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See a few new helpful things:
Pixel 5
Pixel 4a with 5G
Pixel 4a
Nest Audio
Chromecast with Google TV
Pixel Buds
Nest Wifi
Nest Hub Max
Nest Mini
Launch Night In
27 days ago
Mr Coconut
Mr Coconut 44 minutes ago
At this point google is bullying this dog
Z Raps
Z Raps 2 hours ago
I just brought this and I love it
Richard Diogenes
Richard Diogenes 4 hours ago
Rohan Irani
Rohan Irani 5 hours ago
Wen india 🙃🙃
sreenivas ayyapu
sreenivas ayyapu 5 hours ago
When will be released in india
GUDDU SINGH 5 hours ago
Happy Halloween
Neil Nagpaul
Neil Nagpaul 6 hours ago
I'm an Early Commenter
Даниел Кузманов
Interesting videos 😃, but they are very short 😞 ...
Joseph Barney
Joseph Barney 6 hours ago
I will order one of these. Or a Pixel 5.
Kukks Palace
Kukks Palace 6 hours ago
Bhai google pixel 4a available q nahi kara pa rahey ho INDIA me ????
GarAct 6 hours ago
This is cool
飛田直利 8 seconds ago
Aum patel
Aum patel 6 hours ago
So was the reaction
THEUNHOLY 99 6 hours ago
Hey Google can you guys please launch it in India. Thank you.
vamshi kumar ben10
vamshi kumar ben10 6 hours ago
Turn up the future tech fast goooggllee
sou atain
sou atain 7 hours ago
no budget products allowed or break yor face
sou atain
sou atain 7 hours ago
add stable stock os or pc os and add c curved side frame and 8000+ bigger battery and add 18:9 maximum higherNits vivid bezelless symmetrical and minimum 880283ghz dual cg 9kplus core, and add crystal fully drop proof glass, full waterproof without bad ip rating,add minimal only one cam allowed at rear only as 8339mp wide allinone sensor better colour high bit plus instead of dull washed out color and remove front cam or smaller size w 5mp-12mp maximum. add 900watt wired wireless charge and ssd maxed or initial boost with low power filler
Cakrawala uuy
Cakrawala uuy 8 hours ago
I want pixel the dog😭
Aditya Bhat
Aditya Bhat 9 hours ago
How could a top software company starts compare with a dog called pixel???? Compare with one plus or samsung or Xiaomi
Yash Thakur
Yash Thakur 10 hours ago
I bought the new pixel 4a and it's the best phone I've ever used. Thank you google.
Giovanni D
Giovanni D 10 hours ago
Leaving aside these useless halloween bullshit I would like to return to the issue of the Pixel 5 not sold in Italy (my country) and in other countries. After the presentation (8 minutes dedicated to Pixels and more than 20 dedicated to nests and chromcast) I asked in a comment on a Made by Google video why the Pixel 5 isn't sold in Italy. With a nice turn of phrase they told me that in our country they are committed in the Pixel 4a promotion (like they're saying "you can buy a Pixel 4a if you want! That's fine!"). Needless to say, I felt teased: I have a Pixel 4 XL and couldn't wait to upgrade to Pixel 5 to finally have the wide-angle camera, a better design on the front (I hate the unsightly forehead of the Pixel 4 XL only used to house the useless soli radar I never used except at the beginning to try it), a larger battery and get the fingerprint sensor back (with masks the facial recognition of the Pixel 4 XL has become useless). Instead, Google advises me to take a step back and buy the Pixel 4a. At this point it is clear that Google DOESN'T want to sell its smartphones but simply let developers and a few hundred thousand people around the world to try its software. And I keep asking myself why and insisting on wanting all its smartphones sold in Italy and all around the world. With its brand power Google could create every year a range of low-end smartphones (for example Pixel 4a at 349/399 €/$), mid-range (for example Pixel 5 at 599/649 €/$) and high-end (for for example an hypothetical Pixel 5 Pro with 8xx series snapdragon, fingerprint sensor under the display, etc. at 899 €/$) and easily compete with Apple and Samsung. So I'll stay here waiting for concrete answers from Google demanding that the Pixel range will be upgraded and ALWAYS being sold all over the world. #TeamPixel #TeamPixelItalia #IWantPixelinItaly
Made by Google
Made by Google 9 hours ago
We understand this is important for you. We determine availability based on a variety of factors, including local trends, and product features. We remain committed to our current Pixel 4a phones and look forward to bringing future Pixel and other hardware products to Italy.
Ренат Хаметшин
What's music?
Chenny Nui
Chenny Nui 11 hours ago
I think I like Pixel the dog, so, how do I purchase him and how much?
Deepak Suresh
Deepak Suresh 11 hours ago
Radiation.. Radiation and Radiation everywhere..
Vedant Ghadi
Vedant Ghadi 12 hours ago
But... But... Does Google Pixel lets you cuddle?
Jithin Govind K
Jithin Govind K 12 hours ago
Google phone plans?❤️🔥
Jiffy Lube
Jiffy Lube 12 hours ago
Yeah you want your house to be Erie have Joe Budden sit in the kitchen
Jiffy Lube
Jiffy Lube 12 hours ago
Weres biden costume it's the scariest
Akshat Sharma
Akshat Sharma 12 hours ago
This dong is famous like bark paul
labros labrou
labros labrou 12 hours ago
what is the song in the background?
Jhony 13 hours ago
The black thing always comes out
Arup Deb
Arup Deb 18 hours ago
Any update on when it'll be coming to India?? 🤔
It's Meatloaf Duck
It's Meatloaf Duck 20 hours ago
Does anyone have a problems with Android 11
Janelee Keller
Janelee Keller 21 hour ago
Thanks, I Think - 😱
Jalen 22 hours ago
I like chrome books and all, but my favorite game is Minecraft but is only available on windows laptops, iOS, Mac, and android
i.m. CXS
i.m. CXS 23 hours ago
But can it make a sandwich?
Techonupnow Day ago
Cool vid.👍🏽
jaap aukema
jaap aukema Day ago
rick and morty season 4
khalid_ Ar
khalid_ Ar Day ago
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khalid_ Ar
khalid_ Ar Day ago
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JRG channel
JRG channel Day ago
Ok I got a iphone se last month you don’t need me to switch to an android when I just got an iphone
this made me poop a little
Akshat Sharma
Can i get pixer for fee
Akshat Sharma
Omg dogs 😍😍😍
Evgen Litoshko
0:26 sweetygirlz.online
Wow oooooo
Basudha Roy
Basudha Roy Day ago
Hey Google 👩‍🎓
Amron silva
Amron silva Day ago
Tekkendero Day ago
Jaiveer Day ago
G Nico559
G Nico559 Day ago
This is so convenient when I'm holding multiple grocery bags in both hands and cant get to the keys to unlock the front door. Having the speaker relay the message to those in the home that I'm unable to unlock the front door is so helpful.
Kent Low
Kent Low Day ago
Shoot this guy guy to died tou
Hahaha! I’ve tried this with my own family at 3AM........worth every penny!!! 🤣😂🤣
This Guy
This Guy Day ago
This doesn't work using my phone? The assistant said it was doing it, but nothing happened. Another half-assed idea brought to you from Google
Joseph Harkin
The speaker was probably on do not disturb mode
G Nico559
G Nico559 Day ago
It works for me everytime and I have multiple google speakers. There are two commands you can use via the Google Assistant app from your phone assuming you have it set up in the Home App. Not the microphone from the search bar widget. "Send a Broadcast Message" Google will then ask what' s the message. Then say the message. Google Assistant will say message sent. Or Say "Send A Broadcast Message To The Living Room Unlock The Front Door" then Google will say message sent. Your customized named speakers need to appear in the Home app for this to work.
Worked beautifully for me. Make sure you are sending the command correctly by indicating the name of the speaker to actually broadcast to.
sumit kumar sah
Jai shree ram
Malik Husnain
1st view
Ayla McDonald
Hey Google so by the way I love your phone's they are the best I have the 3a and it is amazing I was just wondering if you could make a pixel I pad it would be so cool and I would totally buy it I think it would be amazing and lots of people will love it love from your fan x
Bugheanu Mario
I recently bought a nest 3...omg google what u doing to me
Jay_Kay Day ago
Great so now my doorbell has Halloween sounds, but it's falling apart! Yes after 1 year the "weather resistant" laminate is peeling off my doorbell! It looks awful, like the football is 10 years old. And guess which harsh weather conditions I live in ... the UK! After a struggle Google support offered to replace their defective product, but the told me I also have to cancel my £39 nest aware (recording) annual subscription and but the new £100 annual subscription for no additional benefit (I only have 1 doorbell and not additional cameras). Safe to say I'll be throwing my doorbell in the trash once I find a decent alternative.
Akshat Sharma
Give me the dog after shooting 😉
Akshat Sharma
Always winner the dog 🐶
RyoU Day ago
뭐지 ㅋㅋ 온도계인가
Gaming And Tech HQ
From $4.99. Oh, you mean $499. okay...
Giuseppe Catalano
Finally! When will we be able to see it in Italy?
Alec Jungerius
Pratheek Shetty
Even monster got online meet up by this pandamic
Pratheek Shetty
Fix the the pixel 4 google It works when it wants to
Arisa Ardi
Arisa Ardi Day ago
Kukira mak lampir..😂
Mathias Egeland
Please come to Norway
Ahmad Yousef
Ahmad Yousef 2 days ago
But it is out of stock...
Jose Dominguez
Jose Dominguez 2 days ago
What a fancy mirror
sujith shah
sujith shah 2 days ago
I have been trying to buy pixel 4a since launch from Flipkart, Buy it always out of stock, Help me with it. #googlepixel4a
Kukks Palace
Kukks Palace 2 days ago
I want it and also available but flipkart is not delivering pixel 4a in most parts of india....
Brennan 2 days ago
I’m here because of the background music
Richard Diogenes
Richard Diogenes 2 days ago