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Toonyisalive 5 hours ago
Zelda best girl
cereal72 5 hours ago
Logan Flores
Logan Flores 5 hours ago
Everytime I hear that song from the beginning of the game I start to cry tears of joy and say I'm so happy we have this game!
Cobranger the one
Cobranger the one 5 hours ago
10 years Man
Clloudish 5 hours ago
I’m getting a Nintendo so i can play animal crossing, this is just beautiful
Tyler_•peach• 6 hours ago
I hope it doesn’t need the online membership I hope I hope 🤞🏼
Daisy Happy
Daisy Happy 6 hours ago
berry the bear full episodes and series
Luigi shouldve been a ghost.
Squid Taco
Squid Taco 6 hours ago
Did anyone else notice that they had a sort of a clothing swap for the splatfest?
Nathan DGR
Nathan DGR 6 hours ago
Cool that the other color variations resemble other heros from DQ but it's a missed opportunity to make Erdrick with Crono's color palette
Jasmyn Shaw
Jasmyn Shaw 6 hours ago
x boba_bunny x
x boba_bunny x 6 hours ago
I'm starting today. I told myself I would stop eating as much but like now I'm serious💀. To everyone that feels like giving up,its only 7 days. U hot this. And if it doesnt work maybe expand it 2 10 minutes. U got my support:D
Just Jaden
Just Jaden 6 hours ago
Where’s waluigi
Roddy Ariel
Roddy Ariel 6 hours ago
trecm 6 hours ago
Let's see those 16K likes dissappear once they realize scalpers are buying the controllers up.
C Hollywood
C Hollywood 6 hours ago
Yooooo what’s up everyone I just started playing animal crossing games awesome. I would love to make some new friends and visit some cool islands . Just send me a friend code if you like!
Bunni 6 hours ago
Man, how much did Disney charge them for adding Sora?
Brian Murphy
Brian Murphy 6 hours ago
Outrageous. I won't pay it.
TwistedNinjaFish Z
TwistedNinjaFish Z 6 hours ago
How do we still like Nintendo?
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 6 hours ago
This game was already awesome before but now it has everything that the old versions had and it’s perfect 🥰🥰🥰 this made my day!
WarMachineGuy 6 hours ago
Yall remember when Microsoft try to double the price for Xbox live and they back track?? Ya I remember
Ram Francisco
Ram Francisco 6 hours ago
PLEASE! If we support this game, could we have in the future a remaster of the other previous 4 games!!!!
The funny thing is that that logo Happy Home Paradise looks like the logo from Happy Home Designers for the 3ds.
Grandpa Toad (Alive now)
According to my old wisdom calculations, nintendo will go bankrupt in May 18, 2028.
Addae Mawusi
Addae Mawusi 6 hours ago
I'm not even gonna bother to renew my current nintendo online sub. The one game I want to enjoy ( Super smash ultimate) has horrible online ping. its more frustrating than fun so imma jus play against the AI
misc alotastuff
misc alotastuff 6 hours ago
Youve never a swery title i can tell. This kind of stuff is his schitck. He makes odd games.
Jayden Troeger
Jayden Troeger 6 hours ago
Hey Nintendo I have a few small requests. 1. Please lower your price for the expansion pack to like 29.99. 2. Add GameCube instead of sega genesis. 3. Can you add a Godzilla game to the GameCube if you add the GameCube thing
Yusuf gb Fofa
Yusuf gb Fofa 6 hours ago
But sonic is alone in the in the character selection of smash put more sonic characters into smash
Jarlos 6 hours ago
It's too late better luck next time
D. Sauron
D. Sauron 6 hours ago
The only thing I would wish now, is the possibility to expand the store two times more, like in wild world. I guess you could do that in new leaf too.
Keldeo 05
Keldeo 05 6 hours ago
That yoshi tho
Lucasmega 6 hours ago
Questions for Nintendo:will we get gameboy games on nintendo switch the same way we got nes, snes and the way we are getting nintendo 64 games? And also are we gonna get a stand for switch lite so we could play using switch pro controller?
Amanda.K 6 hours ago
Amanda.K 6 hours ago
Eli Richmond
Eli Richmond 6 hours ago
I wish there was combat.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 6 hours ago
I just bought a switch and animal crossing. I cannot wait to see all of this!
Supersunshine27 6 hours ago
The main question is who is that evil 😈 ?
Mr cube
Mr cube 6 hours ago
Wait, hatti? IS THAT U!?
NoRegret 6 hours ago
noooooooooooooooooooo why are they making a new game on the same console nintendo why can't you just make a new console ;-;
LilyBlushBlox 6 hours ago
Nintendo should make an update that allows you to ride your bike or skate boards etc faster then the normal speed :D
traximush 6 hours ago
Foolishness Baynonetta, Foolishness
IowaRAP 6 hours ago
This may be the single greatest in game cinematic trailer of all time. Still come back to this gem regularly
Tina's Arena
Tina's Arena 6 hours ago
Yay I’m getting this on my bd I so excited
Ayman 6 hours ago
Bass 47
Bass 47 6 hours ago
pay me again for the game you already own but now on the Nintendo switch!!
J C 6 hours ago
Why guys stop fighting your causing too much damage!
NoseTrashDaMus 6 hours ago
Nintendad, why have you forsaken me?
DrGashingtons PHD
DrGashingtons PHD 7 hours ago
These games are not worth the extra money at all. You missed the mark on this one Nintendo.
Aaaaaaaa👍 7 hours ago
Im not mad
4ario13 7 hours ago
Nintendo can you make another power up in the Mario games like metal Mario and lighting Mario
Hackroteyion 7 hours ago
What a journey
Aaron Atkinson
Aaron Atkinson 7 hours ago
The artstyie looks like don't stave
Julio Salvador Verazas Dehesa
I love nintendo minute
Kristin Fennell
Kristin Fennell 7 hours ago
Unspeakable 900
Patrick Kirby
Patrick Kirby 7 hours ago
*Quarantine flash backs*
Claudio Von Riegan
Claudio Von Riegan 7 hours ago
Man anyone else loves the astral chain reference???
RedBerryGamer666 7 hours ago
I would highly appreciate it if they didn't have the whole "Keep your gamepad close to the console" thing on the Wii U because even though I had it close to the console, I have still encountered crashes on it. This happened about 10 times in total for me, but what I've noticed for me is that the console doesn't disconnect in the Wii menu though. I had it in 2016 and still have it after 5 years.
Callisto 7 hours ago
the immortal snail can never touch the 3ds
sanaya 7 hours ago