Allie Sherlock
Allie Sherlock
Allie Sherlock
Hi! My name is Allie Sherlock, I'm 15 years old from Ireland, I've been playing guitar 6 years,πŸ˜€
Florence Linderman
Florence Linderman 12 hours ago
I watch her videos when this young man performs!
Nordeste cultural
Nordeste cultural 12 hours ago
Jan Jones
Jan Jones 12 hours ago
I do feel sorry for y’all being in the cold winter, and Hot summer, that means y’all love what you do. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ˜ƒ
juju babouin
juju babouin 12 hours ago
Ta voix est magnifique et tu est trΓ¨s jolie continue comme Γ§a, j'adore !! πŸ‘
Marilyn Wade
Marilyn Wade 12 hours ago
James Hudson
James Hudson 12 hours ago
my brother says shazam doesn't what that is. i wouldn't take it personally. shazam can stick it!
Nordeste cultural
Nordeste cultural 12 hours ago
ΠœΠ°Ρ€Π°Ρ‚ ДоскаТанов
Nordeste cultural
Nordeste cultural 12 hours ago
against all odds , cover from Brazil,
Nordeste cultural
Nordeste cultural 12 hours ago
M F A 12 hours ago
My wife πŸ˜€
Nordeste cultural
Nordeste cultural 12 hours ago
Phil Collins, against all odds , cover from Brazil,
Misha Thapliyal
Misha Thapliyal 12 hours ago
What a talented and charming pair .... You both brightened up my day here ❀️
Gerald Markowitz
Gerald Markowitz 12 hours ago
Allie, listen to me, you are only 14,. No No No Don't do that. Just kidding, keep it up with your beautiful voice and gorgeous look. Love you.
Cipher Pol
Cipher Pol 12 hours ago
Hiya Saibh!!!
Sbeav 12 hours ago
They are just so damned cute and talented..
MobileEyes Marketing
Might be watching 2 legends in the making. They are like 15 and 10 years old.
Jan Jones
Jan Jones 12 hours ago
Fantastic. ! Where are y’all , what city do y’all live in,! Great πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’•πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
Hayley jayne Fitchett
Shivers- cannot stop watching 😍
darold chan
darold chan 12 hours ago
Elvis would be proud !!!
Marcus Song
Marcus Song 12 hours ago
Never besmirch billy joel.
Jacinta Morais
Jacinta Morais 12 hours ago
magda alves gobira
magda alves gobira 12 hours ago
Lester Gauthier
Lester Gauthier 12 hours ago
Go girl.
Nordeste cultural
Nordeste cultural 12 hours ago
Very very good, I'm from Brazil.
Peter Dreck
Peter Dreck 12 hours ago
dont you have the Corona Virus in Ireland or is this just irresponsible?
Joe Troneck
Joe Troneck 12 hours ago
She’s good, not super star good though.
Cheri Heppner
Cheri Heppner 12 hours ago
I can't say enough about how great this is! I hope they'll stay together, and/or record together, bc they are GREAT together.
Gerald Markowitz
Gerald Markowitz 12 hours ago
Hey Allie, I m an 83 year old great grandfather who just loves you to death, Can't wait to see you hit the big time, hurry, I can't wait too long.
Zach Dzikansky
Zach Dzikansky 12 hours ago
Your both amazing
The way you sing is so wonderful
ChuckTee92 12 hours ago
πŸ”₯✊🏽 smooth vocals brah. Chee!
Fred Lotz
Fred Lotz 12 hours ago
Jan Jones
Jan Jones 12 hours ago
I would love to have her cds, there all Great!
Don Damon
Don Damon 12 hours ago
What is so amazing about this video, not only the singing is just amazing. but the people walk by just as if these two singing such a beautiful version, seem so oblivious. No concern or wonder.
You're now my wallpaper.
My personal fantasy.
Venom Bigfoot
Venom Bigfoot 13 hours ago
You both sing very well together don't ever stop keep doing what you guys are doing you got a new subscriber with me I'm so amazed at your voice and what you guys do I'm wishing you come to the U.S.A. so I can come see you take care
Maryann Miller
Maryann Miller 13 hours ago
πŸ’˜ Beautiful
Yvonne369 Athruz
Yvonne369 Athruz 13 hours ago
Hi, allie I've been watching your videos for a long time,all I can say is you are such a breath of fresh air,and your song beneath the dark,is pure perfection keep writing let us all hear more of you originals and please dont let fame ever change you,your just so authentic..
Forever Angels
Forever Angels 13 hours ago
Ale by hiszpan byΕ‚πŸ˜.
Forbes Rider
Forbes Rider 13 hours ago
please dont ruin good songs please
destroyer806 13 hours ago
are they constantly out of breath of something there’s a lot of stops
Alexis Hernandez
Alexis Hernandez 13 hours ago
Unfortunately.. I can only like this once πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ§‘ this is great Allie, keep doing you!
tribalypredisposed 13 hours ago
Great voice, too much affectation. Just feel the song, free your voice, your body knows what to do.
luisreal84 13 hours ago
Besides being GORGEOUS, I love your enthusiasm and positive attitude!! I have a question, .. what is your purpose of performing at malls? Also, I noticed you have different performers with you, ... why is that?
Когда Π±ΡƒΠ΄Ρƒ Π² Π”ΡƒΠ±Π»ΠΈΠ½Π΅, надСюсь вас ΡƒΠ²ΠΈΠ΄Π΅Ρ‚ΡŒ Π²ΠΆΠΈΠ²ΡƒΡŽ. ΠœΠΎΠ»ΠΎΠ΄Ρ†Ρ‹!πŸ™‚
Tetelestai 13 hours ago
She doesn't kill the verses, but the bridge is worth the standing time.
Ferly Pepe
Ferly Pepe 13 hours ago
My tearsfull song...thank u😭
jimmeyer777 13 hours ago
That was great except the piano was too loud and covering up the voice.
Romania 13 hours ago
beautiful voice Allie congratulations it's a pleasure to hear you singπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
Prajwal Thapa
Prajwal Thapa 13 hours ago
If you look closely, there's a dude playing guitar .
April Ridge
April Ridge 13 hours ago
Why don't you try out 4 The Voice?
Kevin Morin
Kevin Morin 13 hours ago
Thanks for posting, great memory of Billie's early years, so many decades past! Lovely couple, playful and romantic between one another?
W. Landman
W. Landman 13 hours ago
BEAUTIFUL voices - both of you .........LOVED it - where can I buy your music? I could not have walked by and not stopped to enjoy that blessing.
Angela Miller
Angela Miller 13 hours ago
piijay14 13 hours ago
Nice different key but still nice!
Carvalho da Montanha
Thrive99 Fabulous
Thrive99 Fabulous 13 hours ago
Amazing πŸ™πŸŽΆπŸŽ΅πŸ”Š
Jeepergirl 13 hours ago
Middoni xD
Middoni xD 13 hours ago
Thrive99 Fabulous
Thrive99 Fabulous 13 hours ago
Wow!! πŸ™Œβ€οΈ
Ahmad Unusual
Ahmad Unusual 13 hours ago
It would be better if she put the phone away The boy was better
William Sims
William Sims 13 hours ago
Lana Hill
Lana Hill 13 hours ago
Range terrific,get an agent. Make him or her believe in you, Best of luck,❀️❀️
John Adkins
John Adkins 13 hours ago
Her voice, my Lord πŸ’œ
Diane Garcia
Diane Garcia 13 hours ago
Wowwwwww she’s great & his voice wowwwwww
Keith Parrish
Keith Parrish 13 hours ago
Dylan has a very good singing voice. His guitar playing is great.
twoweary 13 hours ago
She has a great voice , but this song always made me wanna stick my finger down my throat .
William Sims
William Sims 13 hours ago
casper Fasano
casper Fasano 13 hours ago
Wait.wasnt covid19 really bad in Italy in April?
Marybeth 13 hours ago
She has a beautiful voice, but every video I have seen, she looks so uncomfortable, fidgety and distracted. Please, get comfortable with your stage presence, you have an amazing sound.
ALECS VILDOSOLA 13 hours ago
Historia Antiqua
Historia Antiqua 13 hours ago
He's very cute. Why are all the men "this guy?" they don't have names?
Barmansyach TROY
Barmansyach TROY 13 hours ago
❀️❀️❀️❀️ like
Nayla Kamila
Nayla Kamila 13 hours ago
I really like your voice Allie
Nayla Kamila
Nayla Kamila 13 hours ago
The way he looked was beautiful
elan sings
elan sings 13 hours ago
Closed in a space between imagination and reality, our feelings become sounds, and sounds become our universe. Our songs are our truth. It doesn't have to make sense. No one can question nor deny our truth because it's absolute. Only you can speak your truth. As you keep writing, you care less about what people think, more about living your life authentically because only authentic living provides the best material for songwriting. And when you realize that, you are in this infinite loop of feeling every emotion that comes your way and jotting it down as soon as inspiration strikes. It's random yet heavily and relieving. Deep inside you know that, when your emotion finds inspiration, it's translated into expression - a song. And that my friend, is your truth. And when you move a soul with your truth, it feels good to know that, as Emerson put it - one life has breathed easier because you have lived . Thank you, Allie. The universe is looking after you, and you'll go places - first, in your imagination, and then the world outside.
Asdrubal Romero
Asdrubal Romero 13 hours ago
Fred Poarch
Fred Poarch 13 hours ago
Soul touching voices.