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jerry garcia
jerry garcia 7 hours ago
Migos have been trash since 2016
Jazz Man
Jazz Man 7 hours ago
How do they get the jelly an the jam in the same jar, Alicia knows.
srnh04 7 hours ago
Kanye fans are a dumb, sheep 🐑 cult.
NOMERCY•YG YT 7 hours ago
He look like faze hight sky
andrewthacollector 8 hours ago
This is funny but he looks happy AF shit if I had that money to spend on shoes I would too haha
RC 8 hours ago
Im so happy she doesn't dress like a hipster anymore. She use to be a babe. Looks like she is getting back to her roots. I'll let the hair futuristic bill and ted hair slide.
I Am Kani
I Am Kani 8 hours ago
"Thats like a '05 accord" I got so much respect for this dude Cordae
jarred ross
jarred ross 8 hours ago
Wifey 😍😍
Nes. 8 hours ago
why she so glossy 😂?
Cappaccino1 8 hours ago
Alicia so thick she can't even put back her credit card in her pants <3
Graham Stinnette-Ajami
The clanking of his jewelry is louder than him talking lol
Control 8 hours ago
she lowkey built like a dude
PimpChris 8 hours ago
Alicia keys is just all around natural Beaty 😍 no surgeries no nothing just all natural
havoc playz
havoc playz 8 hours ago
Brooke is so fucking bad she only has a career because of her BF and she's a girl
damien cruz
damien cruz 8 hours ago
She’s so beautiful
Cappaccino1 8 hours ago
She sooo THICK <3
adam hasny
adam hasny 8 hours ago
Finally her fashion style is so underrated
alaury13 8 hours ago
I thought she had some glasses sitting on her head. But my god is she sooo damn beautiful and fine.
BritannicaIs MyName
My question for Dreka is how was she willing (or was she willing) to be intimate with Kevin at the times he was under the influence of said “negative energy”? Because a soul tie is one thing but how do u stay spiritually sound having sex with someone who has that going on and being at risk of their “negative spirit” being transferred to you?
Valerie Baptiste
Valerie Baptiste 8 hours ago
He over paid for those airmax's
FACTU U 8 hours ago
Bille's heat is great
Josh Mendoza
Josh Mendoza 8 hours ago
Yikes....thicker than a SNICKER. Goddamn..
Nick's Flick's
Nick's Flick's 8 hours ago
She still fine as hell at her age
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 8 hours ago
She is gorgeous
El Pablito Rodriguez Harrera
Ohmygod shes so beautiful
Youtube_Khyros 8 hours ago
Isnt TJack the fan
Rizwan Choudhry
Rizwan Choudhry 8 hours ago
Loved her music, till I found out she is a supporter of apartheid.. real shame I loved listening to her music..
hr1meg 8 hours ago
WTF? Is this a trailer for a movie or some shit?
daniel cano
daniel cano 8 hours ago
She acts and talks like a man
STYLE 8 hours ago
I am desginer I have new desgin and laces tyning style please tell to complex
Montree 8 hours ago
Key Glock, Chief Keef, Young Dolph
Comrade Russianrobot
When the video started I was like l: my internet is dodo
Kareem AB
Kareem AB 8 hours ago
Those hips couldn't even fit on RUvid Theater mode!
Bee Fragrance
Bee Fragrance 8 hours ago
Love the way she speaks about her man!
Dalid Zarate
Dalid Zarate 8 hours ago
I steel in love wiht her
Gusto Management
Gusto Management 8 hours ago
First female to make shoes feel so cool
alfonso helix
alfonso helix 8 hours ago
Wow she's more buffed than me.. and I'm a dude.. I guess I'm lame lol
RealSwisher 8 hours ago
Bruh! The Intro's for SneakerBattle is HIGHLY UNDERRATED! 😂🔥🔥
Ankshuman Banikya
Ankshuman Banikya 8 hours ago
12:30 name the beat ?
Pablo Lopez
Pablo Lopez 8 hours ago
Will smith foul for not wearing some classic jays from phresh prince on this episode.
Erfaan B
Erfaan B 8 hours ago
Someone put Polo G or Lil tjay on sneaker shopping please
GIO.VANNI 8 hours ago
Shoutout Avalanche 💯
Ethan 8 hours ago
this is my favorite video
Vv O
Vv O 8 hours ago
All of these so called “gamers” are so awkward 😅
raylaiwin 8 hours ago
Damn, she is so hot , she actually look sweating
Javier Cruz
Javier Cruz 8 hours ago
I didn’t know you could spend 700 on a pair of shoes??!
Elijah Sierra
Elijah Sierra 8 hours ago
2300 for normal box Ben and Jerry’s???🤦🏽‍♂️
Cody Jailbird
Cody Jailbird 8 hours ago
her body language from 3:01 to 3:24 she hella proud of herself
The Forgotten Vlogz
Damn why was I low key hurt when she mention her man 🤧😂😂I didn’t even know .
Carson S
Carson S 8 hours ago
why is she so sweaty?
Make your life beautiful
If home boys comin thru? Sounds weird coming from her like wge would never naturally say that. Just seems a bit odd
Strong niqqa
Strong niqqa 9 hours ago
i thought shes gonna buy the off whites 4. 😂
Recon 3.5
Recon 3.5 9 hours ago
She's cute but she still has that her wind smells like Newport's when she walks by..
Titus Kiprop
Titus Kiprop 9 hours ago
Coz she thick.....th.th.th.th.th..thick
KoKoz 9 hours ago
Mans is baked 😳
Charelle Jones
Charelle Jones 9 hours ago
The Fact That she is still her lol Tom Boy self I love it and I love sneakers lol
シXurcy on 60fps
シXurcy on 60fps 9 hours ago
Yellow ass teeth
Quadrian Jamison
Quadrian Jamison 9 hours ago
JLP killing the G-Dragons....(tuff.)
Joe Rey
Joe Rey 9 hours ago
AK only speaks facts no 🧢
Eric Cota
Eric Cota 9 hours ago
That was lame asf!
Yanpeng Zhou
Yanpeng Zhou 9 hours ago
y she look so whet
nick booker
nick booker 9 hours ago
Dam alicia threw the whole bottle of oil on? Lol
Griffin Jackson
Griffin Jackson 9 hours ago
RUvid can y’all leave us TF alone w/ the propaganda???? We Not Voting Foe You Colonizers 😂😂😂. VOTE LOCALLY
Challenge to get 10,000 subs with videos
Dear stranger who ever likes this comment: may your mother live 100 years
JJ Watt
JJ Watt 9 hours ago
Should’ve made him smack the bong
Maciek Bawol
Maciek Bawol 9 hours ago
dj khaled is the most cringe rapper i know after watching this video
We the people !!!!!
You can tell she is super insecure about her body. Not sure why though, ITS YUMMY LOOKING 😍😍😍😍
JradTHM 9 hours ago
My crush since day 1!!! Only wish and hope to find a woman as naturally beautiful and confident as her. LOVE IT, LOVE HER!!! 👌
ved shetty
ved shetty 9 hours ago
the beats on this vid has water marks....(audio jungle)
Antonio Montana
Antonio Montana 9 hours ago
Swizz is a lucky man that’s all I have to say 🤷🏾‍♂️
Michael 9 hours ago
Natural beauty man 😍
Johnny Garcia
Johnny Garcia 9 hours ago
Did she have something on her skin or does she just naturally glow............anyways beautiful all the way around
Griffin Jackson
Griffin Jackson 9 hours ago
These Niggas Need Writers....Like Jay had for about half his legendary hooks 🤔
Uthman ThaLayman
Uthman ThaLayman 9 hours ago
wayno is fucking annoying. you can be sure to hear his opinion pandering to whoever he has the most to gain a relationship from. is it a migos topic? he speaking for P. is it a kanye topic he speaking for Jay/Roc Nation. is it about contracts he speaking for Universal Publishing. He not even trying just sits there with a pick me face, cap in hand and begging and selling his opinions and commentary. disgusting to watch. Quarantine must've really hurt his pockets
Reginald Jones
Reginald Jones 9 hours ago
She and Swizzy ... So blessed!
Harmiinq 9 hours ago
Who is this
Mark Yim
Mark Yim 9 hours ago
It's not even Halloween yet but someone is already greased up like a turkey lol
mrrobbiejenks 9 hours ago
I know that her and Swizz got money, but for me that $2,575 hit different. ☝️😔
Card Quest
Card Quest 9 hours ago
S.Ahmed 9 hours ago
Yes 😜