Jennifer Hernandez
Jennifer Hernandez 12 hours ago
“He needs to be fired. That was the worst. I can’t believe 4 people agreed to film that” LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO
Megan Groff
Megan Groff 12 hours ago
Bruh you realize pornography is also illegal just like supposed theory of if he didn’t have youtube he would be shooting up schools... oh wait he Didn’t actually do the crime.
Angel Cortes
Angel Cortes 12 hours ago
We need rice to stir the pot and make RUvid interesting again 😔
Dragoon 13 hours ago
He sounds like the guys who bully me at school. Rice. I'd rather have Dubbbz kill me with words, because at least he does a good job. Why can't bullies be like him?
T V H 13 hours ago
My Brother is 14 and has fucked, I mean
aniel claps
aniel claps 13 hours ago
Rice can you upload more often like i be mad bored i juss rewatch your Disstracks nd old videos
Mason Watkins
Mason Watkins 13 hours ago
Tik tokers must be stopped
Leonardo Rubio
Leonardo Rubio 13 hours ago
Why were u faking the vid
TheJamesdaykin 13 hours ago
Did it feel good though?
it’s rickey
it’s rickey 13 hours ago
2020 anyone?
C T O A N N 17
C T O A N N 17 13 hours ago
u gud rice?
See Nay
See Nay 13 hours ago
Who here on 2020
Kyro uchiha
Kyro uchiha 13 hours ago
Hole lee sheet 😂😂😂
james gamer
james gamer 13 hours ago
I don't flex on my fans mhm
james gamer
james gamer 13 hours ago
I dont flex on my fans this dude legit says this guy reminds me of him flexing on fans or random people
james gamer
james gamer 13 hours ago
OK quit attacking James seriously for no reason
james gamer
james gamer 13 hours ago
Yes but leave out the part when he says but its tacky to say my sub count and doesn't
NesTö Piçassø
NesTö Piçassø 13 hours ago
Tht third girl wants to speak to speak to ricegums manager lmao
lil_sus_baequan 13 hours ago
No one likes you Mr beast is better
Dirty x DashL
Dirty x DashL 13 hours ago
You still have issues
Jocelyn Cisneros
Jocelyn Cisneros 14 hours ago
James is better sorry
genesiss flores
genesiss flores 14 hours ago
What would have happened if rice didn’t remember that video 🤭
Yt RP WinterCoal
Yt RP WinterCoal 14 hours ago
stop making music
landSTAR* 14 hours ago
idgaf what anyone says rice still undefeated
somethang 14 hours ago
Antonio brown
Emily Bernier
Emily Bernier 14 hours ago
I have to wash my eyes now 😨😨😨😰😰😰😖😖😖 🤢
forsi 14 hours ago
You can buy fancy clothes and shit but u cant buy talent:) easiest the shittiest song ive heard in a min lmfao
Vinicius Santos
Vinicius Santos 14 hours ago
you know, i think this is one of the only videos that the number of dislikes is bigger than likes
Mama Hatmaker
Mama Hatmaker 14 hours ago
Team idubbbz
ur mom
ur mom 14 hours ago
oh god weston what were you THINKING
Adam Tavto
Adam Tavto 14 hours ago
7:02 Pornhub title
標題還打Why Everyone In China Hates Me...,廢話你汙辱了香港還有每個亞洲國家,誰不討厭你啊?笑死
Olivia Cady
Olivia Cady 15 hours ago
I didn’t know there was such thing as ricegum, does it taste good?
Fabian Sanchez
Fabian Sanchez 15 hours ago
Imagine watching rice gum in 2020 🤔. Just because he hasn’t posted
Eduardo Pruneda
Eduardo Pruneda 15 hours ago
Ricegum come on comeback
Bone Less
Bone Less 15 hours ago
dude you aways flex that im better than people
Ilham Haque
Ilham Haque 15 hours ago
De ja vu 100%
Ilham Haque
Ilham Haque 15 hours ago
Rice make diss tracks again pls
johnnn rrr
johnnn rrr 15 hours ago
Jarel17- 15 hours ago
#Freeblacksanta 😂😂🤣
Zaine Gonzalez
Zaine Gonzalez 15 hours ago
litterly 1 min into vid i cant even take it its to fire
Jarel17- 15 hours ago
Idubbz fans mad salty in the comments 😂😂
Wthjxnior 15 hours ago
Jackson Obobi
Jackson Obobi 15 hours ago
4:47 The white kid kills me
Jamil vv
Jamil vv 15 hours ago
Like if he should get a perm
Grap3 Ju1ce
Grap3 Ju1ce 15 hours ago
I guess we will see his break up video in April
Kevin Musial
Kevin Musial 15 hours ago
He had to wear the shirt that theodd1sout had him wear 😂😂
Jakabok 15 hours ago
Did he really just read Maternal wrong
Taylor Faith
Taylor Faith 15 hours ago
I don't ever like your diss videos but this one is funny, I like it
Abdullah Laeeq
Abdullah Laeeq 15 hours ago
That isn't a girl it's a freaking Grown man.
Kelsey Smith
Kelsey Smith 15 hours ago
Ricegum is trash.
The Piano Tuber Pro
The Piano Tuber Pro 15 hours ago
Get a sense of humor....
Toxic Kodak
Toxic Kodak 15 hours ago
Yo y his good so pointy?!?!?
Jarel17- 15 hours ago
Damn I see some unhappy people hating in the comments 😂😂 take your sad asses somewhere else 💯
Jakabok 15 hours ago
Nice hairline
idekiiskms 16 hours ago
2020 this shit still bussin
Nathan Boyd
Nathan Boyd 16 hours ago
Your flow still sucks and you can tell you didnt right it
Angel Luna
Angel Luna 16 hours ago
Jonas Saldana
Jonas Saldana 16 hours ago
Boi you legit look like a crusty sweet potato
Shawn Singh
Shawn Singh 16 hours ago
Elijah Clemons
Elijah Clemons 16 hours ago
If he’s a rapper why did he have to knock the phone out of her hand so he’s a rapper who can’t solve shit with words
Jarel17- 16 hours ago
Hey Rice I'm glad you found a cool ass female that's loves you man 🙏
Toxic Kodak
Toxic Kodak 16 hours ago
This kid tryna call rice skinny but he looks like a twig tf... I mean they both do but you sound stupid
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson 16 hours ago
Her mom should slap the shit outta u I would
Sabrina Elbaitari
Sabrina Elbaitari 16 hours ago
Ok but Loren said the n word 💀
Hubert Tri
Hubert Tri 16 hours ago
I wonder what he's gonna do with family gum
Kimdaddy - YT
Kimdaddy - YT 16 hours ago
Hey bruda I messed yo. Where e da rice
Jessica Fleitas
Jessica Fleitas 16 hours ago
One morz is a click baiter
Krystonia_ arts
Krystonia_ arts 16 hours ago
I feel like everyone should have seen that it was the reporters fault and not ricegums or BTS. They both deserve respect and they shouldn’t be bashed for this. Also to non army’s out there. There are way more mature fans than immature. We are very accepting, but once you start disrespecting the boys, army will start calling you out and you better run. No hate to anyone btw.
Alex Rivas
Alex Rivas 16 hours ago
syncx 16 hours ago
I like how he put #1 like he gonna do another one
Little Dipster
Little Dipster 16 hours ago
You're sisters ugly as hell
karellys caraballo
karellys caraballo 16 hours ago
This nigga not funny no more 🤷🏽‍♀️
Foung Kou
Foung Kou 17 hours ago
Those were the days ngl
SpUdd 17 hours ago
I miss having this kind of content on YouTubr
Pablo sugga6
Pablo sugga6 17 hours ago
i miss these times
cogtroper 17 hours ago
Mother love me long time long time
Mr O gaming
Mr O gaming 17 hours ago
Bet kay be pissed of
Owen West
Owen West 17 hours ago
BRO YOU NOT EVEN STRONG EVAN is stronger then you
Ahmed Moula
Ahmed Moula 17 hours ago
My man
Laiba Khokhar
Laiba Khokhar 17 hours ago
anyone here in 2020, listing randomly
Poop Yummy
Poop Yummy 17 hours ago
Kayla Boyce
Kayla Boyce 17 hours ago
2015 Lamborghini👏 . 👏. 👏. 👏. 👏. 👏. 👏
Estrella Roque
Estrella Roque 17 hours ago
Let’s face it we’re the clowns now
Ana Morais
Ana Morais 17 hours ago
Lixo BR porrra seu coronavirus
Ana Morais
Ana Morais 17 hours ago
Maxton Krukemeyer
Maxton Krukemeyer 17 hours ago
it has 4 you idiot
l̲i̲l̲β̲l̲u̲e̲g̲ l̲i̲l̲β̲l̲u̲e̲g̲
Rice gum talking bout cringy look at this face doh at 1:50 pause it
Alberta T.
Alberta T. 17 hours ago
Lol rice, if anyone needs to be humbled is you my man😂😂
HEnRY M 17 hours ago
Board surf
Ana Nevarez
Ana Nevarez 17 hours ago
Make more videos
Arin Said
Arin Said 17 hours ago
I miss the old days when RUvid was interesting and I miss Ricegum and his old diss tracks and vids but I still love him!
Valente Ramirez
Valente Ramirez 17 hours ago
Pussy ass corona virus looking ass
HoodLum Bryan
HoodLum Bryan 17 hours ago
You fell off bro!
Salma Masoud
Salma Masoud 17 hours ago
rice-gum : i just have money to waste me thinking about the poor and that he should donate to them (just an idea)
al1nonly 17 hours ago
You wack. 10.6m for the last two years. Yea I am a hater but I am also a realist.
Florence Byrne
Florence Byrne 17 hours ago
‘Do you think I’m thick.’ “ maybe.” ‘Maybe... you mean yes. “
Dr Spicy 5360
Dr Spicy 5360 17 hours ago
i like how his ex got his name tattooed lmfao
the purest of Random
This guy sucks and the title is just fucked up