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Jessie J - Queen
2 years ago
Taslim :D
Taslim :D 3 hours ago
I’m just reflecting on when things where better. Don’t mind me 😂
Kindly Help me Reach to 10K Subs Pls
Who is watching it: on bed not in full screen for reading comments I salute those Legends who clicked on read more!
vulpixie UwUr
vulpixie UwUr 3 hours ago
Jessie J as: The Diva Intervention Ariana Grande as: The sweet Child Nicki Minaj as: The unbeatable Queen
Just Bbb
Just Bbb 4 hours ago
I had a dream I wrote a story about why mom is sooooo beautiful .....then all of the world danced to the beat of my drum like some line of ants up and in to my ant farm....then I woke up and it was sooooo lucid of a dream I could have swore the entire thing was real....../scratches head...../in confusion.....do you know what this drea m may mean????say who?
kim nicoleシ
kim nicoleシ 4 hours ago
Wow, que rápido pasa el tiempo, 6 años ya
I see these comments and I think "Damn.. at least I'm not the only one who didn't forget this song.."
Corie Franklin
Corie Franklin 4 hours ago
I don’t like how the girls are flirty but you ant and I like how you ant flirty
Maymay Paul
Maymay Paul 4 hours ago
Ariana too tiny
Aramis Williams
Aramis Williams 4 hours ago
The rich get all the best to whiten their teeth!!!
Jonh Welliton alves de abreu
Turgay Kızılkaya
Turgay Kızılkaya 5 hours ago
Jome YTC's Mandirigma
Morissette brought me here
ありす 5 hours ago
love it
Pooja Kumari
Pooja Kumari 6 hours ago
its jessi j has done more work
Jorge luis Huaita cabrera
Buena musica
tanuja sood
tanuja sood 6 hours ago
wow this song is amazing
Mohdjamil Jamil
Mohdjamil Jamil 6 hours ago
Only people not come here because your mom can like this comment
Héllen Santtos
Héllen Santtos 6 hours ago
Eu gst muito dessa musica ,ela mexe um pouco comigo❤️💯
Ericka Espinoza Najera
Te love mucho 💕 💖 ♥ ❤ 💜 💛 💕 💖 ♥ ❤ 💜 💛 💕 💖 ♥ ❤ 💜
OMG it's Charlotte!
Me having the best friends ever* They moving on without me* Me sad* 4 years later I have glow up* Me: 2:45
Brenda Nek
Brenda Nek 7 hours ago
Hudson Franklin
Hudson Franklin 7 hours ago
3:04 when you see Nicki in real life:
Quenby putri
Quenby putri 7 hours ago
2020 anyone? ur legend
Sabina Lahaije
Sabina Lahaije 7 hours ago
I cry..
Brielle 7 hours ago
‘’7. 4
Ai Mo
Ai Mo 7 hours ago
Very nice….
Cyrene Mae Napao
Cyrene Mae Napao 8 hours ago
I am crying right nooow... I miss my idooool 😭😭😭
Joyce Saphyra
Joyce Saphyra 8 hours ago
Santiago Rozo
Santiago Rozo 8 hours ago
We don't care in what year are you watching this, Just enjoy!
vitamincey 8 hours ago
this is actually an epic collab
Que levanten la mano los que hablan español :v
Lalzamlova Paihte
Lalzamlova Paihte 8 hours ago
3:31 tah tak hian in2 ang zual...🤗
ZeiLL sagitarius
ZeiLL sagitarius 8 hours ago
Yeah iam legend 😬😬
Lalzamlova Paihte
Lalzamlova Paihte 8 hours ago
Ka thiannu Vanlalruati Quimby nen in2 ang thlawt..atawp lam music awm mang lo a..nui seng a i zai lai hian...i hre kher lo ang amah chu..mhs in2 ang lutuk nia aw..🤗🤗😇
Essy Tamia
Essy Tamia 8 hours ago
Shout-out :Grammy's for Jessie she totally deserves
JM Channel
JM Channel 8 hours ago
Thank you Jessie j. You healed me💜
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez 8 hours ago
These singers are the best singers in the world
Hoonimilk 9 hours ago
Helen Nguyen
Helen Nguyen 9 hours ago
2:33-3:05 how many takes did they do for Nicki’s lines
hamood ghanem
hamood ghanem 9 hours ago
I bet no one is here in Dec 2020 😔
Arviendran Rajendran
WAIT ITS BEEN 6 f*** years ??
Marcello Peres Do monte
Edmilson Salviano
Edmilson Salviano 9 hours ago
E mom e dad
lil bean
lil bean 9 hours ago
broooo what ive probably watched the mv at lwast 25 times n i just realised the casts r inside
Edmilson Salviano
Edmilson Salviano 9 hours ago
I am love frendes é hiol
lil bean
lil bean 9 hours ago
man i love jessie but y is the thumbnail lowker scary
Edmilson Salviano
Edmilson Salviano 9 hours ago
Samen Ourn
Samen Ourn 10 hours ago
Love this song
s hoebert
s hoebert 10 hours ago
0.18 🤯☝️☝️😷😷🤯🤯🤯🤯
Harley Marshall
Harley Marshall 10 hours ago
2011...💵💸💸❤️😊 9 years later...😷😷😞
-- 10 hours ago
fucking corona
Michael Kenji
Michael Kenji 10 hours ago
Who came here because of STEP UP? ANYONE?
Mike Jayson Saba
Mike Jayson Saba 11 hours ago
#waitasecond #millies #mrsbeengood
Daniel Shorri
Daniel Shorri 11 hours ago
Mike Jayson Saba
Mike Jayson Saba 11 hours ago
#poverty #driven
Mike Jayson Saba
Mike Jayson Saba 11 hours ago
#poverty #driven
Val Novilla
Val Novilla 11 hours ago
who watched this and survived NNN 2020?
Mike Jayson Saba
Mike Jayson Saba 11 hours ago
#nailedit #proven #call
Mike Jayson Saba
Mike Jayson Saba 11 hours ago
Mike Jayson Saba
Mike Jayson Saba 11 hours ago
#playhard #withmyheart
Mike Jayson Saba
Mike Jayson Saba 11 hours ago
#lightindarkness #masking #spraying #dusting
Mercy Abimbola
Mercy Abimbola 11 hours ago
Oh yeah Nicki
Mike Jayson Saba
Mike Jayson Saba 11 hours ago
#anxiousme #aninspiration
Quiet Beans
Quiet Beans 12 hours ago
Mini Vithanage
Mini Vithanage 12 hours ago
I love you Ariana
Daniella Eugene Ladia
Who else is in 2020 watching
Idk Whattoputhere8474
The best collab to date.
Aldrin Manapat
Aldrin Manapat 12 hours ago
Titanium? 😆
Bram 13 hours ago
Can we stop for a moment and appreciate the hypocrisy of this song.. Okay thanks, you can put your head back in the sand now :P
tansa kaz
tansa kaz 13 hours ago
Indonesia hadir😘
baresix 10
baresix 10 13 hours ago
Bolje ono sa usranog supertalenta nego ovo matere mi
Sakinah Harfaizy
Sakinah Harfaizy 13 hours ago
masa booming boomingnya ni lagu th 2015-2016
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones 13 hours ago
Respect to Jessie J. I didn't know she was this kind of person. I also like that she shared the stage here on this song for two other voices to share the sentiment and message of the song. That is a real show that is beyond a typical performance.
Tron 14 hours ago
Did ava max really took jessie's title
tiktok videos
tiktok videos 14 hours ago
omg its so shocking 1.5B in just 6 years i mean like katy perry and taylor swift always 900+M views in 10 years
Davi Gama
Davi Gama 15 hours ago
Still gold in 2020
Gladys Acollador
Gladys Acollador 15 hours ago
when i was 5 i memorized the lyrics but now i cant quarantine led me here
I love you price tag I love you jessie I love youuuu❤️
Angel Mae
Angel Mae 15 hours ago
2020 anyone???
Layla 15 hours ago