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whos the hood dude in in loud colors at every court hearing? The females handler??
Hshhh Nznhzh
Hshhh Nznhzh Day ago
اللله يرحمك يا شهيد
Vikas Patel
Vikas Patel Day ago
I support mynmaar on the issue of genocide rohiynga from India
fliegeroh Day ago
Nobody has died in the USA because of lack of a respirator. Furthermore, what good is a respirator if there is no one qualified to operate it? A shortage of Respiratory Technicians is whose fault?
NinjaFutures Day ago
Фигня, русские придут и всем п@зды дадут без кривляния.
Vasiem Akram
Vasiem Akram Day ago
Aaj b hota hai gumaan, Hayat hai tu, Duur se sahi meray saath hai tu. Noorani chehra tera ab b aas hai meri, Zulm-e-phirauon mein,Musa talash hai teri
kingobeast Rob
Keep up the good work and be safe filming these videos
Maria Bernadete Mendes
O que aconteceu com os bebês? Alguém sabe me informar?
Sean Purucker
I love this! Love all the versions of Song For The Lonely
Feelthefx Day ago
Good hearted man. Terrible president.
Porky Hontas
Porky Hontas Day ago
Look how far we've fallen as a country. Even Bush had some decorum and class.
Bro Buck
Bro Buck Day ago
Full of respect!! Trump is a disgraceful
Jim Barrows
Jim Barrows Day ago
Imran Khan was a heaps better already than that druggy bot ham
Daisy Phoenix
Where all the people that are rushing in???
Veri Haryandi
Pradeep Pant
Pradeep Pant Day ago
*Meanwhile in North Korea* President- Let's kill president-elect
God bless Bosnia. Long live Bosnia.
CJ Jordan
CJ Jordan Day ago
Stop saying blacks Israelites. We are the true people of god.
ehabs07 Day ago
Totally can see Trump saying that if he loses... just kidding of course
Azlan Lan
Azlan Lan Day ago
Try do it at India country. She will die to.
Matt Meyers
Matt Meyers Day ago
I just checked this video for Noraly... She is really a admired and loved by a sea of people, please take care of her
Aim Smith
Aim Smith Day ago
Moronic marxist class warfare propaganda
Henry li
Henry li Day ago
this guy is absolutely a liar and he is definitely a low man when he was in China by claiming that he is the only God and saver of the world. most ridiculous thing is he said the earth is the cesspool of the universe and should have been destroyed many many times but he is coming down to bring those who converted to his cult to salvage. What a shit! many people don't know that he was once a china soldier without graduation from high school. Go to see his video he made in China in his early age. it is all shit and of course you need to get someone to translate those rubbish into English.
Book Story
Book Story Day ago
"It’s such an evil system even denounced by the European Union, but France is not ready to move from that colonial system which puts about 500 billions dollars from Africa to its treasury year in year out." blogs.mediapart.fr/jecmaus/blog/300114/franceafrique-14-african-countries-forced-france-pay-colonial-tax-benefits-slavery-and-colonization?fbclid=IwAR1Z0F1H3SxxYzPkuJu3-7WyxZquLzwMWo6F42-P8IzsmJ3V7ZuiwOjdxDI
Jesus Luna
Jesus Luna Day ago
Better check.their luggage.before they get on the plane.dont trust whitey
Sarah Ochoa
Sarah Ochoa Day ago
Hurts so much to watch. 🥺
Don Howell
Don Howell Day ago
Thought I saw Noraly for a second there, but the blond girl has shorts on. I’ve never see her wear shorts.
Abdisalan Gabeyre
izznutella Day ago
For those who doesn't know!. A Church ⛪ has been build on her land!. And that's why....
JDTW Day ago
Why is it that this channel has 2.45million subscribers with so little views on the videos?
Rasmila Sari
Rasmila Sari Day ago
Hello im from indonesian🙌🙌🙌🙋🙋🙋 I love palestine I hade israel Thanks
idris Aslan
idris Aslan Day ago
Kurdıhs halepce 5000 people Kurdish kills 5000 people
renpol84 Day ago
The true RAMBO
McDonald Trump
peewee herman is probably pissed as hell
RICHARD deB Day ago
Too bad nothing changed. I have nothing against Obama - he was probably fundamentally a good guy - but he squandered a golden opportunity to force a permanent change to the financial system. He either couldn't or wouldn't do it lest he befall the same fate as Kennedy. Just goes to show the President actually doesn't have any power at all. Obama's Presidency made that very clear once and for all. The very difficult times we are about to face are not solely the fault of a virus but rather a system I'll equipped to deal with such a predicament even though, EVEN THOUGH, we were warned this was going to happen eventually. The FED is gravely mistaken if they think creating money from thin air will fix everything. We are in deep $--T. I wanted to especially thank Greenspan, Bernanke and Yellen for laying the table of this economic disaster. Powell now serving a high fat desert that will kill the partakers. What a mess. It didn't need to be this way.
Syed Shahrukh
After that his bowler become great jimmy due to reverse swing
Control Yourself
Oh I still remember that day but nothing have been done by Bashir
খোরশেদ আরমান খোরশেদ আরমান
i love you saddam Hossain form Bangladesh
Amber Walters
Look what he did to these poor people . They deserve better then Kim Jong as a leader.
She sad but always smiling.😂😂..too much fuckery.. Let's call this damn virus bullshit 19..
Neil Anderson
At one stage I swear the judge was commentating on a horse race.
Darth Panda
Darth Panda Day ago
lol she sounds like a computer scammer every time she opens her mouth. Maybe she may stay there and open a 7 - 11 or something.
James Powers
James Powers Day ago
I wish Cuba could break free and embrace the western world 🌎 once again!
irvan alam
irvan alam Day ago
saat MPR masih sebagai Lembaga Tertinggi Negara
BC Collier
BC Collier Day ago
Queen Elizabeth II the greatest Queen in World History
Charles Harris
So funny all we Noraly fans here.... AP will have to pay her for all the hits on this vlog.
Thompson Tribe
Sex trafficking circle
Obie Chan
Obie Chan Day ago
0:16 real Chinese flag 🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼😎😎
Robert Gufler
What the hell happened over there in USA ...how can you allow Trump to happen!
Rekarov 1
Rekarov 1 Day ago
Hubiera sido mas facial estudiar emigrar a una ciudad mexicana prospera y hacer su vida en Mexico pero como el típico Mexicano quiero lo fácil y cree que porque EUA es rico serán ricos.
Carlos pita Pita
Mattis is a G
Naeem Tahir
Naeem Tahir Day ago
The history has wrote. Imran Khan is legend and a peace keeper. He has devoted his life for humanity.
Billy Astrove
Why no talk of corona
Tony A.
Tony A. Day ago
Bye bye Brazil
This was before Tom went missing
Kiran Kumar
Kiran Kumar Day ago
Please stop speaking trash.. blind belief.... Pity ...
Dave Whaley
Dave Whaley Day ago
Worthless video. Please delete it.
Tony A.
Tony A. Day ago
Bye bye Venezuela
Vean Whitcher
I am one of The Vice President's biggest fans! He seems like such a nice person for a politician. Maybe sometimes good guys do finish first! Godspeed to the Pence family!
Jamie Couch
Jamie Couch Day ago
This bitch sandra good fucking brains so got damn fried she just contradicted herself.... Every time she open up her mouth...
Kirk Bowyer
Kirk Bowyer Day ago
Saint Matthew 10:34 Do not think that I came to send peace upon the earth: I came not to send peace, but the sword.
ทีปกร จันทร์กอฮอ
Kurdish israel
Dss Wsds
Dss Wsds Day ago
عبدحمود و علي حسين الظحكه شاقه وجيهم
rob mathes
rob mathes Day ago
You know what he’s saying right now? “How ya like me now?”
Damir Hajrulahovic
Ridouane Family
This is real president like president Obama,this is a great America 🇺🇸
SADE IBRAHEM سعدي ابراهيم
شو هذا يحجي مصلاوي 😂
Damir Hajrulahovic
If serbs only would have listened to these words . NATO 💪🇺🇸
Pynskhemlang Niangti
I hope Noraly got pass through home safely
I know that this idea already exists, but has anyone ever wondered that great minds thing alike? We all think alike at different times.
Jeremy Piper
Jeremy Piper Day ago
First black guy we elected for 2 terms and instead of making a change like mlk or someone before him he sold us all out to pad his bank act tsk tsk
peanut12345 Day ago
Savage did not mention Big Doctor and Big Pharma.
Joseph ʘ͜͡ʘ
🙇🙆 la mayoría sin mascarilla, Dios mío 😕
Bryant Whittaker
You’re shittin me, right?
Águila701 Day ago
The original shut up and take my money.
Clyde Varner
Clyde Varner Day ago
No he wasnt the best president! But he showed what my grandmother use to teach me about having, Class!" Much respect for this gentleman and human being!🙏🙏🙏
Karun S.
Karun S. Day ago
It's taking me 10 seconds to absorb why I got this recommendation 🤔🤔
jwrsob Day ago
Notice how no one said Jesus is the Messiah!!
jwrsob Day ago
BLINDSPOT is just an euphemism for DENIAL OF CHRIST!
Jay Jeffers
Jay Jeffers Day ago
When Republicans showed Class, I have great respect for this man now, the waste of space that's in there now could learn about decorum from him.
Hermon Yosief
ኣንታ ኣረሜን ሃገራዊ ወፍሪ ልምዓት ኢልካ ኣኪብካ ፡ምስቶም ደናቑር ባራዩኻ ፍሊፒስን ውጩን ኮንካ ዶ ወራር ኣይከፈትካን ፡
Yasin Juufe
Yasin Juufe Day ago
Arjun Day ago
Came here looking for Noraly.
John Spencer
John Spencer Day ago
Sylvia, I have TEXT CONTACT- with Trump. I'm ENCOURAGING HIM to MAKE JFKjr, HIS 2020 VP. John IS ALIVE. The "CRASH" prevented John from being "Killaried." JS-Long Beach, Ca.
Walter Jones
Walter Jones Day ago
Alejandro Peregrina
This totally misrepresents the city right now. Im working during the quarantine in sf and the streets and bridges are filled with cars even at 5 a.m
johnny hicks
johnny hicks Day ago
I ware chocolate cake hats and block traffic but wont fight for my country!!!!!!!
Don Key
Don Key Day ago
At 01:59 would snatch that baby from the mother, and kill it right in front of her, and it back to her, then finish the mother off. Her last moments on earth was watching her baby die, can’t stand tree rats.
Freddy Kruger
Ya right. Lies
Hide Day ago
Bob BarkerIII
Jason Flemings
So let me get this straight. Many people has lost there jobs Nurses and doctors are not getting proper equipment to right against this pandemic in these hospital. Cops caught the virus also He hasn't contain the virus or gotten proper testing for these medical workers His approval rating are up but governor's across the state approval rating are better than his Stocks has plummet dramatic ly He's firing everybody who he picks to his administration every month. But you suporters still don't see nothing wrong with him What a bunch of whackhead
Pandaspoon Do
US and Isreal forever
Sachin Lodhi
Sachin Lodhi Day ago
Sahi dhoya bhai🤣🤣🤣🤣
jhunex gaming
Kung hnd Sana siya pinabagsak Ng abnoy na mga Aquino edi Sana tuta lng yang China ngayon btw..abs cbn Isa Karin sa lumason ng taong bayan
Ahmat Aliff
Ahmat Aliff Day ago
Now besides mahathir become the new PM!! Congrats TSMY!!!!🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾
MR ND Day ago
I’m looking for Noraly. Hope she got her flight back home
opdo 187
opdo 187 Day ago
Rest in piss