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Devin Stewart
Devin Stewart 10 hours ago
His laugh sounded evil🀣🀣🀣 at the beginning
souriblesnake 569
souriblesnake 569 10 hours ago
Best part 11:10
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 10 hours ago
Who watching in 2020? That thumbnail really great so I had to watch it again..
Ace Reaper
Ace Reaper 10 hours ago
The first one actually got me xddd
That One Weird Guy
That One Weird Guy 10 hours ago
So, is Ohm still a hypocrite or has he said anything regarding his good friend Mini Ladd :) ?
Happy cat Sauce
Happy cat Sauce 10 hours ago
All of the games you picked adopt me
Gamingtube 10 hours ago
hey h20delirious, todays my birthday! can i plz get a shoutout on ur next vid plz
Jamie Fowler
Jamie Fowler 10 hours ago
Quentin Woods
Quentin Woods 10 hours ago
You are my favorite youtuber
Quentin Woods
Quentin Woods 10 hours ago
He should play hours of darkness
Quentin Woods
Quentin Woods 10 hours ago
I now
Michael Cobb
Michael Cobb 10 hours ago
Quentin Woods what
Sean Boehm
Sean Boehm 10 hours ago
Pls play more of this it’s hilarious
Rubix Soup
Rubix Soup 10 hours ago
I wish Santa-larious was real
Trevor Williamson
Trevor Williamson 10 hours ago
why do people who play battle royal games have to play so dirty that's why I don't play em plus they are full of hackers
Barbara Chieffo
Barbara Chieffo 10 hours ago
What the heck πŸ˜‚
Œøxįč Playz
2:49 He played wih bugha? :o
Lil Devil Adartha
Lil Devil Adartha 10 hours ago
Damn. Bone Daddy Shark. πŸ₯΅β€οΈπŸ˜‚
69 420
69 420 10 hours ago
How long has it been since Ohm last played with Delirious?
jojo Dio
jojo Dio 10 hours ago
if you wanna know you can add me but I know your not suppose to add subscribers
jojo Dio
jojo Dio 10 hours ago
Delirious did you know there is a JoJo bizzare adventure game?
MisTaKe :p
MisTaKe :p 10 hours ago
Its not that serious
MisTaKe :p
MisTaKe :p 10 hours ago
Just show us
MisTaKe :p
MisTaKe :p 10 hours ago
Why u lied
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 10 hours ago
TOODLES 11 hours ago
hi delirious i'm a huge fan and i just wanted to let you know that you make me laugh everyday with your videos 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Anos Voldigoad
Anos Voldigoad 11 hours ago
"Everybody push give birth *see delirious in fire*"-H20 delirious. Best quote h20 ever did hawaian cheeseburger want to have that
banani furious destroyer
Honey I shrunk the kids I Think I would give it a 8/10
Synyster2040 11 hours ago
8:35 This Story Made The Killer Quit 🀣
dubstepah 4291
dubstepah 4291 11 hours ago
30:35 guys that's not blood its just makeup:P
Shannon Stewart
Shannon Stewart 11 hours ago
Morn of this game
Jon Elijah D Fernandez
This game is fun to watch specialy the episode 4 during the spider surprise cartoon and h20 delierios Funny it surprise me while i watch the full episode 4 of grounded by h20 delirios
BROS K10 11 hours ago
Fallen-Kun Gaming
Fallen-Kun Gaming 11 hours ago
H2o is a good youtuber
plants vs zombies 2 ultimate fan 45
H2O delirion
hsentaher taher
hsentaher taher 11 hours ago
1:34 the the demon !!!!!
Sonic EXE
Sonic EXE 11 hours ago
fun fact: a kid in the discord im in said "who is meat and why does everyone beat him :("
TBoNe 11 hours ago
They picked up captain toonz and buttsexohm
Synyster2040 11 hours ago
1:40 yep.. past friends.. πŸ₯Ί
Koro Sensei
Koro Sensei 11 hours ago
Did any one else notice right after he gets the coat in the beginning the robot she got for Sam is on the shelf
Koolkid _711
Koolkid _711 11 hours ago
H2O delirious is so funny he deserves 13 million subs broπŸ˜‚β€οΈπŸ™πŸ»
Theriderking2 11 hours ago
I am in fact delirious and the only person who can confirm or deny this is delirious
Crotch Whistle
Crotch Whistle 11 hours ago
One time my cousin showed me her repository
Hailey Speaks
Hailey Speaks 11 hours ago
He finally said give birth IM SO HAPPY!!!!
alcides Perez
alcides Perez 11 hours ago
Hey Delirious Can you play hello neighbor 2
drfeelsgood s
drfeelsgood s 11 hours ago
play the story when it comes out plz delirious
kfir sasonker
kfir sasonker 11 hours ago
Please do more episodes i love this serious!!!
Reptilian Tuber
Reptilian Tuber 11 hours ago
I'm glad this is a psplus monthly game
Dragon Venoms
Dragon Venoms 11 hours ago
Josh Dennis
Josh Dennis 11 hours ago
I am the Patty, I am the meat. - H2O Delirious 2020
Lina Fistican
Lina Fistican 11 hours ago
I love dis game but I em a kid and I dont have it on Google play
dubstepah 4291
dubstepah 4291 11 hours ago
7:16 looks like the cliff from the movie mama
Jayden Finlay
Jayden Finlay 11 hours ago
That spider nearly made me throw my phone off the wall πŸ˜‚
Sonia Bedard
Sonia Bedard 11 hours ago
Was it A bugs life
Snick 11 hours ago
is that naruto music
yzoh cool
yzoh cool 11 hours ago
Love ur videos
Chase Mcgraner
Chase Mcgraner 11 hours ago
This game is so fun to play and watch.
Brent Weeks
Brent Weeks 11 hours ago
It's like blocking doesnt even exist anymore
Trae Hoooker
Trae Hoooker 11 hours ago
I don’t understand why this game looks so much fun but when I get off of work today I’m definitely downloading it to my PlayStation and playing it
Wolfiegamer 556
Wolfiegamer 556 11 hours ago
alright so we all know that delirious is gonna make like 2 maybe 3 more and then forget about it, so..... yea If you give up on this game you should make some more TABS
Abdul Majdub
Abdul Majdub 11 hours ago
yas 2xzwnv