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Raider Games
Raider Games 2 hours ago
Another successful hit for the payday gang?
Down Syndrome
Down Syndrome 2 hours ago
2015 was a good year
Kata Katy
Kata Katy 2 hours ago
I love the weekend
Anish Rai
Anish Rai 2 hours ago
Glass table girl part even better ,I don't know why
Down Syndrome
Down Syndrome 2 hours ago
2016 was a good year
yolomaster plays big games
make me wanna sing after listening to this 3 times over its that good and mostly it followed me in the car and my own house the song its self is haunting dont judge still good tho
Maríjose Castreishon
Joderrrr joderrrrr joderrrr el joker
G3rxrd0 •
G3rxrd0 • 2 hours ago
Can't believe this came out 5 years ago time really flies now I am in highschool this just seems unreal but it isn't.
MrGhostFedora 2 hours ago
I just realized that the car that The Weeknd drove in with is the same car in the cover on Pink Season
Maria Eduarda
Maria Eduarda 2 hours ago
a única brasileira??
kim minkwan
kim minkwan 2 hours ago
Michael Jackson was probably dancing to his performance above heaven
Maruf Islam
Maruf Islam 2 hours ago
Wakanda Forever❤️✌️
Ayleen Figueroa
Ayleen Figueroa 2 hours ago
Here before 600M
Santiago Mendez
Santiago Mendez 2 hours ago
Just to know, does this song make anyone else want to get real high and just fly your minds into space with nothing but the far light of millions of tiny stars in the distance around you? Just me? Okay then
Vince TheLunatic
Vince TheLunatic 2 hours ago
My new Favorite song
Titan12 2 hours ago
Hunter Biden's favorite song.
Pushpa Khurana
Pushpa Khurana 2 hours ago
It's my favourite song
Destination eight
Destination eight 2 hours ago
Wow It's totally off the charts. Kenny you are fantastic
brxken_clxuds 2 hours ago
Only the guys who didnt came from kpop or tiktok can like this.
ipl 2020
ipl 2020 2 hours ago
Becky Wilcoxen
Becky Wilcoxen 2 hours ago
Favorite song
Aaron Wright
Aaron Wright 2 hours ago
Whoever dislikes is a bot at fortnite
Eva Candy
Eva Candy 2 hours ago
tinyurl.com/quickboomsex Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??$
Guilherme Silva
Guilherme Silva 2 hours ago
JESICA JAV X.X.X 2 hours ago
0:22 my love video :X.
Edwin Hernandez Hernandez
The Best
Tasnim Prity
Tasnim Prity 2 hours ago
As an army I want our deep ocean voice one and only Kim Taehyung and our able to do a collaborative
Manny Sparklez
Manny Sparklez 2 hours ago
Thumbnail cracks me up every time 😂
E MTBR 3 hours ago
That FC Rx7 is as sick as the song🔥
john 3 hours ago
It feels so motivating song, like if you agree too!
Sea Squash
Sea Squash 3 hours ago
top notch shit
Krystal Silbernagel
mancsi1234 3 hours ago
this is the video where i met the weeknd
Kennedy Barnes
Kennedy Barnes 3 hours ago
“This content may be inappropriate to some users. Click continue to proceed.” YES plz ((:
Shawn Nomee
Shawn Nomee 3 hours ago
2:40 Lucy shows its power by giving the stage to false idols. Expand your thinking.
Coraline Peres
Coraline Peres 3 hours ago
I watched him for 10 years
Mirza Muhtasim Faiyaz
*Don't ask who's watching in 2020, we never stopped watching*
Edgar Peter Collao
Edgar Peter Collao 3 hours ago
Try 0.5 speed in 1:00
Darling Rodriguez
Darling Rodriguez 3 hours ago
Alguno cree eso que andan diciendo que al vídeo se le ven modificaciones? Que han cambiado algunas cosas?😕😕😕
Emiliano Boiler
Emiliano Boiler 2 hours ago
@Darling Rodriguez Mira te dire lo que yo ví 2:42 aquí es la unica diferencia que yo note y pues la vi rapido porque según yo se pone a bailar pero aqui hay transiciones 3:52 en el grupo están diciendo que supuestamente pusieron el sonido del clarinete cuando le cortan la cabeza al weeknd pero estoy 100% seguro de que siempre estuvo ese sonido porque era la parte que mas veia del video
Emiliano Boiler
Emiliano Boiler 2 hours ago
@Darling Rodriguez del grupo de X'O?
Darling Rodriguez
Darling Rodriguez 2 hours ago
@Emiliano Boiler Jajajja teorías de Facebook :v
Emiliano Boiler
Emiliano Boiler 2 hours ago
Vengo a lo mismo xd
destroyer engine
destroyer engine 3 hours ago
I dont like gta vice city. The best gta san andreas or gta 5.
BYO 3 hours ago
Tik tok destroy this music
MrPokethunder 3 hours ago
This man is literally a modern Michael Jackson.
James Windsor
James Windsor 3 hours ago
This has to be the New GTA track 100%
Viviana Perez
Viviana Perez 3 hours ago
Me encanta es mi pacion
Viviana Perez
Viviana Perez 3 hours ago
Me encanta es mi pacion
Viviana Perez
Viviana Perez 3 hours ago
Bella me encanta es mi pacion
Matthew NOPE
Matthew NOPE 3 hours ago
ONLY AT MILLER GROOVE🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💯💯💯💯💯🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Meliboo` ♌
Meliboo` ♌ 3 hours ago
You are beyond Humble and a blessing walking this earth, you really are heavens sent. Your in your own lane that is nothing like anyone else doing this been real from day 1, you let your music talk and keep your private life private. Voice so angelic and out of this world. Only the real know and see the deep raw messages you put into your art Continue being the Goat of Music and keeping it 110% 🙌🏽🙏🏽💚😍 Āmeseginalehu Abel Tesfaye, iwedihalehu
Vikrant Singh
Vikrant Singh 3 hours ago
Abel iam from India and I am your biggest fan than other plzzzz come to India after this pendemic plzzzz
Vikrant Singh
Vikrant Singh 3 hours ago
Vikrant Singh
Vikrant Singh 3 hours ago
BigDubzz 3 hours ago
The fuck was I doing in 2014, absolutely 🔥
Massage Novoe-Domodedovo
Ставь лайк если зашёл посмотреть сколько просмотров на этом видео))
TravieTheCoyote 3 hours ago
still waiting for that Bruno Mars x Weeknd collab
Anh Hong
Anh Hong 3 hours ago
It's still good even now
SaMmMmM 3 hours ago
i cant feel my face when i hear you, but i love it.
lourde aguilar
lourde aguilar 3 hours ago
Pretty sure most of us here wanted to live his life or be his friend
Nightcrawler by Travis
If only the whole album was like this song
Nightcrawler by Travis
I’m not saying the rest of the album is bad but like imagine how much better it would be if it was more like faith
Pepperchini 3 hours ago
Why all their vids so demented as f
Kunal Hans Sharma
Kunal Hans Sharma 3 hours ago
After MJ he is the one.....
lordtryforce 3 hours ago
This is a very beautiful song (lyrics and Melody). And this is someone that grew up in the 70s/80s.
Siqalo Dlaminii
Siqalo Dlaminii 3 hours ago
Wow AFTER 6 Years I finally get the song on iTunes. Thank God. This song was released in 2014. I was disappointed when I couldn't get it in iTunes quality. I love it
Jatin Sati
Jatin Sati 3 hours ago
I can't resist myself from making cover of this song ! Weekd sir you are amazing !
Aaron Hargreaves
Aaron Hargreaves 3 hours ago
Looks like he's trippin hard I love this clip!
Castellanos García Axel Farid
Like si hablas español 👌🏽
Fernando Rodrigues
Fernando Rodrigues 3 hours ago
Drugs and depression always were and will be a great inspiration for whom the talent touches.... this sounds way better than the current pop stuff from him.
Ryouta ken
Ryouta ken 3 hours ago
Why he cant feel his own face?
Rand XL
Rand XL 3 hours ago
looks like he Put too much ketchup on his sandwich at the start
saichand 3 hours ago
If you keep coming here again and again.. you're HEARTLESS
Adam Harb
Adam Harb 3 hours ago
I thought this was an 80s song when i heard this on the radio and i asked siri what song is this and she said "The Weeknd - Blinding Lights" i am like nawww 4 real? This is amazing coming from someone who loves old school music and despise new school music.
Lenin Rivera
Lenin Rivera 3 hours ago
De lo poco bueno que ha tenido este 2020. Muy buena rola 👌
Avenger Extreme worrier fan
This is theme song of wreslemania 36
Deshawn T&F
Deshawn T&F 3 hours ago
Alexia Curiel
Alexia Curiel 3 hours ago
I think it's one of the songs that I love to dance to sing and I feel so relaxed listening to it it is without a doubt one of my favors also counting escape from LA are the me but it is together with. on fri They are It is an explosion of so many emotions and it makes you blow your mind and imagine that you are inside the video
Gerardo Perez
Gerardo Perez 3 hours ago
Que pedo que pedoooooo😳😳😳😳😳
Joel Benitez
Joel Benitez 3 hours ago
Ngl this is giving me stranger things vibes or is that just me?
PG 4 hours ago
PG 4 hours ago
PG 4 hours ago
PG 4 hours ago
PG 4 hours ago
PG 4 hours ago