Efe Keskin
Efe Keskin 2 hours ago
la duzgun cal su soloyu pıc
Marty Martin
Marty Martin 6 hours ago
Best mettallica song Imo
Pawang Bangke
Pawang Bangke 9 hours ago
02.12.2020 still here
Usnn JSU’s
Usnn JSU’s Day ago
12:1:2020 , amazing
KalsycAzure Day ago
This was the first Metallica video I've watched... Watched it like 10 years ago when i was still a non-metalhead and now I am forever converted. Was 13 then, now 23 :)
Fatima Yıldız
Fatima Yıldız 2 days ago
bu sarkı beni kendime getiriyo
fred lion
fred lion 2 days ago
just too slow, too sweet... listen to the original version!
itachi itchy
itachi itchy 3 days ago
Melih Tolga Dd
Melih Tolga Dd 3 days ago
Anyone else ?
Виталий Викторович
🔥♥️👍🤘🏼🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝 привет из России!!!
Егор Клейменов
Joe Howerton
Joe Howerton 4 days ago
Description is incorrect. Bonnaroo is in Tennessee so this was in June 2008.
King Ozymandias
King Ozymandias 4 days ago
Pluton 4 days ago
где Ньюстед?! дизлайк без него!
Михаил Балов
Anthony C.
Anthony C. 5 days ago
... to read "awsome" in the title makes me already not to watch!
Jeffrey PRATHER5
Jeffrey PRATHER5 5 days ago
Panos Deligiannis
Black Sabbath and Judas Priest
marcel araujo
marcel araujo 6 days ago
MONSTRO esse cara chamado de Kirk The Ripper Hammett !!
Андрей Строй
я молчу и нервно курю
сергей радченко
Спасибо мистер кирк
cTz99 dato sri sitinurhaliza
Hitam itu mati...putih itu cerah masa depan...hingga mati
Sébounet 320
Sébounet 320 7 days ago
Mickey A. Bacination
Such a great song. To me RTL was their best album.
joel ellie
joel ellie 8 days ago
Krzysztof Filip
Krzysztof Filip 8 days ago
Lars changed the drum line? From 6.05 i dont hear the kick drum...
Francesco Beccari
he's probably forgotten about that. I love Metallica but it must be hard to keep the rhythm with Lars - so many mistakes! But he's just great as he is
Toph Shazz
Toph Shazz 8 days ago
I cant decide what i hate more... Lars drumming or James talking to the crowd to sign along... ugh give me 1986 metallica
William Walton
William Walton 8 days ago
This is undoubtedly the best live performance of this song I've seen so far. Metallica is FUCKING AMAZING and nobody can tell me otherwise. They put so much emotion into their music, and yet people these days are listening to people with NO talent AT ALL, Skittles for teeth and hair that looks like jumbo gummy worms with too much food coloring.
Gadgizzle 9 days ago
Fade to Black. Lol be ashamed
Marko Knezevic
Marko Knezevic 10 days ago
You can tell it is an older concert because not everyone in the crowd is recording it, but rather enjoying the music
ManiPulatoR84 6 days ago
Let's face it, they're not recording because they didn't have adequate means to do so. No one would be carrying a decent camera to a Metallica concert, but I'm sure everyone had their cell phones in their pockets. As soon as phones got halfway decent cameras slapped into them,... 🤷
kamelot 10 days ago
Kirk Hammett es un asco
Aryan Maulana
Aryan Maulana 10 days ago
Prety alsom 🔥🔥
Rudee Olivier
Rudee Olivier 9 days ago
The writing and that mix of great riffs plus kind of a sad ballad is just great. We tried to do a mix of rock and ballad with one of our latest song, would love your views on it. Return from people liking the same music is always great. stay safe in the meantime : ruvid.net/video/video-RCZScxA1Hk4.html
Attila 10 days ago
Time is an optional
manuel josephus petrus Boot
So bad, Jason tries to sing and the crab/crap bass player. Why did they ever hired that clown??
candy_red 11 days ago
i need a version of S&M in the same quality
Przemysław Olszewski
They are awesome always and everywhere ;)
Chad Mckenzie
Chad Mckenzie 11 days ago
That solo is still and will forever be so God damn badass
obamma 11 days ago
ngl the video title is the best part hahahahaha
Nipan 11 days ago
"in real HD!", this is not in 8k.... lol
Alejandro Máximo
Alejandro Máximo 11 days ago
this one is good but Cunning Stunts version is just at perfect levels especially when he uses the Les Paul on this solo. The way Kirk does the solo on that version is my all time favorite seen of this band. They played together and it was pure magic.
Elizabeth Santos
Elizabeth Santos 12 days ago
Vince Roady
Vince Roady 12 days ago
Salesman- Mr. Trujillo, how long would like that bass strap to be? Robert Trujillo- Yes.
Ivan Myghryn
Ivan Myghryn 12 days ago
on a roof don't understand how to be aliwe !! slowpockes
Родина СССР
Это просто охуенно.
Shawn Marla
Shawn Marla 12 days ago
I feel bad for the kids know they have no real bands. I remember back in highschool cruising the backroads smoking a joint blasting enter sandman
M L 13 days ago
Great ttttttttttt
Fred LaBraise
Fred LaBraise 13 days ago
NIMES is very strong ! Love !
iloveitall 13 days ago
Great performance, very touching. i like that stuff a lot. Only one thing: Would't one expect from a world-known guitar icon to pick a better guitar then this one for cleans? Listen at 0:08 .. guitar aint resonant, is not singing at all, without sustain, and so on ...
Jesus Palalia
Jesus Palalia 13 days ago
Want this song to be played at my funeral
igor zaicew
igor zaicew 13 days ago
Понятно почему они первые в мире
KV Datentechnik
KV Datentechnik 13 days ago
I'm sure, I will be already here in 2030 :)
Aidan Anderson
Aidan Anderson 14 days ago
rob is killing me with the dad outfit lol
Lorenzo Amati
Lorenzo Amati 14 days ago
Video is top quality but audio is sh....t. Some strange fall of volume and tone especially on the left channel where James is
Ipsita Sarkar
Ipsita Sarkar 14 days ago
💔 sorry for arch angel's loss💔💔💔 but proud for his dedication and love❤❤❤ keep it up🤗🤗🤗🤗
Dan Brown
Dan Brown 15 days ago
Awesome tunes would sound really great with gangs of new york movie lol
Andreas Hochmann
Andreas Hochmann 15 days ago
Mein absoluter Lieblings Song
Vajk Varsányi
Vajk Varsányi 16 days ago
vertigo 16 days ago
4:40 left hand strings vibrating sound.. just great
Safuan Sipudin
Safuan Sipudin 16 days ago
The REV always be my idol
Fungrt 14 days ago
RIP jimmy
Kurt Barlow
Kurt Barlow 17 days ago
This is not even close to the way they use to play... doesn't even sound good unless it's fast
Ozan Akyıldız
Ozan Akyıldız 16 days ago
In couple of parts, the intro is definitely sweeter slow. James's vocals in verses weren't really my favorite in this because that is what carried those parts
Gianna Frigerio
Gianna Frigerio 17 days ago
René Maltais
René Maltais 17 days ago
Damn....I don`t know why i always come back to this song....I guess it makes me feel alive.....
Rhys Walters
Rhys Walters 17 days ago
Possibly one of the worst singers live I'v ever seen
Rudee Olivier
Rudee Olivier 9 days ago
possibly the dumbest comment i've ever read
Pedro Mourato
Pedro Mourato 17 days ago
Its so good.
Jaroslav Wo
Jaroslav Wo 17 days ago
Ulrich the best
Kristen Selim
Kristen Selim 17 days ago
T Hi
T Hi 17 days ago
Fantastic! Love you brother. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you!
Lee Cipriano
Lee Cipriano 18 days ago
I love the fact that during a song about suicide they take the time to stop and mention “are you alive? how does it feel to be alive?”pretty responsible.
Vasil Savich
Vasil Savich 18 days ago
Який хуй палець у низ слухай Тіматі і кіркорова
Марк Цукерберг
Taylor Music
Taylor Music 18 days ago
back when lars had hair lol
Bautista Garais
Bautista Garais 18 days ago
Disgusting solo, that wha is horrendous. Way to ruin an incredible song.
Bautista Garais
Bautista Garais 18 days ago
Bitches why do you avoid showing Rob on camera?
R C 18 days ago
gustavo santana
gustavo santana 18 days ago
T 55
Elizabeth Santos
Elizabeth Santos 18 days ago
Que som estonteante,lindo demais!!!
Ola Stolt
Ola Stolt 19 days ago
Fucking give me shimmering down my spine.
kijiji man
kijiji man 19 days ago
i keep seeing comments on Metallica getting older...here is my opinion yes they are aging...i'm 43 years old so as long as i know Metallica is still making there music i will cont to keep listing to it...how many bands are still out there making there music at this age and still with 95% of the original band members? not many...so i think ppl should stop with the age bashing and just enjoy there music...Metallica rocks keep up the great music
Gudda Br1m
Gudda Br1m 20 days ago
Rest eazy Jody B
Otto Fuentes
Otto Fuentes 20 days ago
Metalica a good band of hevy metal l like this song