Sherman 38 minutes ago
Taylor Bird
Taylor Bird 43 minutes ago
I’m on Xbox my sensativity is 8
ninja 43 minutes ago
Are you my dad
PSN Yarik
PSN Yarik 43 minutes ago
Rip FaZe Jarvis!!
Tomio Tomio
Tomio Tomio 44 minutes ago
Team fish for life 😎😎😎
Pluto 45 minutes ago
Yeeeeeeee yeeeeeeee eeee eee deafult armyyyy
Abiodun Odemayowa
Abiodun Odemayowa 46 minutes ago
CipperFN 52 minutes ago
Bruh ur voice chat was off this entire time lmao
5000 subscribers with no video. And sub to MrBeast
NoahsNoah can clap thanos by pissing on him
H20 Fan
H20 Fan Hour ago
Fish bettern
H20 Fan
H20 Fan Hour ago
Shut up default
supreme wlove123
Noah you have no idea so play the best vr game ever everyone spam vr game
NBA Orange
NBA Orange Hour ago
Ceeday is cool
Tinytheslayer Sleyt
Who else wants to know where he got the sound clip what are you doing step bro
Nick McIntyre
Nick McIntyre Hour ago
This has just popped up on my recommended after greenwood tuned into prime r9 against villa
The Skate 2 Dude
Tobin Bustos
Tobin Bustos Hour ago
Every video pattern: dies a few times, goes keyboard and mouse and gets some kills, then dies and says I'm done. Perfect layout
XyZ CLAN 123
XyZ CLAN 123 Hour ago
PS4 sucks
Zerph Hour ago
HEY you don't know what your messing with Noah >:( WE FISHYS AND BANANAS HAVE AN ALLIANCE YOUR NOT MATCHED
Emmanuel Brown-Coulombe
They will pay for the massacre of our clan
Ric Teirlinck
Ric Teirlinck Hour ago
Do not start war agents fish and banana!!!!!!!!!!
Lanae Harris
Lanae Harris Hour ago
Fishy’s all day
Aaron Estrada
Aaron Estrada Hour ago
Let’s go dif
juicymediia Hour ago
ceeday did this bruh
help me get to 1k subs as a fish with no vids
fishies are better just sayin
Chi Chi
Chi Chi Hour ago
Win for the defaults everyone we must kill the fish army
Meliah swag
Meliah swag Hour ago
imagine being saku watching this
sayed azizi
sayed azizi Hour ago
I’m a ten year old and I will destroy u ur literally a bot and complain each time I will make u cry add me my username is izz_mehdi
delta da beast
O ye ye
Senor McCrusty159
In loving memory of Sacku 2020-2020.
Xz49X G4m3RX HYP3
fishy for life
wasss good
wasss good Hour ago
You should play different battle royales or rip off versions of fortnite.
Angus Chan
Angus Chan Hour ago
2:44 Noha Noha:and we got oNebOi
potato yt
potato yt Hour ago
What is the plan to kill fish 😂
Br_Trusth j
Br_Trusth j Hour ago
Noah you are from norway
dedkils Hour ago
unistall fortnite now
Ez Gamer
Ez Gamer Hour ago
Ah yess a vsauce fan.
Swagspams L2
Swagspams L2 Hour ago
My hero academia music litty
potato yt
potato yt Hour ago
So what the plan
Legavy !
Legavy ! Hour ago
Hey Noah please see this comment, y have a photo that could work as the photo for a new default army. Answer me if you want it or not.Thanks
Katie Theriault
Fishys are better
Fish Bros
Fish Bros Hour ago
Lovin the smash bro’s background music
Raptor clan and default clan must band to get her to take down the fish army, final a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary
Pearse Sheridan
That ninja meme at the start. JuiceWRLD acc died then lol
VT 21
VT 21 Hour ago
Can anyone name the meme at 1:48 sec
FISHY ARMY! You suck NoahsNoah. You used to be my favorite RUvidr, but now look what happened. How dare you!
carlsjrguy Hour ago
Everyone do be wanting that documentary
OfficiallySID Hour ago
Noah- talking To teammate even though he’s not in game chat 😂
Karalynne Esposito
Defaults suck
LaQwana Craig
LaQwana Craig Hour ago
Defaults for life give them some love bc they always get bullied
LaQwana Craig
LaQwana Craig Hour ago
Defaults for life give them some love bc they always get bullied
LaQwana Craig
LaQwana Craig Hour ago
Defaults for life give them some love bc they always get bullied
LaQwana Craig
LaQwana Craig Hour ago
Defaults for life give them some love bc they always get bullied
LaQwana Craig
LaQwana Craig Hour ago
Defaults for life give them some love bc they always get bullied
master of all
master of all 2 hours ago
Noah: wHere dID He ShOT Me FrOM
lost guitarist
lost guitarist 2 hours ago
How the hell does this man avoids copyright by playing demon slayer and my hero academia soundtracks
Abhishek Kotha
Abhishek Kotha 2 hours ago
Twitch saf3z0ne
Twitch saf3z0ne 2 hours ago
My pp itches
SoldJor BRICKS 2 hours ago
Skybasing in shotgun only, you cant shoot down, I memed myself with choppas to get wins
LaQwana Craig
LaQwana Craig 2 hours ago
Everybody love the innocent defaults
SoldJor BRICKS 2 hours ago
Felipe Munoz
Felipe Munoz 2 hours ago
Fishy Army
Plasma Peely
Plasma Peely 2 hours ago
where`s his new duo partner?
Eater of anime
Eater of anime 2 hours ago
was there my hero academia music in the background when u were playing with sacku
Faze GregPaul
Faze GregPaul 2 hours ago
i thought ceeday is back
Anonymous cat123
Anonymous cat123 2 hours ago
Tomislav Klišanin
Tomislav Klišanin 2 hours ago
Yes yes yes
Mackenzie Raue
Mackenzie Raue 2 hours ago
Fishy brudah
Typhus FN.
Typhus FN. 2 hours ago
The jonesy outro never gets old!
Fishy Gamer
Fishy Gamer 2 hours ago
Fish will win
JetRoo 2 hours ago
the my hero academia music in the background tho
nicky shergo
nicky shergo 2 hours ago
I told Lazarbeam to join the Deafult army
Jonathan Edgren
Jonathan Edgren 2 hours ago
The more he daily uploads when he finishes he’s gonna take a longer break
alpxa._ 2 hours ago
Lol i thought ceeday was in the vid
Aaron Blevins
Aaron Blevins 2 hours ago
Noah needs to friend request saku
Brenden Botha
Brenden Botha 2 hours ago
He pees more than he uploads videos
Clapdaswets123 2 hours ago
Fishy for life
Faze Fazes Face
Faze Fazes Face 2 hours ago
I hear my hero in the backgound noah
Stephen Irons
Stephen Irons 2 hours ago
Hello Noahsnoah here is a message from king tiko we fishys will win! Fishys and bananas are unstoppable 😈 p.s will will defeat u
Leon Clarke
Leon Clarke 2 hours ago
Why do you love defaults so much
Tijmen Hesselink
Tijmen Hesselink 2 hours ago
I actually kinda want to see Noah rant about fortnite for a whole video
Ryan The Big Man
Ryan The Big Man 2 hours ago
I haven’t watched this but please tell em it’s ceedayw
Ryan The Big Man
Ryan The Big Man 2 hours ago