Tanner Fox
Tanner Fox
Tanner Fox
I have a passion for making videos, and have a blast doing so! Thank you for stopping by my channel and for being a part of my fun!
John Perez
John Perez Day ago
You u cheated jps time was faster
karley coleman
Dear God, I don't think watching this was a sin, I am allowed to, but if it is, then please still protect everyone in this world, that watched this, AMEN.
Travis Williams
Travis Williams 2 days ago
This is just him trying to convince us he's getting laid.
Anurag hanumanchi
I hate tanner fox
Myisha Gomer
Myisha Gomer 2 days ago
where is he located
Cole S
Cole S 2 days ago
Those turbos where really spulling up
Ninja Of The Darkness
who is this kid wtf
Quentin Puiseux
Quentin Puiseux 2 days ago
It’s funny because your rich but your not looking at nice house, there are all weird design, no view... I don’t know how much is your budget but you should watch for millions dollar house you will be happier I guess
Myisha Gomer
Myisha Gomer 2 days ago
your close to 10 million subs i believe in you
Cade Wilson
Cade Wilson 2 days ago
Number 5!!!!!!!!!!!
NoNameGamer#7471 2 days ago
that pops and the nitro kicking in tho
Carlo Herrmann
Carlo Herrmann 2 days ago
I knew you could beat him😌👏
Lewis Martin
Lewis Martin 2 days ago
Can you still buy your Nissan GT-R in the guaczilla wrap in the hot wheels car
NoNameGamer#7471 2 days ago
and ur not even car guys
Myisha Gomer
Myisha Gomer 2 days ago
Tanner's still your friend
NoNameGamer#7471 2 days ago
J Jack
J Jack 2 days ago
You call this street racing??!😂
TabibMaster 2 days ago
But he could have started the race .04 sec late or Early
Hanzilah Zaheer
Hanzilah Zaheer 2 days ago
GTR for ever <3
Nicholas Kohler
Nicholas Kohler 2 days ago
R34 v spec
vaughan adams
vaughan adams 2 days ago
Pls stop the cheesy intros their cringe
H Strike
H Strike 2 days ago
Talk about social distancing
plameN_ 2 days ago
that fking voice
Ishan Sharma
Ishan Sharma 2 days ago
why tf he take that wrap off
AcE Btw
AcE Btw 2 days ago
They had a bounty on u
Finikera Vlogs
Finikera Vlogs 2 days ago
That's literally not a fkn race wtf is this
Reuben Ward
Reuben Ward 2 days ago
Matthew Evans
Matthew Evans 2 days ago
Definitely house number 3 bro
Xavier Hill
Xavier Hill 2 days ago
I just got your sweater today
David Anthony
David Anthony 2 days ago
Hell yes!! More GTR more Scooter, and more shenanigans!!
David Anthony
David Anthony 2 days ago
And dont forget epic tramp tricks at the end!! Love it!!
Amal Rustamov
Amal Rustamov 2 days ago
Hi tanner fox l been watching you since
Alexis jade
Alexis jade 2 days ago
I feel bad for you btw congrats on your channel #screw ricegum for roasting u so i hit the oike and subscribe and turned on notifications on all
XxStevenGamesXx 2 days ago
It depends on the driver-Vin Diesel
MrDuckieDuck 2 days ago
Gtr hands down
GamerBoy Green
GamerBoy Green 2 days ago
My b day was April 2nd
Student Mohammed Aroud
you win
James Cantor
James Cantor 2 days ago
my dream car is a chevy camaro what are the odds
Nabeel 2 days ago
what happened to social distancing, ppl and dying and you don’t even care. if you don’t care about you or your friends think about all the other ppl you might be affecting, not all of us are healthy
yeah poep
yeah poep 2 days ago
When new PHONE CASE - WHITE SIG 2.0 on your web shop ??
Joe and Nikki Ziegler
He did not wash his hands
Kyzer Flores
Kyzer Flores 2 days ago
What song do you use on that intro?
Dennis De Weert
Dennis De Weert 2 days ago
@8:35 nice crv
Matt Fyles
Matt Fyles 2 days ago
Why don't it have rap
Charon 2 days ago
Lame. Dweebs.
loco292_YT 2 days ago
Don’t paint the hood
Alek Asatoorian
Alek Asatoorian 2 days ago
house 4
James Cantor
James Cantor 2 days ago
i feel you. i have it too. and lots.
Adam Ireland
Adam Ireland 2 days ago
Who’s here from 2020 cause of corona
Dalton DeJaynes
Dalton DeJaynes 2 days ago
You are my favorite you tuber ever
Ivan Lazarus
Ivan Lazarus 2 days ago
Awww poor rich kids are bored at home in their million dollar homes...i feel for them..NOT!!
Justin Fifield
Justin Fifield 2 days ago
The whop bros
The whop bros 2 days ago
Don’t paint the hoid
nathanglocks 2 days ago
ayaan rocks4
ayaan rocks4 2 days ago
Tanner:who’s this? Donald:laughing Tanner:ur sister Donald:that was me Tanner:nooooo
Trayvaughn Haughton
Where is your dog
Andreas P
Andreas P 2 days ago
So did you make your gtr white?
Biker Ateeb
Biker Ateeb 2 days ago
Againn epic one awesome videooo....
rom keinan
rom keinan 2 days ago
Marcus siadankay
Marcus siadankay 2 days ago
Caboom is not a scooter trick
Fano899 Gaming
Fano899 Gaming 2 days ago
mhamad khatib
mhamad khatib 2 days ago
Sean's Adventures
The last house on this video.
James Cantor
James Cantor 2 days ago
you look fire as a blondie
GTR life
GTR life 2 days ago
Gtr wheel spin off the line but still won. Crazy fast
Brendon Bolden
Brendon Bolden 2 days ago
Not 1000 whp more like 700 max for the lambo and like 900 for the gtr
Wasim Akhtar
Wasim Akhtar 2 days ago
Demonotize people not listening to rules and out socialising spreading the virus
Iffat Ali Khan
Iffat Ali Khan 2 days ago
What if someone already have an i phone 11
Heidi Kawelu
Heidi Kawelu 2 days ago
Can you please give the car to me I’ll be happy👌🏽😀
Isaac V
Isaac V 2 days ago
Like if tanner should get a c8 corvet
Anna Maria Nemes
Anna Maria Nemes 2 days ago
2020 anyone??
Cornelia Wiget
Cornelia Wiget 2 days ago
Stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¨¨Ït isn`t a Toy it is a hamster
Spacestation Gaming
Our space ship would win that race ez
Ryan 04
Ryan 04 2 days ago
Who still watching in 2020 hahaha
Landon Evanicky
Landon Evanicky 2 days ago
He needs a new gtr that one is 4 years old
Evil Morty
Evil Morty 2 days ago
Sorry but this one is clearly fake
Callum eg
Callum eg 2 days ago
Rip, 🙏🙏🙏😢😢😢😢
Conner Bush
Conner Bush 2 days ago
was she actually pregnant???????????
The Joker
The Joker 2 days ago
when i think of street race i think of drag racing in the street. not being timed from point to point one at a time.
aryan bhaggoe
aryan bhaggoe 2 days ago
Gtr all the way
Yoerlansito 2 days ago
That hair plz grow it
Colt Shiz
Colt Shiz 2 days ago
Tanners mic is always broke
Matt Mullaney
Matt Mullaney 2 days ago
Jake - 5.57 Tanner - 5.46 You only beat me by 0.04..... Yeah okay then Jake, good job.
Joseph Nordin
Joseph Nordin 2 days ago
What is that a 5:35
sachin singh
sachin singh 2 days ago
you dumb american's doesn't understand the weight of the situation right now that's why you have highest no. of cases of covid-19
Vincent 2 days ago
3:22 when he said Kobe Briant....... hit me hard.
nate_da_gamer c
nate_da_gamer c 2 days ago
Bro I love this episode
addkita bukas
addkita bukas 2 days ago
what happen guaccila
Joshua Richardson
the handles are for pussy
Rafael Aquino
Rafael Aquino 2 days ago
What is the title of the song ?
Jonah Rofail
Jonah Rofail 2 days ago
Jap is better what can i say??
sawyer hunt
sawyer hunt 2 days ago
my name's sawyer
sawyer hunt
sawyer hunt 2 days ago
who's watching in 220and whose name is sawyer also
NOOT_FPV 2 days ago
you shift to late. you need to shift before it hits red line. you are messing up your car
Jonah Rofail
Jonah Rofail 2 days ago
Ngl tanner cant drive
Kody Tomich
Kody Tomich 2 days ago
Why did you take the rap of
James Cantor
James Cantor 2 days ago
is your sisters bf Jewish?
Joanna Miller
Joanna Miller 2 days ago
Tara Fox why are you old TV doing a Hot Wheels commercial slot for real homes are you
Ofentse moeketse
Ofentse moeketse 2 days ago
U beat him
EzPzLemonSqueeze !
yo that turbo CRV was kegit sick af
nithira pathirana
God protect me please