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- Amorphous
amorphous - SPACE
4 months ago
Nthuthuko Mdluli
Nthuthuko Mdluli 14 minutes ago
Wow this is actually amazing luv Aaliyah
Diego García
Diego García 10 hours ago
You're the best, this video was amazing and truly touching. Among all the horrendous things coming out of George Floyd's death and so many others, I'm just happy to see that the world has finally had enough, and has taken the streets. It's time to stop these disgraceful crimes against humanity, and start building an inclusive society where black folks can't get murdered solely by the color of their skin. As a white person, I say to all white people: use your platforms, your privilege, your position, to support our dear black community, and to make a change. It is the least we can do after all the damage we've done to them over the course of centuries. Demand equality NOW. Make sure their voices are heard. Together, we can change things. #BlackLivesMatter
L O V E Day ago
Caris Christen
I don’t know what’s harder.. 😫 this or the one with ariana grande ❤️
afolabi victor
Queen cardi
legman53 2 days ago
May God bless the peaceful protesters trying to make their voices heard! May God shame and damn the destructive opportunists that are infiltrating the peaceful crowds to cause outrage, violence and distracting police so that they can loot and steal while blending into the crowds so they won't get caught.
the man
the man 2 days ago
Shit heat🔥🔥🚒🚒
Trav Black
Trav Black 2 days ago
wang wang
wang wang 2 days ago
great. l like the lion king. this is sound great
Nidia Luccioni
Nidia Luccioni 2 days ago
Yes in 1972 Bad times
Gabrielle Renodo
Gabrielle Renodo 4 days ago
this shit really go hard, i loveee this mashup so muchh
Cameron Swan
Cameron Swan 4 days ago
I want to see Aaliyah megemix
revEYEve Vintage
revEYEve Vintage 4 days ago
Your a talented man
Dionne Mitchner
Dionne Mitchner 4 days ago
Family this song is amazing another smash hit family love love love Aaliyah you are missed baby girl still listen to her albums in 2020 💕💕💖💖💘💘🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 amazing Artist.
Dionne Mitchner
Dionne Mitchner 4 days ago
Amazing omg ❤❤🍷🍷🍾🍾 that's my cocktails listening to this amazing colab you created a masterpiece love love you are very talented just amazing I'm going back to cocktails and continue enjoying this masterpiece
Creshetta Bella
Creshetta Bella 4 days ago
I love this but I feel like from my opinion maybe you could've kept Beyonce's beat and brought Rihanna's voice over.... But yet the ending was really good so idk what to think now 😂❤️
Funmi Balogun
Funmi Balogun 5 days ago
oh my days whaattttt !!! This is so good. Aaliyah would’ve been making sick ass songs if she was still alive :(
Funmi Balogun
Funmi Balogun 5 days ago
brooo aaliyahs parts were beautifully blended into dvsn’s song !! This mashup is melodic asf. #missyouaaliyah ! 💖
Alyssa Graves
Alyssa Graves 5 days ago
These two songs go together so well
Dabeast 5 days ago
Sounds like a Miguel track, love it
Black History Is More Than Slavery
Never Rihanna was on this beat or its fan made
Ashley Fuller
Ashley Fuller 5 days ago
Falling in love is so bitter sweet
Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith 6 days ago
This was 🔥
lulaby lulaby
lulaby lulaby 6 days ago
love it OMG!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍
Dennisz Thomissen
nice mix! i wanna see a colab from lady and ariana with daft punk one more time❤️
Khadija Garrison
Khadija Garrison 6 days ago
3 dislikes, I guess they can’t hear.
Adam M
Adam M 7 days ago
This is amazing. Thank you. In a way you help to keep her music alive.
Regina George
Regina George 7 days ago
I can’t wait!!
MrSwarai 8 days ago
Dope 👍🏾
chana gurl
chana gurl 8 days ago
I feel like a remastered version is coming soon definitely love the idea 😍
DuuuuhOhhhhhPah! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🧘🏾‍♀️✨💫
Paul More
Paul More 8 days ago
You are trying to get people to make babies. Bruh!!
Sandland113 8 days ago
This is mind-blowing!
the libra queen
the libra queen 8 days ago
can we collaborate on a song together lol
Business lady
Business lady 8 days ago
As a female. I appreciate this with much love.
Khadejah Colbert
Khadejah Colbert 9 days ago
Yaaaassssssssssss P.S. can we get that jay and bey mega mix. It was just as amazing. Especially XO HARD-KNOCK LIFE 💕💕💕
Teyonceforevaa 9 days ago
Hurry up 5th June 🤗😍
Allen Chamblee
Allen Chamblee 9 days ago
Can you do a Mariah one??????
Danyette 9 days ago
loved it
Danyette 9 days ago
loved it
Farrah C
Farrah C 9 days ago
Can't wait for this one to drop. 🔥 24.5.2020
Mychelle Urias
Mychelle Urias 9 days ago
Created By Kechi
Created By Kechi 9 days ago
I have to hear it through my monitors but don’t let nobody tell you nothing! You know what you’re doing
Della's Mashups
Della's Mashups 9 days ago
THIS IS SOO GOOD!! What a boppp
candance greene
candance greene 9 days ago
This is 🔥☄
Mark Rayvon
Mark Rayvon 9 days ago
come on now!
Cam T
Cam T 9 days ago
I love it.❤
AETHER MASTER 9 days ago
Too bad they never sang together, technology is good for something 👌🌹💯💋
AETHER MASTER 9 days ago
the libra queen
the libra queen 10 days ago
this sounds so dreamy (when you accidentally hit the dislike button)
LILLYWAYNA 10 days ago
Another one ! 👍🏼
Flor Vino
Flor Vino 10 days ago
My bop for the weekend!
E 10 days ago
Love your gracious attitude to all feedback. Maybe my ears aren't as audibly blessed as everyone else's to hear issues with transitions....But I actually love this as it is. It sounds perfectly fine. Another great mashup amorphous. 💜💜💜 Edit: This is on repeat 💥💯
E 10 days ago
👂🏾💜 *stank face*
E 10 days ago
It's criminal how underrated you are
Mason Taylor
Mason Taylor 10 days ago
oh yeah, you DID that.
Chevaughn Mattis
Chevaughn Mattis 10 days ago
amorphous 10 days ago
Hey guys! I appreciate every single piece of feedback. This was a bit more difficult to do, as there was no official instrumental/acapella for 'Do It', and I had to resort to mixing through my laptop speakers, which probably resulted on levels/transitions not sounding as smooth as they usually do on my end! So everything y'all are saying is 100% valid and helps me in the future. Had I had my headphones as usual, I'm sure I would have spotted everything. Just hope you guys got the idea, and understand. People've been begging me to upload constantly, so sometimes i 'sacrifice' uploading instead of fully waiting until the product is perfect like I usually do, (My Britney Spears Megamix for example, which people keep hounding me for, but I won't release until it's 100% and that can't happen until I have headphones to make sure everything is right!) I might go back and fix it/perfect it when I can! Thanks, guys! I love y'all!
Created By Kechi
Created By Kechi 9 days ago
What kind of headphones do you need?
Heisenberg 10 days ago
Love it
Blasian Baby
Blasian Baby 10 days ago
i love this!
travellj 10 days ago
I like this one.
BryanFernando GarridoQuinton
excelente combinación 🤸🏾‍♀️🎼
E 10 days ago
I can see Aliyah Janelle creating a choreography to this.
LexiLondon 10 days ago
I absolutely love your mixes!
Apollo Belvedere
Apollo Belvedere 10 days ago
Yes now this I would like to purchase
killaJJ760 10 days ago
I know you have some ppl hating, but this was actually a pretty solid mix. They really don’t have an ear, if they’re hating. The transitions were smooth, it was just a lot going on, in the beginning, but that didn’t mean it didn’t sound good. This was🔥 🔥!
killaJJ760 10 days ago
amorphous : Create a CashApp or Venmo so we can send you money if you need some tools, to do your craft. Like I said, it was just a lot going on in the beginning, but to put those two songs together, was a good move. It sounds good. With headphones, hopefully you’re able to smooth out the rough parts, but altogether it’s dope. Keep giving us good mashups! God bless!
amorphous 10 days ago
It's all good, they're probably right! i don't have headphones to mix on recently, so it probably sounds a bit messy in certain areas. I'll see if I can go back and fix it when I get a new pair!
Farrah C
Farrah C 10 days ago
This needs to grow on me. 22.5.2020
Ariana M
Ariana M 10 days ago
The transitions need to be smoother- the levels sound like they're all over the place. But it's a solid mashup choice
Ariana M
Ariana M 9 days ago
@amorphous no worries! I love these mashups and just wanted to give some helpful feedback. Keep up the great work!! 🔥
amorphous 10 days ago
been forced to mix without headphones for the past few months unfortunately. really hard to gauge sometimes, but got a few ears and they all said it sounded fine. :/ guess i'll hold back on uploading anything until i get a new pair! thanks!
Lady Creole
Lady Creole 10 days ago
Beautiful Colab 🌹💖🌟
ashleyb natural
ashleyb natural 10 days ago
What about Cherish?
ashleyb natural
ashleyb natural 10 days ago
A sister sister type mix
Kairo 11 days ago
I like the idea....I'll have to listen a few more times
amorphous 10 days ago
Thanks Kairo for the feedback! Didn't have headphones to mix like I usually do, so it probably sounds a bit rough around the edges. <3
Hundey FuFu
Hundey FuFu 11 days ago
So cool! Interesting!
Real Talk
Real Talk 11 days ago
alex treyvon
alex treyvon 11 days ago
One Kiss is one of my favorites because of the house influence...and mixing it with Gaga & Ariana?! You’re TRULY spoiling us!💛
Mia Rose
Mia Rose 11 days ago
Love this mix.
Ibi ibi
Ibi ibi 11 days ago
Please do a whole mashup from u.n.i.t.y and love is blind, it's amazing😍
Jenn 11 days ago
Amazing production 🙌
F P 12 days ago
this is iconic
kiara brinkley
kiara brinkley 13 days ago
I love it
Niccole Evans
Niccole Evans 13 days ago
You have a fantastic ear, mate! This is pure perfection indeed.
Niccole Evans
Niccole Evans 13 days ago
The ultimate Eargasm indeed!
DoucheCanoe4u 13 days ago
Killed it. Very Smooth, I really dig it🎧
Navy Nick
Navy Nick 14 days ago
Logan Gillon
Logan Gillon 14 days ago
E Nurse
E Nurse 14 days ago
amorphous there is something about those ears of yours!!!! you hear music on a different frequency! Thank you for allowing us to experience what you hear!!!! if the word "vibe" could be defined you would be the one to define it.......vibes for days
Logan Gillon
Logan Gillon 14 days ago
Listen to This joint errday goes hard in the car
Miserable N' Magical
I don’t think I can listen to the original again. My new fav song!!!!
Nicole Thomas
Nicole Thomas 15 days ago
this is it, it just hits
Peytonfan 15 days ago
Peytonfan 15 days ago
Peytonfan 15 days ago
Chan V
Chan V 17 days ago
jeffbryanE 17 days ago
Sandland113 18 days ago
Is that your girlfriend Amorphous?
Diva Cookn
Diva Cookn 18 days ago
I love this so much..two favorite groups..
Diva Cookn
Diva Cookn 18 days ago
Excellent Remix... on and on ...love these two
Ryan Roberson
Ryan Roberson 18 days ago
I just fell in love
Diamond Jackson
Diamond Jackson 18 days ago
i love this blend💋🖤💎👑🎤🎼
Sandland113 19 days ago
I'm still waiting for the so anxious if you let me Ginuwine x Sinead Harnett,You told me you've promised & you thought it was a wonderful mashup so I am waiting for it!