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The Trio Is Over?
2 months ago
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For You
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Amanda DosSantos
Mary Watters
Mary Watters 6 hours ago
God loves you ❤️🙏🏾
Sumar Qureshi
Sumar Qureshi 6 hours ago
my guy tayler started singing the song from Barney 😩😩😂😂
Zubayda Silmee
Zubayda Silmee 7 hours ago
Ahh they broke up....why did yt recommend this
Asiah Neely
Asiah Neely 8 hours ago
I love kelianne, tayler, and Nate's relationship because you can tell there like siblings to each other when he said it's like seeing my sister just nvm that is so sweet.
Moonlight_ 8 hours ago
Tayler really Said I want to get out here lol
Gothman 9 hours ago
“Big woopdie frickin doo” could I say it any better
Itz_ Anne
Itz_ Anne 11 hours ago
i love the "hey shut the fuck up" voice from dixie
avie keith
avie keith 12 hours ago
Tayler will always be the funniest
0o ADELYDE o0 14 hours ago
Bryce be like:😶🤨😯
Hannah Caridi
Hannah Caridi 16 hours ago
He be looken gooooood
shahnur uni lover
shahnur uni lover 16 hours ago
Hannah Caridi
Hannah Caridi 16 hours ago
Gose from “baby baby stop” hurts her “oh I’m sorry baby dose it hurt”😭🥺❤️
Hannah Caridi
Hannah Caridi 16 hours ago
The puppy wanna kiss to
Hannah Caridi
Hannah Caridi 17 hours ago
When she said I would want one because I love you 😫😱sounded like a movie 💯❤️
Hannah Caridi
Hannah Caridi 17 hours ago
I love that tryna find fucking joy out there 😂❤️🙏🏼Taylor is definitely the funniest but y’all funny
poshi117 18 hours ago
3:38 reminded me of the royalty fam
isabella edwards
isabella edwards 19 hours ago
taylor is the funniest
Mckaylia Kali
Mckaylia Kali 22 hours ago
Loving this series can’t wait for more
Lita Hernandez
you and Tyler are my favorite people on tick-tock and you’re so cute
Joana Estrada
Omg Nate falling in the chair is everything 😂😂
Ruby Boone
Ruby Boone Day ago
There is no dought in my mind that he will be a legend. And if he isn't this world needs to learn what Art and True Beauty is. PERIOD
Ava Smythe
Ava Smythe Day ago
whos here fall of 2020
Luiza Paes
Luiza Paes Day ago
Juju Gogo
Juju Gogo Day ago
Who’s here after ” ride “
Chetisthename *
R u and aidette still dating ?
Danyiele Clift
Olivia chasing you around the ping pong table and falling on her face... is that how her cheek got swollen?
Addie Day ago
i got this in my recommendations a year later😂
Farhat Aflah
Farhat Aflah Day ago
Its supper cold,there in dubai in the desurt
Aabish Nasir
Aabish Nasir Day ago
I miss them
Aniyah Rose
Aniyah Rose Day ago
tayler: mmm this shit good as fuck everybody else in the room: *laughing* me:wheezing and laughing
Insane Potato
That's why single life is just awesome & cool!❄️☄️, bcoz everyones gonna die some or the other day & no one is gonna fuckin' remember you ( billie eilish)❤️, so If ur single enjoy ur life, do fun- mischief with friends, party, do whatever u wanna do & live ur life at it's fullest. ✌️❤️😊
Niamh Sergeant
Every RUvidr when there nervous “ IM NERVOUS “ 😂
Jaxsen Barnes-Harrell
nate looks lika a grandpa
Lebitso Sesenyi
The best Trio award goes to Nate,Taylor and Kelianne lovee u And Taylor your laugh😂😂😗👉👈
akshaya churesh
I need someone to look at me the way chase looks at kelianne
Jennesa Deo
Jennesa Deo Day ago
6:10 I just love how Kelianne boyfriend is so comfortable with Nate and Taylor BTW #Besttrio
Nhi Quỳnh
Nhi Quỳnh Day ago
TikTok Tutorials
Kellianne: he’s Mexican that’s why Bryce: I’m Phillipino Nate: I’m human and I still can’t do it
Tiffany Ribeiro
Love yall
leny david
leny david Day ago
Love the trio ❤❤
Sleep Day ago
Love the video just don’t tell anyone to watch the video all the way through because it makes people want to click off the video lol am I right??
Abigail Chaffin
i love how close chase is getting with the boys
Anna Herrera
Anna Herrera Day ago
Me just waiting for the thing in the tv to hit the corner like:👁👄👁
Ethan Kocher
Ethan Kocher Day ago
I do ship Olivia and Nate though
Summer Maier
Summer Maier Day ago
wtf where's tony?
Lema Ghorashi
The parents arguing: Taylor: why can't wee bee Freinds , why can't wee bee Freinds 😂😂
Densua Nelson-Addy
Nate u have a wonderful voice no jk
Mary Martin
Mary Martin Day ago
His new song ride it is my ring tone
Mary Martin
Mary Martin Day ago
Is it just me but does the music in the being sounds soooooooo goooooooos ☁️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ give it a like if you agree
tiktok 2020 mashups
Chase (Kelliannes boyfriend) is so funny and i love him
Rose Mahamid
Rose Mahamid Day ago
When he was saying “donut truck” i thought he was saying “donald trump” am i the only one? 👁👄👁
Maddie Smith
Maddie Smith 2 days ago
Tayler sticks his hand out ”go ahead” 😂
Zaza Sojor
Zaza Sojor 2 days ago
So happy for you Nate. More videos please 😁
Nouvel Labrador
Nouvel Labrador 2 days ago
What is the title of the song they played in the piano?
faZe__Icebreaker 2 days ago
try to kill me in a crash girl logic
faZe__Icebreaker 2 days ago
girl logic
Wentong Sun
Wentong Sun 2 days ago
lord my daughter keeps coming in the room the first time she droped her ipad and was shocked
Blast Quad
Blast Quad 2 days ago
this is super duper crazy
Yareli_thesavage Gonzalez
Valentina Pierre
Valentina Pierre 2 days ago
My birthday is march 16
Farhat Aflah
Farhat Aflah 2 days ago
Omg ur gonna kill me with his reaction
Israa Essop
Israa Essop 2 days ago
.....Lol I am actually laughing coz they fall for it even tho boys can't have babies 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Flower By
Flower By 2 days ago
O Bryce o vídeo todo:😮 o resto do pessoal: parabéns meu amigo ✌️❤️
lil_ kerm420
lil_ kerm420 2 days ago
I um i miss aidnette
Olivia Patel
Olivia Patel 2 days ago
You are amazing I love your relationship with all your friends in the hype house
Olivia Patel
Olivia Patel 2 days ago
Nate your videos are literally the best love you so much
KPOP -TICKTOCK 2 days ago
Pls post more vids with Olivia you guys are so cute 🥺
Subbing to everyone who subs to me
Is no one gonna talk about that kiss
Sana Ehsan
Sana Ehsan 2 days ago
Nate's ex watching this 👁️👄👁️
Grace REZABEK 2 days ago
B-rody 2 days ago
The first 2 minutes were good but after the donut box smack thing he just became rlly corny I’m outi like that
Lovely Wish
Lovely Wish 2 days ago
Bro when Taylor was laughing I was trying hard not to laugh but ended up laughing 😂
Amirah Gomachas
Amirah Gomachas 2 days ago
When is episode 2 coming
jihane el azzouzi
HeyyZ 2 days ago
This reminds me when I used to watch jake Paul😭💀
Houssem Moh
Houssem Moh 2 days ago
It's like keep up with the hype house
Sarah Grantham
Sarah Grantham 2 days ago
I think Nate is one of the most nicest hype house members.
Dalasi D.
Dalasi D. 2 days ago
I love how the boys and chase get along