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Magik Mage
Magik Mage Hour ago
Giuliani is a drunk and a lifetime of alcohol abuse has rotted his brain and diminished what little soul he had. Giuliani is a tin foil hat wearing moron and a LIAR. The heat is on Giuliani and hopefully it burns him out of our public consciousness. Corrupt criminal. Follow the money. Why was Lev Parnas paying Giuliani $500,000 or more within days of Giuliani speaking with Trump? Multiple times.
Frank Hardie
Frank Hardie Hour ago
true lies
William Saephanh
Liars and leakers fake news sucks
American Patriot
Better dead than red, burn in hell communists
Luiz Marinho
Luiz Marinho Hour ago
Not even once does Trump place emphasis on race when talking about illegal immigration. The Left's narrative is absolute bullshit and hysteria.
Nicholas Hour ago
Lewis Burton (the shittiest ex tennis player on earth) was useless. They were going through the trial together, so why in the world would she commit suicide over the trial? Either Lewis was a lousy boyfriend or she committed suicide over something different.
Serving It Cold
Where there is Islam, there is war and unruly behaviour. Islam and strife are highly correlated
Caswell39A Hour ago
Sander admit he and all the media millionaires profit and don't reject the Trump tax break - so that makes them ALL pathological liars and supporters of Trump.
frethead1000 Hour ago
Loser Pete
Chelle Chelle
Chelle Chelle Hour ago
The Reality of Republicans.....is Goooone!
shrijan chaturvedi
Very poor reporting!
GO ROVERE Hour ago
Was she on cocaine??
Bernard Martinez
James Cardwell
No Chuck , It’s the Democrats way or nothing. Let’s just open the Border and let everything through, Democrats fill their pockets from dirty Deals and taxpayers help out Mexico. Trump is just Trump.
Ann van de Kew
Trump is a lying phoney and a joke. Trump's campaign posted a stirring photo of Air Force One at the Daytona 500 - but deleted it after media reported it was from George W. Bush's trip in 2004. (snicker.)
Jade Brouet
Jade Brouet Hour ago
why cant she be normal
Monique Ho
Monique Ho Hour ago
THe Democrat is SUCK.
Monique Ho
Monique Ho Hour ago
harambe tidepod
harambe tidepod 2 hours ago
Dirty cop got what was coming to him.
Akula GTR
Akula GTR 2 hours ago
How is it an "art exhibit" looks more like a gathering of PC babies yelling at our lord demanding to destroy America 😂😂
*at that moment a shock wave was felt* 1:10
Azaria Foster
Azaria Foster 2 hours ago
I cried watching this. I just came back home from visiting my boyfriend and I bought my flight to visit him before getting on my plane home. It was nice to hear that its normal to plan to see each other before even being apart again.
offbrand101 2 hours ago
Bloomberg 2020!
Z12IT 2 hours ago
President Trump you are the best!
MrLennybach 2 hours ago
Rich bored actors
Joseph jo
Joseph jo 2 hours ago
WASHINGTON - The U.S. Government Accountability Office is opening a review of President Donald Trump’s $28 billion bailout for farmers harmed by his trade war amid allegations that the money was mismanaged and allocated unfairly. The investigation came at the request of Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., who has been vocal in her concern that the aid program was biased, providing more funds to southern states that voted for Trump and favoring large and foreign agriculture companies over small farms. The Trump administration, which signed an initial trade deal with China last month, said the farm subsidies would end this year. The program began in 2018 as a $12 billion effort to mitigate losses for farmers who lost sales or faced retaliatory tariffs from China, the European Union, Canada and Mexico as a result of the trade war. The program grew to $28 billion last year as Trump’s conflict with China festered.
The Tyepilot
The Tyepilot 2 hours ago
Pelosi and Schumer both have been proven liars now. Watching back on this you wonder how much lies there are saying now.
Don mcfadden
Don mcfadden 2 hours ago
Democrats have lost all credibility starting with their racist hatred towards Americans and if anyone should be removed it should be Pelosi she's out of control
big jabaz
big jabaz 2 hours ago
google is full of sh.. they also collect your information and sell it to data brokers and or political campaigns such as the trump administration data brokers also sell your information to corporations and countries such as russia and china and now your internet is controlled what you see is what your allowed to see by the federal and state governments and your service provider and google it's self and that's what deregulation did
zodin sanga
zodin sanga 2 hours ago
Who ia God
zodin sanga
zodin sanga 2 hours ago
I mean who is God,
Ja Broni
Ja Broni 2 hours ago
This is what gives me hope that as a country we can move forward. It's about what one man promised before God and the people who put him in office to do what is right and fulfilling it. This isnt a win for the Left or a loss for the Right it's what our constitution is about.
RR Extra
RR Extra 2 hours ago
Anti freedom of speech on social media operation.
Meatballs Yes 2
Meatballs Yes 2 2 hours ago
That’s it, I’m moving to Australia
KingJustice98 2 hours ago
Almost the exact equivalent of the Tulip bubble. Growing weed is as easy as growing tulips, maybe even easier. The money game is finished. CBD is a better idea, but even that has its limits.
Corben 2 hours ago
The thing you have to understand about Trump and Trumpanzees is that they don't understand or care that words mean certain things. So they take whatever trump pukes out and turn it around in their heads to mean something other than what he actually said thereby making it all "true". I've been encountering this daily for 3+ years.
Bev Fo
Bev Fo 2 hours ago
These are not pets and people shouldn't freaking treat them as such!
Kevin Collins
Kevin Collins 2 hours ago
All officers should have boady cam and cam on the car to day this should not happen better traing and if officer are high stress take them off street stress put them inside get some help
onelove 2 hours ago
I don’t know her, and don’t particularly care.
Darren Jay Blagden
Darren Jay Blagden 2 hours ago
Kevin Collins
Kevin Collins 2 hours ago
Frist should had a marked police car poll over. And two under cover cars. Most department has this policy for what happen.
Allan Gregory
Allan Gregory 2 hours ago
“It’s what we do, All the time, Get over it” 🇺🇸
Sebastian Avila
Sebastian Avila 2 hours ago
0:58 me, meeting new people.
Dennis Paugh
Dennis Paugh 2 hours ago
WP is fake news you pick what fits your needs and you don't care if it isn't the real truth , only if it will sell your rag of a paper. The truth will come out !
Ted Bundy
Ted Bundy 2 hours ago
AJ H 2 hours ago
"U.S unemployment rate, on average, is the lowest in US history"....*proceeds to check every site with US employment statistics*. It's at 3.5% unemployment in 2020. It was 3.4% in 1968 and 2.5% in 1953.....I found all that out in 1 minute....1 minute of research is all it took.
Redneck Renegade
Redneck Renegade 2 hours ago
LoL. What a joke!!!
Dave Byrne
Dave Byrne 2 hours ago
She was a violent monster who escaped justice... 😶 😶 😶
neha doe
neha doe 2 hours ago
These pence comments are GOLD
Ru2yaz 2 hours ago
Complain, complain, come up with a better plan. You want something done, then do the research and come up with an alternative plan. The biggest problem is sanctuary cities protecting people who broke the law, and politicians who support it.
CARLOS A. SANCHEZ 2 hours ago
Total waste of time! You can ffwd. to 1:34:00 to see the introduction of POTUS and his address.
double dab games
double dab games 2 hours ago
Well done Imran Khan you exposed modi Hitler and RSS
Diana - Lea Baranovich
art 2 hours ago
As long as I m paying Conway, I'd prefer is she keep her flap shut on my dime.
pratik dutta
pratik dutta 2 hours ago
Bezos seems to have donated to his campaign.
Norma Woods
Norma Woods 2 hours ago
WHO is Rudy??? What is his job??? WHO does he represented?? LOL This administration has destroyed the CONSTITUTION and LAWS!:: LOL Brainwashing is a dangerous weapon
Ulinda Cargill
Ulinda Cargill 2 hours ago
My 2nd time watching. Nancy is even more annoying this time
Burnsy 2 hours ago
Yall get tired jumping through all those hoops?
Tyrone Jones
Tyrone Jones 2 hours ago
How was reading this speech a requirement for graduation? Doesn't seem like they have a basis for doing so.
crybabyxgurl 2 hours ago
Oh shoot I live in Texas I'm moving
Jenn smith
Jenn smith 2 hours ago
Gotta feel sorry for democrats ---- they have a choice between 2 old white guys, both non-democrats. a millionaire socialist independent & a multi-billionaire ex-republican.
Graham Ledger
Graham Ledger 2 hours ago
Shame Kennedy is such a weasel
Graham Ledger
Graham Ledger 2 hours ago
Gaetz should to DUI
Graham Ledger
Graham Ledger 2 hours ago
Kelly Anne Conway.......yuk
phillip st
phillip st 2 hours ago
all churches(religions) should be eliminated so all states(gov't) can follow
Serving It Cold
Nah i much prefer churches to mosques.
George Seward
George Seward 2 hours ago
Hes getting old quick , do some more powder and lie more Hunter or have you blown through all that money you stole from Ukraine already?
Laura Fontenot
Laura Fontenot 3 hours ago
Lovin every minute of it! Politics had began to be like a Jerry Springer show, so nasty! But when Trump jumped in, all of left looked like looney toons! LOVE HOW HE DOES THAT TO THEM! TDS at it's finest!
Dennis Sanders
Dennis Sanders 3 hours ago
Thank god for the 1st and 2nd amendments here in 🇺🇸!
Conservative Californian
Hindu vs muslims offend the WaPo, however the brunt of religious attacks by Hindus has been against Christians and goes unreported by WaPo.
Serving It Cold
Wow. You pull that fact outta your Catholic butt?
Kayla Sharp
Kayla Sharp 3 hours ago
Trump says at 3 min and 56 seconds "you dont want to shut down the government." "The last time you shut it down you got killed" What does that mean?
john stefanic
john stefanic 3 hours ago
Build the wall. TRUMP 2020 Maybe the reservation should have policed the border better. ! Don’t blame Washington for your shortcomings!
GLOAT SMITTY 3 hours ago
No it's not what most Americans are for . Sorry....wait wait wait no not sorry
Tony T
Tony T 3 hours ago
Killed her self because she was raped Numerous times in the industry didn’t help her this needs to stop already
Rusty Reno
Rusty Reno 3 hours ago
Blind Fanboys must have given the thumbs up
Seriously Lol
Seriously Lol 3 hours ago
Stefano Dawg
Stefano Dawg 3 hours ago
Blue Hawk
Blue Hawk 3 hours ago
Almighty God says that what he is doing with that man is a abomination. God will Judge both of them for their wickedness. They need to truly REPENT and get right with Jesus. 🕊
Teddy Jam
Teddy Jam 3 hours ago
People are going to act as if they cared about her now that she's dead.
nujaz 3 hours ago
Call yourself whatever you want... Before it’s all over, Everyone will believe in one thing or another.
Christian Heart
Christian Heart 3 hours ago
If dead people can vote lets vote for dead people. Nelson Mandela??
Rico Castañon
Rico Castañon 3 hours ago
haywood jablome
haywood jablome 3 hours ago
Uhhhh.. so where is the launch?
Howzer The man
Howzer The man 3 hours ago
Id never heard of her till the news when she died.
dvrmte 3 hours ago
WaPo has made over 100.000 false or misleading statements. The title of this video is misleading so that goes on to the lie list. LOL How many times did Obama say "uhm" in one speech? Nobody counted his lies which are almost innumerable. WaPo is the enemy of the People and should be treated as such. "They should be afraid to show their faces in public. Get in their faces. Gather a crowd. They're not welcome anywhere."
Tammy Powell
Tammy Powell 3 hours ago
JESUS IS COMING BACK SO VERY SOON 💯✅👍🏻❤️😁😊🥰😁🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Del 3 hours ago
Read the book of Romans in the Bible mayor BOOTYGIG...you're not married in the eyes of God.....and besides, we've already had a gay president and a transvestite first freak from 2008 till 2016 🤮
Beverly Beverly
Beverly Beverly 3 hours ago
june bug
june bug 3 hours ago
Says the biggest cook ever. And sound just like Russian propaganda speak.....what a suprise....
Nirav chaudhry
Nirav chaudhry 3 hours ago
In 2019 in India some part same condition observe Very good exposure regarding locust nice
Leon Andrews
Leon Andrews 3 hours ago
I don’t know but I don’t know anybody who is going “Woo Hoo, Michael Bloomberg is running for President.” Nobody. Tom Steyer is also a billionaire with little support.
Tongbai Mason Gilmore
Monica Lewinsky is worthless female on this earth. Please go away .
Pueri Demus
Pueri Demus 3 hours ago
You will never pass this crap off as normal. You’re not
Falcon Swoops
Falcon Swoops 3 hours ago
Muhammad forgave asma bint marwan for criticising him. he had old umn qirfa rent apart into two halves forgiving her. Muhammad had old Abu Afak murdered as he forgave him😆😆😆😆
MuckyWaters 3 hours ago
Hey Washington Post, next time lets talk to the frontrunner >>>Bernie Sanders<<< and you won't get so many thumbs down. Not only are you proving Trump right that the media is biased (possibly even fake), but your poor reporting might even help him get re-elected.
Shango Garvey
Shango Garvey 3 hours ago
all praises be to allah
Annette Sandoval
Annette Sandoval 3 hours ago
British Media/Tabloids are Vicious. 🐍
Just another guy From the ville
She was trash and what did she really contribute
Jessie Mackenzie
Jessie Mackenzie 3 hours ago
Roger Stone is opposition researcher, which means he digs up dirt on anyone. Now Rudy, Mike Pompeo and Barr are doing this while Stone is in jail, if he ever gets there!
Safire Ward
Safire Ward 3 hours ago
This donkey I I I make him lamp for next Aed
Sumedh Bengale
Sumedh Bengale 3 hours ago
I truly appreciate the forgiveness, but still blaming a devil for his misdeeds is not right. The guy did wrong and should be punished accordingly to maintain law and order
Jason Reese
Jason Reese 3 hours ago
He will not be looked upon with respect by Arab nations. It's not just about America being inclusive but about how you conduct foreign policy and unfortunately we do have to make buisness work with other countries???