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Pumpkin Queen
Pumpkin Queen 14 hours ago
I hated having rona. For me it was the worst migraine ever.
Ninja Gunnarsdóttir - Flyingeskolan 5
If you were a biology teacher, the kids would love you
the random guy
the random guy 14 hours ago
Wait, the blood only circulates when we get up?
Cameron Tipton
Cameron Tipton 14 hours ago
In T cells defense the two do look similar
ANDREW MIHARDJO 14 hours ago
Let’s appreciate how he handcuffs himself alone for this video
bluebispie ROBLOX
bluebispie ROBLOX 14 hours ago
👁️👄👁️ u have 666k suns umm uhh okay
Cønfuse _ Boi
Cønfuse _ Boi 15 hours ago
Never heard of a tree that have knowledge about foods
GhostAlone 15 hours ago
Yeah no one would cut u ur scary as hell!!!
King Cain
King Cain 15 hours ago
... this is the world we live in. Live action inspired osmosis Jones 🤦🏿
Tyler Gagarin
Tyler Gagarin 15 hours ago
I cant last 1 hr past midnight without coffee
~𖧷❦︎mika choco❦︎𖧷~
No one: Litterally no one: Not even a single soul: The title: tress
Pete 15 hours ago
Wtf is this
Stolen content bingo nearly complete!
s cas
s cas 15 hours ago
Can you make one of what really happen when you get revived by an electric shock
Ultra blackboy vision Etoxic breach
They waited 22 seconds until they eat the chip
{Dark light} {Phoenix}
Crystal Sailor
Crystal Sailor 16 hours ago
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that guy who's a poor roblox youtuber
I thought the cum is there maple
Elvira Slonka
Elvira Slonka 16 hours ago
Its looks like the tree is peeing
U3U 16 hours ago
Why do doctors always have to put that weird paper on the bed and then you complain how noisy it is you’re the one who put it on there stupid!!!!!
Mercury Tempest
Mercury Tempest 16 hours ago
this is like anime mental monologue
Axolotl animations
Axolotl animations 16 hours ago
Pretty sure they dont put it where heroin does the put it in your left arm near your shoulder
Kala 16 hours ago
I gave you a deadly virus my bad
нɛaʋɛռ тɦɛ нɛʀѳic ɢօɖɦօɢ
What really happens when you get a brain freeze. I would LOOOVEEE to see that
harez masters
harez masters 17 hours ago
your channel is just like life action cell at work but it good
noobishply 17 hours ago
one of my favourites lmaoo
°ෆ⌒kit⌒ෆ° 17 hours ago
Plot twist: the white blood cell with the broken arm has a whole video about the white blood cell's white blood cells fixing the broken arm
BerryGyrl 413
BerryGyrl 413 17 hours ago
If anyone ever boo's you. Just threaten to send coffee!! 😂😂💯
Da Lava Wolf
Da Lava Wolf 17 hours ago
Where did the handcuffs go when the white blood cell punched him/yourself probably that hasnt slept in days.
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah 17 hours ago
Lmao this dude had to use voice
Kalake T
Kalake T 17 hours ago
Time for the laziness to kick in
Muhammad Al Khalil Ibrahim
Let's me correct that... what happens if kira right your name in his death note
derek694 17 hours ago
Can you do “what really happens when you have a seizure” cuz I had a seizure last night
tryssrt 17 hours ago
Leary Bruce
Leary Bruce 17 hours ago
Omg my kid didn’t know I am going to tell her
Five fan blades
Five fan blades 17 hours ago
I have the same Rick and morty shirt
BerryGyrl 413
BerryGyrl 413 18 hours ago
These are SO GOOD!!! I absolutely love them!!
bob 18 hours ago
The name of the vid be like: OBJ OBJ OBJ
idc idkwtd
idc idkwtd 18 hours ago
Keigo Takami
Keigo Takami 18 hours ago
Omg my foot actually fell asleep while watching this haha
Solomon Mathews
Solomon Mathews 18 hours ago
I live the sounds he makes... nuuuugh
BerryGyrl 413
BerryGyrl 413 18 hours ago
I LOVE Frank the red blood cells mustache and gotee EPIC!! 💜💜💯
BerryGyrl 413
BerryGyrl 413 18 hours ago
Gvk BG
Gvk BG 18 hours ago
U made my day
BerryGyrl 413
BerryGyrl 413 18 hours ago
My fav part is the food flying onto the floor making a small cry 😂😂😂
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager 18 hours ago
It was 5 seconds I. Counted the moment the thing fell
Wesley Play’s Roblox
I love this guy
Fierce •
Fierce • 18 hours ago
Them: we can’t wait 5 seconds! Also them: *waits 20 seconds*
BerryGyrl 413
BerryGyrl 413 18 hours ago
Love your imagination my dude##😂😂💯
BerryGyrl 413
BerryGyrl 413 18 hours ago
Do you have a twin??
jamal rice
jamal rice 18 hours ago
Trash garbage unwatchable not funny you are a horrible comedic actor
BerryGyrl 413
BerryGyrl 413 18 hours ago
BerryGyrl 413
BerryGyrl 413 18 hours ago
😂😂💯💯 love these vids!! You earned my sub!!!
Janice Mancelita
Janice Mancelita 18 hours ago
this happens in the speed of light
We Stan coffee in this household
BerryGyrl 413
BerryGyrl 413 18 hours ago
KEIRRA TAING 18 hours ago
I love it at the end how you just chuck the box like YEET
BerryGyrl 413
BerryGyrl 413 18 hours ago
AHHHHHH so THATS what happens. damn it
Depression is the perfect anime villian stg
No Name
No Name 18 hours ago
I would love someone to make a syrup ad out of this
BerryGyrl 413
BerryGyrl 413 18 hours ago
😂😂😂😂😂💙💜💯 awesome vid!!
I relate to this allot.
Another Random User
Another Random User 18 hours ago
Qalif Aiman12
Qalif Aiman12 19 hours ago
Brush your tooth kid
Ze Dude
Ze Dude 19 hours ago
Is nobody concerned on why the hell the bed has it’s very own shin destroyer?
PrussianBlue Phantom
Damn. These shorts have been throwing signs at me left, right and center. 🤤
Isabella Hernandez
Isabella Hernandez 19 hours ago
These videos are for the soon to be doctors 😐
Leonie Whyte
Leonie Whyte 19 hours ago
Lol someone tell me why is this so funny
Maria Maravilla
Maria Maravilla 19 hours ago
Can you do what happens when water gets in your ear(if you haven’t already)
Matthew Crawford
Matthew Crawford 19 hours ago
The dedication to this is priceless😂
Fire Wolf
Fire Wolf 19 hours ago
i have that exact rick and norty shirt
Cookie Wookies
Cookie Wookies 19 hours ago
And this is why kids you should always listen in science class so you to can make these videos
denki lover
denki lover 19 hours ago
This is soo accurate especially with depression wrapped in a blanket shouting stuff in a mic lol
Jose luis Roman
Jose luis Roman 19 hours ago
*lmao how nonchalant he said* "you gotta chew your food man."
John Doe
John Doe 19 hours ago
The squeak of the door sounds like that thanos meme when he is getting stabbed by the axe
shadowviper 19 hours ago
A wood pecker is technically mosquitos for trees