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Sara Peytcheva
Sara Peytcheva 16 hours ago
My bday
Иван Иванов Иванович
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the purpose of waterboarding and, more generally, torture is to get information you know the victim has. Can it be used to get someone confess to something they didn't do? Yes.
LuminousWatcher 16 hours ago
great subject. good sound, lousy cutting. almost makes you seasick
sad TM
sad TM 16 hours ago
emma’s so funny i’m screaming
weird_girl 226
weird_girl 226 16 hours ago
I am only on Season 2 and I’m trying to spoil it for my cousin
Corran Cully
Corran Cully 16 hours ago
Just watching this made my and sweat
The Crazy Scotsman
The Crazy Scotsman 16 hours ago
👁👃👁 👄
Fernando Arancibia
Fernando Arancibia 16 hours ago
it is a really touching and beautiful experience to listen to what an astronaut has to say, not only for the information that he has but the way of thinking, the ability to see the universe in such a humble way, to understand it and to love it. I think if we could all see life as he does, the world will be a better place.
Will Anson
Will Anson 16 hours ago
Yes, I do except ur marriage proposal.
1Rule NoRules
1Rule NoRules 16 hours ago
Nolan & Zimmer is the new Leone & Morricone pair
Sasha Baltazhi
Sasha Baltazhi 16 hours ago
Xena Shaulis
Xena Shaulis 16 hours ago
Mark Wahlberg watching this rn 👁👄👁
Car / His
Car / His 16 hours ago
Donde lo puedo encontrar sub español
CC Lewis
CC Lewis 16 hours ago
Thank you 5 is the funniest one because anytime we get a new actor at my community theatre they don’t know what it means and usually never ask and just goes along with it
Mahek Hussein
Mahek Hussein 16 hours ago
Why mr wonderful wearing two watches
isabella !
isabella ! 16 hours ago
how can they look so similar yet so different
Skye Mitchell
Skye Mitchell 17 hours ago
Misogynists !
Shark byte 15
Shark byte 15 17 hours ago
yeah know after all this time i never knew the ice king and SpongeBob were voiced by the same person...............my childhood has been enhanced
Old Man
Old Man 17 hours ago
She's the one if you like crap.
iCharlyCharly 17 hours ago
f*ck you Tim MIller I just hope you never do a movie that I actually care like this
Chibu O
Chibu O 17 hours ago
Truly gifted, although the eyes always give it away...
Adrienne Pender
Adrienne Pender 17 hours ago
“Park and Bark...” I never heard it before, LOVE that one!
Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton 17 hours ago
I've been around the world "about" 2650 times..I suspect Chris knows exactly how many times 😁
Mees Bergsma
Mees Bergsma 17 hours ago
There must be an part 4!
Arianagrande Editzz
Arianagrande Editzz 17 hours ago
Is it just me or Emma sounds so bitchy lmao idk why..
Unicorn Lover
Unicorn Lover 17 hours ago
I loveee dis
M J 17 hours ago
1:47 i dont need a therapist i got spongebov 🤣🤣🤣 THATS SO FUNNY XDDDDDDDDD
nerotwo 17 hours ago
Cheryl and toni wooow
IVG121 17 hours ago
0:49 Mirror looks like Batman's mask
Lindelwa Ndhlovu
Lindelwa Ndhlovu 17 hours ago
The way Danai pronounced Xhosa you go girl
Nobby Cheeseman
Nobby Cheeseman 17 hours ago
Survival movies are as realistic as his survival TV series. Not very realistic at all. Because they are both scripted.
Bobby Gorbett
Bobby Gorbett 17 hours ago
The grave that had Eleanor Rigby’s name on it didn’t inspire Paul, it was just a coincidence. Paul knew an actress named Eleanor, and then saw a shop named Rigby’s. It wasn’t until years later that he found out about the grave.
TheBatman777 17 hours ago
These ads are so annoying
Aj Rivera
Aj Rivera 17 hours ago
What region? is a great comeback
Bugs Monkey
Bugs Monkey 17 hours ago
i wonder how many metoo stories there were about hitchens lol... RIP
Bakhtiyar Guseinov
Bakhtiyar Guseinov 17 hours ago
My top 3 show of all time...along with breaking bad and arrow
MJ V 17 hours ago
I'm proud of Jenny for leaving Big Mouth because Black Characters should be played by Black People.
Raissa Gabriella
Raissa Gabriella 17 hours ago
omfg shes SO CUTE
MJ V 17 hours ago
This is not what I expected them to look like, I thought Maury was an old saggy white guy when it's.... Nick Kroll
Joni Laus
Joni Laus 17 hours ago
Kristen Bell is my Absolute. Favorite.
Hey looks a lot like liza
Louis Shelton
Louis Shelton 17 hours ago
He never feels like he's not acting its like he forgets to drop out of character when he leaves the set 😂😂😂
Chad Falardeau
Chad Falardeau 17 hours ago
I used to say cheesed off around my niece and nephews to avoid cursing
8523wsxc 17 hours ago
"Money Laundering? Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit"
hi 17 hours ago
honestly, I would have given her like 50 bucks and bombarded her with rhetorical questions "How do i levitate something?" "how can i get to platform 9 1/3?" "Honestly, don't you (two) read?" "HAVE YOU GONE MAD? ARE YOU A WITCH OR NOT?" (didn't make the movies, but still)
The Moth 7
The Moth 7 18 hours ago
Rlly, rlly guys no Fuckin Streets of Fire
Kim Morley
Kim Morley 18 hours ago
Bugger all, knackered, chocka all used in the UK as well and the same meanings. What have you been doing? Bugger all but I’m still knackered.
GermanCubeGirl 18 hours ago
Me as a German didn’t know, Flula Borg is German...
MrAdvantage1 18 hours ago
That’s a dude
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker 18 hours ago
If he killed me I’d say thank you
Jose Carrion
Jose Carrion 18 hours ago
Jose Carrion
Jose Carrion 18 hours ago
Somos hermanas oficina y yo
Jose Carrion
Jose Carrion 18 hours ago
Jose Carrion
Jose Carrion 18 hours ago
Angry Taurus
Angry Taurus 18 hours ago
Um, what is British? (British or Scottish). Great interesting video ;-)
orange cappuccino.mp3
Someone made fun of this God tier beauty?
official locos
official locos 18 hours ago
My dream was becoming a rugby superstar but since i see a lot of Philippines movies now i wanna be a actor and i hope one day God will get me there...
Lucas Vanderschuit
Lucas Vanderschuit 18 hours ago
Where is PRISMO
raidengl 18 hours ago
I'd love to hear his thoughts on Touching The Void. That movie left me absolutely stunned after I walked out of the theater.
Bailey Collins
Bailey Collins 18 hours ago
Where my fellow nerdy ladies at?
T Rowan
T Rowan 18 hours ago
Just loved this!! More please!
elaa rajan
elaa rajan 18 hours ago
Actually Realy Great and Worth Combine and Your Best Explanations Good Job...Hope u will give to all QT Top movies Like Django Unchained, Reserver dogs,Jackie Brown...etc Can u same do for our great Martin Scorsese sir's : The Departed, Goodfellas, Taxi Triver and Hugo
RDF1nner 18 hours ago
Lol this dude talks like he is analyzing a serious drama. The room was a train wreck and that's why people love it.
Jai Chhabra
Jai Chhabra 18 hours ago
here for ricky not the slangs
Jonas Larsson
Jonas Larsson 18 hours ago
Looked at the movie poster, Margo Robbie check, Kristen Bell check, Megyn Kelly check.
Seventy Four
Seventy Four 18 hours ago
You know that you get old when all the "talkshows" ask you about your journey.
Yurina Neru
Yurina Neru 18 hours ago
That " I met him "
THE BRIXX 321 19 hours ago
Anyone else here cause they saw Trayaurus on the thumbnail
Ghoul boom
Ghoul boom 19 hours ago
Oh man der typ is cringe asf 😂
Iulia Gribanova
Iulia Gribanova 19 hours ago
Nina's eyebrows just changed her entire face. Ugh... She used to be way prettier
Mr. Batista
Mr. Batista 19 hours ago
"Get Out" is a story about White far-Left Liberals.
Natalie Rye
Natalie Rye 19 hours ago
i'm here for the fracking jokes
Richard Wolfe
Richard Wolfe 19 hours ago
When you need this much makeup that means the actor does not encapsulate the character very well
Richard Wolfe
Richard Wolfe 19 hours ago
Seventy Four
Seventy Four 19 hours ago
deserved a like. the way she talks, calm and well thought tells 1 that she has been through stuff.
Scarlett Culshaw
Scarlett Culshaw 19 hours ago
i love her sm wow
Sarcastic stiffler
Sarcastic stiffler 19 hours ago
You have to admit the dark Knight music was crazy good and don't lie interstellar music made you cry
finn x mills
finn x mills 19 hours ago
sophia: breathes Jessica : amazing, wonderful, talented , unique, never been done before
Oscar Wong
Oscar Wong 19 hours ago
Just drama don’t use it in real life, in real life, you shouldn’t attack with these big dramatic movements.
Bad Trigger
Bad Trigger 19 hours ago
Bolbi is Samurai Jack and Green Lantern Officer JohnStewart
Declan Hamlin
Declan Hamlin 19 hours ago
9:02 hahahahahah hahahahahahahah
Torey Cooley
Torey Cooley 19 hours ago
Why did they pick this music?
Torey Cooley
Torey Cooley 19 hours ago
I always thought he was the locknese monster Nessy but now I know that he is a mamouth
randy_kunN 19 hours ago
he is so talented
Omed Nazari
Omed Nazari 19 hours ago
Eligella loves him
M S 19 hours ago
Mike The Chemist
Mike The Chemist 19 hours ago
She is like an older sister of Billie E.
Maren McGillivray-Stubbs
Bill: He's, uh, he's doing stand-up comedy Finn: *leaves* Bill: I don't blame you, dude.
Amar Manocha
Amar Manocha 19 hours ago
Why i was intrested to see this silly video.
LEE BRANDON 19 hours ago
she's a super actor man.
Stephen Lackey
Stephen Lackey 19 hours ago
Thank you for this, Nancy😌🙏
Izzy Brandford
Izzy Brandford 19 hours ago
women aren't funny
Izzy Brandford
Izzy Brandford 19 hours ago
women aren't funny
ski valuik
ski valuik 19 hours ago
why does the actor who played eazy e sound like lil wayne 😂
Whoam I
Whoam I 20 hours ago
So much Happiness So much love in herself.. I can feel every senses she expresses.. makes me feel so much alive just watching the video.. Thank you Billie.. you are someone Who comforts me..
Paul Barker
Paul Barker 20 hours ago
Brew for 3 minutes....Nah, more like 5 - 10 minutes! ;)
alejandro perez bustamante
Just_N Piano
Just_N Piano 20 hours ago
The german spongebob is much better
Emma Brady
Emma Brady 20 hours ago
It’s very telling that this comment section is full of men telling cliche, sexist jokes about women not being funny, none of which have even made me crack a smile
Hasufel y Arod
Hasufel y Arod 20 hours ago
2:02 ajajajaja That's Ioan Gruffudd. ajajaja I can't believe I recognized it. Nice. Whether you're Welsh or America, your reaction will always be the same. *Oh, Fu#$**#ck*