I find that chemistry is often taught poorly or without a purpose. Because of this, people tend to lose interest and sometimes even start to hate chemistry.
In each video that I make, I try to balance theory with purpose. My goal is to show the natural beauty of chemistry in fun and interesting ways. Chemistry is happening all around us all the time, and there are a lot of really awesome chemicals and reactions out there!
In terms of education, I have a BSc in Biochemistry, with a minor in pharmacology. However, I've always been a lot more drawn to applied chemistry. So after finishing my degree, I worked as a lab tech in an organic lab and then as a chemistry grad student. However, I ended up leaving my graduate studies early to focus on this channel. Now, making chemistry videos has become my full-time job.

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MercyKnifed 16 minutes ago
pause at 2:47 for a cool optical illusion
Art Top
Art Top 19 minutes ago
It´s more of a "woop" reaction
TheDeer 31 minute ago
iv'v got an idia per a vid you can try do a experiment with out glases
Acecharly ishere
Acecharly ishere 59 minutes ago
What would happen if you hung something like an iron ball bearing into the center of the plasma zone?
Ruben Sosa
Ruben Sosa Hour ago
If he had a Ouija board, a spiritual being could've used the chemical reaction to embody itself through it.
Smokes Quantity
I thought it was pronounced PIEperine.
Am I the only one that wants a beaker/mug that says “Nile Red”...
david l
david l Hour ago
amalgum lyfe
living bean
living bean Hour ago
forbidden Halloween candy
Josh C
Josh C Hour ago
I know, at least with candy making, to make that artificial flavor not seem so artificial for fruit candies, they use citric acid. I'm not sure how this would affect the scent though.
acecodemaster Hour ago
Just use BC Powder dude, wont have to grind up hundreds of pills in a coffee grinder...Hey, Can you take salicylic acid from acne wash to make phenol and then use that to make aspirin OR Tylenol? would that work?
Abdul Ahad
Abdul Ahad Hour ago
i recpect your hard work
Metteguin Hour ago
this title does beg the question.... what's his favorite SOLID carcinogen?
acecodemaster Hour ago
So you're telling me you can get all the other exotic chemicals, acids, etc. no problem, but when it comes to unscented dye free soap you come up empty handed?
Nishat Munshi
Nishat Munshi Hour ago
What!! Isn't a double bond called "ene"? Shouldn't that be oct-1-ene-3-one?
Elllixxis Hour ago
2:22 forbidden Cheeto dust
Kirk A. J. Johnson
Therapist: Hairy beaker is not real it cannot hurt you Hairy Beaker : 28:05
The Facts And Feelings
This guy's Meth is probably pretty good.
FreeLookMode 2 hours ago
Great video! Loved it
YogurtCookies69 42
YogurtCookies69 42 2 hours ago
2:50 ah the new Nespresso
Jürgen Heil
Jürgen Heil 2 hours ago
I ask my self would a similar reaction happen in a 100 percent nitrogen atmosphere or does aluminium only react with oxygen ?
Bus Town BC
Bus Town BC 2 hours ago
What a dork
Шакир Исмайлов
Давайте наберём много лайков чтобы американцы решили что тут интересно
Genevieve Sipes
Genevieve Sipes 2 hours ago
I thought this said making meth crystals with pepto bismol and I was mildly concerned but didn’t question it
Connor Tefft
Connor Tefft 2 hours ago
It would be a lot easier just to mess with your own body’s chemistry to get the same effect. Have some heroin or xanax with your redbull and you won’t find it hard to sleep at all.
Winter The Neko
Winter The Neko 2 hours ago
That title is just me irl
BladeAddict 2 hours ago
"It's toxic and corrosive and potentially exposiiiiiiiiive"
Mr Tyler Ray
Mr Tyler Ray 2 hours ago
Low quality video
matanuska high
matanuska high 2 hours ago
I only know the canna-bizz reaction. Crashing thca and cbd. It’s Trippy though how thca will crystallize but thc won’t And cbda won’t crystallize like cbd does. One requires the acid molecule intact while the other requires it to be released from the carbon chain in decarboxylation.
Bharath 3 hours ago
I thought caffeine would be in the colour of Black!!
freerider t
freerider t 3 hours ago
28:50 You may want to consider switching to lefty for the next heat cycle. Unless your camera can take the excess heat.
Elliot Morgenstern
Elliot Morgenstern 3 hours ago
Calcium Di-hydro oxiclean
The Rocinante
The Rocinante 3 hours ago
"We've got to party with this guy"
not john doe
not john doe 3 hours ago
Dude i wanna see that magnet
Jacob Sockness
Jacob Sockness 3 hours ago
I guess when the world ends, you know a secret source of water.
Alan Sharples
Alan Sharples 3 hours ago
caesium auride - a compound of gold and caesium would be interesting.In stoichiometric mixtures the result is transparent - no free electrons !
kouriichi 3 hours ago
So you're telling me if the world ends, i can save everyone by boiling my bath products? Checkmate, dad. The wasteland is MY domain now
Jackie 3 hours ago
That's not real mercury bc that hand leading to the bloodstream would be fatal
Horizon 3 hours ago
i like your funny words magic man
BladeAddict 4 hours ago
It's 2 in the morning and I'm watching this man blend a rock
Victoria Fedumenti
Victoria Fedumenti 4 hours ago
This is almost like, a philosophical message. All that hard work and effort to literally taste what the elite can afford, but in the end the only thing that tasted good was the symbolism behind the diamonds, the actual carbonated water was just as ordinary as tap water. Chef’s kiss.
Taco The Dragon
Taco The Dragon 4 hours ago
I was watching this video when I was absolutely bonked after coming home and about to fall asleep. At around 0:17 when the pictures began to fade out I thought my vision was going blurry and I panicked for a second.
Natos92 4 hours ago
What would happen if you have to magnets below the ferrofluid spinning around a berricenter? Would it create a wave in the ferrofluid?
gary cupp
gary cupp 4 hours ago
couldn't you just dissolve the salt in a given amount of water, which it does quickly, and then distill?
The Rocinante
The Rocinante 4 hours ago
Damnit, now I need blue raspberry cool aid.
yee haw
yee haw 4 hours ago
I did this experiment in class before, awesome
The Rocinante
The Rocinante 4 hours ago
Dude this made me go out and buy orange juice. Also, it's cool to see an old NileRed video. You've come a long way, man.
Ensign of Industry
Ensign of Industry 4 hours ago
You're about 70% of the way there in making a McDonald's burger.
Robert Scott
Robert Scott 4 hours ago
Please stop recommending this youtube.
World Python
World Python 4 hours ago
How the fucc u know to mix what with what, seems like .. magic
Miguel 4 hours ago
In my head: stop drinking it you maniac
james t
james t 4 hours ago
I'm so jealous of your glass set 😍
Tom Foolery
Tom Foolery 4 hours ago
Nilation... sounds short for annihilation, which is cool because your attempting to define a process of self annihilation in a way.
Nathan Tang
Nathan Tang 4 hours ago
Can you mix it up a little and give us some organic synthesis videos instead of every vid being miscellaneous or materials chem? I suppose you get more views but I personally really enjoyed when your vids had more chemistry to dissect, not to say your vids are easy, but conceptually they are not very complex nowadays
Your Mom
Your Mom 4 hours ago
I would make sour candy.
Steven Stewart
Steven Stewart 4 hours ago
*End of glowing baby* ?
Grimm boi
Grimm boi 4 hours ago
I like your funny words magic man
what the heck
what the heck 5 hours ago
I've watched every NileRed video and this is the last one, sorry FBI.
Frank Davignon
Frank Davignon 5 hours ago
and you thought kidney stones were tough, imagine pissing diamonds lol
luis bito
luis bito 5 hours ago
you make pigmet synthetic color a test
John Bassam
John Bassam 5 hours ago
14:29 meth bro💀
luis bito
luis bito 5 hours ago
eso se puede drink yes
John Bassam
John Bassam 5 hours ago
what a banger of a video
Guardin' the Garden
Can you test it for "round up" weed killer?
Craig Roop
Craig Roop 5 hours ago
Hydrazine was used by hot rodders and racers in the 40's and fifties but luckily was ruled out for the same reasons you caution us about.
Destructo X-6
Destructo X-6 5 hours ago
Walter would be proud
Nick Semertzides
Nick Semertzides 5 hours ago
So that silica dust that puffed out of your blender is safe?
Neil Gilchrist
Neil Gilchrist 5 hours ago
“I ideally wanted mine to be crack free” me explaining to my mom why there was foam coming out of my mouth after I smoked cocaine laced weed.
John Simpson
John Simpson 5 hours ago
There is sodium in the wood of the match.
Mr Bubz
Mr Bubz 5 hours ago
Thanks algorithm
Zeda Thomas
Zeda Thomas 5 hours ago
It has been a long time, but wasn't mercury+sodium used to generate electricity in "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" ?
Christopher Mulligan
the greatest grunt of all time 12:03
Aroven Talmav
Aroven Talmav 6 hours ago
I would say probably not on Amalgam. I think that should be reserved for more long term combinations.
StarPlatinum491 6 hours ago
Gallium: am I a joke to you?
Rat lettuce
Rat lettuce 6 hours ago
I enjoyed this experiment, it helped me a ton with a school project and im grateful for your channel. Thanks bro!
Snoutts 6 hours ago
I wish I wasn't dyslexic I was like "what the fuck is Lodine"
Anna Thurston
Anna Thurston 6 hours ago
Diamond redbull
Bryan Breton
Bryan Breton 6 hours ago
"White and blue debris" at 10:33 looks allot like the zinc that comes out when you weld galvanized steel.
alexis .
alexis . 6 hours ago
thought my guy was gonna try it out
Troy Brice
Troy Brice 6 hours ago
Using the cooker was was such a simple solution it's basically genius. Bravo