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A random Hamilton fan
4:58 Jamie says 1.. 2.. 1... Lolololol
Andrew Callahan
Chicken and glazed donuts
Squidddy Day ago
so this is where all the toilet paper went
Anonymous Person
Alright, so who’s gonna send Chandler the pickle candy?
Laurelle Sheng
I don’t know how Jamie didn’t fire everyone
Owen Volgs
Owen Volgs Day ago
The Nom-nom Crew
3:35 looked like vomit
Spicy Tofu
Spicy Tofu Day ago
This is why people were stalking up on toilet paper, they were preparing for the apocalypse
ItzNat Playz
ItzNat Playz Day ago
This was made today 2 years ago
Kaydence Shuman
That five nights at freddys 0:37
shufflebot_ 22
I know all of the digits in pi... Just not in order...
•*.Shorty sushi.*•
Oh no i ate to much gummies now i have a gummie ache!!!
•*.Shorty sushi.*•
It’s a zubat
Edwin Hernandez Gutierrez
Make the watermelon on a stick sour
SlavicDolan Day ago
Kim Land
Kim Land Day ago
Wow that's cool can you do more (if you guys are not. Chickens lol😂😂
Meg Ogishi
Meg Ogishi Day ago
Make a giant spicy gummy worm
HD Drawings
HD Drawings Day ago
Poor Guy
Kawaii Army
Kawaii Army Day ago
Put it in rice
Dragon _Arts
Dragon _Arts Day ago
this was 2 months after i was born
Carina Zamora
Jamie: “I don’t think there’s anything in the video ...” *sad spoon noises*
april_crazy_floof 12817
He is going to make a loud noise when I “poke” him with this lol
Angelino Munoz
Well I actually like gooey brownies sooooo yeah
That's more fun if its raining
Danielle Watts
I have the pizza blanket
ima bot 13
ima bot 13 Day ago
great cut down more trees
Crazylps sammy
Omg y'all have such cute families stay safe have fun
lemonWedge Day ago
0:15 take that bItch
Larry Kelly
Larry Kelly Day ago
2:59 Sorry Bendy, no slushee for you! (I know, I got this from another user, but he might be deleting that comment)
Azarias West
Azarias West Day ago
why?! :(
TTVAlfie WGamer
That “Kobe” really brung back memories 🥺
Juvia Playz
Juvia Playz Day ago
I'm lesbian
Rickypol 007
Rickypol 007 Day ago
Yes but is not cold the gummy popsicle
Rickypol 007
Rickypol 007 Day ago
Come on were is lester
Sing everyone Mohd
•Frozix• Day ago
Guy:hey look what I found Me: whats that ur holdin Guy: it’s a big sour gummy worm Me: dude that thing has 4,080 calories Few months later Guy:I think I got diabetes
Blizzard Wolf
Zamora Family
9:08 “Jamie, you’re 38 years old, get it together” I’m dying
laelani 85
laelani 85 Day ago
my dad would love the hot sause.
Rutsuda Sing
Rutsuda Sing Day ago
Do poop
Marion Maentz
when he said kobe i cried
Benjamin Harter
We are almost done said Danny 5:23 Kids no your not while holding a xbox controller while playing Minecraft. This cracks me up😷🤪 Me well your not done with Minecraft your playing creavite
hot dirt Bl0ck
1:36 dont bring that to school
FlamePixel Day ago
i just see danny be taller than jamie
Gecko Does Stuff
It’s some hard times right now....but you guys are doing great!
Jocelyn Albarran
Jammie u said chair 18 times and I always wonder why are u always pissed off in vat19
Sweaty Tantrum
Can I work for you
Danzi Cooper
Danzi Cooper Day ago
2:15 wait for Joey to have a rollercoaster of reactions
Kim Kim
Kim Kim Day ago
Can you PLEASE make another try not to laugh. 😃😋😉
Jay D
Jay D Day ago
Why don't you make a giant skittle one or a giant gummy bear one
Gabriel Okker
Greeg poop on?
Tomolpro !
Tomolpro ! Day ago
Cubres be like: but like fix the tips at least?
Penny J
Penny J Day ago
0:37 what is it a happy accident
Mr hop Scotch
Jamie:work at home guys. Everyone: shooting things and eating gummy
Sevak Chaggar
Isn’t that just bubble jug.
꧁ ღ Nesquick ღ ꧂
Is it bad that I hate coconut-
Sperry Skate
Sperry Skate Day ago
They didn’t even show it moving and I fell for it
apple juice
apple juice Day ago
Ok this video is cool but for some reason the comment ain't Dude, yeah ok you were expecting a dick but yall why the only thing i see is "I thought it was di-" Just Be original
Madilyn Taylor
I saw him at one point lol😂😂
0:07 nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 0:09 ded
Tackerchaos Day ago
Yay sour gummy worm
The Brilliant Bunch
0:50 can’t, the coronavirus told me to save toilet paper.
Jenna And Emily
“i don’t know about 2 tins, let’s try 500”
Brette Rothfield
I thought you said 350 but you keep saying 250 dude
Autumn Chun
Autumn Chun Day ago
UwUz I bought this it’s delish
Josh Burke
Josh Burke Day ago
Kenneth Portillo
You can get this at Walmart, i think.
Jacqueline Ceja
My fav video
Nothing Much Really
1:32 Brazzers new filter gummy 😏
The Metalliator
These don't help since we have no access to them
Rikke Frederiksen
Bloxels is the trash the app is free but you net to buy a login to make you level! 0 out of 5 bad game!
Anthony Dinh
Anthony Dinh Day ago
fall up? like rise down?
Yosh Boi
Yosh Boi Day ago
Alexandra Hein-Chung
yo what did i just find- ad:NOPE NOT TODAY
Fob Knocker
Fob Knocker Day ago
9:23 is that kinda like slime sand
MLG DOGE Day ago
Mandolorian:hit me right in the beskar Danny: hit me right in the flask
Dance Mom Ronda
this is my fav hidden in plain sight
Kelci F
Kelci F Day ago
I feel like im too old for this but I rlly want it XD
Galaxy Plays
Galaxy Plays Day ago
Why do is see this in 2020?
Woomyand Veemo
Yeah, but..... I'm not THAT into sweets.....
Wioleta Nowak
I’m actually impressed that most people actually work so well from home. Many people in my school are struggling to learn and work from online due to the bad connection they have. Especially the teachers.
Alenio _kim
Alenio _kim Day ago
Laurie Kallonakis
I like sour gummy worm
I am *LEGAL*
I am *LEGAL* Day ago
I saw a really interesting and informative video about otamotones. If you want to check it out, here's a link: ruvid.net/video/video-G8iEMVr7GFg.html
Natsuki Day ago
Bacon Pancakes
Xenomorph X
Xenomorph X Day ago
The V-Cube has much a stronger click than N50 magnets...
Mike's Video's
*uses this* *falls*
Jackson Huston
hope you guys are doing well
Diane - The Canning Nana
Awesome! Watching while I am Canning and Dehydrating! 🤗❤️
Muniandy Andy
I stay in home over 1month make me so crazy but you will get thru this
Tate Buquoi
Tate Buquoi Day ago
8:19 😂 omg.
Peixiao Lin
Peixiao Lin Day ago
Jamie: Nobody can poop for that long Also Jamie: *Goes in bathroom* JOEY!!!??? Me: 🤣😹😂
Natalie Nohinek
Why would you waste perfectly good gold? why
Almir theRadical
Rickypol 007
Rickypol 007 Day ago
Well you canalways put something bad insideis a doblue prank
samanta velasco
Don’t worry it’s good it’s really good I want some right now
the 5 musketeers!!!!
milk is good
Archer Dilmore