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Kirko YT
Kirko YT 45 minutes ago
Narudo 😂
Snoopland715 48 minutes ago
And android emojis
Cxdy The Gamer
Cxdy The Gamer 49 minutes ago
Tom: 4:21 Also Tom: 7:17
Snoopland715 50 minutes ago
Me: wtf Steve Harvey: well, holy shit Dr.Phil: take em to the ranch
Cxdy The Gamer
Cxdy The Gamer 54 minutes ago
I like how Dylan isn't even raging, he's way more chill than the others.
viola. savo
viola. savo 54 minutes ago
6:00 ”cimininmmn”
Raze Bluemoon
Raze Bluemoon 55 minutes ago
I am SO happy I would have gotten them all right. Aladdin was the only one I had to really think about.
Letupita124HD 56 minutes ago
Marry poppin really torturing me why lol
Ivan LopezRamirez
Ivan LopezRamirez 56 minutes ago
The challenge should have been who can make the most money without dying! People who played it save prefer to go bankrupt
desi Hour ago
ew that blonde girl
Gaster Hour ago
W r o n g p u s a b
Solorio Enrique
She really said your tarring this apart desnut__-
animeboi in da cut
I like how u couldn't come back in the game, now days even if u laugh ur never out :(
DarkBlade Hour ago
They all used the can openner wrong lol.
Lana Ann
Lana Ann Hour ago
Everyone’s skin is glowing tf
Marten 123
Marten 123 Hour ago
Son Goku
Son Goku Hour ago
Marten 123
Marten 123 Hour ago
CyberWolf 838
CyberWolf 838 Hour ago
Pink haired dude: *yes I’m high, can I have the Cheetos now?*
Joseph Vanesky
😏 👉👉
JD plays Ark&COD
She:how do you know that Dad: i dont do drugs One of his friends: the next that Hey man welcome come to jamica we smoke weed
tazuka nutsubidze
i love goku uchiha from one bleack z and i love his quirk
sheddy jenduekie
When I heard the Boombaya from my fav k-pop start I guest it with out no time I am making big fan, Filipino
Alyssa Huffman
Who else thinks that Noah looks like Devan Key Collins Key's Brother?
Marten 123
Marten 123 Hour ago
treebles Hour ago
i very much smiled at the cat in the huskys bed!
Flash Hour ago
Mikala is victoria justice
Tyler Jones
Tyler Jones Hour ago
Boyfriend: Yanny, I love you. Yanny: YOU'RE LOVING LAUREL!!! SHE IS TRASH!!!
Marten 123
Marten 123 Hour ago
David Perez
David Perez Hour ago
Whats the krabby paddie secret formula
treebles Hour ago
none, i laughed at none.
Devil Master Gaming
stream driver's license
Sarwar Murshid
Sarwar Murshid 2 hours ago
Guys I am starving 😋
nonstop TV
nonstop TV 2 hours ago
Play them Helter Skelter.
zeroplanet9 2 hours ago
old mate with the beards need water, post haste
carolina betancourth
A stupid video... adults thats guys are from the generation of ddr no are very very old to don’t know this game
KIDS OFF GRID 2 hours ago
Kyle Schnakenberg
Kyle Schnakenberg 2 hours ago
5:18 Desmond the Moon Bear
Your local Commenter
When they didn’t know hunter x hunter it hurt~~
Jatin Balani
Jatin Balani 2 hours ago
I love the moment "i don't know the any those who are"🤣🤣
Awesome Kid
Awesome Kid 2 hours ago
You suck rebeeca
Tyler Uhlik
Tyler Uhlik 2 hours ago
To start your journey on drinking “responsibly” I lOvE tEquILa sHOtS
alexis monzale
alexis monzale 2 hours ago
Billie Eilish fan
Billie Eilish fan 2 hours ago
Darth maladroit
Darth maladroit 2 hours ago
R.I.P Mr Rock :( It was very nice to see you reacted to all those awesome videos. We will miss you :( God bless you and all of your families and friends :)
pelonisios biskus
pelonisios biskus 2 hours ago
Toca Love
Toca Love 2 hours ago
2:31 - 2:32 whyyyy girl that not how u eat ittttt!!!!🥲😭
Ninja X
Ninja X 2 hours ago
Eats rambutan with fork *WE DONT DO THAT HERE*
Johndonut123 2 hours ago
I want to try too xD
iiFr4n 2 hours ago
Míguela looks like she could be in the new Barbie sieries in Netflix *SORRY* my sis is obsessed with it-
Methmin Kumarapeli
Methmin Kumarapeli 2 hours ago
My favourite part: Sarah is dead Zombie wins :)
Mukbang-Marcus Webb
I tried the spicy & beef and ima it’s was spicy but it was worth it
Raffy Grospe
Raffy Grospe 2 hours ago
Omg jelly and sssniperwolf is reacting I can't believe this I love this 🤩🤩🤩
Methmin Kumarapeli
Methmin Kumarapeli 3 hours ago
You actually need the controller to move OH REALLY 🤣🤣🤣
Otaku Manga Studios
"looks like something my dad would watch" XD
Birha Ji
Birha Ji 3 hours ago
One piece is going on it on 958
Jereh Lian
Jereh Lian 3 hours ago
Dea 3 hours ago
ight where is yu yu hakusho?
zach michaud
zach michaud 3 hours ago
Chi gang
Thrill Kitty333
Thrill Kitty333 3 hours ago
I only keep seeing these to watch the champion win and maybe just one day break her streak lol love you Sharon
Magic Melody
Magic Melody 3 hours ago
Jujur, gw nonton ini pengen rambutan tapi teringat kalo pohon rambutan tetangga habis🔪😀
Bad Vibes
Bad Vibes 3 hours ago
Why would you pass when u already failed, might as well live in the moment
Joel Jackson
Joel Jackson 3 hours ago
They should just take some rustlers burgers in to war 😂
aRG06 3 hours ago
song: megalovania them: **confused unga bunga**
Lucas 3 hours ago
“She looks like mom!!!” 😂😂😂😂
Crystal Strait
Crystal Strait 3 hours ago
Make them do it in vr
Cryptic_Stormie 14
Cryptic_Stormie 14 3 hours ago
They should do like this kind of teaction to playing but with the promising star wars games in the future like perhaps BF3 or the open world game
TrOmAtIzEd [GD]
TrOmAtIzEd [GD] 3 hours ago
"THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE" Every gd player: pathetic
MR.F 4 hours ago
Girl:jude?, who it is Paul: he is jude
Aymen DZ
Aymen DZ 4 hours ago
"It's like, all Happy" oh boy, I've been tricked too
Yusuf Tar
Yusuf Tar 4 hours ago
I don’t understand why they would pass on one if they already lost like eat then all
naila ramadhani
naila ramadhani 4 hours ago
many indonesian people comment here bcs this content about asian fruits
Xbox Warrior
Xbox Warrior 4 hours ago
Serio mezmo essas pessoas não tem senso de como cervir comida 🤣 Ums dias atrás chamaro a nossa carne de churrasco come se foce augo special Do Brasil tive q explicar q é a mezmo porra q eles tem aqui🤣
Xbox Warrior
Xbox Warrior 4 hours ago
The only time I feel proud of having a double nationally 🤣 Jk Food is definitely Brazil’s Good side tho if u ever go there eat up
Blank Noll
Blank Noll 4 hours ago
The lady said keep it to yourself thats she’s a Who** it’s a happy day a fun day yeah till they get together and he’s cheated on not a good idea to keep that secret at all
The Life Of KMR Gaming
My cousin died 1 year before I was born and they shot him for his glasses
Sharon Richards
Sharon Richards 4 hours ago
Isadoglover Duuh
Isadoglover Duuh 4 hours ago
🌟。*。💗~😃xXx 。💚。*。Have。🌟 🌟。a wonderful day. .💜´*。.🌟¨¯`*❤。。🌟
Daniel Wheez
Daniel Wheez 4 hours ago
Try not to laugh has turned to shit on this channel but to be fair so has the everything else on react
•Itz Gacha Yana•
"This is like dog food" Filipinos: Who do you think ur talking to????!!