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Ando Edmondson
Ando Edmondson 48 minutes ago
Instantly knew he would be the guy using the metal detector as soon as he waved in the ad
Maximus Quintana
Maximus Quintana 48 minutes ago
I found Danny before he explained his hiding Spot
G3lover FR
G3lover FR 48 minutes ago
When I saw the commercial and I saw someone weaving Me: well hello there Danny XD
The Great Ghastly Gamer
No game ever does that
Lorinda Cruz
Lorinda Cruz 48 minutes ago
Jaime got a lot thinner
I'm MasterYeast23
I'm MasterYeast23 48 minutes ago
I saw an X on the lemonade...
Jack Burgess
Jack Burgess 48 minutes ago
There is a Person behind Joey waving
Charlie08 boy
Charlie08 boy 48 minutes ago
I did not miss the oldman in The commerciel
Ritzbitz76 48 minutes ago
I solved it before Jamie and I’m behind a screen bruh
Tyler Au
Tyler Au 48 minutes ago
3:27 Is that Danny?
Iqra Yassini
Iqra Yassini 48 minutes ago
Roksana Ruhe
Roksana Ruhe 48 minutes ago
Dynamite 1483
Dynamite 1483 48 minutes ago
They are doing work by creating content
Raven Leopath
Raven Leopath 49 minutes ago
1:49 or 1:50 is my favorite line lol
Nubby 9898
Nubby 9898 49 minutes ago
42 minutes late jeez
Dorito Man63
Dorito Man63 49 minutes ago
Did he win or lose??
Cassandra Amon
Cassandra Amon 49 minutes ago
I only came to comment cause I am here just 43 minutes after the vid got posted
Myreen Zaira
Myreen Zaira 49 minutes ago
omg old man doing the floss :)))))
TheTNTChickaxe 49 minutes ago
Dude I legit have super instincts. I'm not subscribed or anything and I randomly remembered this series for the first time in a month and searched it up and a new episode was uploaded 41 minutes ago.
insert original username here
I haven't watched VAT19 in a good while and I noticed that Jamie lost a bunch of weight, very cool to see.
sparrowflyaway 49 minutes ago
Hahahaha, the generic boat shot from the chip movie trailer 😝
_Garfeld 49 minutes ago
Who else hopes this series never ends
Al Jo
Al Jo 49 minutes ago
The lemonade sign had an x on it
david nevenov
david nevenov 49 minutes ago
I hide from the cops like this?
crashy bunken
crashy bunken 49 minutes ago
Danny u should hide in the last place he’d look, THE GIANT CERIAL BOX Or u can hide as boxes, no joke make yourself a box costume covering every part of your body hide in the workshop, but here’s how you see... get ur phone and tape it into the box costume head and put no eyeholes, then get into security cameras and U CAN SEE EVERYTHING, HIDE YOURSELF INTO THE CORNER OF THE WORKSHOP *VERY IMPORTANT<----)
Margaret Walker
Margaret Walker 49 minutes ago
Lemons? There was an x over ade in lemonade
Shaylin Stevens
Shaylin Stevens 49 minutes ago
Hi vat19
Iva Rimele
Iva Rimele 49 minutes ago
Jamie should prank danny so bad, to get back at him
Galaxy 49 minutes ago
loved when they used that stock video
the adissons
the adissons 49 minutes ago
Hi im kinda early!
Iqra Ali
Iqra Ali 49 minutes ago
Roses are red Violets are blue God will forgive you for not finding him 10000000 times
Machhuani Fanai
Machhuani Fanai 50 minutes ago
Hidden in plain sight ep 1000:So there's this planet called Uranus
Tyler Au
Tyler Au 50 minutes ago
2:27 is one of the greatest moments in history. The editor actually listened to Jamie.
Wicksy Rage
Wicksy Rage 50 minutes ago
Danny was in the Treasure X Ad he was waving as an old man maybe I'm wrong? Idk
Shufi Aaqil
Shufi Aaqil 50 minutes ago
I saw the old guy waving already
Rock Hunter
Rock Hunter 50 minutes ago
at the start when he opens the box they should've added a sigh counter XD
Moar RL
Moar RL 50 minutes ago
i actually found him in the start lol
Sarojini Rajiv
Sarojini Rajiv 50 minutes ago
Who else saw the x on the lemonade sign??
Lady Gold
Lady Gold 50 minutes ago
10:28 - _what an athlete_ .... I feel like this is some kindof vat19 inside joke that i need to know about
Hearts Feliciano
Hearts Feliciano 50 minutes ago
I'm the 1.4k commenter
Amira Anwar
Amira Anwar 50 minutes ago
Btw was I the only one that saw a person with a metal detector when Jamie reached the lake?? (Btw I didn't finish the video yet so Idk if that's Danny or not) Edit: I SHOULD BE A GOD DAMN HELPER FOR JAMIE
John Paul Dunsmoor
John Paul Dunsmoor 50 minutes ago
I did not miss it.
m e o w .
m e o w . 50 minutes ago
The Mythical Gamer
The Mythical Gamer 50 minutes ago
Well if you think about it he is making money from the you tube video so he is working technically
Moon Moon
Moon Moon 50 minutes ago
Man Iv bean waiting soo long for this thx it was vary funny
Khiro sans
Khiro sans 50 minutes ago
Can they do this live
Naila F.R.
Naila F.R. 50 minutes ago
35 minutes!!!
Just - Virus - Games - PW
How can u ride a shark that its belly has already been opened up
Galaxy Leopard
Galaxy Leopard 50 minutes ago
Jamie: * finds Danny * Also Jamie: Oh It'S jUsT a ReD hErRiNg
Rapid Revolver
Rapid Revolver 50 minutes ago
Episode 1000:" so there's this thing called earth "
Trampoline Fire
Trampoline Fire 50 minutes ago
Hey look good
TheAwsomeManny 50 minutes ago
Did Danny just floss on Jamie
K Wright
K Wright 51 minute ago
3:01 the iPhone is White then at 5:35 it is black look at the camera on the phone
Mppaisgood [Gaming]
Mppaisgood [Gaming] 51 minute ago
Episode 69420: So there's this planet called Mars.
Lahar Azis
Lahar Azis 51 minute ago
I thought the X on the lemonade sign is the real clue. 0:55
Nina Belgica
Nina Belgica 51 minute ago
Who lives in the Philippines Like if u do❤️
human 51 minute ago
Awesome Sauce
Awesome Sauce 51 minute ago
Is it just me or is Joey getting old? cus his beard is turning white kinda concerned
The Dawsons
The Dawsons 51 minute ago
I found Danny before Jamie The old man
Amberly Davignon
Amberly Davignon 51 minute ago
All the random people when some old man takes off his face be like: (suprised pikachu face )
emilis 51 minute ago
Hunter Wise
Hunter Wise 51 minute ago
This is my favorite series on youtube
Racechamp 51 minute ago
Did he see Danny waving in the background on the beach
cherry bomb
cherry bomb 51 minute ago
when he said i missed it in the commercail me: hehehe no i did not
riptic 51 minute ago
8:34 He sounds like my teacher
Ali Yazbeck
Ali Yazbeck 51 minute ago
Who also thought it was the old man?
Annabelle Robb
Annabelle Robb 51 minute ago
Oliver G.M
Oliver G.M 51 minute ago
I did think it was something strange with that old man and when I saw the ad I knew it was him!
Freddy faz fight
Freddy faz fight 51 minute ago
I saw that too
Megan Ong
Megan Ong 51 minute ago
It always makes me happy when these vids upload
MatthewBryan Animates
MatthewBryan Animates 51 minute ago
Mk Reaper109
Mk Reaper109 51 minute ago
He complains a lot, but he still plays
Phoenix_The_Kitsune 51 minute ago
When you're early enough that the comments are still in 4 digits.....
- xxbunbunxx -
- xxbunbunxx - 51 minute ago
“There is no way I’m wearing this outfit!” 1 sek later; *wears the outfit*
Pro Odermonicon
Pro Odermonicon 51 minute ago
Wadood. Khan
Wadood. Khan 52 minutes ago
Go hate on me if u think hidden in plain sight is fake
NøT GLXY 52 minutes ago
That metal detector dude tho ???
Kim Son Luu GS ämne 2-6 Brogårdaskolan
i want Danny fired XD
Igor Savkovic
Igor Savkovic 52 minutes ago
You.... wouldnt break a tooth on gold..... its quite the opposite actually
Helder Azevedo
Helder Azevedo 52 minutes ago
They should reverse this, danny had to find the boss
Tyler Au
Tyler Au 52 minutes ago
Jamie: There is NO way I am putting on this outfit. Jamie 1 second later: Proceeds to put on outfit.
Flatnes Farm Life
Flatnes Farm Life 52 minutes ago
This one was to flipin easy saw it right away
Fire Archer
Fire Archer 52 minutes ago
Havent watched it yet but the lemonade sign has a x hm
Mauda Ting
Mauda Ting 52 minutes ago
Prediction:old guy w/ metal detector as he waves at start of ad.
xd Pugg
xd Pugg 52 minutes ago
3:26 there was an old man waving :)
Jackie Holley
Jackie Holley 52 minutes ago
I saw him wave at the very beginning of the video I watched the whole thing to find out if that was him ... I’m so proud of myself
Finster's Light
Finster's Light 52 minutes ago
I was hoping that Danny was back in his office just doing normal work.
Pansy Quinn
Pansy Quinn 52 minutes ago
*Sees the waving man in commercial* "naw thats Adam or someone else. Definitely a red herring" *sees Danny on the beach* "woah I found him!! Not a red herring." Proceeds to laugh at Jamie for the rest of the video.
Sans _
Sans _ 52 minutes ago
In Danny's Video, there are numbers on the warehouse Never came back
Jesse Mendoza
Jesse Mendoza 52 minutes ago
Boi i have never seen a treasure X
Nicknock Play's and reviews
Free Education Zone
Free Education Zone 53 minutes ago
Hit like if you love this
Tjeerd van der iest
Tjeerd van der iest 53 minutes ago
39 min
VALLEY 53 minutes ago
I saw Danny in that ad video and on the beach before Jamie, do I get a prize? no
shootingstarts1 yt
shootingstarts1 yt 53 minutes ago
I thought that Danny was the old man metal detecting when he was walking on the beach and he was hahahaha!
Erin Mckenzie
Erin Mckenzie 53 minutes ago
NinjaKick3022 53 minutes ago
0:49 the amount of sighs right there
Mentrix 53 minutes ago
No cap I knew it from the video at the start
Free Education Zone
Free Education Zone 53 minutes ago
Nice video
Philip Judd
Philip Judd 53 minutes ago
Team danny allthetime!!
messiTO 53 minutes ago
he's as old as his feelings are