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Sebastian Moisen
Sebastian Moisen 46 minutes ago
Me: Sees the titel Also me: Well god damn, god gave you eyes for a god damn reson Also also me: Sees they are blindfolded, “ohh of course”
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Those girls were so fking annoying
안녕 47 minutes ago
You can tell. If you think the whitest sounding person is white, they’re not. Go against that you would normally think
Artist Zeo
Artist Zeo 47 minutes ago
Erin’s problem is she spent too much time grilling one person over the fact that his beliefs didn’t line up with hers. Brandon’s a recent vegan so he can’t be expected to know everything that a vegan lifestyle holds. And Jaylyn knew that. So from the get go he made that an alibi by saying he had JUST started going vegan 😉
Isabella Hernandez
Isabella Hernandez 47 minutes ago
We should do this with who’s is the Hispanic
Kitty Kitty
Kitty Kitty 47 minutes ago
Theres no such thing as "white voice" there is such thing as simply proper and improper. Your voice is not dictated based on your race, but the enviorment you are raised in. If you are raised and around people who speak properly, you too will speak that way, if you are raised by people who speak improperly you will speak that way as well. Its that simple.
Lanna Grace
Lanna Grace 47 minutes ago
I saw this on twitter and thought it was joke Lmaoooo
Fat Rat In a Hat __
Fat Rat In a Hat __ 48 minutes ago
Why was Elizabeth blind folded, she knew she was the black person... unless
Sam Friedberg
Sam Friedberg 48 minutes ago
interesting that the debate over foreign wars is always between americans. It would be more interesting to see iraqis perspective maybe
rebelyell50 48 minutes ago
I think what a lot of people don't understand about Christianity is that in the new testament we are supposed to love thy neighbor as if we are family and of course there are gonna be people who have hate in their heart for differences. How I look at it is that Im supposed to love everyone no matter what they do because we all sin on a daily basis and no sin is greater than another I respect peoples opinion and beliefs I dont say like oh you better belief or your going to hell because in the church I grew up in that was a huge like thing every sin was your going to hell if you do this like no one is perfect and we all do things that isnt like good or whatever I am big on people who arent selfish and think of others and I know people are skeptical of a higher power but me personally in my life every time I prayed it has come true and ive been through so much that it was a comfort to have HIM looking out for me christianity is about free will as well i would never use my religion against someone to justify a wrong doing my main goal in life is to be of service to others and to love HIM thats it not because he says to but because I want to and I have the free will to.
Toye Jegede
Toye Jegede 48 minutes ago
These are getting dumber and dumber
feral 48 minutes ago
Lmao how are yall gonna put a black person in here that was raised by white people. thats different cultures. obviously and she even sounds and does white people things
Amanda Tångring
Amanda Tångring 48 minutes ago
noone: Erin: *that’s not vegan*
Gummy Worms
Gummy Worms 48 minutes ago
I love how when the mole is shown everyone’s like I had suspicions
Jade Booz
Jade Booz 48 minutes ago
😂😂😂this is funny never judge a book by it's cover
Nathan Walsh
Nathan Walsh 48 minutes ago
These are so biased :/ first I watched one where all of the straight guys were essentially gay and now a black girl raised in a white house? These just aren't realistic scenarios and carry absolutely no weight in what they're trying to prove as everyone is equal
Joana V
Joana V 49 minutes ago
This one was the best one yet
Lord Fader
Lord Fader 49 minutes ago
Girls always break up with guys for no reason😂...”Im not where i wanna be” so that means we gotta break up fam,
M 49 minutes ago
everytime i hear someone say i am white i cringe
BlackSheep The great
BlackSheep The great 49 minutes ago
I never guessed she was the liar...
axc 86
axc 86 49 minutes ago
Damn Elizabeth is pretty
Nina Chau
Nina Chau 49 minutes ago
I know who the black person is. I can’t believe I figured it out
Hope Okoro
Hope Okoro 49 minutes ago
Okay but Brandon is a whole meal 🥘
David Zheng
David Zheng 50 minutes ago
Not being rude, but this time pretty sure you don't need the lights. Just tell them to remove their blindfolds.
Feenix 50 minutes ago
Thought like wow erin is very annoying i bet she‘ll be mentioned in the comments a lot. I scrolled through. Only erin comments 😂
Paul Wagner
Paul Wagner 50 minutes ago
The mole shouldnt get to vote..
Becca XO
Becca XO 50 minutes ago
Christopher Ortega
Christopher Ortega 50 minutes ago
That guy that kept talking is the the most racist in the group
Panthia Whelan
Panthia Whelan 50 minutes ago
Is no one going to comment on how stunning Elizabeth was?? My goodness she is cute
richard TeQo
richard TeQo 50 minutes ago
Dark brown*
Nick Crompton
Nick Crompton 50 minutes ago
Wait so which one of them was black?
logique 50 minutes ago
say the n-word
Don’t mind me
Don’t mind me 50 minutes ago
“My race is human” 🌚
Mrs. Stlinski
Mrs. Stlinski 50 minutes ago
Damn y’all i need Cody’s @
A 51 minute ago
Man, This one was so hard. I had NO IDEA who it was.
Rebeca Ramirez
Rebeca Ramirez 51 minute ago
Is Jonatan related to bianca del Río because big vibes
MoJo JoJo
MoJo JoJo 51 minute ago
"I'll start... I do yoga" Everyone: "YOU'RE WHITE" lmaoooo😂😂😅
ChocoLiLi 51 minute ago
This video is about RACISM!
Rj Howze
Rj Howze 52 minutes ago
Do 6 black people and 1 white person and it would be a whole lot easier
0R1C4L 52 minutes ago
I woulda lost🤷🏾‍♂️
Static 52 minutes ago
Kenshin Himura
Kenshin Himura 52 minutes ago
Nogget 53 minutes ago
Reverse pornhub bbc orgy meme
RVX1989 53 minutes ago
I would’ve died had the black girl said she was white in the intro just to throw the viewers off 😂
Artist Zeo
Artist Zeo 53 minutes ago
All I can say is, I guessed the meat eater from the very first words spoken lol they said exactly what I would say if I were in the group 😂
JJay 1999
JJay 1999 53 minutes ago
Lol these are progressive people, bring some traditional Muslims in here and watch how disgusting their beliefs really are
Kyle Coleman
Kyle Coleman 53 minutes ago
Easy, ask obscure history facts and if they get it right, they aren't US citizens because they studied.
Kameron Bennett
Kameron Bennett 53 minutes ago
Honestly the best part of this was "I do yoga" Everyone: "Definately white" 😂
Monica Jones
Monica Jones 54 minutes ago
What happens when you fail to keep it in check, Dax? Craigslist Killer.
The Crown
The Crown 54 minutes ago
Just started watching it and I think Brandon is the odd one out. 😤
gisselle marie
gisselle marie 54 minutes ago
Elizabeth was so sweet omg loved her ! Best episode
le bébéque
le bébéque 54 minutes ago
Please do Pro-Prostitution Activists vs Anti-Prostitution Activists but with the lay men, unlike that prostitutes vs pastors episode. Or SWERF feminists vs Sex work-positive feminists.
Paul Wagner
Paul Wagner 55 minutes ago
I'd have to guess Cody. Just off of deeper voice & not more vocal off the rest
Microspace 21
Microspace 21 55 minutes ago
Music has nothing to do with your background I'm black and I listen to K-pop classical music and Rachmaninoff
John Moni
John Moni 55 minutes ago
I’m calling ceira
Michael Harris
Michael Harris 55 minutes ago
Black Panther isn't really that good though. I mean it had great characters and Wakanda was awesome, but the writing was weak and chocked full of lazy cliches and there was literally no tension whatsoever in the whole movie...I was watching the whole time and I was like "does it ever get exciting or unpredictable?" it didn't. Still though, Wakanda and the characters were good, but all in all the actual movie was just forgettable and the last fight scene was extremely boring and horribly done.
Max Hunt
Max Hunt 55 minutes ago
Female version of Lil tecca?
Nicole Matiwane
Nicole Matiwane 55 minutes ago
I stan a milly rocking scammer.
KumaBean 55 minutes ago
Can anybody figure out what the tattoo is of on the arm of the girl with the curly hair? It looks like an iPod and headphones, but I can only think 'surely not?' Lol
Charleigh Rosae
Charleigh Rosae 56 minutes ago
I’m so happy for her 👏🏾👏🏾
Josh Elder
Josh Elder 56 minutes ago
You could tell it was him with how much is face was twitching when people were showing their votes. He was constantly moving his hands and his face, nervousness. Go back and watch, he looks paranoid af
A kid in Africa
A kid in Africa 56 minutes ago
Wow I got this one right in the first round!
Tiny Guy
Tiny Guy 56 minutes ago
When she said her black friend listened to country I laughed then felt bad
Ella Kamau
Ella Kamau 56 minutes ago
Best one yet and I haven’t even watched it
Learning Curve
Learning Curve 56 minutes ago
Title Seems a bit racist
Katz mfCat
Katz mfCat 56 minutes ago
You can *feel* how careful everyone is when asking questions
Nate Bent
Nate Bent 56 minutes ago
this is kind of fun because we know who it is the whole time
dope fresh
dope fresh 56 minutes ago
Atleast jolie tells the truth. You females need to stop lying🤥
Mathias Rios
Mathias Rios 57 minutes ago
They can smell the privilige HAHAHAHHAHA
Zoe Goodall
Zoe Goodall 57 minutes ago
Mariah was preaching 😍
Nate Bent
Nate Bent 57 minutes ago
lol i did a double take when i read the title at first
ChelseaTay 58 minutes ago
Love this type of episode! It was much more entertaining to watch as a viewer, while knowing who was the mole from the start.
Elizabeth Nahu
Elizabeth Nahu 58 minutes ago
This but white a white-passing biracial person
Ash Maagu
Ash Maagu 58 minutes ago
1:10 - 1:17 stages of bread in my toaster oven
EmmaPemman 58 minutes ago
”i came here to get my coins” flucking icon right there
SuperCullen004 59 minutes ago
This channels is literally just a better BuzzFeed
Matthew Holloway
Matthew Holloway 59 minutes ago
Grab one of these women from H-Town Texas.. would b a dead givaway... lol.
Poosy 59 minutes ago
I’m a loser where’s my share
Elisabeth Filipkowski
Elisabeth Filipkowski 59 minutes ago
Elizabeth has such a cute voice!! She just sounds like shes nice just by her voice
Becca XO
Becca XO Hour ago
Indigo Hour ago
Okay they should do like 6 black people and 1 white person and that white person should be WoahVicky
lmao cody cracks me up "you can not vote twice" and he keeps his hand up
GEO3535 Hour ago
Mariah is liar
Scv Pink
Scv Pink Hour ago
Yo I’m sorry but Mariah is a black name not Kylie 😂
otty jackson
otty jackson Hour ago
Current Objective: Survive
Thomas Jefferson
Wow I can’t believe people still think that the earth is flat
MrSirFluffy Hour ago
I really like John.
Patrick Deans
Patrick Deans Hour ago
3:05 Ryan was panicking trying not to sound racist
The thing with stupidity is that it couldn't comprehend what is above and beyond it.
Emma Leigh Henry
Was anyone else disappoint they couldn’t play along and guess too?
Ca Martins
Ca Martins Hour ago
pls make the other way around
Mina Maged
Mina Maged Hour ago
i have to throw this out but i think scientists here were not good at arguing at all
Kiara Mageste
Kiara Mageste Hour ago
1:15 okay but Cody’s finger guns have me feeling some typa way
Logo Danielson
Wow, I’ve never seen this type of series before
That's clearly Dax Flame, hes got many successful youtube videos that I used to watch all the time.
Exotica Hour ago
I wonder which one is African American?
N Glover
N Glover Hour ago
“what’s your strategy?” “just be nice as possible” girl what are you saying?
Pdg Pdg
Pdg Pdg Hour ago
Anna that booty poppin girl
janaka v
janaka v Hour ago
It’s weird seeing the full ep knowing who the mole is. Just like observing her actions is interesting
n o i d e a
n o i d e a Hour ago
me: *not vegan but vegetarian knowing that i have been vegetarian all my life and i have never consumed meat* ha these people are noobs