im a professional youtuber
Business 🡆 business@bionicmgmt.net
Twitter 🡆 @dannybionic
Instagram 🡆 @danny.bionic
Aseemy the Apple
Aseemy the Apple 6 seconds ago
I play Mobile
Thatxboy 23
Thatxboy 23 47 seconds ago
2070 Bionic: Gona ga gina ga goin ga ginga
Gd Julian
Gd Julian Minute ago
I have a homework then i see anew vid 3h ago then i tell my self,this is mpre important
markjoseph trinidad
markjoseph trinidad 2 minutes ago
Finally!! Bionic upload a new video!! Btw i love your vids bionic!❤
J_peppers_1 2 minutes ago
Make the server so nether rite is better
Gwyneth Macasinag
Gwyneth Macasinag 3 minutes ago
bionic can you always oneblock skyblock pls bionic
ASIA BUSH 3 minutes ago
I unsubed
Carolyn Oscarson
Carolyn Oscarson 3 minutes ago
Idea: make a animal farm pls bionic with a cherry top❤❤💙💙
Rosemarie Zorola
Rosemarie Zorola 4 minutes ago
Graser ur bed! Chat Uir ned!
Paul Maina
Paul Maina 4 minutes ago
Everyone gangstar till bionic places blocks to y 1
found you
found you 5 minutes ago
Gogeta 88
Gogeta 88 5 minutes ago
The meme hurts
Asher Mayer
Asher Mayer 5 minutes ago
Pacita David
Pacita David 6 minutes ago
The best man is back 👍👍👍💖💖💝💝🤯🤯🥳🥳
jesus Avila
jesus Avila 6 minutes ago
Bionicpvp.net gingigaina
ALEXRADZA _YT 7 minutes ago
idea: since ur house is empty and ur island u should test minecraft tiktok build hacks to see if they work and then boom u have decorated house and island and u have a video yay!!!! :D
Nicola Boothe
Nicola Boothe 7 minutes ago
First you make 2 vid on a day
Coy Brown
Coy Brown 7 minutes ago
Ya sud to bioc
tristan Brewton
tristan Brewton 8 minutes ago
Build a giant diamond block
Joseph Valdez
Joseph Valdez 8 minutes ago
Make him bald
Ned Mcmahon
Ned Mcmahon 8 minutes ago
The barrier sword would have sharpness m or something like that
found you
found you 10 minutes ago
Loweguyconnorr 10 minutes ago
The average human has about 100,000,000,000,000 or 100 trillion cells in they're body In dreams case the including his brain cells add about 90,000,000,000,000 or 90 trillion That’s why he doesn’t do a face reveal because (BiG BrAiN)
Monstah Pockets
Monstah Pockets 10 minutes ago
2:12 and don’t forget to click the bell
Timothy Myles Raz
Timothy Myles Raz 11 minutes ago
Bionic upgrade the towers to a 4×4
Mildred Dela Cruz
Mildred Dela Cruz 12 minutes ago
Johan Mertosetiko
Johan Mertosetiko 12 minutes ago
Did you all hear bionic oowh
Kolateral Ninja X Gaming
Please do more krunker
Cesar Magarin
Cesar Magarin 13 minutes ago
Bionic: join my server mobile users: I wish I could :(
Whittaker Lively
Whittaker Lively 14 minutes ago
I have been watching you for almost a year now you’re my 69th favorite youtuber
Leo Phillips
Leo Phillips 14 minutes ago
Y don't u upgrade ur oneblock general
Marinela Delizo
Marinela Delizo 14 minutes ago
You know that when you were trying to craft the smithing table you know that you could just use the wood in the nether
Hyper Gun
Hyper Gun 15 minutes ago
Why not next time he says can we hit like 10 likes let’s just hit 9 it would be funny
JJ Plays
JJ Plays 15 minutes ago
You already maxed out but th n lost it
David Moreno
David Moreno 15 minutes ago
Cupa the creeper
Cupa the creeper 15 minutes ago
Legend says that bionic is still on that one block with shears, waiting for the 2 million subscribers.
Loweguyconnorr 16 minutes ago
Looks like dream has 70,000 brain cells... who would’ve known.
Nicholas li
Nicholas li 17 minutes ago
i plugged a charger in my cousins phone and siri said (ah yes daddy put that big huge charger inside of me) i was like BRUH
Timothy Hill II
Timothy Hill II 17 minutes ago
Bob Donick
Bri Dog
Bri Dog 18 minutes ago
I love this series so frickin much
Bangtan Army
Bangtan Army 19 minutes ago
if i said goonganggingga will bionic upload one block skyblock tommorow???
Masterboy 19 minutes ago
lets go bionic my man
Logan Hiles
Logan Hiles 20 minutes ago
Who els likes they videos the most
Jayvon Zheng
Jayvon Zheng 20 minutes ago
Luca Ascani
Luca Ascani 20 minutes ago
Awesome keep up the gud work on the series
Immanuel Phillip
Immanuel Phillip 20 minutes ago
I am sub already
Jorel Custodio
Jorel Custodio 21 minute ago
Bionic please make a proper intro :D
Blue CUPcaKe
Blue CUPcaKe 22 minutes ago
We want to see other things except for diamonds in the handout chest
pierre nordenson
pierre nordenson 23 minutes ago
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith 23 minutes ago
(Wat )
The Delinquent
The Delinquent 23 minutes ago
xX InfiniteRagingFoxes Xx
Can you make a mobile bionicpvp.net server????
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith 23 minutes ago
Hydrous Gaming
Hydrous Gaming 24 minutes ago
Hello Mr.2briansells
Hello 24 minutes ago
Dhruva Khyri
Dhruva Khyri 25 minutes ago
Remember pls do more skyblock
Meme Generator
Meme Generator 25 minutes ago
mehoy noy noy noy noy noy
Pro Gamers
Pro Gamers 26 minutes ago
Please bionic upgrade the web cam
Gabe Collins
Gabe Collins 26 minutes ago
Blood thirsty bonc
Yesenia Covarrubias
Yesenia Covarrubias 28 minutes ago
Just Another Roblox Channel
BIONiC! YOuR IN A VIDEO! Gamers react! They added you!
kavary playz
kavary playz 28 minutes ago
Build a diamond poop
Tina gaming
Tina gaming 29 minutes ago
Guys when he hit 2 million sub tell him that he look like one punch man
Kool aid Dude
Kool aid Dude 29 minutes ago
Bionic you should make a roller coaster 🎢
Jc Hiy
Jc Hiy 29 minutes ago
Hi danny
AimAssist 29 minutes ago
Please gooooo bald
forwing_loves_u 31 minute ago
Samuel Acosta Giraldo
Samuel Acosta Giraldo 32 minutes ago
Every single one block bionic vid be like INFINITE DIAMOND MACHINE
Flame GOOBY 33 minutes ago
bionic when do you get on minecraft cuz i want to show you something on my island
benjamin liao
benjamin liao 33 minutes ago
but why can we not smash 100,000 likes thats fine ithink
Mohd Fairuzbachok
Mohd Fairuzbachok 34 minutes ago
Are. You creative or survival
David Nachman Robinov
David Nachman Robinov 35 minutes ago
u did that meme
Joaquin Solis
Joaquin Solis 35 minutes ago
Are these stormDrako's sprites? they REALLY look like it.
Renixe 37 minutes ago
Bionic. I live on indonesia I just slept like 7 hours ago I've been waiting for you and your not there ;( so when are you recording 1 block Skyblock again? I'm not gonna sleep on that day lol
Edrei Kristoph
Edrei Kristoph 37 minutes ago
Bionic pls pvp once
Sara Johnson
Sara Johnson 37 minutes ago
Ethan and Juju Sepulveda
Bruh there was an Electra
Lester Larosa
Lester Larosa 38 minutes ago
build a player killer machine pls
Carmal Frapichino
Carmal Frapichino 38 minutes ago
Who else wants the randomizers video siers