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Luci Fran
Luci Fran 2 hours ago
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Jonathan Castro
Jonathan Castro 2 hours ago
They straight up robbed Mexico 🇲🇽 of the game. Clear bullshit calls
David Sanchez
David Sanchez 2 hours ago
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james kryml
james kryml 3 hours ago
I feel so bad for the kid...hopefully he was treated well in the locker room
Mitchell Navas
Mitchell Navas 3 hours ago
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Ruben Ardon
Ruben Ardon 3 hours ago
Canadá didn’t need to cheat against ha
Line Hagen
Line Hagen 3 hours ago
Man I really want to see the USA go into uefa cup. I know they can’t, but just imagine. They would get stomped.
who is This
who is This 3 hours ago
The Haitian team played okay, but made some mistakes
ALEC MONAFIS 3 hours ago
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guzmano99 3 hours ago
Amazing 3rd rate soccer!
Adolfo Negron
Adolfo Negron 3 hours ago
Never gets old...
Box Of Chocolate
Box Of Chocolate 4 hours ago
This is good for MLS
Ker Loz
Ker Loz 4 hours ago
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Bro. 68 3738
Bro. 68 3738 4 hours ago
Jamie Wheale
Jamie Wheale 4 hours ago
David & Davies both have that chemistry along with their starting 11. Canada is starting to look really good
Jillian Kallie
Jillian Kallie 4 hours ago
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punkidi sejumten
punkidi sejumten 4 hours ago
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Mr Thanh
Mr Thanh 4 hours ago
OMG. USA best corner kicks.
Arati Kulkarni
Arati Kulkarni 4 hours ago
Arguing, perfect referees, last minute goals. The perfect football match 🤩
Arati Kulkarni
Arati Kulkarni 4 hours ago
No more Guzan, altidore, Bradley, and zardes. Feels like Landon Donavan has returned
Ben Jr Owiriwa
Ben Jr Owiriwa 4 hours ago
What a very stupid play from the Haiti goalkeeper
Eman Rios
Eman Rios 5 hours ago
mexico was obviously the better team, US just had the height advantage on those set pieces
Abraham Gallegos
Abraham Gallegos 5 hours ago
This commentary is dull ngl as an American 🇺🇸
Ugo Branchaud
Ugo Branchaud 5 hours ago
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Khaleb Zelaya
Khaleb Zelaya 5 hours ago
Ruga-Mas !!!
Madagascrack 5 hours ago
I find it funny that it looked like Mexico played as locals even though the game took place in the U.S
orlando larin
orlando larin 5 hours ago
This guy sold the game
Polar Inc
Polar Inc 5 hours ago
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Puck Daily
Puck Daily 5 hours ago
That was probably Theo worst one I seen. I would have to try hard to miss twice lmaoo
Maayank M
Maayank M 5 hours ago
Why was Mayern celebrating? He missed so many good chances and was wasteful in front of goal!
Francisca Ogwe
Francisca Ogwe 5 hours ago
And that run from Ben chiwel was excellent
Andrew Quinones
Andrew Quinones 5 hours ago
Is this a Sunday league?
PNAKOAO 2 hours ago
With the finishing and slow build up, I think a sunday league team could actually pull out a surprise result at full time lmfao.
Ronald Wade
Ronald Wade 6 hours ago
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Raul Gomez
Raul Gomez 6 hours ago
Sala is a beast
erick navas
erick navas 6 hours ago
Who else feels excited for the future of team usa under pulisic. World cup 2024 here we come
bob dylan
bob dylan 6 hours ago
lol that goalkeeper needs to QUIT NOW. how the hell are you on a national team? maybe his dads the coach. what a joke
Dgnius Makileven
Dgnius Makileven 6 hours ago
What an awesome game. This is the essence of Football
Maus#B 6 hours ago
El numero 9 no merece estar el LA SELECION,... eres un maleta.
Declan Lawford- Wickham
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R mg20
R mg20 6 hours ago
feel bad for st kitts, but you've gotta commend them for getting so far despite being so small
Anthony Parenti
Anthony Parenti 2 hours ago
Hey man they tried, that's what counts
Raul Gomez
Raul Gomez 6 hours ago
85:00 minute:Made me think that Mbappe is better than Lionel Messi.
benjamin pazrosas
benjamin pazrosas 6 hours ago
Team USA has a solid team now, allot of European team players. They need to solidify the team and it will become a force to be reckoned with👀👀 🇲🇽🇺🇸
Raul Gomez
Raul Gomez 6 hours ago
Andy Ni
Andy Ni 6 hours ago
Yea, goalkeeper should never ever use their feet.
Patrick Osaseri
Patrick Osaseri 4 hours ago
@Jasur M *indirect free kick
Jasur M
Jasur M 4 hours ago
If he used his hands on that pass I'm pretty sure that would be a penalty
Young Prodigy
Young Prodigy 6 hours ago
Man Ricardo Adé, number 4 for Haiti, played So well 🔥
sickode 7 hours ago
this may be the first time i seen a team win and still play worse than the losing team. that's hilarious
Lu C
Lu C 5 hours ago
Herb615 7 hours ago
Th quote the commentators, “the finishing to be fair has been atrocious.”
K B21
K B21 7 hours ago
they went and got drunk after the game 😹
The Apathetic Hispanic
When you play fifa for the first time on amateur lol
playtime Fun
playtime Fun 7 hours ago
Se pa kk nap voyé nou retiré ou bon entrenè nou meté ou neg san eksperians pou nou ka save lajan 3 a 0 nou pa ront tout sa kap fet depi se Haitien kap dirigé li se kk, mwen paka supoté kk dirigan sa yo yo paka kontrolé ou Pays mem ou football se fè tintin yo gentan ap preparé pou gold cup langet manman yo
Carlos Gonsalez Jr
Carlos Gonsalez Jr 7 hours ago
Co workers i work with wanted PSG Real Madrid FC Bayern to win it i said Chelsea would win it they laughed at me Who laughing now ??? #ChelseaChampions2021
Lucas Hile
Lucas Hile 8 hours ago
That back pass is precisely why you are taught, as a goalkeeper, to insist that passes are not made back to you that are on a vector for the goal.
Carlos Saravia
Carlos Saravia 8 hours ago
gfoot99 8 hours ago
Haiti’s GK had a pretty decent game but unfortunately he’ll only be remembered for this own goal. 😔
Hk 22
Hk 22 8 hours ago
Pin folk is 89 rated goal keeper in fifa dafuq he ain’t nobody
Joshua Brown
Joshua Brown 8 hours ago
2:01 #Beast Mode 😐👏🏾💪🏿✊🏾🖤
DizzyCrafts 8 hours ago
6-0 is the aggregate but it should’ve been what we scored in the 1st game I’m not satisfied I think we need to finish a lot more and one thing make these guys run miles man they need more work ethic
DizzyCrafts 8 hours ago
@FlameZX *12-0*
FlameZX 8 hours ago
Aggregate should have been 10-0
Skrubey 8 hours ago
What are these irrelevant ass countries? Who is panama versing 😂
Keith Wetherhold
Keith Wetherhold 8 hours ago
That's why you NEVER back pass to the GK on frame!!
Tahar Touati
Tahar Touati 8 hours ago
This is like a Hollywood movie. Always scoring back and winning at the end lol
jeesoo kim
jeesoo kim 8 hours ago
Haiti keeper is going to end up in the internet for a long time
Angelo-Alpha 7 hours ago
Nah I don't think so.
Joanne Joanne
Joanne Joanne 9 hours ago
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Theo Nero
Theo Nero 9 hours ago
The roof the roof is on fire
An Old Crow
An Old Crow 9 hours ago
When you smoke a blunt before commentating a game😂
Xperty Ranks
Xperty Ranks 2 hours ago
Joanne Joanne
Joanne Joanne 9 hours ago
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Stoofman 9 hours ago
I would say that mayern dude idk he missed like 4 chances to score a goal but except for him Elsa,Vader could have scored a lot of goals now on the other team archebalt (I think that’s how you spell it) played ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC both last game and this game it’s just the team SUCKS like st kitts and nevis - the goalkeeper played horrible
Anthony Phung
Anthony Phung 9 hours ago
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{5͓̽0͓̽3͓̽ _scurra} //
So many chances 🤦‍♂️
Mr. clean 🥶
Mr. clean 🥶 9 hours ago
We need fito zeleya back in the selecta especially now that we’re in the octagonal
river j
river j 6 hours ago
We need Enico, Dennis Pineda, Punyed, get rid of Bonilla, Ceren
river j
river j 6 hours ago
He is not fit sorry
DizzyCrafts 7 hours ago
@Mr. clean 🥶 yea officially only thing is he’s injured but is expected to play in the friendly against Guatemala Hugo Perez made it possible to bring new energy and players to the main squad and I’m sure Dennis Pineda and punyed will be called either in the gold cup or the qualifiers
Mr. clean 🥶
Mr. clean 🥶 7 hours ago
@DizzyCrafts 😂😂😂 then who else do we got what about Pablo punyed? And is enrico Hernandez officially playing for the selecta?
DizzyCrafts 8 hours ago
@Mr. clean 🥶 he’s horrible he’s complete trash he’s embarrassing he can’t run anymore he was good in his prime but now he’s just taking up space for the younger players Enrico Hernandez can do more than zelaya can nowadays
matthewssandslash 9 hours ago
Haiti did so well to defend in the first half... and then...
Xperty Ranks
Xperty Ranks 9 hours ago
And then "The Fire Nation Attacked!"🔥🔥
John P
John P 9 hours ago
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Jhon Agha
Jhon Agha 9 hours ago
Who the hell is this keeper for Haiti? Wow
David Atkinson
David Atkinson 7 hours ago
Yeah he was quality minus the og
Totally OrdinaryGuy
@Jhon Agha yeah that's the irony
Jhon Agha
Jhon Agha 9 hours ago
@Stefan Jordan so he gifted his country an easy goal...👏👏
Stefan Jordan
Stefan Jordan 9 hours ago
He's from Montreal Quebec Canada
Rodrigue St Louis
Rodrigue St Louis 10 hours ago
Canada’s soccer team should play in a pool since they’re so divey 🏊‍♂️
Ugyen Rabsel
Ugyen Rabsel 8 hours ago
Mohammed Al Nasir
Mohammed Al Nasir 10 hours ago
Moura from the bench: That's me!
Su Xiong
Su Xiong 10 hours ago
That goalies funny 😄😆🤣😂😁😀😄
Jason Flores
Jason Flores 10 hours ago
Julani Archibald be better than prime Casillas